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1938 / i'll leave you alone forever now
« on: 04/12/2013 at 13:08 »

It's that time of year again!

...Y'know, the time where I get to ramble as much as I want and then delete/replace more than half of what I say to sound coherent and not spam you all with a big block of text but it'll still be long anyway.

Yeah, that time. :>

So let's do this!

/rambling + lists: on.

2013 is not a good year for me, so far. uggggh
  • aka Cyb. Short for Cyber, 'cause of my, er, bond (to put it lightly) with computers.. *coughs awkwardly* but I don't spend as much time on the computer as I used to so YAY ACHIEVEMENT!
  • I'm from the Philippines, fifteen turning sixteen this June, and I PASSED UNI WITH A PSYCHOLOGY COURSE OMG EEEEEE. *flails* (I'm half-scared about it having three math subjects, though...)
  • I... don't really hate Math, but I don't really like it either. Mostly 'cause I only understand it half the time. Uff.
  • I think too much. And ramble a lot. And fangirl often.
  • I've been on this site for a year already, with eight characters in my arsenal... and I'm planning on making more. Not this term, though. :>
  • I like things pretty and tidy and organized. (read: Perfectionist) But...
  • ...I'm lazy. And a procrastinator. Too much, for my own good. It gets very frustrating for me.
  • I'm usually found reading a thick novel. I'm a sucker for romance, but action and adventure is what really pulls me. I love fantasy too. And Rick Riordan is a genius. And Neil Gaiman is awesome. And I'm already on the last book of the Inheritance Cycle! (finally.) ...andIshipMurtagh/Eragon. *cough* Um, what?
  • I have come to be in lesbians with SPvTW again. :3
  • I love movies, anime, HIMYM, Supernatural (i have yet to finish season one "orz), photoshop, GH3, video games, cute things, fluffy things, purple, chocolate, b&w pictures, tigers, penguins, and music (Ed Sheeran, SwS, P!atD, ARttM, FOB, Coldplay, Paramore, 1D, Secondhand Serenade, PNE, and a heck of a lot more).
  • I dislike talking to a group of people, even when I'm not on a raised platform or whatever. I just feel awkward and out of place.
  • I need to always, always have something to do, else I get bored, which makes me depressed or annoying. Depends.
  • I'm easily distracte- WAIT IS THAT CHOCOLATE
...ahem. anyway.


hogwarts - ravenclaw ~ rising 3rd ~ muggleborn
  • He's the hardest character to write, and I think it's probably 'cause he's got more of his personality based on me than all my other characters. Meh.
  • His older sister, Dei, is very protective of him, especially since he's always a target for bullies. And he's very dependent on his sister, and other people but mostly his sister, to save him.
  • He's an optimist who sees the good in everybody, and always has a bright smile on his face.
  • Making friends and making people smile are his favorite things to do. Also, learning.
  • He's terrified of heights and the dark, among other things, and he's never ashamed to show his fear. Not even when he starts crying because of it.
  • Though he has a lot of faith in humankind, he has very little self-confidence, and is only sure of himself when he's referencing something he'd read in some book.
  • He tries not to dwell on things too much, because dwelling makes him sad. And he doesn't like being sad.
  • It's not that he didn't not want to be adopted immediately after the warp, but his sister was too suspicious of anyone who may want to adopt them to even let him speak of the matter (she'll deny any claims that she was paranoid, though).
  • He and his sister are spending this summer with their new adoptive family, and he's taking it quite well. Too well. But that's just typical Wolfe.

hogwarts - gryffindor ~ rising 4th ~ muggleborn
  • My first charrie, and she's growing up! (': But not maturing much, though. Sigh.
  • She's an excitable little ball of fire. Wherein excitable is a friendlier term for paranoid and jumpy. And short-tempered. Careful, she bites.
  • She's an adrenaline junkie, who loves flying and Quidditch.
  • She may be quite... passionate on the Pitch, but she's a social disaster on the ground; there will always be a time when she'll blush and stutter in embarrassment in any conversation.
  • She doesn't make friends easily, but this doesn't really bother her. Not that much, anyway.
  • She's scared of a lot of things (especially fire and big bodies of water, but that's calming down a bit), though she won't show it. She's been taught to think it's a weakness.
  • Post-warp, she has had the responsibility of a parent thrown at her in the form of her little brother Wolfe being the only family she has left, and she's still stressed/frustrated/getting tired of it. Which was why she finally accepted being adopted, so the Parenting thing didn't have to be solely on her shoulder anymore.
  • She still writes to her dead-by-time-warp father. (shh)
  • Being adopted isn't as relieving as she thought it would be. For one, most of the family are Slytherins.
  • She's currently feeling like an outcast.

salem - knight ~ rising senior ~ halfblood
  • Second charrie I ever made in the site, and she's already graduating! *sniffs*
  • She's a caffeine-maniac with trust issues, few trusted friends, and studying as a hobby.
  • When she's not poring over Potions books during summer, she's swimming, singing, or consuming as much coffee and chocolate as her uncle allows.
  • She doesn't go out much. But I guess that's pretty obvious.
  • Watch the hair. She doesn't like it when it's messy, not even the slightest bit. Which is the sole reason she dislikes sports.
  • She tends to care for other people's hair too. It's a weird habit of hers.
  • She's a little too observant for her own good, but that might just be because she's always watching out for any hints of someone lying to her. (see: trust issues)
  • The warp memory modification thing caught up with her on her sixteenth birthday, wherein she had the mentality of her nine-year-old self. A (non-threaded) heartbreak during winter brought her old Ice Queen self back, though.
  • She may still be indifferent and cold and stiff and polite, but she's a whole lot nicer now.

beauxbatons - orange - dance ~ rising Te ~ pureblood
  • I hate when she's heartbroken. It's like she rubs her misery in my face, like she's saying, "You're my writer! FIX THIS!" Gahds.
    yes i'm the kind of weird writer who thinks she speaks/interacts with her charries deal with it.
  • Feisty, playful, flirty, proud, hyper, bisexual.
  • She's used to getting what she wants, when she wants it.
  • She acts tough, because inside, she's still the naive, frightful little girl, only with her boyish side unleashed.
  • Playful nature aside, she's a hopeless romantic who believes in fairytales, true love, prince charming, and happy endings. She's... almost got it, actually.
  • She adores attention, seeks attention, hoards attention. She doesn't care whether it's good or bad - she hates being ignored.
  • It takes a lot to anger her - she can be patient.
  • Peace and relaxation are considered boring to her. She should always have something fun to do, whether it be pranking or snogging.
  • She doesn't like being told what to do, but she'll grudgingly do it if it's a challenge or a dare. And she hates losing.
  • She doesn't like to dwell, but she sometimes catches herself brooding in deep contemplation, as she prefers to call it.

homeschooled ~ twelve ~ pureblood (halfblood, really)
  • Strangely, I find her delusional mind a fun place to be.
  • Mysophobic. But not exactly. More like, she hates it. Muggles and muggleborns are included in the list of Filth.
  • Thinks her grandfather is The Best, her Foreign Languages tutor, Ezra, is The Second Best, and she is The Third Best. But that's fine with her, for now.
  • Everybody else is irrelevant.

works (at Sofia's Cake Shop) to go to school ~ fifteen/sixteen ~ halfblood
  • My Filipino boy! <3 He's learning a lot more (broken) English now, though, and even has a hint of a British accent mixed in with his rough Filipino one.
  • Still broody, still turns into a puppy whenever he is. Still scared of magic.
  • Xenophobic.
  • Clings to his Filipino heritage, even though he knows he has to adapt to his new home 'this foreigners' country.'

salem pawn '37 ~ not-eldest-heir-anymore ~ eighteen ~ pureblood
  • I love his name. It's why I decided to adopt take him for myself. <3
  • Liar, actor, emo, smoker, masochist. Plays his violin whenever angsty.
  • Hates animals (especially his sister's cat), business, being pressured, and failing.
  • Had no intention of being Head of the Family. Still doesn't. Only did it to learn how to become stronger and more powerful.

hogwarts hufflepuff '35 ~ dp photographer - foreign ~ twenty ~ ? pureblood
  • My new favorite character! (: He's what Wolfe would've been, should've been, could've been - sans laziness and daydreaming.
  • Daydreamer.
  • Lazy, naive, and slightly irresponsible, but strives to achieve something - anything!
  • After years of looking for his biological family, he finally, finally found them! Saying he's happy doesn't even begin to cover it.

/rambling + lists: off.

Aaaaand, that's about it.

...So, um. Bye.

1937 / Things I'll Never Say [Alcina]
« on: 12/19/2012 at 12:04 »
A month.

A whole month had passed since the break-up. Did Alcina still... feel for her? Still care about her? Still... think of her?

Yvonne did. And she couldn't decide which feeling towards it was more dominant - annoyance? depression? nostalgia? anger? loneliness?

It was all so very confusing, and Yvonne had been making herself forget all this time, by keeping busy. Fooling around with Salazar and Frankie, giving lessons to Caleb, toying with her new plaything, and much much more.

Yvonne had been one busy girl.

But the pain was still there.


So, more out of nostalgia than anything else, Yves ventured to the boathouse again. Back to where it all ended, and began.

Back to the pain, the hurt, the loss... the stupidity of letting go, all of out fear of her relatives, her father's look of severe disappointment. She was used to that look, but this was the lowest of the low.

(A muggleborn girl. A double sin.)

It would have been so exciting. But she every time it brought a half-smirk/half-smile to her face, her dad's own face would appear in her mind's eye, and her lips would turn back down.

(All she'd ever wanted was to make him proud. Yet every move she made drew her farther and farther away from that...)

She couldn't bear it. Just couldn't.

No matter how much it hurt her. (Or Alcina.)

The redhead probably didn't care about her anymore, anyway. Yves had nearly called her mudblood, even, out of pure vexation. (Incessant Babbling tended to drive her to that edge.)

With a sigh, Yves closed the door behind her and looked around.

So full of memories of others, probably, but the only thing this place brought her was grief. And that feeling of depression again, and of loss and -

Oh Merlin, she was even re-seeing the event play out again. Seeing Alcina's reddish-brown hair a few feet away, in that same bench they'd sat on.

Briefly, the corner of her lips twitched upwards into a tiny smile, and the brunette, while clawing a hand through her hair, picked her way over to that familiar bench again.

And saw that what she was seeing, wasn't just a memory after all.

A blink, and her smile fell. A blink, and her eyes widened. Another blink, and her hand fell to her side, limp, as she stared surprised at the redhead in front of her.


Her voice was soft, and held no malice. Only longing. An aching longing that squeezed her chest so tightly it began to hurt -

Yves swallowed, and raised her voice a bit. "Fancy seeing you here."

In other words, she hadn't thought Alcina would be here at all. (The place where her world had fallen apart for the second time in her life, because of a redhead.)

1937 / Discourse [Roland]
« on: 12/16/2012 at 11:43 »
It was a sunny late-July day. The clouds were sufficiently white and fluffy, and the sun's rays were considerably warm and bright. The mid-afternoon was quite peaceful...

And Yvonne Dechavez was bored.

With a lazy sigh, Yves got up from her bed and leisurely strolled towards the eldest boys' cabins. Inactivity made her hyper energy bottle up, and that was never good for it made her clumsy and insomniac.

She needed something to do.

"Saaaaaaaalazaaaaaaar~!" she called in a sing-song voice as she gracefully twirled and traipsed inside the boys' cabin.

With a hand on her hip, she glanced around, grey eyes attempting to spot a certain tall, dark-haired boy of seventeen.

She found one just like that, but it wasn't the boy she was looking for. He was alone, too, for some reason. Plus, he was cute.

Eh, might as well.

Smirking, the brunette crossed her arms in front of her chest and leaned casually against the wall. "Hello there," she purred in her usual charming way. "Haven't seen you around before. Name and school...?"

And just for caution, "And blood status too, while you're at it." Mustn't make the same mistake more than thrice.

1937 / Downtime [Tristan]
« on: 12/05/2012 at 12:20 »
A soft sigh wafted out of Yvonne's smiling lips, her head tilted towards the midday sun.

It seemed now that she and Salazar were back (as in, really back), and she'd found Frankie again, Yves had suddenly gotten pretty busy at Camp. It was a good thing, of course, since it meant there was never a Boring day — or moment, for that matter — for Yvonne Dechavez.

But wreaking havoc, causing mayhem, and generally spending time with her surrogate brother can get exhausting, even for a hyper sixteen-year-old like herself.

Perhaps it was a good thing after all that she'd become friends with a certain Mr. Nice Guy Who Cooks Brilliantly.

And that certain Guy had been dragged along with her to the top of the falls, so she wouldn't get too bored while she rested her tired feet (and legs), and listened to the crashing water below.

Tristan, of course, was the only available candidate for being her Downtime Mate, since her other friends were as energetic or mischievous as she was.

Yves just hoped she hadn't gotten him too annoyed that she'd almost-literally dragged him over here with her.

The brunette offered her friend a half-smirk/half-smile, grey eyes opening to twinkle mischievously at him. "Sorry about that, Tris. I just really needed a conversation partner."

Glancing down, she adjusted the hem of her oversized T-shirt over her shorts, just so her hands could have something to do.

"So, how's Summer Camp for you, so far?"

1937 / An Evening Stroll [Carlo]
« on: 12/03/2012 at 13:38 »
Early Week 2
Before curfew

Peace and relaxation.

It always meant Boring with a big capital B in Yvonne's book. But she had her limits too; the young blonde-turned-brunette was exhausted.

But not too exhausted that she'd just plop down onto her bed later on. Pfft, as if.

Still, for some reason, the young girl fancied a walk. A hike up a mountain would completely drain her energy, and it was freaking cold there, so a rocky mountain place didn't sound like a very good bed.

A brief stroll in the forest sounded good, though. She wasn't that tired yet, and she knew she'd just stay awake the whole night if she still felt hyper. That wasn't a very good prospect, considering she had plans the next day.

Yves hoped she at least had someone to walk with, and talk with. Why hadn't she woken up Sal?! A sigh left her lips as her fingers combed through her Transfigured hair.

Well. This was Boring.

The path was alight (at certain points) so she didn't need to turn on her wand. Still, it was pretty dark. And though Yvonne wasn't afraid of the dark (heck, she'd wandered around Wizarding Boston once due to insomnia), she was still wary. She didn't know that many spells yet, for one.


Immediately, the girl whirled around, stormy grey eyes cold and suspicious, pink lips set into a thin line, hawthorn wand held aloft and pointing at somebody's chest.

Somebody... familiar.

Curly hair, but not her Curly. (No, not hers. Not hers. He wasn't hers. Was never hers.)

The eyes were different, even in the moonlight. The features were more... angular.

"Italia Two," she realized, her British-accented voice soft, yet seemingly loud in the still silence of the night. The sixteen-year-old kept her wandtip pressed against the boy's chest though. "What brings you here?"

1937 / Revelations and Heartbreak [Alcina]
« on: 12/03/2012 at 12:48 »
Day 2
Before curfew

                                          Alcina —

Meet me at the boathouse
30 minutes before curfew.

                                                                                                — Yves

Though it was brief and written in her usual green ink, the note Yves had slipped into Alcina's hand earlier that day was written in an ordinary piece of parchment, unTransfigured into a soft color and, most importantly, without the usual doodled hearts or kissmarks.

This would have, no doubt, made her girlfriend-for-nearly-six-months-now suspicious. And perhaps a little anxious, as well. It was very rarely that Yvonne deemed it a time to talk about Serious Matters.

The brunette sighed. Perhaps doodling even just one heart would have been alright?

...No. Probably not. Her hand just couldn't seem to do it. The words alone had been hard enough to write! (She couldn't, she couldn't, she couldn't.) A sigh left her lips, as her feet almost-robotically continued to walk towards their meeting place.

(Merlin, please don't let it be true.)

The door was a bit creaky – loud, even (so much for a sneaky entrance), but oh well. Stepping inside, the brunette looked around for a familiar head of red.

(Why was it always the gingers?)

A smile unconsciously graced her lips when she spotted Alcina, the ginger's back to her. The sixteen-year-old forced the smile off, though. This was a Serious Matter. Very Serious.

Clearing her throat, in case Alcina hadn't heard the door's wailing, Yvonne walked over with a tiny smile.

"Hey." Short. Blunt. Tired-sounding.

A tiny thump groaned out from the bench when Yves sat next to Alcina. As close as possible. (Too close. If it had been six months ago or more.)

The brunette swallowed thickly, and opened her mouth. Sadly, no sounds came out. Another swallow, another attempt. "I –"


Finally, she sighed, a clawed hand running her fingers through her Transfigured locks in agitation. This was not starting well.

Maybe ask later; try to calm herself (and, in extension, Alcina) down first.

"So, how are you?"

Probably a good way to start. Or not.

1937 / XOXO [Caleb]
« on: 12/03/2012 at 11:37 »
Early Week 2

Yvonne should've recognized him at once, but she hadn't. It had taken days of seeing him around to finally get the face and a name to click together. Ugh. So slow.

Oh well, at least he was here now, with her.

The blonde brunette smirked at the boy across from where she was sitting cross-legged (and -armed) on the ground. Caleb Lance. Pen-pal. Former schoolmate. No kissing experience whatsoever.

Well, lucky for him (in her perspective, that is), she was here to fix that.

"So, Caleb," she began, grey eyes shining with mischief, as her British accent wavered a bit in some left-over raw shock from her late realization. "Before you ask any questions on why I'd asked you head-on what your name was and on why I'd dragged you here after learning who you are, let me explain."

The sixteen-year-old smirk widened. "You're fifteen now, yeah? And still hadn't snogged a girl before?" Slowly, the girl shook her head and clicked her tongue thrice. Her eyes' twinkle never left, though. "Unforgivable." In her book at least. "But since you were busy–" sticking your nose in books "–with schoolwork and whatnot, I let it slide at first. But," here, she held up a finger to emphasize her point, "it's summer now, so I won't take any excuses."

The smirk had grown into a full-blown evil grin now. It seemed wrong to take his first kiss from him, but he had to start somewhere.

"Your lessons begin now." Yves crossed her arms again, and waited.

"...Well, go on. Flirt with me."

1937 / Playful Spirits [Frankie - Snapshots]
« on: 12/03/2012 at 11:22 »
Day 3

"Come on, Frankie!"

Yvonne's bubbling laughter must've echoed throughout the mountain as the brunette's twinkling grey eyes glanced over her shoulder for the third time.

"Come on, we're almost at the top!" she called out again, as she directed her gaze back forward and began half-hopping, half-jumping through the rocky path, her (well, technically Yani's) returned broom in hand as another chuckle emitted from her smiling lips.

"Watch your broom!"

Her hyperactivity must have been the cause for her increase of speed, but hey, it's already been more or less a whole year since she'd ridden a broom! Why waste the opportunity? Especially when Dad had given Yani his broom back for 'a job well done on looking after her' a.k.a. 'making sure she didn't get into any trouble.' Pfft.

And what better way to celebrate this moment than to hike (or run) up to a mountain's summit and jump off it before taking flight? With a partner-in-crime, of course. Yves hadn't been able to find Sal, but Frankie would do.

The toothy grin was still on her reddened face when they finally reached a high enough place. Not exactly its peak, but she couldn't wait any longer!

Yves glanced around again to beam at Frank.


Before he could respond though, she'd already yelled "Go!" and jumped with her broom positioned underneath her. Soon enough, her screams of excitement filled the cold mountain air.

1937 / Hot Summer [ y v o n n e ]
« on: 12/01/2012 at 14:11 »

yvonne faye dechavez

Sixteen Rising 1e Année (6th year) Pureblood former Slytherin (2nd-3rd year), former Pawn Society (4th year), Performance [Dance] (5th onwards) Taurus/Gemini French/American/Mexican born in Paris, grew up in London then moved to Boston (Mother's wishes), went back to Paris

que era sólo yo • • •
elitist flirt bubbly daredevil avid rule-breaker dancer
prankster rude (except to 'her girls') more of a lover than a
fighter, but she will hex you if you get her pissed overconfident
athletic dedicated determined to get what she wants, or else

likes dancing pranks hugs having fun coffee
(with a bit of sugar and a teaspoon of cream) flirting
hugs girls boys kisses hugs

hates bookworms theoretical lessons authority
figures tea rules goody-two-shoes people losing
people who steal her spotlight being ignored

• • • hasta que llegó
Code: [Select]
[color=darkslategray][font=channel]name[/font][/color] [size=10pt][font=archer][goes here][/font][/size]
[color=darkslategray][font=channel]blood status[/font][/color] [size=10pt][font=archer][goes here][/font][/size]
[color=darkslategray][font=channel]school - age[/font][/color] [size=10pt][font=archer][goes - here][/font][/size]
[color=darkslategray][font=channel]relationship[/font][/color] [size=10pt][font=archer][goes here][/font][/size]
[color=darkslategray][font=channel]ideas[/font][/color] [size=10pt][font=archer][goes here ][/font][/size]

• • • la lista • • •
salazar ricardus
[hogwarts–7th year]
frank viggano jr. [hogwarts–7th year]
tristan descoteaux [beauxbatons–5th year]
september trealdy [salem–4th year]


caleb lance [salem–5th year]
lucas vanhelm [beauxbatons–7th year]

roland astor [beauxbatons–6th year]
alcina lazos [beauxbatons–6th year]
stefan sinclair [beauxbatons–7th year]
saoirse beckham [hogwarts–5th year]
bancroft reinhardt [beauxbatons–1st year]

1937 / The wind's in our sails [Sal - Snapshots]
« on: 11/30/2012 at 14:11 »
Day 1 of camp

                                          Sal —

Meet me at the lake. 2 PM.

                                                                                                — Yves

Her note had been brief – no, short, but only because she couldn't put the question swirling about her mind on paper.

She knew what happened to him; he'd explained to her, after all, in a letter. And she could only come to one conclusion after that. And after that explanation letter, she'd pretty much set the issue aside and just talked with him. But not without making sure in the beginning of each letter, of course, that it really was the Salazar she knew whom she'd was writing to.

But she still had to make sure if her theory was right or not. Because if it was right, then she may never be able to face him again.

(Terrible, terrible, terrible...)

Yvonne swallowed, and continued her worried pacing up and down the shore, her bare feet kicking up the dirt as she passed with her arms crossed, brows furrowed, and now-brown hair whipping the air at every sharp turn.

What time was it?! Maybe being five minutes early wasn't such a good idea. She disliked waiting, after all.

For the umpteenth time, her footfalls stopped, and she tilted her head a bit, trying to catch the sound of approaching footsteps.

She waited. (Ugh.)

...And there it was. (Finally.)

The now-brunette sighed, running clawed fingers through her Transfigured locks in agitation, before turning to face him. He still looked the same. At least, his eyes did, since that's where she was looking. But how could she tell if it was her surrogate brother behind those blue depths?

Suddenly, she felt much smaller in her shorts and oversized shirt.

No. I won't be afraid. I WON'T.

Taking a deep breath, she walked up to her friend. (Presumably.) And before he could say anything, she asked, "So, who are you today?" That wasn't the question she'd wanted answered, but first things first.

February 13, 1974
Ol' Coffee Shoppe, Salem Institute

Yvonne stared into the seemingly-deep-and-dark depths of her coffee (with a little sugar and a teaspoon of cream!), stirring the brown liquid around the cup, almost listlessly.

Februaries were always cold, so that, of course, meant coffee to warm her up and get her more hyper so she'd be even warmer. But, somehow, she didn't feel like she wanted a drink of her usual midafternoon cup.

She must have been very bored, then, she concluded. Her twin, Yani, was off in the library, sticking his nose in every book of spells he could find (Yves was starting to think that he was looking for hexes, but he wasn't that sadistic, of course; one may never know, though...), so here she was, in a table near a foggy window, which had snow crusted on its corners... Alone and getting increasingly impassive by the minute.

She could really use some company... Even if it's just another guy her twin bribed or befriended and told to go here, in the Coffee Shoppe, to try to make her straight.

I'll even take another bookworm!

Yes, she was that desperate lonely bored.

1974 / en igualdad de condiciones ♥ yvonne
« on: 08/15/2012 at 13:06 »

en igualdad de condiciones.

yvonne faye dechavez
                     Or just Chavez to you, lovely ♥

Hopeful 5th/6th. Pureblood. former Hogwarts student (2nd-3rd year) and former Salem student (4th year). will be transferring to BB this term. Performance → Dance. Taurus/Gemini (more of the latter). French/American/Mexican (though the latter isn't so obvious). speaks no French, but is fluent in English and Spanish.

currently visiting the Hogwarts summer campus before she gets shipped off to France.

elitist likes girls, but will eventually like boys too; she's not ready yet, though more of a lover than a fighter, but can fight quite well with her fists if pushed juuuust right can be sadistic and cruel if she wants to flirt spirited/hyper a bit of a daredevil prankster rude (but not to her girls, of course) conflicted/confused overconfident in such a way that she thinks she is better than any Muggle, Muggleborn, and Halfblood but holds high respect for any talented Pureblood a bit boyish very athletic dedicated to anything and everything (including people) she loves always knows what she wants and is determined to get it dedicated/passionate ballerina

my heart seems to stutter...

close friends
best friends


flirting/flirt buddies

Hogwarts mate
Salem mate
good/bad influence

while all other things remain constant.

Code: [Select]
[center][color=teal][b]♥ Insert Name Here ♥[/b]
House ♥ Year
♥ Relationship Goes Here ♥
♥ Plot Ideas ♥
Insert Plot Ideas Here

the list

james walsh
flirt buddies / perhaps an accidental kiss?
currently discussing

salazar ricardus
flirt buddies / Hogwarts mate/friends / past partners-in-crime

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