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sorry i love u

Name: Henry Reed
Face: William Franklyn-Miller
Important Info: he's like 20 now, there's quite a few good nerdy pics on his insta!!

Name: Jasper Bishop
Face: Rider Strong
Important Info: he's only 12!

Name: Fergus Fraser
Face: Kyle Breitkopf
Important Info: there is honestly no worries if you cant find photos of him here, i struggle so much (he's 13)

1961 / Breakbreakbreak
« on: 12/21/2020 at 16:40 »

Going on a break til the unforeseeable future

can probs get me through Steph/Feyre or Hil/Lia

Goes for all the chars

1961 / this is my only summer post
« on: 12/08/2020 at 23:04 »


i do not speak french

  Scroll for dog pics.

 you're welcome.

hiya! guess i should put some info about me here, hm?

» my name is Caz and i'm reusing my old code
» i am 19
» i'm from the north west of england
» i am in my second year of university, where i study child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing.
» i am a twin, a big sister, a little sister, a half-sister and a step sister. fun times.
» i am always ready to spam people with pictures of my pets
» i can't code and this took forever, esp because my puppy is trying to fight my senior dog uh oh
» if you hear me complaining about the human population, it's probably because i work in retail
» im having a very family based christmas this year so on top of that, working overtime, dog duties and uni work, i've pretty much resigned myself to the fact that i'm not going to be active this summer



mouse märchen
✒ graduated
✒ slytherin
✒ has a lot of mice
✒ self-proclaimed artist
✒ dancer
✒ b/w colour blind so may confuse things
✒ is he at camp?? idk try to find him

Gus Fraser

♜ second year
♜ hufflepuff
♜ shy
♜ will cry if you look at him
♜ aaaaaaaaa

My other chars are chilling in elsewhere and they are:

Henry Reed [19], PJ Carter [14], Kurt Garland [...26??] and a new baby called Jasper that I have yet to app.

Feel free to message me about any plots, threads and pet pics

1959 / Re: fashionably late
« on: 04/29/2020 at 16:39 »
@cal wOW alex is p nice looking ngl, i stopped watching after a certain you know who got shot whoops, maybe i'll get back to it at some point?? i am always open for threading with you, we don't do it often enough :c hIT ME UP GAL!

@poppy steph steph steph!! its a plug socket you can't change my mind. i have actually read past the boring bit in w&p and man, tolstoy's insults are becoming my favourite thing. im blushing at the idea of henry being somebodies character crush <3

@frankie yes hufflesquad!! so excited!! glad you have you back bby <3

@cladis i am enjoying the course, thank you! i nerd out to people a bit too much (sorry hil, steph..) about it but i guess that just means i'm on the right course for me! okay here's some piggie links - carl!, gus! (he unfortunately passed away the day after i posted this but you all deserve a pic of his wonderful self), and baby piggies. i'll take you up on that thread sometime when i'm not scrambling to get organised! thanks!

@lia ok so he's quite fluffy bc he's got some poodle in him as well as cavalier and he's chill usually but when he gets his hair cut, he gets a naughty streak [also when one of his ears are folded, we dunno why that's the anomaly] and rips up homework and pees on bedding and tries to drink whatever is in your cup if you dare leave it on the floor, but mainly he becomes sexist. ik, he lives with four females so how?? when my mums boyfriend, his son or literally any male comes round, theo is drooling and ready for 10 hours of consistant stroking from them, like seriously this arthritic dog will climb onto every surface possible just for cuddles. for us?? never.

@clara go away

@caly i haven't read that one, no! too busy trying to get through my to-read list that is bigger than me rn, whoops! mmm, i really liked jay?? he's just wild tbh. your chars are becoming the stable parents that most of my chars don't have so thank u <3

1959 / fashionably late
« on: 04/14/2020 at 22:38 »

If you haven't seen me around yet, that might be because I'm taking a break from summer this time!

If you have and you still don't know me, then I'm Caz and it's nice to meet you.

Introductions aren't my strong point so I'll just give you some basic information without having to delve into my non-existant coding skills. (This is totally copied and pasted from last summer, sorry)


☽ i'm 18

☽ i'm currently studying child and adolescent mental health and wellbeing at uni (first year!)

☽ anxiety is my middle name, though it can sometimes also be translated to 'awkward'

☽ i'm an identical twin and i say i'm one of five but if we're being very technical then its one of eight, if we aren't being technical at all then i'm one of three. riddle, anyone?

☽ i have two guinea pigs who are basically my babies - feel free to inbox if you want some photos! At one point i had seven because genders were mixed up by a breeder and well, next thing i knew i had a pregnant guinea pig.

☽ my guinea pig's names are Gus and Carlisle.

☽ i have a dog called Theo, who is half blind and is majorly sexist when his hair is cut

☽ some of my favourite books are : All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman, The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters and Animal Farm by George Orwell

☽ currently reading war and peace by leo tolstoy as well as ill give you the sun by jandy nelson

☽ favourite tv shows atm: Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Modern Family, Glee, Big Mouth and Full House.

☽ favourite bands/albums/songs: Front Porch Step, Be More Chill (Broadway), Ben Platt, most things from Glee, MCR, Jimmy Eat World. Rec me any similar stuff!

☽ i live in the north of England, aka the best part. sorry southerners, don't hate the player, hate the game. i don't make the rules.

~~✎The chars!✎~~


◇ incoming seventh year hufflepuff
dating engaged to the poisoner
◇ currently not at camp due to personal reasons
◇ struggling to keep his feet on the ground
◇ a total mother hen
◇ open to threading with anyone!


◧ incoming sixth year slytherin
◧ clingy and protective
◧ easily distracted
◧ will race you anywhere
◧ sit still?? no
◧ crash by matt willis
◧ at camp ooc, find min find him


◷ chilling in elsewhere
◷ squib
◷ would be gryffindor
◷ the bullet point is a clock because it's ABOUT TIME he went to hoggies
◷ will fight you
◷ sensitive boi


✂ over everything
✂ ex-slytherin
✂ single like a pringle and he hates it
✂ man bun queen
✂ looks intimidating but he's fine once he's had coffee
✂ works 3 jobs
✂ living in elsewhere @ knockturn if you want to thread with him!


✿ currently 10
✿ is a twin
✿ open for threads!
✿ not entirely used to threading her yet
✿ soft, shy gal who is easily pressured


♫ seven (63 squad hype!)
♫ moderately deaf but wears his transmitter like a good boy
♫ likes drawing, reading and playing outside
♫ is not a spy addie!
♫ open for threads!!

1959 / Re: avvie wizard here for all ur avvie needs
« on: 04/14/2020 at 22:21 »

name Fauna Darcy
face claim Summer De Snoo
personality/theme shy! smart, kind, soft, innocent
anything else? she's 10/11 atm! love u


name Marco Solita
face claim Asa Butterfield
personality/theme rough&tumble, sweet, smart, childish
anything else? he's seven atm!!

1958 / Re: Thread Trackers '58!
« on: 12/01/2019 at 21:02 »
thread tracker

Henry's threads






Mouse's threads
plot page!
char facts!






pj's threads

1958 / Re: Aye its ya girl
« on: 12/01/2019 at 20:49 »
Woopwoop, Brie and Mouse (ahaha Brie is a type of cheese..and mice eat cheese..iconic) are going to rock quidditch!

I love Penny so much please send me daily pics.

How did you figure out that your eyes saw different shades?

1958 / Re: I wanna be a cowboy, baby
« on: 12/01/2019 at 20:34 »
Happy early birthday!!

if you duel, you could get put with pj so hey, you'd probably win bc hes a squib! If that (and Sara's blackmail) doesn't convince you, I'm pretty sure that you would have a serious blockage to pleading :(

I do agree that Jane is an absolute gem and you should plot with me! Tutor Mouse, maybe?

What stopped you from continuing criminal minds? I've just reached season 8!

1958 / Re: please recommend me books
« on: 12/01/2019 at 20:27 »
one of the best books ive read is little women so if you haven't read that, read it and if you have, talk to me about it!

Check out my intro for some other GREAT books, they're all sorts of genres. I love Sandy - plot with me please xoxo

1958 / Re: I should be studying but I'm on here instead...
« on: 12/01/2019 at 20:24 »
you're making me want to watch the rest of the good place but i have TOO MANY SHOWS goddamn you >:(

fingers crossed for some mouse/gia plots this summer!

1957 / Re: smoulder | holy snaps!
« on: 08/31/2019 at 20:28 »
He winced at her shout. "If you find it, we can use the uh, Tergeo charm or Scourgify to get the water out." Henry wasn't fully sure it would work but they could give it a go.

Sol's plan seemed decent but he didn't know how good their chances were of flipping the boat. "Maybe if we can just push the boat back to shore. Distances always look longer because of the water reflection, it can't be too long." He started swimming with his hands on the wooden boat, his trainers heavy on his feet.

"Shame about your cigarettes - and your camera. We'll have to have a proper talk sometime when we aren't soaking wet."

Henry didn't know whether he would come to regret that bold statement of his in the future.


1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/30/2019 at 20:21 »
“If Polly and I were to ever split, would you consider going out with me? At least, give it a go?”

He'd barely processed it before he was nodding. "Yeah." There was that need in him to help people, to make them stop hurting. He knew that whether he truly did love Lia in that way or not, he'd treat her right. He'd look after her and hopefully stop the path of self-destruction she was walking.

Hearing that Lia had been cheating wasn't so surprising. Everything about that relationship screamed unconventional and confusion. The usual rules that applied just..didn't, in that case.

"Sometimes, love doesn't mean relationship, sometimes it just means love." He spoke slowly, trying to form the explanation as best as he could. It wasn't going well.

However, the topic switched to potions again and he could breathe easier. "That'd be nice. Do I pay you for the ingredients or?"

He nodded at the suggestion of borrowing her notes. "Please. I've made my own so far but seeing yours might show me anything I missed or add extra details to something.. You reckon you can tutor me in potions?" He was thinking about asking Vega last term but..Lia was his best bet from now on. He'd decided to not ask her last time as he'd spoken to Alice quite a lot.

"I'm good at cramming things into my head. Once they're in there, they can't leave." He tapped his forehead. "It doesn't make a difference to my parents what I get, they can't understand it but..I want to get as high as possible anyways. I'm taking as many classes as I possibly can."

1957 / Re: Thriller Night || INFIRMARY CASE STUDY
« on: 08/30/2019 at 19:04 »
Henry felt his fists clench in anger at the childishness of Sandy and Chris. Even Marilyn had tried to tell them off and they just seemed to shrug it off.

He'd turned to talk to Olette, though he didn't really know what to say anyways, but the girl was already gone, leaving her team.

"Sandy, Chris, I'm disappointed in you two." He said instead because if he couldn't get anything to her, perhaps something might get across to the younger kids. His mum always used to say that the younger generations should be moulded and carefully taught, especially since they were the world's future. The Wizarding World had no hope if they all started hating squibs, as if they could have a choice in whether they got that letter at eleven or not.

Henry just didn't see the point in making a fuss, they already knew about their world so they might as well stay in it as it was theirs too. What were families meant to do? Kick their squib children out?

"Alright guys, good job on the dummies. Please take a step back so we can assess what's been done and therefore, who wins."

It felt weird sort of telling kids that were his age or older than him what to do but the other two were busy so..he didn't really have a choice. Once they'd listened to him, Henry crouched down by each of the dummies and referred to the injuries that were on the board.

"Okay so, we have a winner." He stood up, looking at the groups. "With the most injuries fixed, the Vampire Team wins. Congrats, you get bragging rights."

As he looked over to Bracken and Marilyn for approval, he lingered closer to the werewolf team - his team.

"So guys..I noticed that none of you really thought carefully about this. Gia, I hope you're going to be in the infirmary next year. Your skill of uh, feeding people will come in handy, especially with cupcakes. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to learn other ways to fix wounds rather than with fire." He raised an eyebrow, trying to stay neutral as he didn't really know the girl that well. His next comment was focused more on Luella since she was the only member of the team left that actually seemed to know what she was doing. Perhaps he'd try to talk to Ole later on.

"If someone gets bitten by a werewolf, it's then a matter of your morals as to what you're going to do. This dummy has been mauled, scratched, bitten..Chances are, it'd be better to just kill them rather than let them change, especially since it'd be hard to heal them anyways. Of course, I wasn't expecting anybody to outright kill the dummy because otherwise, it's without consent and such but I hoped that one of you guys might have at least thought about it objectively. Good job overall, though."

U P D A T E  #4 F I N A L

V: Bea sews the wounds together on the neck - good one!
W: Olette put some burn cream on the burn that the match left behind. Yay!
Z: Lia applied wound cleaning potion to the bite marks on the forearm. It's all clean now, good job!
V: Dante wrapped the wound he had been treating - well done!
V: Sandy dabbed gauze on the bite marks on the neck..which had already been sewn up by Bea. Good try, though!
Z: Chris successfully sewed some scratches together! Nice one!

Team 1: Team Zombie
  • Hemorrhage on back of head
  • Strange old bruises on neck, dirty
  • Human bite marks on right shoulder, large
  • Human bite marks on right forearm, moderate, infected
  • Deep scratches across chest, infected
  • Dislocated left knee

Team 2: Team Vampire
  • Deep bite marks on neck
  • Bite marks on right wrist, moderate, infected
  • hives
  • Burns covering a large portion of the left arm, infected
  • A large wound in the heart, due to a stake, deep
  • Burns covering the face
  • Extra hives from an allergic reaction (garlic?)

Team 3: Team Werewolf
  • Large werewolf(?) scratch across its face
  • Finger ripped off
  • Scratch across stomach
  • Broken arm
  • Bruising on legs
  • Werewolf(?) bite
  • Choking on cupcake
  • Small burn mark from the match

Thanks so much for taking part in the study this summer guys! We've really enjoyed watching you all work together. If you feel like we've made a mistake, inbox us and we'll take a look! Mistakes are easily made - we're people too! Any other questions, or potential plots for next term (all three counsellors will be in castle), our dms are open for that too.

Feel free to post your char reacting to the results etc but no more healing/last minute fixing of dummies, please.

Hen, Mari and B x

1957 / Re: service with a smile - reedfield snaps
« on: 08/29/2019 at 19:47 »
He grinned because some was better than most people could.

"Well, all the ones you remembered were right so well done. Even mum gets confused sometimes. Did you know she remembers our middle names better than our first? Spencer, that's what she calls me lately."

He shut the book on his lap, giving his attention to the man in front of him.

"So you got Marley, Patrick and Willow. Then there's Violet, me, then it's Daisy but Olive is technically older than Peter so she's next - though it's only by two minutes - and then Harriet and the triplets. Hugo is the oldest, then Otto and Margo. And now the new baby."

He nodded at his opinions on the names that he'd been told, crossing his legs on the chair. "I'll let you know when there's a result."

This was a good opening for maybe the real reason that he'd asked to meet Clint. "What's the deal with the theme this year?"

1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/29/2019 at 17:16 »
“If it were really perfect, I’d be in love with you,”

"Hm, careful, you might inflate my ego so much that it'll pop." It was a joke but it got him thinking anyways. "Why couldn't you be in love with me anyways?" He asked as he gratefully accepted the second cigarette and lit it up. The taste in his mouth almost made him gag and yet, he didn't stop because having something to do with his hands distracted him from listening to the repeating phrases, paragraphs and random messages that ran through his head. "I know I'm not Polly but maybe that's what you need. Someone who isn't her."

Just like he needed someone who wasn't him.

He nodded at the infirmary talk. It was something that they both knew and therefore was a safe topic, if not a completely ordinary one. "If I go near a cauldron, chances are I'll probably blow it up." How he managed to be a teaching assistant in potions last year, he didn't know.

"Marilyn's great to work with, as you know, but I still feel as if I can't look at Bracken after last summer - even though that was all my fault." He snorted at the memory of their fight.

“You still not sleeping either then?”

Henry shook his head. "It's better than last summer, for sure. Neddy was nice enough to uh, get some sleeping potions for me at the end of school so they've come in handy. I'm just trying to not get dependent on them, my current half an hour sleep patterns are doing me just fine." Read: Neddy stole them for him but he really didn't want to use them now in case Neddy and Frankie had to deal with any nightmares during the term time.

"You? Have you happen to have any nightmares? Not me - totally, I do not have those - but have you?"

He didn't really comment on Lia's sixth year views because it wasn't his place to tell her what to do or think. She'd figure it out, that much he knew.

"I think I'm ready for OWLs, or I will be by the time they arrive, as I've already started reading the books from the list. Any advice as an OWL-veteran?" The one thing he didn't mention? He wasn't excited.

1957 / Re: This is not a dead man, yet!
« on: 08/28/2019 at 21:25 »
hey chris!!

i love your coding (im terrible) and oh my, altair's character makes me giddy to stalk threads - currently on Blood Honey!

you taught alchemy?! my char Henry takes that ic so if you have any cool info or sources for more information on that topic, i'd love to hear it!

Looking forward to tossing Mouse at you in the best way possible,


1957 / Re: til it happens to you // OPEN
« on: 08/28/2019 at 15:12 »
It was one of those times where Henry would've done anything to stop someone else hurting - to stop Artie hurting - as watching them fall apart was so painful that he thought he might cry right there and then. The prankster shouldn't have been injured, nor should the head boy and girl, or the woman who Henry had come to love so fiercely that he puts up with the worst dragon in the world for.

His hands clenched around Artie's so hard that he was starting to think he'd break the bones as he struggled to make words come out his mouth. Nothing he could do or say could make this better because it had happened, it was over and yet it would never leave. Permanently kids - they were just kids - had to walk around with facial deformities, scars, internal trauma that they can never get away from, that will never, ever heal. Henry could've wrote a book on every detail that happened last night, the same he could about when Harriet was born that night two weeks early than she should've and the look on his mother's face when she was signed into hospital for potentially the rest of her life.

If he could forget it, he wasn't sure he would want to right now. The only thing that would make the memories any better would be to have all of the survivor's in there too, their pain and screams and scars. If he could wipe away theirs, he'd take it all, as there couldn't be much more than what he did remember anyways.

He'd wanted to scream at Clint when he found out the theme of camp. He wanted to shout when he found out which cabin he was looking after. He wanted to cry when he had to transfigure the dummy into looking mauled in the infirmary. He'd thought about that one though, the precise locations of the arm for Navarro, the face for Aiden, the stomach for Julia..and nothing for Artie. Because Artie didn't need reminding of what she already had on her body.

“It’s just bullshit, this whole camp is bullshit.”

Henry couldn't argue because it was true. Though, he would've put it in..not as foul-languaged terms despite the fact that the ones she used didn't even feel strong enough to describe the camp that summer. "I know."

It seemed to be all he could say for a while as he chewed on his bottom lip whilst gripping onto her hand. Then he spoke because the silence was drowning his thoughts.

"I tried to face my fears in the forest too. I thought that if I conditioned myself to not have panic attacks every time I hear a howl, it might get better. Lets just say that Lupin got a wand to the neck in the end." He couldn't find it in him to laugh. "I was ready to blow his head off the moment I heard that twig snap."

1957 / Re: if i'm doomed | Henry
« on: 08/27/2019 at 14:19 »
"If it was really perfect, it wouldn't be a guy." It had come out before he'd even thought about it. Most of him was shocked because Henry Reed did not care in the slightest bit what gender people liked - he'd had to learn that love grew and weltered many different times with all the different relationships of each sibling and everything that happened with their mum forcing their dad to get married so soon after she was put in hospital. It was.. just something that happened, a part of life and nobody could help who they fell in love with. As Mandy Reed said, their dad probably wouldn't have fallen in love with her if he had known about the events that occurred almost a decade later, but Benjamin claimed that he still loved her even now.

Maybe he just didn't want to love somebody who might have to endure a mental break in the future.

There was also the fact that whilst he knew there'd be endless love and support from his mother and siblings, he wasn't sure how his dad would react, or the Church or his stepmum. The way poor Howard Shuttinson got sent to that military place when one of the boys who roughed him up told his dad about the whole smiling situation.. it scared him. If he were to like boys, would his family get that so-called bad reputation? Henry didn't think it was worth it.

"You kidding? I've been in the infirmary basically every night,"

He got pulled out of his conflicting thoughts to chuckle and joke at her. "I was wondering why we were always freshly stocked in the morning." His tongue got stuck out at Lia. "I do the morning shifts because I'm awake so.." Plus, he'd rather be busy organizing things than potentially being a target for Marilyn's running routine. Being the girl's running buddy wasn't something he'd like to do.

The cigarette in between his fingers was slowly dying but he tried to savour the smoky taste and tickle in the back of his throat, the slight burn on his skin as the end withered away with every passing second. "Well Lia, you know me, Hufflepuff through and through. Loyalty is the game and Henry is the name." He hissed slightly as the nub of the cigarette got just a bit too close to his fingers. He dropped it on the ground too. "How does it feel going to be a big sixth year then?"

1957 / Re: cards and cupcakes
« on: 08/23/2019 at 18:35 »
oh my god hello again!!

we should thread henry and shirley again, they were a sweet duo!

if you ever have some book recs, please inbox me because im always in need of more!!

also more robbie/pj stuff!!

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