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1957 / Re: All the Lonely People | Willette
« on: 08/22/2019 at 19:37 »
Olette complimenting his work barely brought a smile to Will's face, too focused as he was on how clearly upset she was.

"Why weren't you at the case study today?"

He frowned, glancing down at the watch upon his wrist. It was well into the afternoon.

"Oh merlin I must've forgotten the time I am so sorry Ole I really didn't mean to," he stammered, flushing beet red. Will had been looking forward to that! Maybe he had next to no medical knowledge, but he'd always loved helping people.

"Did something happen?"

If someone had upset Ole.. well Will wasn't really sure what he'd do but he'd have to do something. Not just because they were fake dating now, but because this was Olette and she didn't deserve for people to hurt her. She deserved that fairy tale ending with Jeremiah.

1957 / Re: All the Lonely People | Willette
« on: 08/20/2019 at 20:41 »
It was just typical that Will would end up missing the infirmary case study just because he'd gotten distracted with his paints. Even now, with hours having passed since the case study had finished, Will was barely even aware that it might have started, too engrossed in the sketchbook rested upon his lap.

It was of Alice. Of course it was. Even with bluish white hair as Will had given her, it was clearly her.

If anyone were to flick through the other pages of the sketchbook, they'd find Elle and Marilyn and Olette's faces to name a few looking back up at them. Countless other sketchbooks had been filled up by the boy, but it was his most recent one that seemed overfilled with the faces of people he cared about. He hadn't really had any actual people to draw or paint back in Hogsmeade after all.

"Will, are you there?"

"Olette? Hey," Will glanced up with a smile, only for it to turn to concern. "Are you alright?"

1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/20/2019 at 19:48 »
Will's agreement seemed to make Olette happy so that was good. He tried for a smile back, and even if it was a little uncertain, there was anticipation as well. Anything to win over Alice, right?

"If it works it will be worth it."

The smile wavered a little at the reminder of what exactly Will'd have to do, acting was not his strong suit after all, but he forced it to remain at the very least for Olette.

"Yeah, no it's okay," he reassured her. "I can do this."

For Alice.


1957 / Re: Row, Row, Row Your Boat || Will
« on: 08/20/2019 at 19:02 »
For a heart wrenching second Will thought she might've forgotten him. It'd been a long time after all, and he'd changed a lot. But then she broke into a sprint, barrelling into him in a hug, and Will felt his eyes prickle.

He stiffened a little, it had been a long time since someone had hugged him like this, but then he relaxed and wrapped his own arms around her.

"Elle," he repeated softly. He'd been searching for her all over camp, having remembered that she would be going into her first year soon and so would likely be here, and yet of course it would be her who'd find him first.

"I missed you."

It was an understatement. All those years with nobody to talk to and it had been Elizabeth Cavendish who'd plagued Will's thoughts; a little girl with shining brown hair and big hazel eyes. His baby sister.

1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/20/2019 at 18:49 »
Olette was a lot better than Will at the whole comforting thing, but Will still wasn't convinced. He'd practically stabbed Alice in the back at the party, hadn't he? How did Alice, perfect perfect Alice, deserve someone who'd do that?

But then Ole had lurched upwards with an idea of her own. Will frowned, recoiling. He didn't like to liar, and he wasn't very good at it either. He'd already cheated on Alice, why should he lie to her like that as well?

But.. well if this plan would work then he'd have Alice. And that'd be worth everything and more.

"I.. let's do it."

1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/20/2019 at 17:15 »
Well at least Olette wasn't giving up. It would work out for her, Will was certain of it.

Listening to the girl speak, Will would be lying if he said he knew how to respond. He smiled as comfortingly as possible back at her, but he knew nothing about love really. How was he supposed to help when he couldn't even figure out what to do about Alice?

"Maybe you need to try something different?"

Why Olette on her own wouldn't be enough Will had no clue.

"Sorry, I've been going on about my issues when you're the one upset."

"No, no it's okay. Alice is never even gonna feel the same way about me. She deserves better."

1957 / Re: tell-tale heart's a hammer || Wax
« on: 08/18/2019 at 20:03 »
Bracken joined Will in desperate attempts at steering away from the rocks but it was no use and with an almighty jolt they'd run aground, sending Will scrambling to hold on. Even in the seconds after the rockboatthing had stopped moving Will fancied he could still feel the shudders and shakes of the crash ricocheting up and down his body.

But was Bracken... laughing? Confusion, concern and even admiration welled up inside the squib. There was always the possibility that Bracken had hurt himself and was now delirious (or that he was just plain insane, that wouldn't actually be much of a surprise) but Will suspected that this was just Bracken being amazingly cool and badass and laughing in the face of danger.

Will personally was much better at cowering in the face of danger but that didn't mean he wasn't very impressed and wished he could be more like the other boy. Maybe then Alice would like him. Maybe then.

As it was, Will clambered out of the rockboatthing after Bracken, attempting to smile convincingly back at him as he glanced over. It didn't really work, and confusion, concern and admiration shone through clearly, with it's own little mix of good old fearing for your life.

Confusion won over though as Bracken seemed to turn an 180 degrees, switching the subject to 'eligible bachlorettes'. Will laughed awkwardly, mind immediately going to Alice. Except for Alice was not eligible and he supposed that in the eyes of everyone else, he wasn't either now.

"Uh not really." He ran a hand through his hair, suddenly very uncertain what to do with his limbs. How did boyfriends act when they talked about their girlfriends?

"Do you, uh, know Olette?"

1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/18/2019 at 19:30 »
If someone would cheat on a girl like Olette then Will was screwed. Even in his own heartbreak (because what on earth else could it be? This was how hearts works according to books and stuff) he felt his heart twinge a little extra for poor Ole. She didn't deserve for some boy to hurt her like that. She deserved so much better, for him to love her and treat her like she was the most important person in the world. This 'Jere' must be completely insane for picking someone else rather than her.

"He must be a right idiot," Will mumbled half to himself, half to her. "For not choosing you."

Just as Will was a right idiot for letting himself think that Alice would ever like him back. She had Bracken, why would she want Will?

"Are you gonna keep trying? You should."

He tried to focus on Olette instead, numbing his own pain with hers. Will knew how it worked in books, knew that you were never supposed to give up on love or whatever and so Olette couldn't give up. Him? Well, he was a lost cause.

1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/16/2019 at 20:52 »
Olette seemed oddly understanding of Will's plight, strange because even oblivious idiot Will could see how pretty the girl was, and that she was actually a nice person to boot.

"Yeah," he sighed. Love (because even if it seemed ridiculous and he'd only known her for a week or two, Will was absolutely certain that was what this was) was a lot more work than he'd anticipated, and hurt a lot more as well.

Maybe it was his fault? What was Will doing that was so wrong? The answer seemed pretty obvious (he'd went and kissed three people that weren't her) and the response of him and Alice not even having been dating equally as much not so.

"Who was the guy?" Because Olette seemed to be speaking from experience and he'd already made a massive mistake (three really), he didn't want to make one by being rude to her.

1957 / Re: You can stand under my umbrella | Mariam Snaps
« on: 08/16/2019 at 20:29 »
"I said I was sorry!" Will defended himself, a monument to how much he'd changed and how much more comfortable he was around Mari. Usually, Will would already be spouting more and more apologies, stumbling over his words and acting like a bit of an idiot in general.

"Eugh," he flinched back at the spray of water to his face, poking her in retaliation with the oar. "I am so not a klutz."

(He was.)

Leaving the oar he'd almost knocked Marilyn out with floating by the pair, Will reached out with his now free hand to grasp a hold of the other one. This time, when he pulled the oar towards him he was more careful, and it stayed far far away from Marilyn's face.

"Got the other one as well!"

Was he imagining things or was he getting a little better at this whole swimming thing? He wasn't flailing quite as much, though still a lot, and the amount of times he swallowed mouthfuls of lake water was dwindling.

1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/15/2019 at 22:12 »
”Bracken’s Alice.”

Two words, seemingly so innocent, echoed in Will’s ears, reaching down his throat and squeezing at his heart. Bracken’s alice. Will liked Bracken. He was funny and cool and everything Will was not. Bracken’s alice. Of course a girl like Alice would like him instead.

Will paid little attention to how his face reacted to this new bit of information, but if he had, he still wouldn’t have been able to stop the sour look that overcame him.

“Yeah,” he nodded glumly. “I dunno. No. Probably. Wish she did.”

This was ridiculous. He was being ridiculous. Alice would never like him the way he liked her, not unless he did something really drastic. Something the complete opposite of what he’d usually do.

1957 / Re: sunset mystery || Will
« on: 08/12/2019 at 22:39 »
She turned around, white swimsuit hugging supermodel curves and the sunset bathing her skin in a heavenly golden glow. Green eyes met his own blue ones, beautifully sharp (like uncut emeralds, the poet in Will deemed them) and no doubt deadly as well. Certainly they’d left Will helpless, her gaze travelling up and down his body trapping him where he stood.

And then she smiled and just like that Will knew he was doomed. He’d read about this sort of thing in books, all that Cupid’s arrow stuff, and from the racing of his heart that arrow had to be feathers deep in him by now.

”You alright there darling? You seem... dazed.”

Dazed was an understatement. Right now will could’ve done with a bucket of ice cold water thrown in his face, or maybe Mari screaming in his ear. Anything to snap him out of this trance Alice has gotten him into.

”Is it because you like what you see?”


“Uh no,” Will managed to force his tongue to do as it was told. He couldn’t let Alice know! That would be absolutely mortifying.

His face reddened as he realised how that had sounded and Will was quick to try and fix it.

“I mean yes! Wait no I mean, uh, what I’m trying to say is, well, um, so-“


At some point during Wills nonsensical stuttering, Alice had stepped upon dry land, until he was so close he could touch her. She extended a hand, offering for him to join her, and  Will stared, uncertain whether he’d heard her right.

“Oh! Um, yes! I’m, ah, Will.”

1957 / Re: Row, Row, Row Your Boat || Will
« on: 08/12/2019 at 21:57 »
”Excuse me!”

A girls voice, young, called out and will paused with his boat, something niggling at the back of his mind. Something felt familiar.

”Sorry if you wouldn't mind waiting, could I possibly catch a ride with you? You'd really be helping me out.”

The voice continued, Wills grows furrowing further and further as she spoke. He could’ve sworn he recognised it! Will hadn’t really been exposed to many different voices, at least not for the last five or six years, but there was just something about this one, something that brought a soft, warm feeling to his chest, and a twisting, bitter one to his gut.

He glanced over his shoulder, lips already parting to reply.

Elizabeth Cavendish had grown. She was no longer the darling little 6 year old will had doted, so tiny even compared to Wills little eleven year old self. Will didn’t remember that elegance, the grown up air that seemed to surround her of high class and society, from back when they’d last seen each other and it pained him to see how muc she had changed and t remember how he hadn’t gotten to see any of them, but it didn’t matter.


What mattered was that she was here, right now, with him.

1957 / Re: Stairway to heaven | OPEN
« on: 08/12/2019 at 21:44 »
It was Mouse. Will felt a smile grow upon his lips as he was greeted as brother, it had been a long time since anyone had called him that and he welcomed it with open arms. He couldn’t remember how long it had been since he’d last seen his unofficial younger brother but Mouse hadn’t changed one bit. In contrast, Will had gained a bit of colour to his face, was more confident (barely) and smiled just that little bit more readily. He was happier.

“Hello brother,” he replied. “Maybe you should ,uh, walk it instead?”

He suggested the idea as nonchalantly as he could, not that subtlety was his strong suit. Mouse was still as bizarre as before he could tell, but brotherly protectiveness brought concern for his  wellbeing to the front of Will’s mind.

As Mouse eyed the mountain that loomed above them, Will turned to do the same. He wasn’t wrong, the mountain looked like it would take a long time to climb, but if one thing was good enough motivation for Will it was the prospect of something pretty that he might be able to paint, and the view promised just that. Besides! Now he had Mouse with him as well.

It turned out that Will didn’t have to say anything to convince Mouse to join him (thank god, he would have no idea where to start) as the younger boy started off, Will stumbling slightly to catch up.

“You’re not gonna be cold are you?” He asked, already pulling his bag open. “Here, take my jumper.”

Will would be fine without one. Mouse was more important.

1957 / Re: late nights | Will
« on: 08/12/2019 at 21:33 »
”The best cabin of course.”

Will had never really understood when people said stuff like that. To him all the cabins seemed about the same, maybe with different people but nothing else. Still, he smiled back, nodding along as if he didn’t find that odd. After all, Alice was in zombie as well, so maybe she did have a point.

Will knew he’d screwed up when Lia looked up, surprise written across her face. Right, yes, at Hogwarts you shared rooms...

“Um, ah no,” he said, alarm bells going off in his head. In his mind, Will already knew what would happen if he were to tell Lia what he was. She’d shun him, push him away like his parents had. Maybe Marilyn hadn’t done the same, but Mari was an anomaly, an odd one out.

(Not that he’d ever call her odd. He would never insult his first friend here.)

“I, uh, go to beauxbatons.”

Will didn’t like to lie. He went very good at it either. Still it was better than losing the sense of comradeship between himself and Lia. She was quite pretty, maybe not as much as alice but then Alice was an angel in human form.

”-I don’t get much sleep these days.”

“Why?” Will frowned, concern written across his face despite talking with Lia for barely five minutes. Sleep was important, and if there was something bothering her then he wanted to help. Hell, he even passed over her comment about the library, only acknowledging it with a small smile. Will loved libraries.

1957 / Re: You can stand under my umbrella | Mariam Snaps
« on: 08/12/2019 at 20:59 »
Marilyn seemed shocked to know how long it had been since Will had been swimming. Sometimes Will forgot that other people didn't have the same sort of situation he had, where he was essentially confined only to the manor, with no swimming pool or anything.

Thankfully though, before Will could drown (that'd put a damper on this whole holiday freedom thing), Marilyn had offered her help. He took her hand gratefully, doing his level best not to cling to it like a baby and drag Mari down under the water, and so only half listening to what she was saying he was so focused.

But hey, the focus was paying off! He wasn't drowning was he? And neither was Mari!

Blue eyes scanned the water around them for the oars, and Will grinned in triumph as he soon found them not too far off.

"There!" He called, reaching out to grab a hold of the closest one, other hand's grip tightening on Mari. He swung the piece of wood round to show her, it flying through the air perilously close to the blonde's face.



1957 / Re: Just to make them jealous | Willette
« on: 08/12/2019 at 20:41 »
"Will? What's wrong?"

A voice came from the doorway, barely reaching Will through the haze that coated him. It wasn't Alice, so what did it matter? What did he care?

But then Will remembered that ignoring unsuspecting girls, especially unsuspecting girls who he liked and who were pretty and who he'd kissed just a few days ago even if he hadn't felt anything, was kind of rude and he glanced up from where he sat, struggling to drag a smile across his face.


Will had never been very good at lying and now even more so than usual it was deadly obvious.

"I like Alice."

Oh no. No no no he hadn't meant to say that. It had just slipped out, a trip of the tongue. Nobody knew (actually a lot of people knew it was kind of really obvious) that Will liked Alice! What if it got back to her! (She already knew as well.)

"You know, because she's really pretty and witty and smart and confident and her smile reminds me of crystalline roses and golden sunsets and the fairies from midsummers' nights dream and snowflakes reflecting early morning sunlight and floaty lace and angels and everything pretty and it makes me feel all funny and weird and my tongue goes all fuzzy and numb and I get all warm and uncomfortable and-"

He couldn't stop.

1957 / Re: tell-tale heart's a hammer || Wax
« on: 08/12/2019 at 20:38 »
To Will's great surprise, the boatrockthing didn't immediately tip over and send both boys crashing into the lake. He took the oar of sorts that Bracken offered him and gave it a testing drag through the waters, finding to his relief that that didn't send the boys tumbling either.

Hey this wasn't too bad!

Will felt a tell tale smile creep onto his lips, half paying attention, half just admiring the sights as Bracken spoke. But he'd barely opened his mouth to respond before Bracken had yelled out and Will's head snapped round, immediately fearing the worst.

On the positive side, Bracken hadn't fallen in and Will couldn't see any bite marks from mysterious creatures lurking in the watery depths. On the negative, the boat was seconds away from crashing into spires of rock.

Will powered his oar faster through the water as Bracken did the same, the rockboatthing escaping by the breadth of a hair.

Not that this was much better. Sudden movement sent the boat rocking wildly once more, water splashing over the sides to soak Will's shoes through. One hand reached out to grasp a hold of the side of the thing for fear of falling out and Will glanced over the side.


Another set of rocks loomed dangerously close. How had he not seen these before? Will pulled his oar out of the water, bringing with it a spray of lake water in Bracken's direction, and used it as best as he could to push the boat away.

1957 / Re: You can stand under my umbrella | Mariam Snaps
« on: 08/11/2019 at 20:04 »
Marilyn was nowhere to be seen and Will was quickly realising that after five, almost six, years away from the sea, he really wasn't very good a swimmer.


Before Will could finish he felt what he was sure was one of those monsters he'd heard rumours about grab a hold of him and he was pulled beneath the water. Except for it wasn't a monster actually, and as the water cleared, Marilyn's smirking face was revealed, her hands holding him down.

Will opened his mouth to say something, though what neither of them would ever find out as instead he swallowed a large mouthful of water. Will was very happy to feel himself being pulled up by Mari, taking in air by the bucketful.

"Five or six years ago yeah," he spluttered, doing his level best to tread water like Mari did so effortlessly, and kind of doing it. Kind of.

1957 / Re: You can stand under my umbrella | Mariam Snaps
« on: 08/10/2019 at 22:16 »
Will had definitely not intended to soak Marilyn that badly and he immediately felt bad for it.

“Oh Merlin are you okay? I am so sorry I didn’t think it’d be that big!”

Anxiety shone through his eyes, worry for his friend even if it was just water. She had screamed after all, what if she was hurt?

Marilyn jumped at Will, and if Will had still been thinking about his friend’s wellbeing he might’ve been happy that she was alright. As it was, he was a little more concerned with his wellbeing, scrambling back in an attempt to not die which only made the boat rock even worse.

Whatever Marilyn has planned on doing, it didn’t matter as just as her hands reached him, the boat gave an ulmightly heave and crashed right over, dropping both of them straight into the lake.

Will hit the water with an undignified crash, flailing so wildly that he felt his foot hit something he suspected might’ve been Mari. It was colder than Will had expected, enough to send shivers dancing up and down his spine, and he managed to get a mouthful of water with it.

Will resurfaced with a gasp, thoughts immediately going to Marilyn.

“Mari? Are you alright?”

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