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All the things! I even like cooking stuff I don’t like eating, just because I like the variety. I’m not sure if there’s an actual dish I like to make? But instead… I love sautéing peppers and onions together because it smells amazing. When I can accurately brown butter for a sauce without burning it. Making a proper balsamic glaze. ..Okay, apparently I like making sauces? Lol.

Oh wow. Thank you! I’m honestly just glad you liked them. <3  (we should also totally thread except I don’t know who to throw at you apart from Monty, and she’s annoying)

1) hi i love u back.

2) i’m both comforted and sorry that we can bond over this. corona’s a jerk.

3) nevvverrrr. you’re stuck with me. sorry about your luck. <3

PAM. SURPRISE--we technically already did this on discord, but. HI AGAIN ANYWAY. I’m excited too, and we need to do some plotting type things.

double surprise about the marriage? whoops.

--Oh god, if they were still up. I can’t decide if I’d want to read my old stuff or not, yeesh. But I have no idea why we haven’t. We’re weird? But yeees! Absolutely throw those two together. You honestly can throw any of your characters at mine. I’ll go with it. Téo would probably want to paint Cece anyway, lol.

--For real. They always do. But truth.

--YOU’RE THE FIRST PERSON I KNOW THAT’S WATCHED IT (apart from my friend’s dad). Annnd… I’ve honestly watched both seasons. Twice. Season two gets pretty wonky, but I liked it? Also, can I just say, their main theme music is great? Super unsettling, but great. And not gonna lie, Holden annoys the crap out of me. Ugh.

--Let’s do it. Hit me up. (for threading or crime doc/show talk. i’m here for both)

Yes, please (and I’m honored that you stalk my threads, gah).

Hahaha. I always get eyed suspiciously when I do show them my I.D. Which on some level is good, but on another, I’m just like, “haha, i’m too lazy for that, what”

To both recipes and threading, YES. Addison’s good at bumping into things, ha. Poke me (or I’ll poke you).

Uhm. How about your characters and ANY of mine? Especially if it’s Alice because I adore her. Also, I’m sure Téo still wants to paint her (because apparently she bonds well with blondes, that are good at potions, and have zero people skills). But absolutely to Pandora and Monty too! We need to set this up.

1959 / who's got game?
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Heeey, I'm Megan, but everyone just calls me Meg or Whatever-Character name is working for you that day. Not picky. You can probably just poke me without calling me anything and I’ll answer you. I've been around here for a while, off and on, since 2005. Billie Dragomir was probably my most recognizable character (until Téo), but we're not gonna talk about how old she is or her kids, gah.

I’m lazy, so here are some maybe stolen lists?

random facts.
one: i’m thirty-something, but apparently look twenty-something (or sixteen if you’re that rando dude at the walmart).
two: before the plague, i spent my time paralegal-ing at a law firm.
three: really into cooking, but a hot mess at baking.
four: big on history and true crime.
five: was going to europe this month or next, but coronavirus said, "lol, no."

random currents.
tv show(s): wynonna earp. mindhunter. one day at a time.
movie(s): documentaries? 
music: feeling the 80’s and 90’s.
book(s): a moveable feast by ernest hemingway. the radium girls by kate moore.
food(s): all of it. send help.

And, the more interesting, my characters! I’m always up for threading, so feel free to hit me up via PM or discord (Meg#2596)!

maria téodora "téo" wittington.
has accidental game.
20. gryffindor, class of '57. mexican-american. painter. intense artist type mixed with warm, protective big sister type. super nice. bit of a puppy when it comes to her best friend and secret girlfriend, vega nettlebed. has a giant maine coon cat that loves said secret girlfriend more than it loves her. currently in south america/traveling.

montgomery "monty" lee king.
has quidditch game.
12. gryffindor. upcoming second year. british-american. daughter of aurors. has a gambling problem (but inherited her father's knack for good luck). inability to turn down a challenge or dare. obsessed with flying. signature look: jeans, t-shirt, windblown hair. signature moves: bruises, scrapes, broken limbs. currently at camp.

addison lee wittington.
hahaha what game?
No (47?). auror. texan-american (it's a thing). married to hector king, mother of monty and witt, and is téo's aunt. incredibly sweet, warm, and will stress bake you some cookies. incredibly protective, sharp, and will take you down without hesitation if she's on duty. secretly a useless lesbian. her very platonic marriage to her partner is also a secret. currently in london.

When she looked back, she first noticed how the sunlight flitted along strands of blonde hair, shifting delicately through the leaves above them. The second thing noticed was the irritation on Nashira’s face, and Téo quickly returned her gaze forward. She blew out a frustrated breath, both at her situation and what she could only guess were nerves that settled and prickled in her chest.

Téo bit her lip. She didn’t know what to do.

She knew that she was trying not to think about the kiss. Not compare it to the others she’d had, with boys, except that it had contrasted so sharply with the others she felt too disoriented not to compare. To not wonder if it was because it had been a girl or because that girl was Nashira Nettlebed. To not wonder why Nashira had reacted the way she had, leaving in a rush of anger.

But she did know that she didn’t like the younger girl being upset, particularly if it was because of her. Téo had felt an instant need to move forward and smooth away Nashira’s annoyance, to ease what she thought might have been hurt, though she couldn’t be entirely sure that’s what she saw in blue eyes (she still thought maybe it was).

Most of all, she was confused about the whole damn thing.

Téo's footsteps slowed then, making up her mind. Instead of letting Nashira come up beside her, Téo halted completely, spinning to face the other girl head-on. It turned out to be a mistake, as she caught blue eyes and froze immediately.

It lasted maybe a second too long, before she took a quiet breath in, settling her composure. She didn’t reach out for the other girl, even though it was her first instinct, instead, she held Nashira’s gaze.

“Tell me what I did.” Téo bit her lower lip then, almost afraid to continue, “Why did you leave?”

Téo bit her lip, watching the other girl, gaze almost searching but not quite. She wouldn’t let herself or let herself acknowledge how intensely aware she had been of Nashira’s hands on her, or of their absence now.

Mostly though Téo tried not to roll her eyes at what was going on around them. Jesus. How long had they been kissing?

Then she saw it.

Saw the shift almost as soon as Nashira had followed her own gaze to that damned bottle. For half a beat, she couldn’t tell if the other girl would spin it or break it.

Apparently, she would try to break it over Gertrude Morningdew’s head.

“Wait,” It was out before she could stop it, much like how her hand was on Nashira’s arm, holding her in place. But when Téo’s lips parted, nothing came out, and all she could do was look at the blonde.

Unable to say anything, she released her hold, letting Nashira leave.

“Damn it.”

early morning
saturday 9 july 1955
shuddering wood

Wearing high waisted navy capris and a white sleeveless top tucked into them, she was decidedly not dressed for hiking. So Téo stayed mostly to the set (the only set, actually) path, hands in pockets, as sharp eyes made note of the different plants and what would and would not work for their case study next weekend.

Despite that she looked highly out of place in the woods, Téo looked the complete opposite in the sunlight that shone down between the trees, it was there, in everything that was summer, that she fit and her body knew it.

What her body did not know, however, was how to pick a damn trail that didn’t have Nashira Nettlebed on it.

If she hadn't been looking around carefully in the first place anyway, she might’ve turned around and run right into her. Téo didn't run into her or stop, but she glanced back once (maybe twice), though golden aviators hid brown eyes.

It’d been a week.

She might have (slightly on purpose) slowed down every so often. Though she had no idea what she would say if Nashira did (and she would, eventually) catch up to her.

Before Téo could get a word out or even meet Lia’s eyes, she found herself being leaned back as the other girl kissed her again. Her hand was still at Lia’s jawline and she tilted her head a little, kissing back.

“This is better.”

Téo's lips curved against Lia’s, smiling into the kiss, unable to help the amusement that went through her at that. But amusement didn’t last long as Lia kissed her again, and she was reluctant to admit that this was easier than talking (it was).

If this kept up, she was going to fall on the damn desk. But Téo managed to keep her footing, and Lia finally pulled back then anyway and started talking instead.

Téo’s lips parted, except nothing came out. She knew she was being confusing, because she was confusing herself. Leaning back a little to look Lia in the eye, she had to bite her lip at the younger girl’s words, and looked away, taking a breath. “I know. I--“

I don’t know, was all Téo could think, and this shouldn’t be happening.

Her hands fell away from Lia then and went back to gripping the desk, because she could actually feel the urge to put them back, to grab Lia around the waist and keep kissing her. Her grip tightened.

After a moment, she looked back to the other girl. “We can't keep doing this, Lia.”

Téo waited.

She had to bite her lip again, as Lia seemed to struggle with her words. She really hadn’t thought this through. For a moment, she felt some guilt, because she did know what the younger girl wanted to talk to her about.

But Téo had no idea, whatsoever, what to say about it. Not even to herself.

An eyebrow arched a little, as she tried not to smile too much at Lia's next attempt at words. Téo was about to move to help because as endearing as it was, she felt a bit bad about leaving it to the other girl to--

Téo’s guilt flew right out the damned window as soon as Lia’s lips met hers.

She had backed up when Lia had moved forward, but there was nowhere to go, again, and she nearly lost her balance in the process. But her fingers were wrapped around the desk’s edge too tightly, knuckles white, as she leaned backward, as Lia kissed her.

Téo brought both hands up after a moment of hesitation, gripping Lia’s arms as she leaned back over the desk, finding herself kissing back.

“Lia,” Téo tried, in the in-between times that their lips would part briefly, “This isn’t,” she brought a hand up to Lia’s face, holding it there, as she kissed her once more, a little harder, a little deeper, "talking." her voice was quiet then, pulling back just enough to meet the other girl's eyes.

She almost made it.

Téo had a feeling Lia wanted to talk to her (because of course she probably did, how could she not?). But all the looks had made it even more obvious. She had just got her bag over her shoulder and went around a corner when she found herself suddenly backed into it.

Jesus, Lia,” Téo whispered, both surprised and oh, god now that she finally had caught her.

“We need to talk,”

Téo could feel the corners of her mouth twitching upward, watching as Lia bit her lip, amused by the fact that that seemed to be about as far as the girl had planned. She tried not to be endeared by this, considering they were just out in the open (okay, it was in a corner, but it was still a spot other students were walking by or pausing to talk or do god knows what).

All Téo could think about was the fact that they could see them and could even be within earshot. They were already getting a few looks for the proximity Lia had them in.

“Not here,” she grabbed Lia’s hand and dragged her down the corridor. She knew, just down two more, and to the left, there was -- there, Téo opened the door to the empty classroom and pulled Lia inside.

Shutting the, mercifully windowless, door behind her, Téo realized: she had just trapped herself in an empty room with Lia Ayres.

Damn it.

Running a hand through her hair, Téo pushed off the door, throwing her bag down on what was clearly meant to be a professor’s desk and leaned back against it. “Okay,” Téo finally said, hands gripping the desk’s edge, as she met green eyes. “What do we need to talk about?”

It was almost difficult to say with a straight face.

Téo wasn’t sure what exactly she was expecting. Because though she hadn’t moved, Nashira Nettlebed had no such qualms (at least once she finally got to her feet, anyway).

With every step of the other girl took, Téo nearly backed up. But there was nothing to back up into unless she wanted death by fire, or to trip over the people sitting on the ground awaiting their turn. Neither of which were appealing.

Téo had only taken one step back, exactly, before her eyes caught Nashira’s own across the way and she froze in place.

For that moment, the only other thing apart from the girl in front of her that Téo was aware of was the heat of the fire, the glow of flames that played across the sharp angles and planes, brightened already light blue eyes to nearly ice, but to Téo, they looked on fire.

The touch brought her back, quickly, as she could feel her heart rate pick up. Feeling the tug, she allowed herself to be pulled in, her own hand coming up to the other girl’s shoulder for balance, she told herself, because she felt every bit unsteady in that moment.


It had made a smile start to pull at her lips, just as she was about to say what, when it was covered by the other girl’s own lips, and all the breath left Téo. Her hand tightened briefly on Nashira’s shoulder, as it moved up and to the blonde’s jawline, fingers barely grazing the skin there. For a moment, the kiss was all Téo was aware of. Then she was aware of the tightness in her chest, throat, and the hand she had on Nashira’s cheek. Felt herself pull the girl closer, pressing a little firmer.

It all was subtle enough it could've been imagined.

Then the crackling of the fire caught her attention. Night air breezed over bare skin and smoke brought her back to the fact that she was kissing this girl in a circle of their classmates. Jesus, what was she doing?

Téo pulled back then, absolutely forcing her breathing to regulate as she stared at the girl in front of her, close, too close. But Téo just stood there, not entirely sure what happened, and ran both hands through her hair. She almost smiled, before brown eyes finally left Nashira, to land on the glass bottle.

It was Nashira's turn.

Téo’s brain hadn't caught up yet.

Even as she felt Lia pull away, effectively ending the kiss. But she hadn’t fully stepped out of their embrace. Neither of them had. Her hand was still at the other girl’s neck, and there was a steady pressure at her lower back, as Téo leaned against the archway.

She couldn’t quite look away but also was not looking directly at her, more so examining other angles, as if trying to understand the other girl better. Lia seemed to be producing words at least, causing Téo’s lips to twitch upward a little, despite the situation. It was more than she was producing or even comprehending at the moment.

Her hands were still on Lia. Waist, neck, in blonde hair and at the younger girl’s attempt at more words, Téo decided to attempt none. Before she could think, she was pulling Lia against her, bracing herself up against the stone, until their lips met again.

It was a movement; where she held the other girl against her, hand tightening where it held Lia’s waist, and the kiss intensified.

It was then that her brain caught up to her with frightening speeds.

“Lia,” Her lips met hers again because she was that close, and what was she doing? “Lia, wait.” in reality, Téo might’ve been saying this to herself just as much as she was to Lia. “We can’t.” Téo pulled back finally, enough to look the other girl in the eye, searching. “We shouldn’t be--”

--any of it. They shouldn't be doing any of this.

Shaking her head, while her breathing attempted to regulate, Téo ripped herself away, managing to maneuver herself out from between Lia and the stone at her back, because she couldn’t do this. What was she doing? “I have to go.”

Téo was already taking off down the corridor, in the complete opposite direction of the girl she was trying to rapidly leave behind.

As her hand rested near Lia’s chest, she could feel the girl breathe, but not the way she was supposed to. It had been more erratic as soon as she had touched her; Téo bit her lower lip a little, thinking to what Lia had said in the Wing before she ran away.

She had a feeling that she should probably take her hand away, to take a step back.

She didn’t.

It was an oddly still and quiet moment, as neither of them moved, and she’d noticed Lia staring at her. But the only thing Téo seemed capable of doing was avoiding the younger girl’s eyes, listening to the echos of the castle around them and Lia’s breathing.

Téo realized, belatedly, that her hand, the one just below Lia’s ribs, had lessened in pressure, and her thumb was moving rhythmically in a gentle back-and-forth motion. It was completely without her permission or knowledge and as soon as she realized it, Téo went to take her hand away-- when she felt Lia push against it, but not how she instructed.

There wasn’t enough time.

Her hand was trapped between them, and at this angle, she easily could’ve pushed Lia back, stopped the leaning in, stopped the brush of Lia’s lips against hers, but she didn’t move. Téo felt the breath ripped from her, losing it between the other girl’s lips.

When Lia pulled back, Téo still hadn’t moved, except to lean back even further against the solid stone of the archway. Brown eyes didn’t leave green, even as the younger girl rambled about the lessons, and all she could do was look and try to breathe.

It didn’t work.

At some point, the hand at Lia's ribs had slipped behind the girl and to the small of her back, fingers splayed there. When she pulled her closer, Téo’s other hand found Lia’s jawline, guiding until their lips met again. The thoughts telling her to stop, to run, this was wrong, were muffled as Téo's hand slipped from Lia's jawline and to the nape of her neck, pulling her more into the kiss.

It had been very difficult to keep a straight face at Lia’s reaction, watching as her jaw dropped, and it was even harder to keep the laugh out of her voice at the other girl’s (loud) outburst of words. Well, if they were going to run into any trouble, that probably scared it off.

Not that Téo cared either way.

Though, Téo had laughed a little at the whole school part. She was sure that wasn’t true, or at least, couldn’t possibly be true. That was a lot of people, and she didn’t think she was that pretty (or gorgeous, in Lia's words).

She caught the younger girl's smile though at her suggestion to continue the lessons, and easily returned it, her own pulling a little more at the corners of her mouth. Lia was nearly pouting at this point.

“Any suggestions on how I can actually do it?”

Téo did laugh here, lightly, “I do; try speaking a little louder,” A beat, as Téo glanced around where they had paused their walk, and satisfied there was no one to see them just lounging, she leaned back against the stone of the archway they had stopped in.

“You also have to--” Téo paused, as she decided how to word it, “know the movements of your mouth and tongue, you’ll need to relax them.” Even as she said it, she wasn’t sure how one consciously relaxed their tongue. An amused grin curved red lips at the thought, “You need to get a real feel for how your mouth and jaw work, essentially, it'll help.”

“And, well, actually,” she said, interrupting herself, voice thoughtful, “focusing on using your diaphragm while trying the others might be better.” Seeing Lia’s expression as soon as she said diaphragm, Téo laughed again (quietly, since they were supposed to be patrolling).

“It’s here,” Téo said, leaning closer to put her hand below the lungs, hand held gently but steadily just under Lia's ribcage. “We’ll just focus on the breathing for now,” she continued, “So. Breathe in deeply, and when you go to let it out, push against my hand.”

Freestyle Roleplaying / before i'm yours | téo/nashira AU
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evening, after dinner

friday 1 july 1955
first night of camp; upper year party

As the bottle left Téo’s fingers, she bit her lower lip slightly, because she didn’t think she was going to luck out again and get someone she actually didn’t mind kissing (like she had with Thijs).

What Téo was not expecting was for the bottle to land on Nashira Nettlebed, who was very much a girl. She knew that girls kissing each other was not a strange occurrence, if it was all in jest (or in attempted murder, considering some of the kisses she’d seen so far). It happened all the time. But Maria Téodora Wittington had not--even when it was all in fun, even when they were short a boy and needed a girl to stand in--kissed a girl. She’d always managed to (avoid) not end up being chosen.

Until now.

She hadn’t moved. Dark eyes had, naturally, became busy studying the girl in the light given off by the crackling flames, noticing how it reflected off sharp features, cheekbones, and blue eyes. Nashira Nettlebed was a person she wanted to paint, the younger girl had first caught Téo’s artistic eye in their conjuring and summoning class. It was much in the same way she was catching it now, because there had been orbs of light then, and it was that, the way light and shadows played across the girl’s face she found fascinating.

Téo momentarily forgot they were supposed to kiss.

She still hadn’t moved. Neither had Nashira, not yet, anyway and Téo couldn’t help the raised eyebrow at the girl. For whatever reason, maybe due to reputation, she hadn’t been expecting hesitation on the other girl’s part. It caused an amused, easy smile to curve her lips, momentarily forgetting--like she had momentarily forgotten they were supposed to kiss--her own tension.

Téo still didn’t move though.

Walking alongside the younger girl, Téo glanced, only occasionally, at her. But otherwise, she could act as if nothing had happened.

She walked with her hands casually in the pockets of her trousers (men’s trousers, really, but they were fitted to her form), and briefly, had the thought that as a Prefect, she should probably not continue to modify the uniform as she did. Because she was also wearing the white-button up, but tucked in, and it clearly had been adjusted too. In fact, the only thing untouched was the red and gold tie (except it was loose around her neck, flowing into the shirt).

At least the Prefect badge could be seen pinned on her chest. Good enough.

Téo couldn’t help the laugh at Lia’s words. “I don’t think we’re supposed to hope for trouble,” though, she completely understood. Patrols could be dull if nothing actually happened. It was basically just going for a late walk but in designated areas. Also, you had to take these walks.

“Look, about that day in the hospital wing,”

Téo bit her lower lip, barely looking at Lia, except for one quick side glance. As they walked, she, almost out of habit, started rolling the sleeves of the shirt up, as if she was about to get to work on something. But she wasn’t. Only walking, and waiting for Lia to say whatever it was she was going to say, overly aware of her own breathing.

“Never mind. Forget I said anything.”

Unsure of how she felt about this, Téo let out a quiet breath. “Does that mean you don’t think I’m beautiful?” She looked to the side at Lia, while still walking, and the smile on her lips was teasing, voice light. Part of her was telling herself to stop playing with fire, but sometimes, she couldn't help it.

This should really not be one of those times. But Lia Ayres made it a little too easy to tease.

Fully not prepared for her to respond though, Téo reached out to touch Lia’s arm faintly to stop their walk, “It’s okay,”  she wasn’t really sure what was okay, but she was mostly trying to ease Lia’s clear tension on the matter, “And, we could always continue the Spanish lessons?” Téo shrugged a shoulder, the smile easy, “Has to be better than this, right? Have you tried making that, well, sound you need?”

Téo wasn't really sure what to call it since she didn't need to think about it much.

Téo couldn’t help the small, stifled laugh at Lia’s attempt to roll the letter, and had to actually cover her mouth with a hand, the smile obvious behind it. “That’s, um,” she started, slightly muffled, and removed her hand, “a good start?”

It wasn’t, but that’s why she was helping.

An eyebrow had arched at Lia’s not answer and blush; Téo could only think she was just embarrassed about liking someone, which many people were. For a second, she wondered, maybe because of rumors, particularly who Lia wanted to say this too. It could be a boy, though girls didn’t often tell boys they were beautiful (she had, and Thijs Märchen came to mind).

Téo glanced at the clock but mostly paid attention to Lia as she tried the words out, her smile a mix of entertained and endeared, just because it was Lia, and whatever her reasons, she seemed to be actually trying to learn the language.

“Not bad,” and it wasn’t. But they would have to work on the trilling sound, and Téo had been in the middle of thinking of the various exercises and things that could be done to help when Lia stood up. Téo looked a little surprised, but maybe she was getting up to do something with the potion, or needed to--Oh.

Her back hit the counter before the words even left the other girl’s mouth. If she had it in her to look away from Lia (she didn’t), she would’ve given the counter a very severe look. Téo opened her mouth, but nothing came out, and that damned counter still wasn’t budging. “I--" she tried again, finally ripping her gaze away from her and looked at the clock instead. “--have to do rounds.”

Téo slipped out from between the counter and Lia, disappearing out the door. To do rounds. Four minutes early.

Téo’s smile twitched upward a little more as Lia settled in front of her, reciting (not too horribly) the words she knew. Except one made Téo shake her head, laughing, “Lia. Tacos do not count.”

But she nodded a little at the French, “That might help, actually. If you’ve already learned another language.” A beat, as Téo tried to run through what French she knew, since Spanish and English had been very natural for her, and not something she saw as learning two different languages. “Tenses might give you some trouble, but I'll be here.”

“It’ll help if you can make the erre sound.” It was smooth for her, of course, but she knew not everyone could make the trilling sound that many Spanish words demanded.

“How do you say ‘You’re beautiful’ in Spanish?”

Téo had been seriously trying to remember what the hell the phrases were that were taught to children to help them learn when that question came out of Lia’s mouth. An eyebrow arched slightly, as she tried not to smile too much, “Well,” Téo started, slowly, studying the other girl, a mixture of curious and amused. “Depends. Who’re you going to say it to?”

It did depend, whether it was a boy or girl Lia had in mind, that was. She forgot that gender might give her pause, but learning another language already certainly helped this. Unsure of which she wanted, Téo decided to go with both, for teaching’s sake, “For a boy, you’d say, 'eres hermosa'.” she waited for a second, meeting Lia’s eyes, and she found the green still caught her off guard a little. She just wasn’t used to seeing that eye color, “For a girl, it’s the same except it’s--" Téo tried to slow down, and said it softer, carefully, "--'eres hermosa'.”

Téo stopped there, gaze flicking to the time briefly, and without warning, hopped down from the counter; leaning back against it instead, she announced, “You have eight minutes to practice.” Rounds were due then, but a playful smile pulled at red lips as she shrugged a shoulder, “With me here, anyway.”

She said it as if she was going to disappear forever in eight minutes, but really, she’d just be back after fifteen.

Téo watched as Lia snapped the needles in half, and threw in whatever else it needed, and she hummed quietly in response to the younger girl’s answer. She was about to go ahead and ask if she needed help when Lia turned around declaring it mostly done.

“You can ask for help if you want, you know.” The teasing note in Téo’s voice was still there as she spoke, but at Lia’s question, she couldn’t help the light laugh, “Sorry. It means ‘of course’.”

Sometimes Téo forgot or didn’t think about other people not knowing Spanish, but both English and Spanish were interwoven into her speech, too smooth and too ingrained to be changed and kept as one language only.

A bit belatedly, Téo realized she was standing a little too close to the other girl, and she backed up, maybe a bit too quickly, but the smile was still on her face. Turning, she went back over to where her sketchbook was. Leaning back against the counter, Téo was just in the middle of pulling herself up when Lia spoke again.

“Do you think you could, um, teach me a few things in Spanish?”

A full, warm smile appeared at that, as she got settled. “Do you really want to learn?” Téo was resting her weight on her hands, placed flat on the countertop, as she met the other girl’s eyes. After a few seconds, Téo gave an inviting sort of nod to the place in front of her, as if to say, come here, then.

“We’ve got--“ brown eyes flicked to the time, “--fifteen minutes before I have to do rounds again.” of course, she’d be right back, and they could continue because their shift wouldn’t be over for a bit. “Do you know any Spanish at all?”

That would help Téo figure out a starting point, but at the same time, she was both endeared by Lia’s interest in learning her language and more than a little intrigued why she wanted to learn in the first place, and she was pretty sure this showed on her face.

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Téo couldn’t help the amused smile then, not because she thought Camilla was being funny, but because she was just endeared by the girl’s unyielding persistence. “Fair enough,” she answered, unable to keep the affection from tinging her voice. “I’ll keep it in mind.”

She meant that, but she also knew that if she felt like it, she’d pick up one of her belo’s cigarettes. It was the smell, really, that did it for her. Téo’s gaze was on her unfinished work and on the girl in front of her; she wasn’t started, not yet, but as brown eyes remained acute, studying, she had a feeling she would be soon.

Téo could just see something that was there, but didn’t exist yet.

A light laugh interrupted her artistic musings suddenly, something else she had been unable to suppress, as she gave Camilla a look as if to say, really? While she was not surprised by this because Camilla Carstairs always had some sort of fruit on her general person, the delivery had been so dead on that Téo couldn’t help the response.

Obviously,” she agreed, shaking her head a little, but her gaze was drawn back to the bull, incomplete, except for the eyes, as Camilla spoke. Téo’s head tilted a little, glancing at the other girl, conceding this point on violence with a small nod.

“I like it... you’re good.”

Seconds later, a quiet, but open smile played on red lips, and brown eyes lifted from the page to meet (different, always different) blue eyes. “Thank you,” a beat, then she gave Camilla Carstairs her full, unwavering attention. “In that case, maybe you’ll let me paint you.”

It wasn't really a question.

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Hurt flashed across her features, she knew it did, by the dropping sensation she suddenly felt. By the time Vega had said something afterward, Téo had already turned away from her, leaning back against the table again, hands gripping the edge behind her. She took a slow breath in, looking even further away from the other girl and at the cat.

Zorro was in a slightly more alert sort of position, laying with two large paws stretched out in front of him, and his head held up, eyes on either her or Vega, she couldn’t tell. He just looked overly pleased to her, basking in the sunlight that streamed through high windows.

She didn’t know. Vega Nettlebed did not know what happened with a potion.

A simple potion, as they’d figured out. It had been watching Vega with Avery Elliott, watching her behavior, expressions, movements that Téo knew. The potion had simply just been a slap in the face. Listening to Vega’s explanation, she stayed put, watching as she went rummaging through the supplies (and Téo was able to hear Zorro’s purring from where she stood).

Téo looked upward, eyes trained on the tower’s high ceiling instead of Vega in response to the answers she was receiving. She was trying to stop the hurt from showing because she knew it would on her. Even if a steel resolve had developed after her mom’s death, the emotions could still be seen, particularly in brown eyes.

“He put the herbs in--he interfered, that’s all.”

So it just happened to be the exact same eye color as Avery’s, she nearly said but bit her lower lip. Téo was grasping at the table’s edge, hard, as she resolutely studied the tower’s highest points, torn between wanting to say what she had thought, wanting to know what the real answers were, and being too scared, too uncertain that she even wanted them.

Vega Nettlebed made her feel something she couldn’t possibly feel. She wasn't supposed to. But Téo couldn’t figure out what she was more terrified of: being that way, and her family’s reaction if they ever found out or losing her best friend.

“It doesn’t mean anything, Téo.”

Along with everything else the other girl made her feel, Vega could also hurt her more than most could, apparently. At that though, she did look at her, with an expression of, did you really just say that to me?

But Téo could tell, for some time now, Vega wasn’t saying what she should be. The fact that a boy--a boy that Vega had complained about a lot--was part of it had simply intensified everything else. But that realization had unhinged her a bit, made her finally begin to look at it, at her, at them.

Despite the faint burn behind her eyes, she walked over, coming smoothly up beside her best friend. Moving past the tightness of her throat, she said, “I’m not stupid.” then paused, retaining the composure she had developed.

“I don’t need a potion to tell me, Vega.” it was quiet but steady.

Téo spared the other girl a look, but she refused to meet blue eyes, because she didn’t know what her emotions were doing to her. Whatever it was, it would not make her cry. At all. Even out of frustration. Turning away from Vega, Téo made her way out, but upon reaching the entryway, she hesitated. Without looking back, she managed to add, “But I did need you to.”

On some level, Téo knew she wasn't being entirely fair, but it was too much. She was only vaguely aware of the large feline that had padded after her, following her down the steps.


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At Vega’s no, Téo looked up, briefly, brow creased and almost asked why--but that was soon answered. Potions. She probably could‘ve answered that herself.

Téo was sort of aware of the boy’s confusion, sort of aware of Vega’s stare, and sort of amused by the whole thing, even if she sort of didn’t have the best feeling in her chest. She had turned away, hiding the smile under the pretense of needing more wrapping.

At the very least, it had made him sit still long enough for her to finish, but by the time she looked up again, it was at Vega’s retreating back. Téo bit her lip, damn it, and with that, stood from her chair. She was pretty sure Vega had effectively killed the teenage boy because he barely reacted to her departure. She’d let one of the infirmary assistants know where she’d be if they needed her and with a bracing sort of look towards the steps, began climbing.

When she got to the top, she’d first spotted a large, fluffy traitor currently watching Vega from a nearby table that he was not supposed to be on. Zorro was just squinting contentedly at Vega to the point that Téo rolled her eyes. The only acknowledgment she received was an ear twitch in her general direction.

For a moment, Téo remained where she was, leaned up against the entryway, watching the other girl (though maybe not so obviously adoringly as the feline, or she hoped not, at least). There was an awful twisting beneath her ribs still, looking at the potion supplies, and her best friend, but before the memory could resurface, Téo pushed herself off the wall with her shoulder.

“So what is it that you had to brew today?” Téo was nearer now, not in the way (she knew better than that), but close enough to see what she was doing, and to see her. The tension between them was palpable, and sometimes, Téo wondered. Vega’s potion had wondered too, it seemed, to the point that it had looked like it wanted to explode.

Téo stood with her back resting against the table, arms crossed, and then went completely still.

The memory had just won, and she didn’t know how to ask. In fact, the casual question that had left her lips a minute ago was probably the best she had. Because she could ask about Avery Elliott, having been her first time seeing him, them, but she didn’t want to. She really didn’t want to. So it was probably the closest she was going to get to asking--

--abruptly, Téo turned, fully facing Vega. “Are you going to tell me what happened with your potion yesterday?”

Or, apparently, she was going to just ask.

It had happened without permission. It sounded more like, what happened with you. Because it was Vega Nettlebed and potions. Some potions had not hit the mark, but none had reacted like Vega's had, and it led Téo to only one possible conclusion.

Since Lia was working in the apothecary, Téo was handling the rest of the Wing, which in the evening, was not a difficult shift. Tonight there were only a few students, all of which were sleeping, but Téo still did her hourly checks, just in case. One, in particular, was miserably ill, and she tried to keep an eye on that one especially.

Téo went to the nurse’s lounge, checking on some routine matters, and just caught sight of the large feline as he went prancing out of the Wing, going most likely, on his nightly hunt (now that he’d had his not allowed nap on the senior nurse’s desk).

She could’ve stayed in the nurse’s lounge, but she actually enjoyed Lia Ayres’ company, despite how the girl might feel about herself. So she had grabbed her sketchbook and bag and set up in there. Probably, she could help, but Lia was better at potions than Téo was, so unless she asked for assistance, or they needed to make a big batch of something, Téo stayed where she was, perched on a (cleaned and sanitized herself) part of the counter. Also, not where Lia was busy working.

The set of charcoal pieces she had were metallic, and varying, not just black. On the page, flowing from a highly detailed cactus were cracked off-whites and deep, obsidian, shimmering from each needle as if mortally wounded. But what poured out from the plant was a bold, iridescence of tropical green and Mediterranean blue, colors she’d only ever seen when she had been sent traveling for her art instruction as a child. It creeped out slowly like lava, thick and appearing to truly be moving and if touched, would feel like putting one’s fingers into a bottle of thick ink.

Téo was just about to add etching to the bottom of the cactus, the land it grew from and that had died, when Lia spoke. Her fingers paused on a piece of charcoal the color of rusted amber, looking up at Lia’s hey.

Claro que sí,” she replied, smile easy, as she set the sketchbook aside, opened still, along with her materials. Grabbing the blue rag from her supply box, she hopped down off the counter and went to carefully retrieve porcupine quills, after she’d wiped most of the shining blues and greens from her hands.

Téo glanced at the time on the way over, keeping track of when she’d have to do rounds again. “Here,” she offered the quills up, letting Lia figure out how exactly she wanted to take them or do with them. Leaning over slightly, past Lia’s shoulder, Téo eyed the potion, “What are you brewing over here anyway?”

It was both parts curiosity and in a way Téo asking if the younger girl wanted help.

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