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1938 / On a plane!
« on: 04/21/2013 at 00:19 »
So, my holidays with my parents are coming to an end and tomorrow I'll fly back to Australia. This means 30ish hours of travelling and most likely some jet lag, so I'll see you all about Tuesday or Wednesday! <3

This goes for Daniel Reed, Raven Reinhardt and Eirwen Medraut.

1937 / From Me to You (Janiel)
« on: 12/06/2012 at 06:15 »
June 29th, 1937
The O'Reilly Estate

Jane Montclaire
France (I think)

Hi Jane,

I hope you got home okay and that you everything is alright. I hope you still have a good time. If you get bored you can always practise fencing. You're pretty good. Maybe we can practise some time. If you want to, that is. If not, that's okay too.

I look forward to See you at camp!


1937 / Alliances (Silva)
« on: 12/05/2012 at 14:51 »
It was summer, and that meant time to have fun and do whatever you wanted to. Daniel dangled his legs from the branch he was sitting on. So far the day had been going well. He'd had breakfast, gone for a swim with Freja, climbed the hills for a while, and now he was sitting in a tree deciding on what to do until it was time for lunch.

He knew Theo was busy with being a counselor and Freja was off being a warrior somewhere, but for some reason the rest of his friends seemed to have disappeared after breakfast as well.

And as for his new cabin mates... Daniel wasn't really sure what they were like yet. He'd looked around for that English boy who went to Beauxbatons for a while, but maybe he was off reading somewhere. The Gryffindor rolled his eyes at the thought. Books just was no fun at all.

Except if they had pictures in them. Or were about dragons.

Noticing a person walking along the path close by, Daniel eyes lit up with a grin, and he slid down from the tree.

"Hey Silva! Wait up!" He jumped unto the ground with a bump. "Whatcha up to? Anything fun happening?"

1937 / The Midnight Council (Invite Only)
« on: 11/30/2012 at 11:16 »
July 9th, 1937

The note had been simple, just a date and the word Midnight scribbed hastily across the page. There was no name to indicate who had sent it or who it was for, because that just wasn't needed. The small, carefully folded piece of paper was simply passed from hand to hand during dinner, and the people who needed to know, would know.

The place had already been agreed upon. Just the day before, during a trek up to the Star Cabins, a few of them had explored the Cold Falls and made the neat discovery of a small cave not far from the falls. And that was where they would meet.

They had been at the camp a few days already. There'd been time to settle in and get to know the place, time to test out the lake and climb the mountain, even time to annoy a few of the camp counselors (or be a counselor, in Theo's case).

Now it was time to have some fun.

Sneaking out hadn't been hard at all, Daniel was used to that. As soon as the other boys in the cabin were asleep, he'd slipped out of his bed and out of the cabin, stopping only at a nearby bush to pick up the bag he'd hidden after dinner. He didn't doubt the others would have any more trouble, even if they might have to cover for Theo. Or something. Surely those kids could live without him for a few hours!

How on earth had the Hufflepuff gotten himself a job as a counselor anyway?

Arriving at the cave Daniel slipped inside, only then lighting up his wand with a faint Lumos. He pulled the blanket out of his bag and sat down leaning against the wall. The contents of his bag were soon emptied onto the blanket. Bread. Two big loaves and eight buns.

Now he just had to wait for the others to arrive.

And hope that they had all remembered what they were in charge of bringing too.

1974 / En Garde! (Theo)
« on: 08/21/2012 at 13:30 »
August 1974
The Forest

It wasn’t fair! He hated him! Hated. Hated. Hated. The scowl on Daniel’s face deepened, and his hands clenched into fists. He had hoped going to Hogwarts had meant a bit more freedom, but it seemed he was proven wrong. Again.

'You do as I say, Daniel Reed. A step out of line and Hogwarts will be nothing more than a memory for you. Remember that.'

He had argued, yelled, even kicked a chair over, but nothing mattered. Grandfather knew he wouldn’t risk being made to leave Hogwarts when Alex was sure to start next year. The old man knew how to get what he wanted.

And he had made his wants very clear to Daniel. The 14 year old kicked an old branch and watched it splinter into several pieces. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to take any of the classes his grandfather had told him to take, it was just… He wanted to make his own choices. He kicked another branch and watched it sail through the air only to crash into a nearby bush. He let out a frustrated sigh, then turned. Grey-blue eyes stopped mid-air. It looked like he wasn’t alone.

“Theo,” Daniel made an effort to turn the scowl into a smile, but the attempt wasn’t very successful. Theo was… well… a friend. It wasn’t his fault Daniel was in a rotten mood. Again.

1974 / Alive (Freja)
« on: 08/19/2012 at 13:36 »
Late summer
The Boardwalk

“Oh come on, you know I can get to the top faster than you any day, if I really wanted to!” Daniel’s voice sounded teasingly. He relaxed against one of the wooden pillars supporting the boardwalk and let his legs dangle into the lake. It was turning into a rather warm day and the cool water felt soothing against his feet.

“I came first yesterday. Twice.” He truthfully added, grey-blue eyes laughing as they squinted against the sun. He had to brag where he could, which in this company sadly wasn’t all that often. And annoyingly he was by far the worse loser of the two and hardly ever managed to do more than ruffle the feathers of his companion. If even that.

“You could do with some more training, you know.” Daniel grinned teasingly and pushed a few loose strands of hair out of his eyes. “Mountain climbing, jogging, swimming. That sorta stuff. It’s not like this is a bloody holiday camp, you know!” He grinned, knowing full well that few people were as fit as Freja.

Daniel looked over the blue waters of the lake and for a moment just let the slight breeze brush over him. It had been Freja who had suggested the race up Mount Agrippa today, and Daniel who had been reluctant. As often was the case Freja had simply stated what she was doing, leaving it free for Daniel to join or not, but of course there was no way the boy was going to admit to be any more tired or any less fit than his new found friend. So the race had started.

1974 / Just a few days...
« on: 08/11/2012 at 02:48 »
Just a heads up. I'll be away for the weekend for a family birthday, so I'll most likely not be able to post. I should be back again Monday.

In the meantime, have fun!  :)

- Daniel

1974 / Kick-off (Aries)
« on: 08/10/2012 at 06:36 »
Early July, 1974
The edge of the Forest

The first rays of sunlight were covering the summer camp in a pale morning light, making shadows flicker and grow on the ground. It was still chilly; the night had been cool with only a few clouds to keep in the heat of the previous day. It was quiet; the whole camp seemed to be asleep. All but Daniel.

Up in the air on a broom borrowed from the school’s newly discovered supply of Quidditch equipment the 14 year old was soaring higher. 10 feet, 12 feet. Up and up. He gripped the broom with both hands, then did a dive. Turned left, then right. His control was getting better since he had discovered the school brooms at the camp and had taken up early morning practise. But he had seen the match the other day; he was still nowhere up to standard. If only his grandfather hadn’t been such a bloody idiot. Daniel cursed under his breath and pulled the broom up with a sudden jerk. Too sudden. Spinning out of control the 14 year old pulled down sharply and crash landed on the ground scraping his knees. He let himself roll and without even a look on the grazes he kicked off again. His legs and arms were starting to look like he had tumbled down bloody Mount Agrippa.

He was doing better, though. This was only his third mishap this morning so far. If only things weren’t going so bloody slow! With a firm grip on the broom Daniel sored up in the sky only to make another sharp dive followed by a left turn and then a near crash. He had seen one of the other guys do it in the game the other day, so why couldn’t he get it right? He steadied himself and hoovered just over the ground.

This was nothing like running. When he ran he could just go on pushing himself till exhaustion and he could feel his frustration and anger slowly seeping out and disappear. Flying was different. He needed control, and he needed to bloody focus and concentrate the whole time. There was no just letting go. He let out a frustrated sigh and kicked a stone on the ground. But he wouldn’t give up. At least no one was here to see him fail.

1974 / Of Picnics and Goosebumps (Ermie)
« on: 08/02/2012 at 16:04 »
Mid July, 1974
After dark
Outside the Kitchens

What was it with grown-ups wanting to decide when you were hungry? Honestly. Daniel tucked another apple in his pocket while scanning the kitchen. Luckily the house elves didn’t seem to find his visits in the least bit weird, and as long as he was polite and made sure not to make a mess, they let him be. They were probably used to hungry teenage boys raiding the kitchen at night, and after only a few weeks at camp Daniel had already become friendlier with them than with his fellow students.

The 14 year old nodded thankfully as a bottle of lemonade was handed towards him followed immediately by a small basket covered by a checked napkin. He raised an eyebrow questioning, but the house elf quickly scurried away. Carefully he peeked under the cloth, and he could feel his stomach starting a low rumble. It smelled like chicken, and he could also glimpse a few hardboiled eggs and some slices of bread. And was that a piece of cake? He smiled and could feel the childish excitement grow inside him. He wondered what he had done to get such a treasure.

Even back at his grandparents’ estate the house elves had been nice to him. They were the only ones who continuously addressed him ‘master’, though to be honest he had found it rather disturbing at first. Coming from life in working class Liverpool to the O’Reilly Estate in southern Ireland had offered quite a few changes for the then 10 year old.     

With a wave and a smile Daniel turned and excited the kitchen. He closed the door quietly behind him and immediately felt the coolness of the evening air on his face. He was glad he had put on a jumper, the evenings this far north could be rather cold even in summer.

Turning towards the lake Daniel started moving carefully one step at a time, making sure to keep in the shadows. However friendly the house elves were, he doubted any grown-up catching him out at night would be too thrilled. That was another thing grown-ups seemed to have strict ideas about.

1974 / On New Ground (Jessica)
« on: 08/01/2012 at 04:54 »
A few weeks into Summer, 1974
By the Lake

It wasn’t dark anymore, but the sun had only just climbed up above the tree tops. The air was still chilly from the cool of the night, and all around you could hear the songs of birds waking up. It was a beautiful morning, though not everyone out at this hour seemed to notice.

Daniel had woken early and decided to take a walk. Not unusual for him, really, though he did wish he had a broom to practise on like back home. It hadn’t technically been his broom, but at least he’d been able to practise. He was not going to Hogwarts getting laughed at for being the only kid not able to ride a broom properly. He could ride it, he just needed… practise. It wasn’t his fault Grandfather refused to let him ride a broom. Or even look at one for that matter.

But there were no brooms here. Unless you counted the ones belonging to the school or the other students. And Daniel was no thief!

No brooms didn’t mean there was no fun, though. The 14 year old walked along the edge of the forest towards the lake. When he was nearly there he reached up and grabbed a branch with both hands. With a quick, experienced pull he hoisted himself up. It wasn’t the tallest of the trees near the lake, but it seemed sturdy enough. Daniel reached out and shook a few of the branches sending down a shower of old twigs, pinecones and needles. Yes, it seemed quite sturdy. He smiled. Tree climbing was nearly as good as riding brooms!

1974 / Peace and Quiet (Shya)
« on: 07/31/2012 at 16:21 »

With a low sigh Daniel let himself fall down on the ground under a large oak tree. He leaned against it and felt the bark rub through his blonde hair and on the back of his t-shirt, but he didn’t mind. This was heaven. Quiet heaven.

Dinner had just finished and after the overcrowded, cramped, full of giggly girls mess hall, Daniel had needed out. Before he suffocated.

It wasn’t that camp life was that bad, though. In fact it seemed Daniel was actually settling into it quite well. Despite being Daniel, of course. He hadn’t gotten into a fight (yet), his cousins seemed to have decided to stay away so far, and that Theo guy seemed like a decent person. Yes, things were not going too badly at all.

Daniel looked up. Through the branches of the tree, he could see bits of the blue sky. It was a tall tree, and in a part of the forest which lay quite a bit away from the cabins. He could faintly hear the laughter of children, but if he wanted to he could also pretend it wasn’t there. That was why he came here. It was his perfect spot. Perfect, quiet and undisturbed. The 14 year old rested against the tree and for once let himself relax.

1974 / Want to Break Free - Daniel
« on: 07/30/2012 at 17:01 »

Fourteen X Hopeful Gryffindor X Halfblood

Londoner living in Ireland

Strong-willed X Stubborn X Rebellious

Suspicious X Closed X Survivor X Protective

His brother and sister, exploring, physical activities, riding brooms, food, comic books, horses

Rules and demands, studying, his extended family, pureblood elitists, emotions and dealing with them, being embarrassed

Relationship types

One flash of light that shows the way.
Daniel is not one to make friends very easily, though he is learning. He might come across as tough, confident and don’t-careish, though that is mostly due to trust and anger issues. Beneath it he is quite a nice guy. He doesn’t often open up to people, so being a close or best friend will take a lot of work and time, and will probably not happen very often. Also, he’s rather emotionally awkward and will automatically shy away from anything that could potentially involve his feelings.

Acquaintance // Friend // Close Friend // Best Friend

Don’t stop me now.
It’s quite easy to get Daniel to dislike you, but it doesn’t often come to pure hatred. Most of the time Daniel will simply try to avoid you. However, something that has the potential of making you Daniel's enemy is comments about him being halfblood as well as bullying of his younger siblings. He is also quite competitive and would easily see other people as rivals. 

Annoyance // Dislike // Enemy // Rival

One dream, one soul, one prize, one goal.
Again: Emotionally awkward. Daniel has not yet developed a big interest in love and relationships, but seeing as he is fourteen it’s quite likely that he’ll meet a few girls who can turn his head. Also, feel free to crush on him and make him embarrassed/annoyed!

Crush // Fling // Lover

Does anybody know what we are looking for?
Anything else!
Daniel is living with his maternal grandparents, and thus is part of a large pureblood family - the O’Reillys. It is likely that other students from pureblood families will know the O’Reillys and even have been playmates with his cousins. However, since Daniel is halfblood and the black sheep of the family, they might not see him in a very positive light.

Disapproving Family Friend // Tolerant Family Friend // Fellow Explorer // Mentor // Other?

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1974 / Biting The Dust (Theo)
« on: 07/29/2012 at 13:10 »
Early Summer, 1974
Behind Grunnion

Camp. Boring, old summer camp packed full of noisy, little kids and bossy, interfering, know-it-all Hogwarts students. Shared rooms, lousy food, rotten pranks and homesick little kids. Daniel wasn’t sure if he should be furious or thrilled. At least it was better than being watched by Grandfather every minute of the day. Everything was better than that. He had hoped to spend the summer with Alex and Arie, though.

The 14 year old leaned against the tree and took a deep breath. At least none of his cousins were staying at the camp. It was just him. Just Daniel.

It had been a rather warm day, especially for somewhere this far north, but it was slowly cooling down, and the trees behind the boys’ cabins provided a nice shade as well as some peace and quiet. It was nice for once being away from the crowd, and Daniel let himself relax a little. He liked being around people. Sometimes. But being alone had its advantages too. He…

Daniel’s thoughts were interrupted by a loud shriek coming from just above him. He bent his head back and looked up. What was that? He squinted and frowned. Something was moving through the air. Fast. It was… Was it...? It was! The 14 year old attempted to leap up and cover his face at the same time, neither of which was very successful at all.

“Hey!” His shout went out just as the monster shrieked again and landed on him, claws digging through his t-shirt into his shoulder.

“Oww! Hey! HEY! Get off me!” Daniel shouted and fell back against the tree once more. With both hands he tried to push off his attacker, but it was no use. He flinched as a sharp beak shot out and pecked at his hand. Then, with a low hoot, the owl settled down on Daniel's shoulder. Claws firmly attached to his t-shirt. Bloody owl! If only…the 14 year old clenched his teeth. He knew better that trying to attack Grandfather’s owl.

“Hermes, get off! OFF!” Daniel growled at the owl, but the only result was another peck from the sharp beak.

“Oi! Just give me the letter, will you! Hermes!”

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