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1972 / Visiting A Friend (Hero)
« on: 11/24/2011 at 01:52 »
Saturday, August 5th
10:07 am

Summer was in full swing. The school break was no longer applying to the blonde who had a whole new bunch of things to deal with. Namely, waiting to get some sort of approval from the Ministry that she could set up her private detective practice ... apparently they weren't terribly prepared for something like this, since not many people were considering to this on their own. They'd just be Aurors instead. Well, she would be a private Auror, so to speak ... and now those in charge of things had to decide that she could perform these duties on her own.

Her NEWT results had arrived a week earlier, looking very well indeed, so Vicky had gone straight to the Ministry with them, plus various proof that she could do the work. Namely a couple of research done on some recent cases that had been published in the papers. The people had looked impressed enough, but the blonde wasn't all that sure if they would actually consider this or not. Hence why she had asked some relatives of hers involved in the Ministry to put in a good word, maybe that would help too.

Between waiting for this and starting her Krav Maga lessons in Israel, Vicky was quite busy. Therefore, she decided that Saturday to actually take a breather and visit some familiar grounds. Namely, the summer camp ... The blonde made her way over with a simple Apparition and began walking around, observing some of the kids enjoying themselves in the sun. Soon enough, she came up to the Infirmary and decided to go on a hunch ... That being that a friend of hers and former Hospital Wing colleague would be working there during the summer.

Vicky walked inside and looked around, just as someone who looked as a patient was coming out. The blonde promptly stopped the person in question and inquired. "Excuse me ... does Hero Savage work here?" The patient pointed towards someone in a nurse outfit with their back turned towards the entrance. "Thank you," said Vicky before heading towards the said nurse and calling out to her. "Well, well ... fancy seeing you here ... "

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