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1960 / Re: Into the Spidey-Verse | Spidey Snaps
« on: 08/31/2020 at 19:38 »
Sydney, it turned out, was a fantastic actress. A triple thread, if you would.

Spencer grinned.

Channeling his namesake, he popped his eyes wide, angling his face in the direction of the second criminal Syd had mimicked, though the eyes themselves, glinting with glee, couldn't find the sense in unfixing themselves from the damsel she currently portrayed.

"BVVVVJJJJJW!" He sounded, teeth on the edge of his lips, spittle flying everywhere. "Behold! My laser eyes!"

1960 / Re: Into the Spidey-Verse | Spidey Snaps
« on: 08/05/2020 at 17:42 »
Trusty cape hung as ever around his neck, Spencer Callander surged forward, stopping a few pieces away from his favourite damsel in distress.

"Fear not, brave lass!" He cried, perching brave fists upon triumphant hips, thin chest puffed out to form the perfect, if a bit lanky, silhouette of heroism. "Super Spence is here to save the day!"

1959 / Re: in the eye of the beholder || open
« on: 05/01/2020 at 21:26 »
So he was right, and Azkaban was some sort of magical prison. He wondered what sort of magical machinations had been put in place that could keep full-grown witches and wizards locked inside. But Spencer wasn't sure that was a question he wanted answered, and so he didn't ask. Besides, he'd barely had time to merely think of the question before the other girl (whose name, he only now realised, he had entirely forgotten to ask) spoke one of her own.

"I am," He suddenly became more hesitant. His lineage wasn't something he hid, though there were certainly more pleasant things to talk about. No, his real issue with this particular question was that quite often, it changed the way some people acted around him. A lot of people didn't care, but others would suddenly become more distant, more prone to cutting conversations short at the first opportunity.

Given that he barely knew this new girl, and given that she hadn't exactly been very nice so far, Spencer worried.

Later, he might wonder if having his notebook stolen from his grip was better or worse than an outright dismissal. Having her critique his hard work as boring certainly didn't feel all that great.

"It is not!" He insisted, swiping again to take it back, but drawing his arm back as soon as he saw the page start to flip. The only thing worse than a page marred by a yellow line was a page ripped down the middle by a flailing hand. "Just give it back, please!"

But instead, she held it up for him to see, showing a page he'd drawn last January. It showed a caped hero standing heroically atop a mountain. His right arm stretched skyward, holding a short stick out of which blazed a luminous starburst. The hero wore a suit similar in shape to that of superman, though it differed in color. Bright red covered him from head to toe, save for the insignia of a bright golden sun emblazoned across his chest. Billowing in the wind at his back was a cape of matching gold. The mousey brown curls on his head were not unlike those which fell across Spencer's brow.

"That's, uh," He couldn't help the blush that crept upon his cheeks. Of course she'd stumble upon one of his more embarrassingly personal pieces. "The cover for one of my comic books. The adventures of Sunboy the wiz kid."

1959 / Re: avvie wizard here for all ur avvie needs
« on: 04/27/2020 at 19:28 »

name Marina Lamont
face claim Tatiana Maslany
personality/theme adventurous, curious, worrywart
anything else? pics with shoulder length-ish hair please c:


name Spencer Callander
face claim Bill Milner
personality/theme awkward, dreamer, flibbertigibbet
anything else? thank youuu <33

1959 / Re: in the eye of the beholder || open
« on: 04/27/2020 at 16:41 »
"What's Azkaban?" Another question blurted past his lips a moment after it sprang to mind. It wasn't the first time he'd wanted to ask it, either. He'd heard that word before. He'd heard it whispered among campers since the start of summer. Apparently that was where Astro's sister was going. Of all the questions Spencer asked -- and Spencer Callander asked a lot of questions -- this one felt most important. In the pits of his gut, he already knew the answer.

Azkaban wasn't a castle (or, at least, not only a castle). It was a prison, it had to be. But it also had to be a super prison, because witches and wizards were not regular people, and if magic could be used to unlock a door, then surely it could be used to open a jail cell. So, no matter her answer to this new question, Spencer felt quite confident that, at the very least, this blonde was telling the truth about the Alhambra being better than Azkaban.

And yet he couldn't suppress a smirk in reaction to her next comment.

"It doesn't stink!" He laughed, though, taking a deeper inhale, he had to admit, there was a hint of something musty and stale wafting through the air. "Okay, maybe a bit, but I've smelled way worse."

While Spencer was busy sniffing the air, he failed to notice that as the girl had started to step closer, her eyes had fallen to his sketchbook. Too late, he noticed her reaching. His only reflex was to press down on it with the hand already resting lazily upon it, and all that managed to do was trace an incongruous line of yellow across his drawing as his pencil pressed against the escaping pages.

"Hey!" Spencer stood and took a step toward her. "Give it back!" He reached out, meaning to snatch it back, but his movement was held back by hesitation. Whether it was preemptive embarrassment that held him back, or the curiosity about whether she might glance at the comic book sketches lining the other pages, he wasn't sure. It was probably an uneasy mixture of both.

1959 / Re: in the eye of the beholder || open
« on: 04/26/2020 at 19:26 »
If he hadn't been so determined to finish his drawing, Spencer wouldn't have asked her to move at all. Her cartwheels and flips were impressive, the kind of moves superheroes might pull off when they weren't shooting lasers out of their eyes or flames from their fingers. It was the sort of thing he usually enjoyed drawing, albeit in a more simplistic form than what he was trying to draw now.

And maybe he should have taken it as a sign that he should drop the minutiae of detail and focus on dynamism of movement he usually enjoyed. Comfort zones were comfortable for a reason, especially when the universe seemed to be conspiring to keep him there. Spencer certainly regretted not taking that well-travelled road when the girl rebutted his request as if it were the greatest indignity.

"You see, this is as much my spot as yours."

"Yeah, but you could just--"

"And, frankly, I think you would be better off trying to draw me than that waste of space,"

"Well, maybe, but--"

"It looks like complete garbage."

"It's not that bad." This time, Spencer spoke louder, somehow more keen on defending the old castle than he was in defending his own pastime. Somehow, he couldn't even manage to get that right; this place was far more than not that bad.

This place was splendor incarnate! He couldn't imagine how even a magical civilisation could have constructed an edifice with so much detail crammed onto every surface. This part of it in particular, with the blue sky bathing light into the courtyard, reflecting lazily against the sleeping fountain's waters and glossing over the marble steps Spencer sat on, might have been pulled straight out of one of the fairytales his mother might have read him before she'd passed.

"Spencer Callander," He answered her next abrupt question, with the quickness of an automatic response. Spencer, always butting his nose into people's business with an excited smattering of questions, answered this very question quite often. Just as it was now, that question often proved nothing but an obstacle in his quest for more interesting bits of knowledge. That was also why he entirely forgot to reciprocate the question before he continued with one that had started to burn with pressing haste on the tip of his tongue. "Why d'you hate this place?"

1959 / Re: Open Threads '59!
« on: 04/22/2020 at 18:11 »
Spencer's trying to draw the Alhambra but it's really not easy, especially when you're standing right there.

1959 / in the eye of the beholder || open
« on: 04/22/2020 at 18:10 »
There were too many sights to see at Camp Loki this summer, and once again, Spencer found himself wishing he had a camera. With so much happening and changing drastically over the past three years, he no longer trusted his memory to properly capture every wonder. He'd go from gawking at a goblin sitting behind the marble counters of a bank on one day, to forgetting whether its long ears pointed upwards or outwards, whether its nose had been long or stubby, its eyes blue or black or red, the next.

At least here, he had the luxury of time to help take it all in. Time, and paper, and his many pencils and crayons.

He'd thought the Taj Mahal would be his favourite place; it certainly was one of the only places he'd heard of before coming here, apart from the more obvious Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon which, being in the United States, had basically been a stone's throw away from his old home in Vermont, even though he'd never before seen them with his own eyes. Instead, though, Spencer found himself most drawn to the Alhambra. It was flatter than he expected a castle to be, but seen from up close, its walls, arches and thin pillars laced with intricate details, the still pools reflecting clouds that danced above the courtyards -- the sight of it was arresting.

Today, Spencer sat in one such courtyard, just a short walk away from the main dining hall, on the steps of the fountain at its center. On his crossed legs lay his thick sketchbook. Guided by practiced hands, a yellow ochre pencil darted wildly across the page. Now matter how much care he gave to each stroke, however, he couldn't seem to get the stone archways' intricate lattice quite right. He sighed and shifted his attention to the details at the base of a pillar at the very same moment someone stepped right in front of it. Of course this pillar had to be different from the rest.

"Um, 'scuse me," Spencer called out, embarrassed to have to ask this, and even more embarrassed that it might call attention to his underwhelming drawing. "But, um, could you move? I'm trying to draw that." He aimed his pencil to point at the column, though it might just as easily look as though it was pointed at the other person.

1959 / Re: Pigeon Girl and Tall Boy | Spidey
« on: 04/16/2020 at 15:44 »
A part of him worried that this would be but another fleeting summer moment with Sydney Lamont, that he would think to see her again at the castle, and then once again, she wouldn't be there. Maybe she went to one of those other magic schools people sometimes mentioned. Maybe she went to the one in the United States he should have gone to, if Daddy hadn't dragged him halfway across the world. It felt wrong to assume -- daddy had always said it was rude to do so, and probably ruder still to voice it -- but Spencer Callander had never been one for tact, and so he didn't feel bad about airing his disappointment right then and there.

As it turned out, having those old assumptions corrected was a reward unto itself. Spencer's lips widened into a grin.

"Your first year? I thought you were older!" Or, at least, he had back then, when he'd been eleven, and shorter, and had thought that people with gray hair must be about thirty five, at most. Looking at her now, though -- specifically, looking down at her -- the age gap became rather more apparent. Not that it mattered to him; he always seemed to get along better with younger kids. The old ones were rather more intimidating.

"They are!" He answered her next question with glee. Most students would probably not be so awed by the Hogwarts common rooms, but to Spencer, who had lived most of his life in a ramshackle parsonage, and whose current residence in London was a dingy flat that smelled of old socks, they were quite luxurious indeed. "The windows are huge and you can see the whole castle and the grounds when you're looking out, and the couches are so comfy, and there's always a fire in the winter, and there's even a kind of coffee shop except it's free and it's these little people they call house elves that make it!"

He caught his breath.

"But there's no pyramids, though."

1959 / chillin' we be
« on: 04/15/2020 at 17:41 »


Hi, friends, it's me! Ari! You may know me better, here as Rina, the admin who always seems to be lurking in chat, or as Merryl, the Gryffindor house head, or as Spencer, the Ravenclaw SuperNerd, or as any of my other characters, too. We'll get to them later.

As for me, I'm a games programmer from Canada, currently still working, albeit from home, despite the world crashing and burning. I know I'm one of the lucky ones, but still, it's been hard juggling that and this whole "staying sane" thing, but I've recently started doing origami to calm my nerves, and it seems to be working well enough so far! The two Yodas pictured above are my proudest creations so far, but I'm working on a Princess Leia currently (it's a long, complicated project but I'm getting there) who might be able to dethrone them, if she turns out right.

I tend to like all the things when it comes to reading, watching, playing and the like, so instead of offering up endless lists the way I usually do, I'll shorten them down to the things I'm currently enjoying or have recently finished. I'm a multi-tasker, so the lists will be longer than they should be, anyway.

So without further ado, let there be lists!

  • Killing Eve
  • The Magicians
  • Bob Ross: Beauty is Everywhere
  • Survivor: Winners at War
  • Community (rewatching)
  • Buffy (rewatching)

  • Jojo Rabbit
  • Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (rewatched with live orchestra, yes it was amazing)
  • The Addams Family Values (rewatch)
  • Spy Kids

  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake
  • Final Fantasy XIV (currently on Stormborn)
  • Assassin's Creed Odyssey

  • Currently Reading: Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo
  • Just Finished: The Testaments - Margaret Atwood
  • Current Audiobook: Mythos - Stephen Fry
  • Last Audiobook: The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett

  • Origami
  • Hamilton (I was supposed to see it last weekend T_T)
  • Board Games

SPENCER Callander has always wanted to be a superhero, just like the ones in his treasured comic books. However, his father, a pious pastor deathly allergic to any form of blasphemy, did everything in his power to thwart those ambitions. So when a letter came announcing that his son was a wizard, he did the only reasonable thing: move across the ocean to London, where these heathens couldn't reach them. Luckily for Spencer, a more subtle heathen was sent to whisk Spencer away to school, and unbeknownst to Daddy Callander, this one was magical, too.

Merryl Midthunder is Hogwarts' current Gryffindor House Head. Her austere and solitary nature haven't done much to quell the cruel rumours that swirl about her, from being part hag to having a dementor for a lover. The truth is, she's a military woman who came to Hogwarts in search of a more tranquil life as she nears retirement. Apparently, it never occurred to her that being responsible for a bunch of adolescent Gryffindors is most certainly not a tranquil job.

NASHIRA Nettlebed used to believe she had her whole life (and most other things) figured out. She was going to be the youngest ever gobstone maker with a perfectly pristine reputation to set her right on track to becoming Minister of Magic. But she's been learning the hard way that she can't fit into the perfect mould society wants for a girl like her, and worse yet, that things don't always go according to her meticulous plans. Even so, she's giving it her best shot, following in her absentee father's footsteps by becoming a lawyer.

MARINA has been doing a lot better since graduation, living with her best friend Mia Green and working to research and rehabilitate magical creatures with several more of her old school friends. On a good day, Marina is curious, vivacious and impulsive, searching out new discoveries with a smile. On a bad day, she's an anxious mess overripe with worry and self-doubt.

LEONA arrived in London as a refugee a few years ago, fleeing South Africa with her family. She's been working at St-Mungo's since graduation, hoping to heal and teach young souls. She also frequently visits the British Ministry, urging them to send help to dismantle apartheid in her native country. Despite the many horrors she’s witnessed in South Africa, Leona holds true to the belief that most of the world’s problems can be solved with hard work, a smile and a song.

WIT is a full-grown adult with the maturity of a teenage boy. Even though he was in Ravenclaw, he graduated with poor grades and failed to get the glamorous job he’d always hoped for. His intelligence reigns in the realm of the imagination, where he conjures up heroic tales to tell as truth to anyone gullible enough to listen. He served two terms as Magical Drama Professor at Hogwarts, but that was just way too much responsibility for him to handle, so now he's flexing his creative muscles inside real theatres.

JOSHUA was once a beater and co-captain for the Swedish national team and was once a semi-famous Jazz musician. Next in his string of ambitious endeavours came his position on the SRC's new board of directors. Unfortunately, his plans for power haven't been as successful as he'd once hoped, and the emergence of a bastard son gives him additional distraction.

1959 / Re: Pigeon Girl and Tall Boy | Spidey
« on: 04/10/2020 at 15:39 »
It never ceased to amaze Spencer how summer camp could be ten times more magical than Hogwarts, that place where he was literally learning to be a superhero, even with the use of his wand prohibited. Sure, this year, the set up offered less opportunity for costumes and roleplay, but the setup was absolutely fascinating nevertheless. Everywhere he looked was a new marvel upon which he'd never dreamed of laying his eyes. Over the past few years, all the things he could only imagine as a child had tumbled into his life one after the other, vying for his attention.

There was so much to see, so much to experience, that it felt like he couldn't give anything the attention it truly deserved.

And maybe that was why he performed with such mediocrity in all the classes in which he so badly wanted to succeed. He didn't need to worry about that in the summer, though. At Camp Loki, all he had to do was sit back, relax, and explore. No matter what he did, it would be fun. No matter where he went, it would be disappointment-free! Today's venture into the egyptian pyramids was already proving his point.

(He only wished he could tell Daddy about all of this.)

(Something so amazing couldn't truly be blasphemous.)


His pensive admiration was cut short by the sudden and loud scurry of footsteps, growing louder and louder until they stopped frighteningly close. Spencer leapt back and turned around, only to see a sight even happier than the wonder of the world they currently stood in.

His own personal hero, as she was quick to remind him.

"Of course I remember you!" He answered, grinning, fidgeting as he held back from hugging her. Surely, that would be rude, as the faint echo of his father's voice reminded him in the back of his mind. But the happy memory of the day they'd met also came with the bitter disappointment that had followed, when he'd looked upon every face attending his very first opening feast and had failed to see her, or any of the other kids he'd met at Diagon Alley that day he'd first set foot into the Wizarding World. "I thought you woulda been at Hogwarts."

1958 / Re: sugar // OPEN
« on: 12/09/2019 at 14:12 »
If she'd sounded like his dad then, she didn't now. Her level-headed response was about as far removed from his father's bursts of rage in the face of the slightest contradiction as could be. Though this was certainly less terrifying, and therefore preferable, it remained uncharted territory.

He'd heard of sugar crashes before, but wasn't sure he'd ever experienced one himself. They could be a myth, for all he knew. What truly bothered Spencer was the insinuation that he was about to get up to shenanigans like some common villain.

Spencer's hands -- one of them still holding his fork -- wrapped protectively around the sides of his plate. His head quirked slightly to the side as Spencer regarded the older girl and wondered how Superman might respond to such a conundrum.

"Don't worry ma'am," His voice had changed. Heck, his entire demeanor had changed. Spencer had suddenly adopted a New York accent he supposed the people of Metropolis must have, too. His shoulders squared and his arms twitched as they tried to settle into a skin far more comfortable than his own. Spencer was channeling Clark Kent himself. "You don't need to worry 'bout shenanigans. I'm a law-abiding citizen!"

His legs bounced twice and his arms unwrapped from his dish. Another bite of cake was plucked from the plate and plopped proudly into his mouth.

1958 / Re: Jailbreak - Gunslingers and Lawmen!
« on: 12/08/2019 at 01:08 »


He was ready!

He'd always known this day would come!

He was born for this!

His wand plopped off the handle of the makeshift gun held at his waist just as lysander Stone declared the game had begun.

While his fellow lawmen bounded off after their bounty, Spencer stayed where he was, leaning down to pick up the fallen armament. He put the pieces back together as best he could and wrapped it all once more with what remained of the spellotape that had held it all together until then. But the minute he released his grip to let the thing stand on its own, his pretend weapon crumbled apart once again.

"Gosh darnit." Spencer groaned. His frustration got the best of him and he threw the handle down on the ground. His wand, ever precious, was placed gently back into his pocket.

When he looked up again, there was already a kid in jail, and several more of the villainous gunslingers gaining ground. Still bemoaning the loss of his handiwork, and disappointed that he'd already missed out on a good deal of fun, Spencer sighed and tried and tried to assess how best to spring into action.

He was a cowboy, for goodness' sake! A lawman through and through!

He was a hero just like Red Ryder or the Rawhide Kid.

It came as no surprise that the first place he looked and, soon after, the first place he ran to, was toward Clara Darcy. She was going after another kid, but that outlaw looked slippery enough that Spencer decided she'd most definitely want some backup.

"I'm coming, Clara!" Spencer shouted at the top of his heroic lungs as he tried to help stun Elias and prevent his escape.

Already, this was starting to get fun again. With his frown slowly morphing back into its usual grinning shape, the enthused lawboy kept on running, this time toward his friend Philip who, today, was his enemy. Though he greeted him as the former with a smile and a laugh, his arms, spread in an attempt to catch and capture the other boy, indicated he at least knew him to be the latter. "Philip, isn't this great?"

1958 / Re: sugar // OPEN
« on: 12/07/2019 at 23:44 »
Throughout his entire first year at the school, Spencer had been in awe of the food the school has to offer. Everything had tasted a bit weird at first, after so many years of eating nothing but Daddy's TV dinners, but he'd long since come to the conclusion that the food prepared by the House Elves (actual elves like the ones he'd once believed Santa to have -- and did that mean the existence of the rubenesque man in red was back on the table!?) was objectively better.

The stuff on Camp Loki's menu was even better. Without any set order to its appearance, he found no reason to apply a set order to its consumption, and with no judgemental adults around to tell him otherwise, Spencer was free to devour whatever he pleased.

And it most certainly pleased him to eat chocolate cake, apple pie and hot cross buns for dinner. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to please the girl sitting across from him. Spencer looked at her quietly for a moment, not because he was pensive, but because he needed to both finish and savour his mouthful, lest it be his last.

"You sound like my dad."

1958 / Bang Bang !! Mimi
« on: 12/06/2019 at 14:34 »
Though his eyes spoke of horrendous disappointment, the little craftwork in his hands was nowhere near as terrible as Spencer made it out to be. At the very least, anyone who looked at it could tell it was meant to be a gun, with a thick branch he'd hacked at until it somewhat resembled a handle strapped to his wand and another perfectly shaped bramble strapped to that in lieu of a trigger. He'd used tape -- though the person who'd leant it to him had called it spellotape -- to hold it all together.

Spencer was frowning still when someone walked by. He kept on frowning as he looked up at the vaguely familiar girl and showed her his handiwork -- regardless of whether she actually cared to see it.

"It's ugly, isn't it?"

1958 / Excelsior !! Spencer Callander
« on: 12/02/2019 at 04:04 »
spencer callander
Ravenclaw ☀ Firstie ☀ Muggleborn
Spencer Callander was born on an island in Vermont, USA, called South Hero and all his life he dreamed of becoming the Southern Hero worthy of living in a place like that. On his eleventh birthday, that dream came true! He got a letter -- a flurry of them actually -- inviting him to a place called Ilvermorny that promised to teach him magic! And if he was magical, then that made him a SUPERHERO just like Superman or Captain America or the Human Torch.

Unfortunately, his father, the local pastor, had different ideas. to escape the heresy of witchcraft, he packed up everything they owned, barring Spencer's beloved Comic books. Lucky for Spencer, there was a wizarding school in Britain that also wanted to teach him magic: Hogwarts!

His first year wasn't all he'd hoped. It turned out, he wasn't as great and powerful as he'd always dreamed he would be. But Spencer Callander is not easily discouraged. Plus, he's a huge fan of cowboys, so he'll be back to having his usual wide grin on his face in no time!

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town aint big enough
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NAME:     Spencer Callander
AGE:      12

1957 / Re: Open Threads '57
« on: 08/21/2019 at 14:09 »
Come ride the Hogwarts Express with a new kid?

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