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1956 / Re: Quidditch Sign Ups! Summer 1956
« on: 04/01/2019 at 00:42 »

Fly With Me
*  *  *  S I G N     M E    U P*  *  *

NAME:     Sam Whitmore!
AGE:      12!
PLAYED BEFORE? (OOC):     I have!

1956 / sounds familiar | sam whitmore
« on: 03/31/2019 at 23:08 »
samuel whitmore
shedding skin faster than skin can grow.

twelve | ravenclaw | english | muggleborn

Samuel Whitmore is a good kid.

He may not seem like it at first, because it’s hiding under a few layers of Eleven Year Old Boy.

Most of the time, he’s not very serious, and is more than likely to tell you a joke or a story that starts with one time, I-- than spout a fact or start a deep conversation.  He’s easy going, especially around his friends, and can get a little wound-up when he’s hanging out with other boys, in which case he tends to really feed off their reckless energy.  In these cases, he has been known to cause a ruckus.  He is generally kind, but is often teasing, particularly with boys he perceives as a little girly or with girls he perceives to be a little boyish.  Even the girls he finds himself crushing on--which are many and varied and constantly changing apparently pretty consistent--find themselves on the receiving end of it now and then, but he’s much more likely to pay them a compliment (a habit picked up, perhaps, from years of giving them to his mum).

There’s three times that he can be trusted to take things seriously, and those are these:

One, school.  Brought up as the only son of a war widow mother in a thoroughly working class part of town, it’s been drilled into him since an early age that education is the way to move up in the world. 

Two, play.  The benefit of working hard is playing hard, and Sam certainly does this.

Three, his friends.  When Sam becomes close with someone--which doesn’t take much, as he’s extroverted and chatty--he would do just about anything for them.  He’s willing to stay up late, or wake up early, or throw a punch if he needs to.

What will he do for you?

Code: [Select]
[color=#a5a5a7][font=blanch][size=16pt][b]AGE | HOUSE | NATIONALITY | BLOODSTATUS[/b][/size][/font][/color][/center]

[color=#685d57][font=arial][size=8pt]PLOT IDEAS/MUSINGS/ETC GO HERE.  GO WILD.  LAY IT ON ME.[/size][/font][/color]

[hi this is my budget plot page for virtue marie samuel james.  you can find his application here and his char!facts here and his padlet (more like sadlet!) here and can pm me for anything else. he needs friends, more friends, friendly rivals, regular rivals, acquaintances, enemies, people to get scrappy with, girls to crush on and do stupid things for, bros to bro down with, people to talk sports with, people to study with, other muggleborn friends that he can secretly geek out with, and literally anything else you can imagine.  you can catch him outside (playing football or trying to play quidditch, of course), wherever there’s a crowd of boys, wherever there’s a crowd of girls, or eating snacks.  In the market for anything and everything!]

1955 / Re: falling | smarcy
« on: 01/08/2019 at 02:26 »
They were going to do this.

Something flopped in Sam’s stomach as Marcy with the blonde hair brought the broom down, flopped harder still when she held it out to him.  He couldn’t be sure which it had more to do with--the broom, or the girl whose hands held it then.  It was a little bit of both, he decided, for both seemed too good to be happening at once.  A grin, much less composed that he might have liked, plastered itself to his face as his hand closed around the handle, just above where Marcy’s was.

“I don’t know anything about any of it,” he admitted, much more honestly than he might have been if it had been anyone else--a boy, his age or older, a girl who was less pretty, his stepfather--who had asked the questions.  Maybe it was because she was that disarming, or maybe simply because this was something Sam was so eager about he didn’t much care that she would know he didn’t know what he was talking about.  Besides, he had already asked, so surely she could guess.  The earnest look in her eyes seemed to say so, green and curious and without judgement.  “It’s all new to me.  I only found out I was a wizard a few months ago.  Until then, the only one I knew was Gandalf the Grey.”

Sam’s smile twitched just a little.

“You’re an angel for teaching me,” he said, eyes still light, hand still resting close to hers.  “Though I’ll probably be a sorry student.”

And for once, here on the green grass with Marcella Bryce, he didn’t mind that.

“So what is Quidditch?”

[...literally how have I not posted in this???]

hey lucretia it's me sam has anyone ever told you that your hair looks like sexy candyfloss??? ha ha yeah well it does.

wanna hold hands now?????

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/22/2018 at 17:47 »
That shirt pull had been really distracting.

Sam let it stay, though, as Sandy had left it--rumpled up and out of place--because he didn’t mind it out of place.  On his wand, he readjusted his grip.  With a nod, he readied himself to focus on the duel again.

It was at that exact time that Immy tripped him.

“Woah,” said Sam Whitmore, careening towards a bank of soft snow.

As it turned out, it might have been a nice idea to put his shirt back in place.  Where he landed, the slight bit of exposed skin came into contact with the snow.  It was quite colds where the snow collided with his side--or, really, where his side collided with the snow.  Sam righted himself as quickly as he could, rubbing the sore spot on his hip where he had touched down.

“Wow, Im,” he said, all smiles even still.  “You’re quick with that thing!”

And so she was.  Under usual circumstances, Sam might have been embarrassed to be so easily bested by a girl.  Now, however, he was too busy being impressed.  Immy was putting to shame all of them, even the older girl who he thought was Vanessa.  He thought after the duel he might check in with her and see what advice she had for him on how to improve his own technique.

Maybe it was to take a page out of his friend’s book that he tried his next spell--one he had read about, that was meant to create a rod of wood.  Immy’s stick, after all, seemed to serve her so well.  It seemed worth a try.

Waving his wand over his own hand, Sam tried to cast, “Ferula.”

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/20/2018 at 01:25 »
There was a split second--a very nice split second--where he had thought it had worked.

A spark in a shade of almost purple red glowed from the very tip of his wand, and at it Sam’s eyes went wide in anticipation of that new and exciting magic might come out of it next.  It wasn’t exactly fire-colored (unless that fire happened to have potassium--or maybe strontium--chloride in it; these chemicals were some on a chart he had memorized once for making colorful flames), but it was a start, wasn’t it?  He was new to magic.  Surely he couldn’t expect everything to come out right all at once.

It turned out that he shouldn’t even expect it to come out at all.

As his wand fizzled out, Sam frowned--more in consideration than in a pout.  Maybe he had just moved his hand wrong, or put the inflection on the wrong syllable of the incantation.  He’d try again, but for now, he thought it might be a good idea to peek from around his leopard and see what exactly was going on, on the other side of it.  It sounded like quite a lot.

And so it was.

“Oh, hey, Immy, nice mask,” he said, grinning at the girl who couldn’t see him grinning just as the snowball left her hands.  Why she was bothering with that when they were allowed to use their wands, he didn’t know; surely it would be harder for her, but she was so good at so many other things that he was sure she could overcome it.  To himself, Sam shrugged.

He, certainly, was going to keep playing with his wand, now that he was sure he didn’t look like a girl doing it.

“Hey, Im,” he said, taking a few steps closer and speaking clearly so she’d know where he was.  “Feel this!”

Carefully, one eye squinting up to do so, Sam took aim at the back of Immy’s neck, and tried to cast “Arcesso Aria,” hoping to summon up a little puff of air to blow on the space he targeted, as if he himself were puffing out a breath on her neck.  He thought this might keep her guessing, and also give him some time to move around the block [-1 Velocity to Imogen, Act Twice to Sam].

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/19/2018 at 17:26 »
And then, quiet suddenly, everything started happening very quickly.

Sam was sure, at least, that his wand-waving had looked as distinguished as wand-waving could, even though though the thought that wand-waving could be distinguished at all still felt alien in his mind.  He’d kept his shoulder down, and he didn’t think he arm went terribly flouncy, and, perhaps best of all, it had worked; at the end of his wandtip was a bright bead of white light that flared out, torch-like, from there.  Just as quickly as it had met its accidental mark did Sam move it away, turning it up at the leopard statue.  It cast strange shadows under the stone eyes of the frozen creature.

And he had made it happen!  A grin, wide and probably stupid-looking, plastered itself on the boy’s face.  If there had been any lingering doubt in the boy’s mind that magic was real (and there was, somewhere, surely; a small part of him that thought this must all just be some elaborate prank played on himself and his step-sister, Laura, by Mic from down the street), it vanished then.

In the place of any lingering doubt swirled in a rush of things to try.

Sam stood still my the leopard statue, his mind racing through the lists of spells that he thought he could make happen.  It was only with half-attention that he watched the duel--Sandy’s quick rolls, Immy with her stick and silly mask, the older girl who he thought was called Vanessa and her own wand, waving out stronger spells than he thought he’d be able to produce.  It was toward her that he thought he might try his next spell; she looked of his three opponents to be the sturdiest, or at least the biggest, and it would feel wrong, turning his wand against either Sandy or Immy.  He had--or, well, Prince James had--lead them in a battle only a few weeks ago.  They were commrades in arms.

And so it was that Sam leveled his wand at the oldest girl [Vanessa], trying to aim for her shoes as he attempted to cast, “Incendio!”  That one, he had read, was meant to start fire.  It felt like a natural progression from fire.

1955 / Re: A Chronic(le) Battle | Hippogriffs&Horklumps
« on: 12/18/2018 at 22:13 »

Sam looked at Lillian for a quiet moment.

“That’s really kind of beautiful, Lillian.”  With a nod, he took a moment to try and collect what Prince--soon to be King, probably--James might say.  “Prince James says, ‘Noble Alvena of Ravenwood, I would be honored for you to join my ranks.  The road to recovery will be a long one, and fraught with perils, but with the likes of you by my side, I am sure we will achieve our goals.’”

It was a little cheesy, maybe, but for Sam, for now, it would do.

(There was no way he could know, of course, that somewhere far away but not too far away, a girl identified in the pages of the handbook he had found as nothing more than tallulah b.s.! in red crayon had a thought--a sort of twinge, really, but not an unpleasant one--at the back corner of her mind, and knew that somewhere, far away but not too far away, a girl called Lillian St. Clair had just done something terribly brave and terribly good.)

Lillian also heads to the tower to Investigate to find some treasure.  She finds--”  Sam rolled a series of dice.  “--an ancient-looking arrow with fletching in beautiful blue feathers, a small chest containing cut-glass stones in different shades of purple, and--” Here, Sam shifted some of his papers to find smaller scraps he had cut out earlier, with an assortment of special items.  “--and a small bear carved out of smoky squats that you recognizes as a Quartz of Bearing, and 9 Galleons.  Prince James also gives you 5 galleons for your service on the battlefield.

He handed a small paper to Lillian with a grin.  On it were the details of her special item.

Basil’s Zippy is next to the treasure hunting party,” Sam said, moving Zippy where Basil had indicated, then began to roll all the required dice for the first check and then all the treasure tables.  “He will also search using an Investigation check, and he finds….6 Galleons,  a book of pressed flowers, three hair ribbons of fine silk in shades of silver, some pink lipstick, a bag of sugar cubes, and--”  Here, Sam handed Basil a special sheet of paper.  “--a cloak you recognize as a Cloak of Shielding.  Prince James also gives you a small punch containing 5 Galleons, as well.

Iggy is up next,” he went on after Olette had spoken.  “He’s going to check out what is left of the Hag for any cool magic stuff, always a good choice.”  Yet again Sam rolled, his green eyes flipping back and forth between several sheets.  “Ok, Iggy finds quite a bit, actually.  The Hag’s pockets were pretty full.  You find a small, grubby bag full of what look like teeth from various species, a tiny box full of salt, a tiny box full of pepper, a small knife, three rat’s tails,  a  scroll of See Invisibility, and a wooden ring that you recognize is a Ring of Righteous Aim, as well as 18 Galleons plus to 5 from Prince James.”

Immy is going to send Natasha to check out that troublesome Minotaur 3,” said Sam next, starting to roll for his blonde friend.  “Let’s see what you find, Natasha. Oh, gosh, that’s not the best, let’s see.  Maybe the Minotaur didn’t have much on him.  You find the hide loincloth he’s wearing, the Battle Axe he fought with, a hand-held portrait painting of a lady minotaur--maybe a girlfriend, you’re not sure, and in the pocket of the loincloth, a Vial of Potent Poison, as well as 3 Galleons.  Prince James gives you 5 additional Galleons as well for your service.

What Lysander did next surprised Sam.  Then again, what so many of his players had done over the course of the game had surprised him.  Maybe that was what he should expect in Hippogriffs and Horklumps--the unexpected.

“So Sandy’s Robert don’t search for treasure at all, but goes back to his tent.”  Quite quickly, Sam shifted his papers until he found a blank one, and started to scribble on it as he spoke.  “As you find your way back to your bunk, you locate your own old hat, one made of brown felt that looks--no offense--a little lumpy.  While you were away, it seems to have gained some magical property.  You just kind of know that next time you wear it, it will give you an edge on doing the right thing.  Let’s call it--”  Sam wrote the words in his neat, compact script at the top of the page, then handed it to Sandy.  “--the Hat of Humble.  You also get 5 Galleons from Prince James.

At Immy’s and Sandy’s next words, Sam chuckled. 

“I guess we could play next summer?”  He would be lying if he said he hadn’t thought about it, his mind rattling off about thirty different possible scenarios for games as soon as he had started flipping the pages of the shoddily-held-together handbook.  “Let’s get through this one firsts, and then we can brainstorm after.”

He’d like to hear what ideas his two friends might have.

“So Elena will be next, sending in Oliva to scour through one of the enemy tents, careful to avoid the leaf piles, which,” Sam looked up and grinned again at Elena, “is good thinking, as those were the traps.  Oliva makes it into the tent and starts searching around with an Investigation check.  What she finds is...oh, sorry, that’s another low roll.  You find two portions of snacks, a statue of the Betrayer King, and a potion you know to be a Potion of Healing.  You also scrounge up 2 Galleons, to add to the 5 that Prince James gives you.

“So Flan keeps the spiders,” Sam went on, looking to Vega next, held in place by her gaze.  “Then, Flan goes as high into the tower as possible to look for the very best stuff.  Not a bad idea,” he said, because that is what he himself would have done, if he had a character in this game.  He rolled the dice.  Luck was on Flan’s (and, he thought, maybe therefore his) side.  “So what happens, Flan, is that you don’t find much, but what you find is very nice.  You find the most beautiful tea set you’ve ever seen, with a nice rose pattern on it, 14 Galleons, and a crate filled with 5 vials of potions.  You’re not sure what any of them do, or where they come from, but you know they are magic.  On your way down, James also gives you your bonus 5 Galleons.

To Sam, at least, part of the fun in treasure had to lay in the mystery of it, and five mysterious vials was pretty mysterious indeed.  Hopefully, Flan (and Vega) would think so as well.  Sam smiled at them--her?--again.

“And with that, Prince James call you all close, and clasps you each on the back in turn, his new Commander Alvena at his side.  He call you back to the Narnian tents, where a great feast of venison is prepared for the night in celebration of the victory you all helped secure.”

Over his papers, Sam folded his hands.

“And this that, this part of our journey together ends.  Until next time, let’s call that a game!”[/]

A1.  ALVENA RAVENWOOD joins Prince James’s army as a Commander.  She also loots around the Tower for some treasure with an Investigation Check.
Rolled: 14 [1d20 (12) + 2]
Alvena finds an ancient-looking arrow with beautiful blue feathers for fletching, a small chest containing cut-glass stones in different shades of purple, a Quartz of Bearing, and 9 Galleons.
Prince James also gives her 5 Galleons for her service in battle.

A2.  ZIPPY PUDDLES joins the treasure hunting with an Investigation Check of an enemy tent.
Rolled: 17 [1d20 (12) + 5]
Zippy finds a book of pressed flowers, three hair ribbons of fine silk in shades of silver, some pink lipstick, a bag of sugar cubes, a Cloak of Shielding,  and 6 Galleons.
Prince James also gives him 5 Galleons for his service in battle.

A3.  IGGY MOONSTORM loots the Hag with an Investigation check.
Rolled: 22 [1d20 (16) + 6]
Iggy Moonstorm finds a small, grubby bag full of what look like teeth from various species, a tiny box full of salt, a tiny box full of pepper, a small knife, three rat’s tails,  a  scroll of See Invisibility], and a Ring of Righteous Aim, and 18 Galleons.
Prince James also gives him 5 Galleons for his service in battle.

A4.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE loots what is left of Minotaur 3.
Rolled 9 [1d20 (9) + 0]
Natasha Blackfoxe finds a hide loincloth, a Battle Axe, a hand-held portrait painting of a lady minotaur, a Vial of Potent Poison, and 3 Galleons.
Prince James also gives her 5 Galleons for her service in battle.

A5.  ROBERT HALFMAINE goes back to his tent.
The Beast Master likes this character choice; he finds the item The Hat of Humble.
Prince James also gives him 5 Galleons for his service in battle.

A6.  OLIVIA LANDAU searches an enemy tent with an Investigation check.
Rolled 8 [1d20 (7) + 1]
Olivia Landau finds two portions of snacks, a statue of the Betrayer King, a Potion of Healing, and 2 Galleons.
Prince James also gives her 5 Galleons for her service in battle.

A7.  FLAN FLYNNAGAN searches the top of the Tower with an Investigation check.
Rolled: 19 [1d20 (17) + 2]
Flan Flynnagan finds a fine tea set with rose decoration, a crate of 5 Potions of Indeterminate Magical Origin and Effect (see character sheet for descriptions), and 14 Galleons.
Prince James also gives him 5 Galleons for his service in battle.

[WOW, team, great work this game!  You kept me on my toes and always surprised me.  Thanks for playing Hippogriffs and Horklumps with me!

All of your loot and gold has been added to your Character Sheets, HERE!

AS A SPECIAL PRIZE for all of you who played, you may send me a PM with a request for ONE first level Spell Scroll OR ONE Weapon Enchantment, as described in the Magical Items section in the HANDBOOK!  Please send me this PM by 31 December 2018 so I can add it to your character sheet!

Thanks again for a great game!]

1955 / Re: Duel One: Renard v. Stone v. Whitemore v. Naoi
« on: 12/18/2018 at 03:27 »
“Olette,” he said, sure now of her name where a month ago he hadn’t been, “this looks so good.

And so it did.  It seemed like every detail of the White Witch’s courtyard had been tended to.  Of course he liked the statues best, though like was perhaps not the right word.  It was to them, at any rate, that his attention was most drawn.  His nose hovered only inches from stone, taking in every hair of a stone-frozen centaur.

“I mean you got every statute, I think,” he went on, though he couldn’t have been sure without his own copy of the book to cross-reference.  There were some, too, that were in his mind when he read it, put there by his imagination--different forest creatures, strange beasts from Africa that he read into the Witch’s wood--but those, of course, would be missing.  He had just started to step away from the Centaur and towards a handsome leopard when Olette started giving the rules.

Oh, yes.  This was a duel.

For a moment, he had been distracted--he was, after all, quite the Narnia fan, and being transported to such a place was distracting indeed--but he found his grip on his wand soon enough.  For what little time he had been able to work with it in the strange shop from which he had purchased it, he had tried to practice with it.  He was fairly certain he had managed, at least, how to hold it; he was pretty sure he didn’t look like a boy who might as well be holding a regular old stick instead of some supposedly magic one, like he was old hat at this whole magic thing.  That, at least, was what he was aiming for.

He’d had less time to practice what he was really worried about--waving it without looking like a prancy girl.

Sam did next what he usually did when he was unsure of something but wanted to get it right: he practiced on his own, or as on his own as he could in a courtyard being watched by two referees and some campmates and three other duelists.  Ducking behind the statue, he first did a few quick waves, trying to keep his shoulder squared like he did when he played football or, now, Quidditch, and not too loose and flowy.  After a few, when he was satisfied that he didn’t look too flouncy, he thought he ought to try out a proper spell like he’d read ahead in his textbooks about.

“Lumos,” Sam tried out, quite accidentally aiming his wand directly for Lysander.  That was the one that was meant to light the tip of his wand.  If it worked, he thought he could probably use it to take a closer look at that leopard statue, and if he didn’t, he thought it could just as easily be played off as a sneeze.

It was, after all, quite cold in the White Witch’s Courtyard.

1955 / Re: A Chronic(le) Battle | Hippogriffs&Horklumps
« on: 12/17/2018 at 20:33 »
Sam gave the table a firm nod, and then, as they did each in turn, dove in for the climax of the adventure.

“Ok, Sandy,” Sam began, giving the boy a nod and a smile at his exclamation that they had did it, for indeed they had.  “Maybe we will see about Prince James in a minute, but for now, Robert will scurry out of the way of the Betrayer King--a good choice, most likely--and he’ll ready an attack by loading some embers into his sling.”  For a half-beat, Sam thought, then rolled a few dice to see if doing so might hurt Robert, for embers were quite hot, even if the Prankster was wearing gloves.  The dice were in his favor.  “You are able to do that, and with your tricky, quick hands, it doesn’t even hurt.  Your Sling is readied to attack the Betrayer King if anyone you can see attacks him.

“Following suit,” Sam went on, “Basil will have Zippy ready a Quill attack, aimed for the Betrayer King.  Ok, great.  Zippy is ready to attack as well.”

“Right, Immy,” said the Beast Master, nodding through the girl couldn’t see.  “Natasha is also going to get an attack ready, but with her Beaters Bats.  If anyone comes within melee range, you are ready to strike out!”

Olette is up next,” he went on, turning to the older girl.  “Sure, Iggy shimmers down from Levitate no problem.  You can also move closer--is here ok?--and you can cast your 2nd Level Spell, Mirror Image.  As you do so, taking your fine few steps closer to the Betrayer King, three extra Iggys shimmer out from your form.  They all kind of flash around you, making it very hard to tell which of the Iggys is the real one.  It also looks really cool.”

Sam scanned the players, still hovering over the map like a sort of coasting shore bird.  It seemed like everyone was hunkering down for now, which he thought made sense.  It wasn’t exactly what he had anticipated, but he was ready for this, too.

One, it seemed, was brave enough to speak ok.

“All right, Lillian,” Sam said, nodding, impressed, at the older girl.  “In the face of danger, Alvena stands up and tries to persuade the Betrayer King to surrender.  Let’s call that a Persuasion Check, fair?”  Sam did the rolls, and looked down at a 14 on the dice face.  When he looked up, he continued.  “From behind you, Alvena, you hear footsteps and the clinking of plate armor, and as you are speaking, you feel a heavy, warm hand reach lightly to rest on your shoulder.  After you have said your peace, you look up to your right, and see you Prince James himself has found you among the dwindling skirmishes up and down the battlefield.  He looks at you with kind and very handsome green eyes, and then at the Betrayer King who your small, ragtag group has just brought down from the tower.  With your speech and Prince James’s presence, it is enough to persuade the Betrayer King to surrender.

Sam, however, had not prepared what the Betrayer King might say, should he surrender, for he had been sure his players would take him out.  Shuffling through a few pages, he improvised.

“‘My Cousin James,’ says the Betrayer King,” said Sam, his voice still normal and even but a little slower than when he read, as if this speech was taking him some extra time.  “‘Long have we fought over the crown.  It has become… a crown of thorns,’” he said, remembering his Bible stories from St. Charles’, “‘at at the heavy cost of betraying my kinship with you.  You and your troops have fought valiantly on this field of battle, and your young commander’--”  Here, Sam waved his hand across the table to indicate Lillian.  “--’makes a convincing argument.  I will surrender myself to your right and just hand.’”

“And with that.”

Sam picked up the piece of paper he had used to represent the Betrayer King and removed it from the map.

The Betrayer King is manacled by Prince James’s men, and lead away to meet his fate.

Knowing Prince James, Sam was sure it would be just.

‘Thank you, my fellows in arms,’ says Prince James, turning to you all,” said Sam.  “‘I could not have won this battle without your quick-wit and masterful skill in battle.  It has been you, Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam, who have once again saved Narina.  As a reward, you may visit this realm whenever you would like, and may also take from the battlefield what reward you see fit.  It is but a fraction of the gratitude I owe you for your show of strength today.’”

That, Sam thought, sounded terribly Princely.

“And speaking of,” he said, turning to Vega Nettlebed.  “Flan is going to get an early start on searching for treasure, looking over Minotaur 1 for anything worth keeping.  That’ll be an Investigation Check.”  The dice rolled and Sam added.  “With a 12, what do you are able to find is his Battle Axe, which is a weapon, of course, and you also search his little….loin cloth and find one gold coin, two dead spiders, and what looks like a very poorly written letter in a language you don’t understand.  You can keep whatever of that you like, just let me know.”

“Now let’s all give it a try.  Tell me kind of, you know, where your character would like to search for treasure--it can be one of the defeated creatures, or the tents, or the fort, anything--and what you might be looking for, and then I will roll your Investigation Checks so we can see what you find.  On and don’t worry about the grid or your movement--you can go wherever, now that you are victorious.

Sam smiled a Sam Smile again.

“Make sure to speak up. I’ve made special items for each of you who search.

A1.  ROBERT HALFMAINE readies a Sling attack by loading embers from a fire pit into it.
DOES IT HURT? (DC10 or greater, no)
Rolled: 18
Robert Halfmaine’s sling is readied with an Ember Attack for the Betrayer King if anyone else attacks him.

A2.  ZIPPY PUDDLES readies an Quill attack.
Zippy Puddles is readied with a Quill Attack for the Betrayer King if anyone else attacks him.

A3.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE readies her Beaters Bats to attack
Natasha Blackfoxe is readied with a Quill Attack for any hostile creature that comes within Melee range.

A4.  IGGY MOONSTORM comes down from Levitate and casts 2nd Level Spell, Mirror Image.
One 2nd Level Spell Slot Expended, ZERO 2nd Level Spell Slots Remaining.
Iggy is joined by 3 Illusionary Iggys.

A5.  ALVENA RAVENWOOD attempts to persuade the Betrayer King to surrender with a Persuasion Check.
Rolled: 14 [1d20 (14) + 0]
Prince James joins Alvena Ravenwood as she makes her plea, and their combined effort persuades the Betrayer King.

A6.  FLAN FLYNNAGAN attempts to find anything useful on Minotaur 1 with an Investigation Check.
Rolled: 12 [1d20 (10) + 2]
You find the Minotaur’s Battle Axe [Heavy Martial Melee Weapon, 1d12 damage, must be wielded 2-handed (no shield)], 1 Gold Coin, 2 dead spiders, and what looks like a very poorly written letter in a language you don’t understand.
[BM’S NOTE: Please let me know what, if any, of this Flan would like to keep in your next post!]

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 24/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 15/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 9/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 9/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 6/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11

[You’ve done it, Team!  Great Work!  Now it’s time to reap the rewards.

In your next post, You don’t have to worry about using the grid or your movement--you can just say your character goes to wherever you want them to go, even if it’s more than 60FT away.  Once you get there, loot, loot, loot!  The more descriptive, the better--tell me how you’re searching, the sorts of things you might hope to find, etc.

If you post this round, you will also receive a bonus item of some kind that I will design especially for you!  It’s a way of saying thanks for playing this summer, and to give your character something cool to use next summer, if you want to play again!

As always, let me know if you have any questions!]

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Well, that was a grim way to keep a round going, but it was what he did.

“Ok, Basil,” he said, giving the boy a grin; at least he seemed to be taking this well, and Sam, on his end, felt much less bad about knocking out a boy than he had about taking out two pretty girls.  “Zippy makes a Death Saving Throw...oh, and with a 5, that’s a Failure.  So that’s one Success and one Failure, total.  Hang in there, Zippy!”

As the next few players talked about their character’s actions, Sam listened.  They all went together, which was a little bit differently than how things had gone for the rest of the game.  Though he couldn’t remember if there had been anything in the book about how to make these sorts of things work, he thought it made sense to kind of combine what he could.  He tried doing just that.

“All right, Sandy’s Robert steps forward, as do Alvena and Oliva--well, Olivia is a bit behind but we will roll that bit next, if that is ok?”  On the map, Sam started to move all the players into place.  “Robert steps up to the door, getting out his Thieves Tools to try and pick the lock.  Alvena stands watch to Help him out--which will give him Advantage on his roll, that’s a good choice, Alvena.  Oliva makes her way up, too, and casts her cantrip, Guidance, on Robert, which will give him a bonus to his check.  Ok, I think that’s it there, right?  So Robert has a lot of support going in to this locking picking, let’s see--”  Sam rolled the dice.  “All right, well.  Working so hard together has paid off.  Robert, you lean your eye close to the lock and start your work.  It’s the trickiest lock you have ever tried to pick, but with the help of your comrades in arms--or are they friends?--you are able to successfully pick the lock.

Sam looked at Elena and smiled, and and then Lillian and nodded, and then at last to Sandy and his Robert Halfmaine, to whom he quirked his head.

“Maybe we will find out more about the Betrayer King soon.”

Elena,” he said, “Backtracking just a bit--your Oliva, on her way over just then, had cast Healing Word at Zippy Puddles when you passed.  It works, and Zippy heals 9 Hit Points.  He’s only got--what is it, 8? Total?  So he can’t heal above that, but Zippy is fully healed.

That, he thought, was good; with the majority of the army defeated, it felt fair that everyone should be awake and aware for whatever came next.

“As this is all happening, Nashira’s Noxious Nancy is going to do a Perception check to look for anyone manning the towers up top.”  Sam rolled and then laughed very hard for just a bit longer than he should have.  “Oh, man, I bet this hardly ever happens.  You rolled a 1, and your modifier is a -1, so you got a 0.  As far as you can tell, Nance, everything looks the same as it ever has!  You don’t see anything at all, really.  After that, she’ll use her Action Surge to do a second attack, and let’s see--”  When offered, Sam scanned the bit of paper Nashira put before him, reading the same loopy handwriting that the majority of the book he had found was written in.  After he had sorted out the scratchy mess, he gave Nash a nod and went on.  “She’ll attack Minotaur 1 with a Gloris Gobstone and--that misses, unfortunately, with a 5, but as soon as it sails past your target it disappears and then, with a little pop, reappears back in your hand.”  He gave Nashira Nettlebed an approving nod.  “That’s a really neat item you have.”

“Ok, Immy,” he carried on, turning to the blonde girl.  “Natasha is in the thick of it still, moving up to the Minotaur and making another volley of attacks with her Beater’s Bats.”  Sam rolled the dice yet again.  “Natasha is on a roll today; the first Bat strikes true, dealing 5 damage, and the second Bat slams into Minotaur 1 hard, with another 20 roll for double damage, which makes the damage for that one 11.  Fantastic work, Natasha!”

She’d had a strong round again.  Though she couldn’t see it, Sam smiled at Immy.  If he had been seated closer, her would have patted her shoulder kindly, like he had that first night.

“So, Vega,” Sam moved on, feeling pretty good about being able to tell the Nettlebeds apart now.  “Wolf Flan uses his Bonus Action to drop from Wolf Flan to Regular Flan--”  Sam made a note in his papers.  “--then uses his Attack to try and sort of splash some of the poison he brewed on the injured Minotaur 1.  Let’s call that--a Dexterity check, but I’ll say you’re Proficient since you know how to use the Poisoner’s Kit.”  Sam did a few rolls, including one on a special chat he had drawn up.  To himself this time, he grinned, then turned the same grin on Vega.  “So with a 13, that’s a success--the poison flings onto the Minotaur and gets on some of his wounds, and he suffers 5 damage.  The good news is that it seems like it’s enough to knock him out.  Minotaur 1 is Defeated!  As he falls, he says in kind of a garbly beast voice, ‘On this war field, I have swung my battle axe, and spoken poems!’  You gather that’s a little...odd.  It makes sense shortly, because there’s a bit of bad news.  Some of the poison has splashed back on you--not enough to do any damage, but you will suffer the additional effect, which is that Flan can only speak in haikus for the duration of the game.  It explains, at least, those strange last words of the Minotaur.”

Sam exhaled a breath.

It looks like you all have managed to defeat the Betrayer King’s army!  Thus, one objective has been accomplished.  But the other members are your group have also been able to pick the lock of the fort.

Sam inhaled a breath. When he let it out again, he made a noise with it that sounded like the creaking open of a door.

The door of the fort creaks open,” Sam went on, a special kind of pleased grin fitting over his features as he lowered his eyes to read from the page, “and standing before you is the Betrayer King himself!  He towers even over the tallest of you, and wears a mask of bone behind which rest eerily light blue eyes.  In the morning light they almost seem to shine.  You’re not sure which is more unnerving--that they almost look terrifying, or that they almost don’t look terrifying at all but instead--uh, just regular.  He extends his hand to point at the closest of you--Robert Halfmaine--and his eerie eyes sweep over Alvena and Olivia, and on to the rest of you.”

“‘Is it you,’ he says in a voice that is also frighteningly normal, ‘who have defeated my army?  Is it you who dare face the Betrayer King?’”

With green eyes, Sam scanned each face at the table.

How will you handle the Betrayer King?

A1.  ZIPPY PUDDLES makes a Death Saving Throw!
Rolled: 5 [1d20 (5)]
DC: (stat hidden)
Successes: 1/3
Failures: 1/3

A2.  ROBERT HALFMAINE is supported by Help from ALEVNA RAVENWOOD and a Guidance cantrip from OLIVIA LANDAU as he attempt to pick the locks of the Betrayer King’s fort. [/b]
Rolled: 25 [1d20 (17) + 2 (DEX) + 2(PROF) + 4 (1d4 (4) Guidance)]; 15 [1d20 (7) + 2 (DEX) + 2(PROF) + 4 (1d4 (4) Guidance)]
The door is unlocked.

A3.  OLIVIA LANDAU casts her 1st Level Spell, Healing Word, on Zippy Puddles.
One 1st Level Spell Slot Expended, ZERO 1st Level Spell Slots Remaining
Rolled: 9 [1d4 (3) + 3 + 3 (LIFE SKILLS)]
+9HP to Zippy Puddles
Zippy Puddle’s Max HP is 8, so Zippy Puddles is Fully Healed!
Zippy Puddles is no longer unconscious!

A4.  NOXIOUS NANCY uses her first action to perform a Perception Check at the top of the fort, and then expands her Action Surge to use a second action to attack Minotaur 1 with a Glorious Gobstone.
Action One: Perception Check:
Rolled: 0 [1d20 (1) - 1]
Everything looks fine!
Action Two: Glorious Gobstone Attack
Rolled: 5 [1d20 (2) + 3]

A5.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE moves and readiest her Beater’s Bats to attack if any enemy comes within Melee range.
Beater’s Bat Attack One:
Rolled: 23 [1d20 (19) + 5]
Damage:  5 [1d6 (3) +2]
Beater’s Bat Attack Two:
Rolled: 24  [1d20 (20) + 3]
Damage: 11 [2d6 (6 + 3) + 2]

A6.  FLAN FLYNNAGAN uses his Bonus Action to drop his Wolf form and then attempts to splash his poison on Minotaur 1.
Rolled:  13 [1d20 (12) + 1]
Damage: 5 [1d8 (5)]
Minotaur 1 is Defeated!
UH OH!  Some Poison has splashed back on Flan Flynnagan!
Flan Flynnagan can only speak in Haikus for the duration of the game!

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 24/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 15/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 9/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 9/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 6/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11


Werewolf 1 - DEFEATED
Werewolf 2 - DEFEATED
Werewolf 3 - DEFEATED

Minotaur 1 - DEFEATED
Minotaur 2 - DEFEATED
Minotaur 3 - DEFEATED!

[Good work!  You all met BOTH possible objectives for the battle!  The Betrayer King himself has come down from his tower to see what is going on!

What you do now is entirely up to you.  Can you fight him?  Sure!  Can you chat with him?  Sure!  Can you sneak around and try and loot stuff then run?  I guess so!  Can you switch sides and abandon Price James for the Betrayer King?  Well, we’re heroes here, but maybe there is one among you who could become a villain!

Think carefully about what route you might like to take, and as always, I am happy to answer any questions you may have.

I WILL BE TAKING THE WEEKEND OFF!  The next update will be on Monday, 17 December 2018.  I will be a little out of pocket on site, but will check my PMs and Skype/Discord, so if you need me, those are probabbly the best places to find me!<33.

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He had been waiting for someone to try an idea like the one Sandy was trying now.  Sam smiled at the boy, similarly to how he had been smiling at Vega Nettlebed all night.

“An interesting idea, Sandy,” he said with that grin on his face.  “Let’s see if it works.  Robert stows his weapon and walks up to Werewolf 4, and says his bit about him not having to be bad like the Betrayer King.  Let’s call that a Persuasion Check, since you’re trying to persuade him to go home, which is a Charisma-based check, and, because of your preparation the night before, you’ll get a bonus dice added to your roll.”  Plucking all the required dice from his stash, he made the rolls he needed to.  Once he had added it all up, he grinned at Sandy.  “So Robert, one moment, you’re speaking at just a ravenous wolf-man.  After you finish talking, he stays like that for a minute, and part of you thinks he’s about to reach down as slash at poor Zippy again, but then a sort of….realization comes over his features.  He looks up at you, and you’re sure you can see a bit of humanity in his eyes.  Werewolf 4, with a last look at you, turns and starts running off in the opposite direction.  As far as you can tell, your Persuasion seems to have worked!

Robert may have just saved a werewolf’s life.

“And Prince James, Sandy--it depends, I guess, on what your character might know of him,” he started, answering the other question from the boy.  Though he had several pages on Prince James in the stack in front of him, he didn’t even need to flip to them to recite the basics.  Anyone familiar with C.S. Lewis’s work would recognize pieces.  In the moment, Sam hoped Elena hadn’t read them, so that the ideas sounded very fresh and exciting to her.  “But it’s pretty common knowledge that he used to be very close with the Betrayer King.  He had a normal name then, but most people have forgotten it.  Prince James hasn’t.  Anyway, it’s rumored he’s a relation of the King, and that he himself was in line for the throne before the King betrayed him.  He keeps things close to his chest, though, and so maybe you didn’t know this about him if you just met him last night.  He’s kind of mysterious, but in a way that’s not unapproachable, just kind of...enough to keep you guessing and himself safe.  He’s tall and dark and handsome.  He’s very brave, and he’s very smart, and he’s also very patient, and he’s been waiting for many years to lead a force against the Betrayer King.  Maybe you can hear him on the battlefield even now, shouting a rallying cry.  His voice would be deep but pleasant, kind of like a church tower bell.  So--whatever you think Robert might know out of that, that’s what Prince James is like.”

“Ok, so Lillian will have Alvena move her Moonbeam spell right over--here,” Sam said, leaning over the table and sliding the spell circle into space.  “Which will put it squarely in range of Werewolf 3.”

“In the meantime, Nashira’s Nancy will attack Minotaur 2 again with her bats.”  Sam began rolling the dice for Noxious Quidditch Player.  “Your first bat strikes true with a 17, dealing--that’s 4 damage, and then your second Bat attack swings directly at his muscly chest, definitely hitting with a 23 and dealing...7 damage.  That’s enough!  With that last blow, the Minotaur blinks, and then slumps backward.  Minotaur 2 is Defeated!”

Nashira got a smile like the kind he had been giving Vega, too.

“Right, Olette,” he said, making sure he got her name right this time.  “Levitating Iggy is going to aim a Firebolt at Werewolf 4, which you can do, I think, and still stay Levitating, since Firebolt doesn’t require you to concentrate on it?  Ok, let’s see.”  On the table, the dice clattered.  “Oh, well, yes, at a 15, that is a hit.  A bolt of fire shoots at his retreating back and--7 damage is enough to take him down.  He crumples and Werewolf 4 is Defeated.

Sam glanced quickly between Sandy and Olette, and then down to the werewolf cut-out he drew and X over. 

“He probably wouldn’t have done much good out there in the world anyway,” he said.

Immy is up next,” he said, eager to move on.  “Natasha moves forward--”  Sam slid Immy’s token towards Sandy’s.  “--and she gets her Beater’s Bats ready to attack if any enemies come within attack range.  Looks like you’re clear for now, Natasha, but that’s  a good plan.”

“Uh, Vega,” he said, returning her glare with an even more tightly-curled smile, the sort he saved for pretty girls in the street.  “Wolf Flan is still in the fight and will use another Bite and Claw attack at Minotaur 1, since he can’t talk and doesn’t have hands at the moment.”  Under the weight of Vega’s watch, he rolled the dice.  “The first attack, the Bite, doesn’t hit, I am afraid,” he said, for he had rolled a 10 which wasn’t enough.  “Oh, but the Claw attack does as you swipe at him with your paw, dealing out 7 damage.  That puts a dent in him, but he’s still stands.”

"Basil, your Zippy will need to make a Death Savings Throw," Sam said, giving the boy a sidelong glance.  He rolled a single dice.  "That's a 16, which is a success.  That's good, you just need two more and you will be stable."

“And now what is left of the Betrayer King’s Army will take their turn.”

Werewolf 3 is starting his turn in Alvena’s Moonbeam, which he is going to regret,” said Sam, getting the dice ready.  “He makes a Constitution Save against its effects at disadvantage since he’s a shapeshifter and--yeah, he fails that, and takes….17 damage.  Just like that, the wolf form of this werewolf is torn asunder, revealing the man beneath.  Werewolf 3 is Defeated!

That was a quick turn.  Sam scanned the board for any remaining members of the opposing army.

Minotaur 1 is going to keep attacking Wolf Flan, sorry, Vega,” he said, rolling for a Battle Axe attack against Flan Flynnagan’s wolf form.  “That will hit with a 22, but fortunately it’s only 7 damage, which feel like very little.”

That was all that was left.  Sam turned his gaze on each of his players in turn.

“You’ve made quick work of the Betrayer King’s Army--they’re almost dispatched.  Think carefully about what you want to do next.”

A1.  ROBERT HALFMAINE attempts to talk Werewolf 4 down from the battle with a Persuasion Check.  Because of his preparation from the night before, 1d4 will be added to his roll!
Rolled: 16 [1d20 (15) + 0 + 1d4 (1)]
DC: (stat hidden)
Werewolf 4 seems to calm, has a sort of moment of realization, and then starts running in the opposite direction.

A2.  ALVENA RAVENWOOD maintains Concentration on her spell, Moonbeam, and moves it down the battlefield [E13].

A3.  NOXIOUS NANCY attacks Minotaur 2 with two more Beater’s Bat blows.
Beater’s Bat Attack One:
Rolled: 17 [1d20 (12) + 5]
Damage:  4 [1d6 (1) +3]
Beater’s Bat Attack Two:
Rolled: 23  [1d20 (18) + 5]
Damage: 7 [1d6 (4) + 3]

A4.  IGGY MOONSTORM casts cantrip Firebolt at Werewolf 4.
Rolled: 15 [1d20 (9) + 6]
Damage: 7 [1d10 (7)]

A5.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE moves and readiest her Beater’s Bats to attack if any enemy comes within Melee range.
If an enemy comes within Melee range, two Beaters Bat attacks will trigger against it.

A6.  WOLF FLAN makes another Multiattack round at Minotaur 1
Rolled:  10 [1d20 (5) + 5]
Rolled: 17 [1d20 (12) + 5]
Damage: 9 [1d6 (6) + 3]

A7.  ZIPPY PUDDLES makes a Death Saving Throw.
Rolled: 16 [1d20 (16)]
Successes: 1/3
Failures: 0/3

It’s the Betrayer King’s Army’s turn!

A8.  WEREWOLF 3 begins his turn in Alvena’s Moonbeam and must make a Constitution Savings Throw at Disadvantage since he is a Shapeshifter.
Rolled: 14; 10 (stats hidden)
SAVE FAILED (against Alvena’s DC14 Spell Save)
Damage: 17 [2d10 (10 + 7)]
Werewolf 3 is Defeated!
Werewolf 3 reverts back to humanoid form.

A9.  MINOTAUR 1 attacks Flan Flynnagan’s Wolf Form still again.
Battle Axe Attack: 22 (stats hidden)
Damage: 7 (stats hidden)

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 24/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 15/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
    WOLF WOLFAGAN | HP 21/37 | AC 12
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 9/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 9/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 6/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 0/8 | AC 11


Werewolf 1 - DEFEATED
Werewolf 2 - DEFEATED
Werewolf 3 - DEFEATED

Minotaur 1
Minotaur 2 - DEFEATED
Minotaur 3 - DEFEATED!

[Looks like the battle is almost over!  Consider your next moves carefully.  If you have any questions about how to do the things you want to do, get at me and I can help you!]

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Though the situation seemed dire, Sam was glad to see that the group had not given up.  On they battled, and so on would Sam guide them.  He took up his dice once more.

“Ok, Basil,” he said, turning to the boy who was the first to speak up this round.  “Zippy will expend his second and final 1st level spell slot to cast Magic Missile, focusing on sending one magical missile towards the Hag and two at the Werewolf [4] who has been tailing you.  Like last time, the darts of magical light shoot out, finding their targets effortlessly.  The first targets the Hag, exploding on her chest and dealing--2 damage.  Two missiles streak back and hit Werewolf 4, dealing--oh, nice, 5, and then 2 damage.  And then Zippy zips--ha--over a bit--”  Here, Sam leaned forward, sliding the boy’s marker for Zippy to the required space.  “--and waits to face what unfolds next.”

What that was, thankfully, was some much needed Healing.

“Ok, Thijs,” Sam nodded, listening as the older boy had his character, Benny, swing into action.  “I--hmm.”  The Whitmore boy started to shuffle through the loosely-bound book as he spoke on.  “I think there’s a rule that says you can’t cast two leveled spells in the same round--”  He shuffled on, checking a few different places.  “--but you know what, I will allow it this time, we can check the rules after the game for the specific wording.  Anyway, so Benny joins the action, striding forward and reaching down to touch his fallen party member, Iggy Moonstorm, casting 1st Level Spell Cure Wounds as he does.”  Sam rolled the dice and added all the relevant modifiers and buffs.  “Iggy, you’re back in the game with +9 Hit Points healed!  Good to have you back.  Just after that, Benny calls out to Natasha Blackfoxe, saying something comforting, whatever you think that would be, Benny, and he casts 1st Level Spell, Healing Word, on her.  Natasha, you’re back in the game, too, as you heal +7 Hit Points.

Sam gave Thijs a thankful nod.  While he didn’t feel bad, so much, for knocking the two girls out--it was what the beasts he was playing would do--he was grateful that they were back in the game.

“Ok, great--Co--oh, man, I’m sorry, Olette,” Sam started, shaking his head at himself for misremembering her name.  “Iggy Moonstorm rises from--his?--unconscious state--and then, after casting 2nd Level Spell, Levitate, just keeps on rising 20 feet into the air.  That’s a good move; that will definitely put you out of striking range, and it will last up to--10 minutes, right?--as long as you keep concentrating on it.

Things were, quite literally, looking up for Iggy Moonstorm.

Lillian, smart thinking,” he went on as the group did.  “Alvena maintains concentration on her Moonbeam spell, and uses her action to move it across the battlefield. Minotaur 3 should have an interesting start to his next turn!”

Immy’s Natasha Blackfoxe, back to the battle, is going to start off by targeting Minotaur 3 with two Beater’s Bat attacks as her action,” Sam repeated, nodding and doing the rolls.  “The first one juuuust barely hits, but does a solid 3 Damage, and the second one also hits, dealing an additional 2 Damage.  Next, summoning her inner strength, Natasha uses her Bonus Action to take her Second Wind, and she heals--oh, well, it’s something, I guess--an addition +2 Hit Points.  So,” he went on, briefly updating the girl on the lay of the map she couldn’t see.  “You’re up again, Minotaur 3 is still breathing down your neck, Robert Halfmaine is right behind you, and you’re pretty much right in the center of the battle.  The Fort is still to the North of you, pretty much straight ahead, and the Hag is guarding the front door still.”

Nash...ira.”  Sam guessed at her name, for if the other one was Vega, this should, indeed, be Nashira.  “Noxious Nancy and her stinky bats enter the fray, rushing toward Minotaur 2 to attack him with her Beater’s Bats.”  Sam rolled all the dice.  “Wow, Nancy must have been saving up her energy the past few turns, because both Beater’s Bats strike true, hitting for 9 Damage--that’s maximum, by the way--each time!  But that’s not all--Nancy’s bats are coated in Dung Bomb Dung.  Now Minotaur 2 makes a Constitution Savings Throw to see if he’s Grossed Out by the stench of them...and he fails his save, so he is!  He’s so disgusted he will spend the next several seconds hacking and gagging, and Minotaur 2 cannot take any actions on his next turn.

“Yeah, Sandy, Robert can take another Slingshot shot at the Hag,” Sam carried on, leaning over the map further as he rolled this next attack.  “A second projectile sails from your sling to her head and...nice.  It hits, and just right, maybe like, going in her eye or something.  It deals 6 Damage, and with that, the Hag crumples almost like when you take of your clothes and drop them on the floor, smoking a little were she’s all wrinkled up.   The Hag is defeated.  Great shot, Robert--and Sandy.”

There was one spell of hers he had really wanted to use but hadn’t got to.  To himself, Sam shrugged and marked out the Hag with a red marker.

Vega’s Wolf Flan is going to attack Minotaur 1 again with his Multi Attack action,[/b] which,” he said, looking up at the older girl with yet another easy grin.  “--isn’t being boring, it’s working to your strengths.”  His smile stayed in place as he looked down to roll these hits.  Once he had, he wished he hadn’t.  “Uh, Wolf Flan is having an off day, apparently.  Unfortunately, both of your attacks miss.  Or maybe they hit, and they’re just--the Minotaur’s hide is too thick for it to do any damange.  Better luck next time.”

Sam caught Elena’s smile if she meant him to or not, and returned it as he started to do the narration for her action.

Oliva is going to target Minotaur 1 with another try at her cantrip, Sacred Flame,” he said, rolling the dice as he spoke.  “So he’ll make a Dexterity check to see if he can get out of the way fast enough.  Ope, he make it--that’s a 19 against your Spell Save Difficulty Check of 13.  Unfortunately, he moves out of the way and takes no damage.

That will bring us back to the Betrayer King’s Army’s turn.

“Though their ranks are thinned, the Werewolves will go first again.”  Sam looked down to see which of them were left, and decided their actions.  “Werewolf 3 is going to stay put, I think, though he’s got an eye on whatever is going on over here.”  With his index finger, he indicated the group with Benny, Iggy, and Noxious Nancy.  “For now, though, he’s going to make another claw attack at Rose, for 18, which hits--and you take 5 damage as his claws slash into you.  Werewolf 4 is in hot pursuit of Zippy still, this time targeting him with a Bite attack.”  Sam rolled and grinned to himself.  “It hits, and deal 5 damage, and as you fall, you feel a curse trying to surge through your veins--the bite has infected you with the Curse of the Werewolf.  You’ll make a Constitution Saving Throw to see if you can resist!”  Excited--because werewolves--Sam rolled.  If he looked a little disappointed, it was only because he thought it would have been neat, having a werewolf as a player in his game. “You roll a 12, which is enough for your body to resist the curse...this time!”

“The Minotaurs are up next, and Minotaur 1 will start us off by striking at…”  Sam considered the targets.  “Wolf Flan, again.  His battle axe swings at you for an….11, which doesn’t hit your wolf form, you just kind of hop out of the way.”  Sam considered the next beast.  “Minotaur 2 is too busy gagging about Noxious Nancy’s stinky bats to do anything, so you’re safe there.  Minotaur 3, on the other hand, has to stay his round in Alvena’s Moonbeam spell, so he needs to make a Constitution Save to see if it hurts.”  Sam rolled.  “He makes the save with a 16 against your DC of 14, so he’ll take half damage--which, at 8 points, is still enough to finish him off.  In a column of pretty light, Minotaur 3 is Defeated!

Standing up to his full height (which compared with some of his players--especially the Miss Nettlebed that was Vega--wasn’t much at all), he grinned at his players.

It looks like some clever thinking may have swung the battle in your favor, Narnian.  What will you do to keep it that way?

A1.  ZIPPY PUDDLES casts 1st Level Spell Magic Missile, sending 1 missile at the Hag and 2 missiles at Werewolf 4.
One 1st Level Spell Slot Expended, ZERO 1st Level Spell Slots Remaining
Missile One: The Hag
Damage: 2 [1d4 (1) + 1]
Missile Two: Werewolf 4
Damage: 5 [1d4 (4) + 1]
Missile Three: Werewolf 4
Damage: 2 [1d4 (1) + 1]

A2.  BENNY GREENING uses his Action to cast 1st Level Spell, Cure Wounds, on Iggy Moonstorm, then uses his Bonus Action to cast 1st Level Spell, Healing Word, on Natasha Blackfoxe.
Two 1st Level Spell Slots Expended, ZERO 1st Level Spell Slots Remaining
Cure Wounds at Iggy Moonstorm:
Rolled: +9HP [1d8 (3) + 3 + 3 (Life Skills)]
Iggy Moonstorm heals +9HP!
Iggy Moonstorm is no longer unconscious!
Healing Word at Natasha Blackfoxe:
Rolled: +7HP
Natasha Blackfoxe heals +7HP!
Natasha Blackfoxe is no longer unconscious!
[BM’S NOTE:  While I will allow it this time (I know the Handbook is HUGE), the rule on casting multiple spells per round is this, from the Magic and Spells section of the Player’s Handbook:
“You may only cast one leveled spell (1st through 3rd Level) on your turn in each combat round, but you may cast a leveled spell and a cantrip within the same round if you have actions to do so.”
This is one of the rules in proper D&D that gets houseruled a lot, but for H&H, let’s stick with the One Leveled Spell, One Cantrip Per Round rule.

Also, in simplifying the rules for a round-based forum format, I have removed Opportunity Attacks, so you don’t need to worry about those!]

A3.  IGGY MOONSTORM casts 2nd Level Spell, Levitate.
One 2nd Level Spell Slot Expended, One 2nd Level Spell Slot Remaining
Iggy Moonstorm levitates 20FT into the air!

A4.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE uses her Action to make two attacks against Minotaur 3 with her Beater’s Bats, and then uses her Bonus Action to use her class feature, Second Wind.
Beater’s Bat Attack One:
Rolled: 12 [1d20 (8) + 4]
Damage:  4 [1d6 (2) +2]
Beater’s Bat Attack Two:
Rolled: 21 [1d20 (17) + 4]
Damage: 3 [1d6 (1) + 2]
Second Wind:
Rolled: 2 [1d10 (1) + 1]

A5.  NOXIOUS NANCY makes two attacks against Minotaur 2 with her Beater’s Bats.
Beater’s Bat Attack One:
Rolled: 15 [1d20 (]10) + 5]
Damage:  9 [1d6 (6) +3]
Beater’s Bat Attack Two:
Rolled: 20 [1d20 (15) + 5]
Damage: 9 [1d6 (6) + 3]
Noxious Nancy’s Beater’s Bats are coated in Dung Bomb Dung.
Minotaur 2 must make a Constitution Saving Throw!
Rolled: 8 (stats hidden)
Minotaur 2 is GROSSED OUT and cannot take any actions this turn!

A6.  ROBERT HALFMAINE fires his Slingshot at the Hag.
Rolled: 22 [1d20 (17) + 5]
Damage: 6 [1d4 (3) + 3]

A7.  WOLF FLAN makes two attacks at Minotaur 1.
Rolled: 11 [1d20 (6) + 5]
Rolled: 6 [1d20 (1) + 5]

A8.  OLIVIA LANDAU casts her cantrip, Sacred Flame, at Minotaur 1.
Minotaur 1 must make a Dexterity Saving Throw!
Rolled: 19 (stats hidden)
Minotaur 1 maneuvers out of the way.

It’s the Betrayer King’s Army’s turn!

A9.  WEREWOLF 3 targets Rose Alder with another Claw attack.
Claw Attack: 18 (stats hidden)
Damage: 5 (stats hidden)

A10.  WEREWOLF 4 follows Zippy Puddles further and attempts a Bite attack.
Claw Attack: 11 (stats hidden)
Damage: 5 (stats hidden)
Zippy Puddles must make a Constitution Saving Throw against the Curse of the Werewolf!
Rolled: 12 [1d20 (10) + 2]
The Bite does not effect Zippy.

A11.  MINOTAUR 1 attacks Flan Flynnagan’s Wolf Form once more.
Battle Axe Attack: 11 (stats hidden)

A12.  MINOTAUR 2 spends his turn coughing and hacking from being Grossed Out and cannot take an action.

A13.  MINOTAUR 3begins his turn in Alvena’s Moonbeam and must make a Constitution Savings Throw.
Rolled: 16 (stats hidden)
Minotaur 3 will take HALF damage from Alvena’s Moonbeam.
Damage: 8 [2d10 (10 + 7) / 2, rounded down]

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 24/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 15/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
    WOLF WOLFAGAN | HP 28/37 | AC 12
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 9/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 9/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 6/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 0/8 | AC 11


Werewolf 1 - DEFEATED
Werewolf 2 - DEFEATED

Werewolf 3
Werewolf 4
Minotaur 1
Minotaur 2
Minotaur 3 - DEFEATED!

[Y'all are still doing great!  Y'all can still contact me with questions and mistake you catch!]

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« on: 12/11/2018 at 18:34 »
“Vega, yeah.”

He had been caught out.

“Of course.”

That, he thought, and another smile, covered it.

“So Vega is up,” he said, carrying on as if he had never been corrected by Miss Nettlebed.  “And Flan Flynnagan drinks some wolf-flavored Polyjuice Potion as his Bonus Action.  His skin begins to shift and bubble and go a bit wonky, really, and the next thing any of you know, Flan Flynnagan has transformed into a Wolf.  He’s going to tear into Minotaur 1 with a multi-attack--one bite and one claw.”  Sam rolled a series of dice.  “Unfortunately, you’re not used to your new body form, and your first Bite attack misses.  After that test, though, you’re more aware, and your Claw attack strikes true, dealing 4 Damage to Minotaur 1.

Sandy was next, and looked to have physically deflated.

Robert Halfmaine goes next,” Sam said in his same even (if a bit high) voice as ever, moving the little coin representing Robert to where Sandy indicated.  “And he’s going to shoot his--slingshot, right? At the Hag.”  There was another clattering of dice.  “Hey, good shot, that’s a solid hit, let’s say...right on the other temple, for 7 damage, that’s max for you.  Well done, Robert.”

“You also notice the Hag is starting to sway a bit where she stands--she’s looking pretty beat-up.

That would probably not be of much solace to the girl who spoke next.

“Yeah, Colette,,” he said, trying to sound hopeful for her, for she looked (understandably) downtrodden to have been taken out so early in the fight.  “Someone can heal you, no problem.  But your hedgehog is gone, yes, because--well, you are gone, right now, no offense.  You will also have to make Death Savings Throw if someone doesn’t heal you, and--well, we should make one now, I guess.  Ok, that’s a 6, that is a failure, so.”  He looked to the party’s Healers.  “Think about that.”

Basil,” Sam said, turning to the older boy next and giving an approving nod as he slid the poor girl a cookie.  “Zippy casts his cantrip, Poison Spray, at Werewolf 4.”  Sam shuffled to the werewolf’s sheet, then rolled for him.  “Oh, man, Zippy, sorry, but the Werewolf rolled a 20, which is the highest you can roll, so unfortunately--well, pretty fortunately for him, I guess--he makes his save and takes no damage.  But Zippy is unaffected and takes off farther down the battlefield; you make it to your new spot, no problem.”

It was kind of neat, rolling that 20, even if it was for an enemy.  Sam left it there, face up, on the table for the others to see, and so he himself could glance down at it now and then until he had to roll once more.

“Alright, Immy,” Sam answered the blonde girl, his smile creeping back into place as he mimiced her phrasing.  “You are absolutely correct.  The bold Natasha is going to stay put and make two attacks with her Beater’s Bats against Minotaur 3.”  As he started to roll his dice and do the math for it, he started describing the scene for her, trying to make it a little more detailed than for the others, as she didn’t have the benefit of seeing the map.  “As your comrades in arms rage over the field, the minotaur bares down on you.  You can smell the stink of his breath--like rotten meat and cabbage.  You’re unafraid even as he roars in your face.  Your first bat strikes out--and this one has advantage from your preparation the night before--but it looks like you don’t need it, because you roll a 20, too!  That’s a Critical Hit, so you’ll get double damage.”  Sam rolled the dice.  “That’s 12 Damage on the first hit, and--”  He rolled again, half expecting to see the 20 face up once more.  It wasn’t, but it was still plenty enough to allow Natasha to hit a hulking, large minotaur.  “--the second bat strikes true, as well, dealing 7 damage!  Wow, Natasha, a fantastic round.  Minotaur 3 is starting to look pretty haggard after all that!”

But Natasha wasn’t the only one who was on a roll--to himself, Sam laughed once at the pun--as Lillian’s Alvena was up next with some quick thinking.

“Oh, Lillian, that is smart, let me see,” said Sam, putting down his stack of papers and reaching instead for the book he had found that had started this all.  He flipped towards the back, read a passage quickly, and gave a nod.  “Alvena casts her Level 2 Spell, Moonbeam, expending one 2nd Level Spell Slot.  In the place where she was just standing, a silvery cylinder of light shines down, almost as if Alvena herself disappeared into it.  Nothing happens yet, but the spell is set as long as you maintain Concentration on it!

Sam hoped it would work, because he thought he could guess what Alvena was after.  His mind was already turning, anticipating what might happen.

Elena, thank you,” he said, catching her eyes with his green ones and giving her a warm smile--part for her action, and part for her joining in.  “Oliva, ever the Healer, uses a 1st Level Spell Slot to cast Healing Word at Iggy Moonstorm.  She heals--8 Hit Points, and is no longer unconscious!  Welcome back to the world, Iggy.  Oliva then casts her cantrip, Sacred Flame at the Hag, who has to try and spring out of the way with a Dexterity Savings Throw.”  On the table, Sam clattered more dice.  In his mind, he did more math.  “She’s quick, it seems, because she succeeds and moves out of the way at the last second, taking no damage.

“And now, it’s the Betrayer King’s Army’s turn again.”

This part he was excited for, thanks to Alvena’s clever spell.

“The Werewolves will go first again,” he started, standing up some so he could properly lean over the map to direct them all.  “Werewolf 1 and Werewolf 2 are starting their turn in Alvena’s Moonbeam spell, so they must make Constitution Savings Throws, and at Disadvantage, as they are shapeshifters.”  Grinning broader than he perhaps should, he made these rolls for them.  “Ok, both Werewolf 1 and Werewolf 2 are totally destroyed by the soft moonlight shining down on them.  They are defeated and revert back to humanoid form.  Good thinking, Alvena.  Werewolf 3 is going to rush forward towards--Rose, she’s closest, and will make one Claw attack against her for an--11, which doesn’t hit, that’s good, Marilyn-Rose.  Werewolf 4 is--”  Sam bit his lower lip, looking down and considering.  “--going to run after Zippy, actually, and take another Claw attack--which hits this time, and for 3 damage.  It stings, but you’re all right.

For now, Sam thought to himself.  The Werewolves still had a trick up their sleeves.

The Minotaurs will take their turn now.”  Sam started moving these around the map.  “Minotaur 1 will stay on Flan, even though he looks a little freaked out that he’s suddenly a wolf and not a man.  I don’t know, maybe he’s used to that with the werewolves.  Anyway, he swings his Battle Axe at Wolf Flan, for a 20, which will hit.  That’s 9 damage, but your wolf form seems almost unaffected.  Minotaur 2 is--I’m sorry--going to stay on Iggy with his Battle Axe, probably annoyed that he thought he had dispatched of you, but here you are again, back in the battle.  That’s a 21, so he hits again, and it’s hard again--12 damage.  Iggy Moonstorm is unconscious again.”  Maybe he should have gone easier on her, but he was trying to do what Minotaur 2 would have done, and he thought that would be it.  He frowned at the Colette girl, avoiding her eyes as he went on.  “Minotaur 3, mad about all the damage he just took, turns to Natasha again, swinging his Battle Axe.  With a 19, that hits and--uh, Natasha, you also fall Unconscious as you are dealt 15 Damage.

Things were starting to look rough for the Narnia Army.  Sam pressed onward.

“The Hag will go last.”  Flipping a few papers, he tried to decide what she might do, especially with Zippy getting close to the doors.  He decided that, with the Werewolf in hot pursuit, she might not see him as too big of a threat.  “She stretches her finger out towards Zippy and casts her cantrip, Ray of Frost.”  Sam rolled the dice.  “It’s a 13, which--yes, that hits, so you take 3 Damage as a cold ray zaps out of her finger, freezing you almost to your very core.”

Surely, he’d learn that one himself sooner or later.  It looked very cool in his head, imagining it.

The battle could go any way right now.  What will you do next?

A1.  FLAN FLYNNAGAN uses his Bonus Action to drink Wolf Polyjuice Potion, then makes two attacks at Minotaur 1.
Rolled: 8 [1d20 (3) + 5]
Rolled: 21 [1d20 (16) + 5]
Damage: 4 [1d6 (1) + 3]

A2.  ROBERT HALFMAINE fires his Slingshot at the Hag.
Rolled: 22 [1d20 (17) + 5]
Damage: 7 [1d4 (4) + 3]

A3.  IGGY MOONSTORM makes a Death Savings Throw.
Rolled: 6 [1d20]
Death Save Fails: 1/3
Death Save Successes: 0/3

A4.  ZIPPY PUDDLES casts cantrip Poison Spray at Werewolf 4.
Werewolf 4 makes a Constitution Savings Throw!
Rolled: 21 (stats hidden)
SUCCESS; no damage.

A5.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE makes two attacks against Minotaur 3 with her Beater’s Bats.
Beater’s Bat Attack One:
Rolled with Advantage: [u24 [1d20 (20) + 4][/u]; 5 [1d20 (1) + 4]
Damage:  12 [2d6 (4 + 6) +2]
Beater’s Bat Attack Two:
Rolled: 15 [1d20 (11) + 4]
Damage: 7 [1d6 (5) + 2]

A6.  ALVENA RAVENWOOD casts 2nd Level Spell Moonbeam at the point where she was last standing.
One 2nd Level Spell Slot Expended, One 2nd Level Spell Slot Remaining
SUCCESS; no damage.
A Moonbeam shines a 5Ft radius of soft light where indicated on the map.
Spell lasts until Alvena loses concentration OR 1 Minute, whichever is first.

A7.  OLIVIA LANDAU uses her Bonus Action to cast 1st Level Spell Healing Word on Iggy Moonstorm, then uses her Action to cast cantrip Sacred Flame at the Hag.
One 1st Level Spell Slot Expended, One 1st Level Spell Slot Remaining
Healing Word at Iggy Moonstorm:
Rolled: +8 HP [1d4 (2) +3 + 3 (Life Skills)]
Iggy Moonstorm heals +8HP!
Iggy Moonstorm is no longer unconscious!
Iggy Moonstorm’s Death Save count resets!
Sacred Flame at the Hag:
The Hag must make a Dexterity Saving Throw!
Rolled: 19 (Stats Hidden)
SUCCESS; no damage.

It’s the Betrayer King’s Army’s turn!

A8.  WEREWOLF 1 begins his turn in Alvena’s Moonbeam and must make a Constitution Savings Throw at Disadvantage since he is a Shapeshifter.
Rolled: 19 (stats hidden); 11 (stats hidden)
SAVE FAILED (against Alvena’s DC14 Spell Save)
Damage:  13 [2d10 (6 + 7)]
Werewolf 1 is Defeated!
Werewolf 1 reverts back to humanoid form.

A9.  WEREWOLF 2 begins his turn in Alvena’s Moonbeam and must make a Constitution Savings Throw at Disadvantage since he is a Shapeshifter.
Rolled: 4 (stats hidden); 5 (stats hidden)
SAVE FAILED (against Alvena’s DC14 Spell Save)
Damage:  12 [2d10 (4 + 8)]
Werewolf 2 is Defeated!
Werewolf 2 reverts back to humanoid form.

A10.  WEREWOLF 3 rushes Rose Alder with a Claw attack.
Claw Attack: 11 (stats hidden)

A11.  WEREWOLF 4 stalks Zippy Puddles and attempts a Claw attack.
Claw Attack: 12 (stats hidden)
Damage: 3 (stats hidden)

A12.  MINOTAUR 1 attacks Flan Flynnagan’s Wolf Form.
Battle Axe Attack: 20 (stats hidden)
Damage: 9 (stats hidden)

A13.  MINOTAUR 1 bares down Iggy Moonstorm once more.
Battle Axe Attack: 21 (stats hidden)
Damage: 12 Slashing (stats hidden)

A14.  MINOTAUR 1 swings his Battle Axe at Natasha Blackfoxe.
Battle Axe Attack: 19 (stats hidden)
Damage: 15 (stats hidden)

A15.  THE HAG raises her finger in the direction of Zippy Puddles  and she casts her cantrip, Ray of Frost.
Ranged Spell Attack: 13 (stats hidden)
Damage: 3 (stats hidden)

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 24/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 15/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
    WOLF WOLFAGAN | HP 28/37 | AC 12
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 0/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 0/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 11/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 2/8 | AC 11[/color[


Werewolf 1 - DEFEATED
Werewolf 2 - DEFEATED

Werewolf 3
Werewolf 4
Minotaur 1
Minotaur 2
Minotaur 3

[This was a great round!  Great work, everyone.  Keep it up!  Let me know if you have any questions or catch any mistakes!]

1955 / Re: A Chronic(le) Battle | Hippogriffs&Horklumps
« on: 12/10/2018 at 16:39 »
This, he had anticipated, was where things would pick up.

He, once again, had been a little off.

As quiet fell over the commandeered tent, Sam looked from face to face, wondering what is was that kept the mouths on them so tightly shut.  Maybe it was the rules, he thought, for he himself had a week with them, or maybe it was his storytelling.  He hadn’t rehearsed reading his pages, figuring he’d do well enough on this, the day of.  He was still pretty sure he’d done it solidly.

And then the Nettlebed sister--Nashira or Vega, he still wasn’t sure--spoke up, and Sam’s green eyes grabbed on to her like a drowning man to a raft.  He smiled at her again.

“Yes, Miss Nettlebed, great,” he said.  “With some very wise words, Flan Flynnagan sets off into the battle and casts his--uh, cantrip, Thorn Whip at one of the Minotaurs [2].”  Sam shifted through some of the pages he had dogeared in the loosely-termed book, finding the spell in question.  He thought he remembered it, for over the week he’d read more about this (he assumed) entirely imaginary magic than the kind he was headed to school for.  Nodding down at the page, he went on.  “Ok, so, let’s make a spell attack for that.”  He rolled the dice; he did the math; he smiled again.  “A 23 will definitely hit.  You Thorn Whip whips out, wraps very firmly around this Minotaur’s vast and hairy chest, and you pull. That’ll do--4 damage as the thorns sink into his hairy hide, and he’s pulled 10 feet forward.”  On the board, Sam moved the Minotaur forward, then grinned.  “As you pull him over this leafy bit on the map right here, his face looks really nervous--you’ve made him trigger a trap, he’s going to try and avoid it with a...Dexterity Save.”  Again, the dice rolled.  This time, Sam shrugged.  “He makes his save and avoids the trap, but you’ve uncovered a pit trap on the battlefield.”

That, he thought, was a clever bit of spellwork.  Maybe he’d learn how to do that one day in real life.

“Ok, Basil,” he said, shifting focus to the older boy.  “Zippy also has some wise words for the group, then follow his own advice, goes to the side, and casts Magic Missile.  Three little darts of magical light shoot from your wand.”  In his head, Sam could see it quite vibrantly--balls of white light forming a bit like rapidly-swelling water droplets that shot off into the early morning sky, finding their targets without a hitch, but he thought describing it in such detail might make it obvious that he didn’t know anything about real magic.  He refrained.  “That’s one that just works, I think, you won’t need to roll.  So let’s roll damage for the two Minotaurs and that old Hag.”  The pointy dice, the one he’d really not like to step on ever, clattered three times on the table.  “That’s 2 damage to each Minotaur and 4 to the Hag.

Lillian sends Alvena into the thick of the fray, too,” said Sam, nodding his approval as a second bold woman joined the battle.  “She casts Shillelagh,” he said, pronouncing the mouthful of a word easily.  “That’ll make your flaming Birch Branch magical for the duration of the battle.  Then you ready your action--all right, yeah, I’ll say that’s fair.  Whenever a member of the opposing army is within striking range, that will trigger your flaming Birch Branch attack.

That was a stylish move.  Alvena--Lillian, too, got a smile from Sam.

Immy, ok, let’s move Natasha right about here,” he said, doing his best to follow the girl’s directions as he moved the bit on the map that was meant to represent the girl’s character.  “From this vantage point, you have a clear shot with your slingshot at the Hag.  You fit a stone to your sling, and with a skillful arm like a much prettier David, you let it fly.”  Sam rolled the dice.  “Good shot, Im, that’s a 17, which will hit.  The rock sails across the battlefield between you and hits her in the temple for 3 damage.

“And now,” he said, grinning at a few of the more active players.  “It’s the opposing army’s turn.”

It would be best, he thought, to go group by group.

The Werewolves charge in first, their gaping maws snarling and stringy with saliva,” he said, thinking that was a particularly good description.  “Werewolve 1 rushes Alvena, but her Readied Action triggers as soon as he is within melee range, so Alevna strikes out with her Flametongue Birch Branch.”  Eager, Sam rolled.  The results weren’t good.  “She misses, though, and so Werewolf 1 strikes out with his razor-sharp Claws--which hits.  Alvena takes 2 Slashing Damage.  She’s not out of the woods yet, either; Werewolf 2 also rushes Alvena, trying to make a Claw attack.  This time, the beast misses.”  Sam considered the werewolves on the other side of the map.  “Werewolf 3 is just going to book it towards the other members of the army on the back line, so he just uses his movement and doesn’t take an action, and Werewolf 4 runs up to Zippy Puddles with Claws out.”  Sam rolled again.  “Werewolf 4 just misses Zippy.  That was a close one.”

He started moving the paper cut outs of the minotaurs next.

Minotaur 1 comes thundering across the ground directly at Flan Flynnagan,” he said, moving the appropriate piece. “His hulking arms raise his battle axe, which swings down and--misses.”  That was lucky, he thought, as these fellows were much stronger than the werewolves he had just made attack.  “He glares at your with frenzied eyes.  Your old friend, Minotaur 2, starts running as if to you, but thinks better of it--still sore about that near miss with the trap, no doubt--and clatters down the field towards Iggy Moonstorm instead.”  The dice rolled.  “He swings his Battle Axe down hard on Iggy, striking true.  Iggy suffers 15 points of damage and--” Sam shuffled through character sheets.  “--falls unconscious.”  Sam felt equal parts excited and guilty about that.  “Minotaur 3, giving a snarl, approaches Natasha Blackfoxe with Battle Axe held high.  His attack misses, though, and Natasha misses the dire straits.”

Only one member of the Betrayer King’s Army was left, and it was the one Sam was most excited to play with.

“That leaves the Hag,” he said, smiling again as he found her page in his stack.  “The Hag doesn’t move, but stays where she is, surveying the battlefield.  After careful consideration, the Hag, too, targets Natasha.”  She would be bitter, he hedged, about Natasha’s skillful slingshot blow, plus she had the most direct line of sight on her, so he thought it was what the Hag would do.  “From her finger crackles a sickly bolt of black light as she casts Witch Bolt.”  He might as well start off with one of her show-stoppers.  He rolled the dice.  “But as the black light arches in Natasha’s direction, forking and crackling like lightning, it hits just to the right of her target, missing Natasha.

That one he was a little disappointed about.  It was one of the Hag’s cooler spells.

And with that, we circle back up to the next round of battle.  Who would like to go first?

A1.  FLAN FLYNNAGAN casts cantrip Thorn Whip at Minotaur 2.
Rolled: 23 [1d20 (18) + 5]
Damage: 4 [1d6 (4)]
Minotaur 2 is pulled 10FT forward!
Minotaur 2 triggers A TRAP!
Minotaur 2 attempts to make a Dexterity Saving Throw to avoid the trap!
DC (Difficulty Check) Met!
Minotaur 2 avoids the trap.

A2.  ZIPPY PUDDLES casts Level 1 Spell Magic Missile and sends one missile each at Minotaur 2, Minotaur 3, and the Hag.
One Level 1 Spell Slot Expended; One Level One Spell Slot Remaining.
Damage, Minotaur 2: 2 [1d4 (1) + 1]
Damage, Minotaur 3: 2 [1d4 (1) + 1]
Damage, Hag: 4 [1d4 (3) + 1]

A3.  ALVENA RAVENWOOD uses her Bonus Action to cast cantrip Shillelagh, then Readies her action; she will attack the first creature that comes into Melee range with her Flametongue Birch Branch.
Shillelagh is cast; Flametongue Birch Branch now uses Alevna’s spellcasting modifier for damage rolls.
Readied Action: Attack first creature to come into Melee range with Flametongue Birch Branch.
[BM’S NOTE:  Smart thinking, Alvena!  Everyone else, take note!  If you have an action you want to do, but it’s not quite the right conditions yet, you can Ready your action.  You will make, basically, a form of If/Then statement to detail what circumstance triggers your action--here, IF an enemy comes into melee range, THEN Alvena will attack with her Birch Branch.  I know this isn’t in the Handbook yet (it’s an expert move from D&D 5e, from which these rules are adapted), but I am adding it to my List-o-Things To Add.  For the duration of the game, feel free to use this tactic!]

A4.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE fires her Sling Shot at the Hag
Rolled: 17 [1d20 (13) + 4]
Damage: 3 [1d4 (1) + 2]

It’s the Betrayer King’s Army’s turn!

A5.  WEREWOLF 1 rushes at Alvena Ravenwood.
Readied Attack Triggered!
Alvena attacks with her Flametongue Birch Branch!
Rolled: 9 [1d20 (4) + 5]
Claw Attack: (stats hidden)
Damage: 2 Slashing

A6.  WEREWOLF 2 rushes at Alvena Ravenwood.
Claw Attack: (stats hidden)

A7.  WEREWOLF 4 runs up to Zippy Puddles.
Claw Attack: (stats hidden)

A8.  MINOTAUR 1 thunders towards Flan Flynnagan.
Battle Axe Attack: (stats hidden)

A9.  MINOTAUR 2 barrels towards Iggy Moonstorm.
Battle Axe Attack: (stats hidden)
Damage: 15 Slashing (stats hidden)

A10.  MINOTAUR 3 charges Natasha Blackfoxe.
Battle Axe Attack: (stats hidden)

A11.  THE HAG raises her finger in the direction of Natasha Blackfoxe, and she casts Witch Bolt.
One First Level Spell Slot Expended
Ranged Spell Attack: (stats hidden)

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 22/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 17/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 0/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 12/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 11/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11


Werewolf 1
Werewolf 2
Werewolf 3
Werewolf 4
Minotaur 1
Minotaur 2
Minotaur 3

[Great first Battle Round, y’all!  Keep up the good work!  Again, if you have any questions (or catch any goofs, it’s possible!) reach out and let me know!  I am happy to help in any way.]

1955 / Re: Summer Quidditch Game: Merpeople vs. Centaurs
« on: 12/09/2018 at 23:21 »
beater no pressure! Aiden Duncan was saying.

Yeah, right, Samuel Whitmore was thinking.

Already, he thought, he was losing this game, for he felt pressure.  He carried it on his shoulder, in the exact same spot where the handle of the loaner broom he’d be flying today happened to rest as if casually.  As he stood with the rest of his team, he didn’t let it show, but, though on his face was an easy grin, he certainly felt it, particularly when he looked across to Marcy Bryce.  The girl whom had been the first he’d ever seen flying, whom had been the first to give him a proper lesson on how the whole thing worked, was on the other team.  As he grinned at her, he felt this separation like an additional maybe kilogram and a half pressing down on that place on his shoulder where his broomstick rested.

It didn’t stop him from kicking off like Marcy had showed him once all the balls (and there were so many balls) had been let loose and Aiden had blown the whistle.  Also like Marcy had shown him, he didn’t make it look half as good as she did.  Though he didn’t think he was bad, so much, he wasn’t yet exactly good, either.

He’d only been at it for three weeks, after all.  Sam tried to remind himself this as he circled up into the sky slower than he would have liked, but he didn’t have much patience for not being good at things.

“Still looking good on that thing, Marce,” he said in a voice that sounded neither like he was feeling the pressure nor like he minded not being good at this whole flying thing as he (by luck, really) made his way past her in the sky.  A bit wobilly, and with a smile over his shoulder, he was off again as soon as he said the words.

Right.  It was time to look for the Bludger.

Keen green eyes scanned the sky for the darkest of the balls (and really, there were just so many), which he knew from his reading and from his lesson were quite dangerous.  It didn’t take long for him to see for himself first had just how fearsome the things were; one of them came whizzing by his head with the sound of so many angry hornets.

In a natural response, Sam’s hand tightened on the neck of his beater’s bat.

“Watch out there, Sandy!” he called, approaching the bludger from the opposite direction of the other boy.  Swinging back with one hand, one hand still firmly grasping the handle of his broom, Sam swung hard at the bludger [Edmund], sending it loosely in the direction of the older boy Keeping for the other team [Jeremiah].  The hit was hard enough to change the direction of the Bludger, which was good--that was the goal--but it had also been strong enough for the opposite force to change the direction of Sam; as bat and ball had connected, the eleven-year-old had slowed to a stop, shot about a meter backward, and now gilded sort of sideways at a very slow pace.

As far as first plays went, it wasn’t very good.

But it wasn’t bad, either.

1955 / Re: A Chronic(le) Battle | Hippogriffs&Horklumps
« on: 12/09/2018 at 04:30 »
“Of course, Immy,” said Sam when Immy came to the table, giving her a smile that he knew she couldn’t see but that was as warm as would have been if she could.  “Let me know if you need any extra description or help, ok?”

As the game started and each player began to tell their character story, Sam’s smile stayed in place, taking a bit of time with each character and narrating their bit of the story.

“All right, Basil,” he started, looking at the boy who he did think mattered, despite what he said.  “Zippy starts us off by meditating on the enemy camp, looking for weak points.  I think I will call that--” Sam shuffled pages to several that were certainly not in his neat penmanship but instead that of the girl whose book he had found.  “--a Perception Check, since you’re getting a general lay of the place.”  Sam’s smile broke only long enough to take a deep breath--a little performance of his own, he thought, playing up the importance of the first roll of the game.  He rolled in the open, and quickly added the numbers.  “That’s a  19, which is pretty good, I think.  You are able to glean that the defense seems less heavy on the outskirts of camp, to your left and your right.  At the center, you can make out a heavily-reinforced fort.

Sam laughed when the Nettlebed sister he hadn’t smiled at said the word ass, but quickly stifled the sound, rememberimg that she--and many of the girls at the table--were older than he was, and wouldn’t find a girl saying a swear word so funny.  He composed himself as he went on.

Miss Nettlebed,” he started, hoping it smoothly covered that he didn’t know which was which.  “Your Noxious Nancy spends the evening Dung Bombing her Beater’s Bats.”  He had thought about rolling one of the smaller dice to make her think he was making a roll like she cautioned against, but the look she had given him was quite enough to make him pick up the proper dice and give it a roll instead.  He frowned at the result.  “That’s pretty bad, I’m sorry, it’s a 6.  You, proving how Noxious you really are, are able to empty the Dung Bomb just fine, and you’re pretty sure that it will make whoever you attack with it first pretty sick--I’ll say they have to make a--”  Sam searched one of the pages in front of him for the word.  “--Constitution Savings Throw--and they probably won’t be able to attack.  You know this because it makes you feel pretty sick, applying it.  You spend the rest of the night at camp stinky and alone.”

That wasn’t something he enjoyed telling a girl.  Sam shrugged.

“Good description, Immy,” he went on after listening, nodding his head even though she wouldn’t know.  “Natasha spends time by the campfire, reflecting and readying herself.  Let’s call that--a general Wisdom Check, since she’s checking in with her own intuition and self-knowledge.”  Again, the dice clattered on the table, in plain sight.  “An 18, that’s another high roll.  Ok, Immy, let’s say Natasha feels very in touch with herself, and the first attack she makes with her well-loved Beater’s Bats in tomorrow’s battle will be at Advantage--which just means that you get two rolls, and can take the higher one to determine the outcome.”

Sam cleared his throat again.  That was boring Beast Master stuff, and he was meant to be keeping the game fun.

Miss Nettlebed,” Sam repeated, turning to the other Nettlebed sister--the one he had smiled at but who had decidedly not returned his smile.  It didn’t stop him giving the same smile again; he thought this one, whichever she was, was especially good-looking.  “Flan Flynnagan--he’s a boy?--he’s going to make some poison.”  For a brief moment, Sam thought of the best way to roll this, and decided it was probably a Wisdom check, too, since it was based on knowledge of nature and a sort of intuitive feel for how plants interact--in his mind, at least.  For all his thought, the roll still wasn’t great.  “That’s a 9.  So Flan’s a skilled poison maker, so you’re sure it will work and be pretty effective, especially if you get it into a wound.  You just don’t know, other than damage, what other effects the poison might have.

Sam had a few ideas.  With a last grin, he moved on to the next player.

Colette, smart move,” he said to the older girl, giving her an approving nod.  “Iggy casts the first spell of the game and your familiar pops into life.”  Sam had prepared a table of small Narnian creatures for just such an event and, taking one of the smaller dice, rolled to see what form the familiar would take.  “It takes the form of a Hedgehog.  Because you’re in Narnia, the Hedgehog can also speak and understand English.

“All right, Sandy,” Sam went on, turning to the boy who seemed to be have trouble sitting still.  Maybe he had sampled a few too many of the nice-looking cupcakes he brought with him.  “Robert eats--”  This seemed to confirm Sam’s suspicion.  “--and makes nice playing games with the camp.”  For a moment, he thought, quickly and quietly, and then rolled a dice.  “That’ll be a Performance Check, to see how well you play and how people react.  It’s a 7, so you annoy a large portion of the camp, but you do make some friends, which will earn you Advantage on the first Charisma check you make, if in, for tomorrow’s battle.

Another older girl came next.

“Yes, Lillian,” he said, nodding.  “Alvena spends her time gathering herbs and looking very pretty, by the sounds of it.” On the table, Sam rolled the twenty-sided dice, but picked it up quickly, hopefully before anyone--especially Lillian--had seen.  He said nothing more, but gave a mysterious sort of smile and wrote something down on one of his pieces of paper.

Elana, thank you for bring so many treats,” he said after the girl had finished speaking, grinning especially hard to see that she, too, had a stack of papers with her, perhaps containing a backstory not unlike in length to the one he had given the Betrayer King.  “Olivia also spends her night with the people, trying to get a feel for any new information that might help her in battle tomorrow.  Let’s call that a general Charisma Check, to see how charismatic your conversations are and how much information people are willing to lend.”  He rolled the dice.  “That’s a 12, and with that--”  He paused very briefly, considering.  “--you hear a bit of new-to-you information about the kind of army you’ll be up against tomorrow.  The Betrayer King has in his ranks strange creatures, and it’s rumored werewolves are among them.  Their bites, you hear, should be avoided at all costs--if you can, as they’re vicious fighters who will fight until the very last.

“And with that,” he carried on, green eyes darting again to one of the pages he had written over the prior week, “the lot of you settle in for the night, finding sleep--some of you more restful than others, some finding comforting dreams of home and others tossing fitfully on your cots.  Eventually, dawn comes for you all, rising bri--bright and clear.  The eleven of you find each other on the camp, and decide you will go into battle together.”

From what each player had said about their character, he wasn’t sure how likely this would be.  While he could certainly see the likes of Robert and Olivia teaming up, he couldn’t quite place Noxious Nancy on the same team.  Part of any story (and of being part of any audience) was a bit of willful suspension of disbelief, he justified.

He still cleared his throat again, anyway.

You have heard from your commander, a brave soldier who is called Prince James--” James, by coincidence only, of course, also happened to be Sam’s middle name.  Also by coincidence, he had several more pages of Prince James’s backstory.  “--that there are two possible objectives.  One, destroy every member of the Betrayer King’s Army, for they are vile and a scourge to all of Narnia, and without an army, the Betrayer King will surely fall.  Two, Price James has received information from a reliable source that the central fort houses the Betrayer King himself.  If you are able to overcome the central fort, it is believed that the Betrayer King will surrender without any further fight, because he is a coward.  So, all right, let’s move some cakes here, please--”

Bending to reach to the bag he had brought with him, he picked up a roll of parchment (which he still thought was infinitely cooler than the paper he wrote on in primary school) and started to smooth it out over the table.  When he had secured each corner with something or another--a cupcake, his own half-full can of juice--it revealed a battle map.  It only took a few more moments for him to arrange carefully cut out tokens.

"Oh, Immy," he added at the last moment, almost forgetting she'd need extra description.  "There's a map of the battle field.  You and the rest of the party are on the South side, and the Betrayer King's army are on the North side, about--"  He counted boxes.  "--forty or fifty feet away.  There's two enemy tents, and one enemy fort in the middle of them.  Right now, you can see several enemies--four creatures that look like wolves who walk on two legs, three creatures that are very large and look like bulls who walk on two legs, and then a very yucky looking old lady in a red dress."

Sam’s eyes dropped back to his paper.

You all stand shoulder to shoulder in front of your tents, staring the enemy down.  For some time, the air is still and soundless.  It still smells faintly of last night's campfire smoke.  In the distance, you hear a lone voice cry--the shrill, eerie voice of the Betrayer King, calling out to his forces to commence the attack.  You spring into action.

“What would you like to do?”

A1.  ZIPPY PUDDLES sits at the edge of camp, watching the enemy camp and looking for weaknesses with a Perception Check.
Rolled: 19 [1d20 (18) + 1]
You notice that the sides of camp look less heavily reinforced than the center of camp.  At the center of camp, there is a heavily reinforced fort.

A2.  NOXIOUS NANCY spreads Dung Bomb dung on her two Beater’s Bats, hoping it will repulse her enemies in battle.  She must make a Constitution Check to make sure it doesn’t affect her.
Rolled: 6 [1d20 ( 4) + 2]
Both Beater’s Bats are successfully covered in Dung Bomb dung.  The first attack she makes with her Beater’s Bats will cause the target to make a DC10 Constitution Savings Throw.  On a failed save, the target is GROSSED OUT and cannot take any actions on its following turn.
The bad new is that Noxious Nancy is also grossed out for the night, and spends it stinky.  Most of the camp avoids her.

A3.  NATASHA BLACKFOXE spends time cozied by the fire, focusing on the day tomorrow and making sure her favored weapons are in order.  She’ll make a WIsdom Check as she uses her insight to reflect and prepare.
Rolled: 18 [1d20 (19) - 1]
You feel well-focused and in touch with yourself and your fighting style.  The first attack with your Beater’s Bats made in tomorrow’s battle will be made at Advantage.

A4.  FLAN FLYNNAGAN attempts to make a simple but effective poison using his Poisoner’s Kit.  He will make a Wisdom check to follow his intuitive thought about ingredient combinations.
Rolled: 9 [1d20 (6) + 3]
You make the poison.  You guess it can be best used by making sure it comes into contact with an open wound. You are sure it will deal a moderate amount of damage (1d8), but are unsure what, if any, other effects it may have.

A5.  IGGY MOONSTORM ritually casts Find Familiar.
No roll is needed.  Your familiar takes the form of a Hedgehog...that can speak and understand English as a language.

A6.  ROBERT HALFMAINE eats a bunch of food and plays games with people in camp.  He’s make a Performance Check to see how well his social foray goes over.
Rolled:  7 [1d20 (7) + 0]
You got on some peoples’ nerves, but you’ve earned the friendship of many of your fellow army member.  The first of any Charisma-based checks you do for the battle tomorrow will earn a small boost (+1d4).

A7.  ALVENA RAVENWOOD spends time refilling her herbs stash.
No roll needed.  Your herb stash is refilled and you are ready for battle.

A8.  OLIVIA LANDAU spends the evening with the people of camp, listening as she talked with them for any information they might have about the Betrayer King and his forces.  She’ll make a general Charisma Check to see how well her mingling goes
Rolled: 12 [1d20 (12) + 0]
You glean that the Betrayer King has in his employ many kinds of beasts, werewolves potentially among them.  You’re advised to stay away from their bite if possible.  They will fight to the end.

ALVENA RAVENWOOD | Level 3 Herbologist | HP 24/24 | AC 13/15 with shield
BENNY GREENING | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 13/15 with shield
FLAN FLYNNAGAN | Level 2 Herbologist | HP 17/17 | AC 11/13 with shield
IGGY MOONSTORM | Level 3 Duelist | HP 14/14 | AC 12
NATASHA BLACKFOX | Level 1 Quidditch Beater | HP 12/12 | AC 16
NOXIOUS NANCY | Level 2 Quidditch Beater| HP 20/20 | AC 15
OLIVIA LANDAU | Level 1 Healer | HP 10/10 | AC 14/16 with shield
ROBERT HALFMAINE | Level 1 Prankster | HP 10/10 | AC 14
ROSE ADLER | Level 1 Quidditch Chaser | HP 11/11 | AC 15
SICILY GREENE | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11
ZIPPY PUDDLES | Level 1 Duelist | HP 8/8 | AC 11


Werewolf 1
Werewolf 2
Werewolf 3
Werewolf 4
Minotaur 1
Minotaur 2
Minotaur 3

[Wow!  What an update.  We’re jumping straight in to COMBAT!

Here’s some notes on the general flow of each round so things go easier for you.
  • You move!  Each round, you character has 30 feet of movement.  Each grid square counts as 5 Feet of movement, so you can move up to 6 squares each round if you want!  Please specify where you want your character to be by coordinate--ie, G13, C6, etc.  Immy, if you want to describe the general direction or area in character, and then specify to me OOC (either in your post on in PM) where you want her to be on the map, that works for me!
  • You use your action!  You may do any of your character’s attacks or spells.  You may also perform a skill check, like trying to persuade a werewolf to change sides with a Charisma check, or trying to sneak ahead with a Stealth Check.  You may also speak any dialogue that you feel your character could reasonably say in a pretty short amount of time.
  • The Bad Guys go.  The bad guys will always go last during this battle.

If you are interested in trying for the Capture the Fort objective, that will be a two step process.  You will need to:
  • Get to the front doors.  They’re indicated by tanish line on the bottom of the fort.
  • Perform a Dexterity Check to pick the locks.  Anyone who is proficient in Thieves Tools will also have their Proficiency Bonus added, which will be helpful--it’s going to be a pretty hard check!

For the next update, I will be waiting until Monday morning, so I am not staying up super late for update times.  Consider it some bonus time to post if you need it!

As always, check in with me if you have any questions!]

1955 / super sweet saturday | odi
« on: 12/08/2018 at 19:28 »
saturday 23 july 1955
chippingford saturday market
after lunch

How, exactly, he had ended up with a girl called Aphrodite walking together down the neat, picturesque main street of Chippingford on a Saturday, Samuel Whitmore was not sure, but he was not one to question good luck.

"How do you feel," he posed, eying up the third brightly-colored stall the pair of them had passed, his hands clasped behind his back.  "About battenburg cake?"

Sam himself quite liked battenburg for its marzipan.  Aphrodite, he was hedging, might like it because it was pink.

1955 / Re: Between the Lines | Sammy
« on: 12/08/2018 at 19:08 »
It was hard, already, for Sam Whitmore to pick out his favorite place at Camp Loki, for there were so many and for such a variety of reasons.  There was the dining room of Cair Paravel, which served meals daily that were better than most that he’d grown up with even for Christmas (which spoke less to his mum’s cooking skills, which were fantastic, but more to their limited grocery fund).  The eleven-year-old boy had also taken a particular liking to hanging around Aslan's How, less because it was were the infirmary was located (though he did spend a fair amount of time there getting scraped knees patched) and more because it was one of his favorite locations from the book series the camp had been modeled after, and he quite liked the idea of hanging around in it for as long as the summer would allow him.  Glasswater Creek was nice, too, because there seemed to be an endless supply of girls in bathing suits there, which was (he was discovering) a major interest for Sam.

Certainly among the top spots of the list--top five, for sure--was the library he had discovered that morning in Cair Paravel, just after breakfast when he was still quite full of about a half dozen eggs.  He had been there since, and he had been similarly situated to the way he was now:  his forehead pressed onto the edge of a shelf, eyes gazing down at an open book in his hands, leaning into the shelf as he leaned into the writing he read.  Over the last several hours--not that Sam had noticed their passing--he had moved locations a few times, scooted a few sections down.  At present, his head rested beside a small brass tag that read 540 - 550.  In his hands rested quite a large textbook on Chemistry.

As he read on, the boy tried to absorb what he could, but the book seemed a little out of his range.  The problem he had run into at his primary school’s library back home was that all the books on science were a little too basic, written for children his own age.  Sam was--not that he’d say it out loud, but certainly thought it--much more advanced than that, and no longer needed brightly colored charts with cartoony looking illustrations of beakers wearing glasses to teach him about the pH scale.  The problem he was facing now, however, was that the book in his hand was much more advanced in than Sam was, using words that he was sure were meant to be read by university students to explain concepts targeted at the same.  While the Whitmore boy was bright, he certainly wasn’t one of those weirdos who got sent to university at aged eleven.  Getting sent to wizard school was quite weird enough for him.

He was battling through a dense bit about positrons, whatever those were, when he heard a voice that was speaking not English but German.

“Oh,” said Sam, quite cooly and looking up with the indentation of the shelf cutting deep into his forehead.

Though is mum argued he shouldn’t and became quite cross when he did, Sam couldn’t help but think of his father when he heard a German accent.  Like his mum reminded him to, he reminded himself that it wasn’t whoever it was--a girl, in this case--who had fought against his father in the War.  Like his mum reminded him to, he smiled instead, though it was tense and not as easy-going as it usually was.  The tension faded some when she started talking about science, however, for it was easier to remember what his mum reminded him about common ground.

“Oh, don’t worry about it,” he said, in regard to her almost bumping into him.  Sam shrugged, and his smile went a little more genuine.  “And I’m just looking around, really, I only just found this place this morning.”  He left out the bit about having looked for histories on Narnia first, for he thought if any library in the world might have one, this would be it, but also that a girl interested in something like organic chemistry might think Narnian history was a bit silly.  “There’s so much here, isn’t there?  Can you show me that book?”

Sam had never studied organic chemistry in particular, but the chemistry of organic things did sound quite interesting.  With any luck, it wouldn’t be quite as murky as the book he currently closed and slid back into its proper place on the shelf.

“I’m Sam,” he added.  “It’s good to meet you, Elena.  Lead the way, then?”

1955 / Re: TRUTH OR DARE | Younger Year Sleepover
« on: 12/08/2018 at 17:57 »
Sam Whitmore was gathered around the center because he wanted to play Truth or Dare.

He was especially keen to play because this was a boy-girl party, which made the idea of the game--already quite daring, he thought--all the more exciting.  He had played before, of course, with the neighborhood boys--never at sleepovers because those were for girls, but on the playground at school or at the park when they’d run out of girls to chase.  Then, the dares were usually gross (Mic from down the street had a reputation for making especially vile ones).  Now, however, he supposed there was a whole new realm of tantalizing dares since there were girls involved.  As a rule, they were much less gross and far better smelling, and Sam thought (if he got lucky, and if his fellow boys didn’t disappoint him with the usual gross-type dares) he might end up kissing one of them tonight.

Chewing through a chocolate-slathered marshmallow, Sam looked up at Pilar Reina (who happened to be his counselor, and painfully good-looking) from where he sprawled over two cushions on the floor.  With chocolate-rimmed lips, he smiled at her, and then drew a number from the hat she offered him.  In his hand, the paper felt like a world of possibilities waiting to be very literally unfolded.

“Let’s see what we’ve got here,” he mused after he swallowed, his mouth still heavy with the taste of sugar.  Leaning on one elbow to prop himself up, he unfolded the paper.  4, it read in lovely but disappointing handwriting. 

“Looks like that puts me behind Sandy,” he said, shaking his head at the boy beside him.  Sam adjusted the neck of his sweatshirt--he slept, usually, in his training clothes, for he wasn’t a fan of the striped or plaid sleeping clothes his mum always got him for Christmases--and looked back up at Pilar.

“What if none of us draws the 1?  Will you go?”

Sam liked the idea of the older girls--Pilar, and the two other ones, one of which he thought was named Colette--playing very much.

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