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1957 / Haunted Families: Adieu [Closed]
« on: 09/08/2019 at 14:27 »
Last Night of Camp

He'd found it in the mountains searching for monsters with Sol.

It'd ended up in a group of third years that were now not speaking to one another.

He'd tried burning it, freezing it, sawing it in half.

At this point, Lupin had grown increasingly frustrated at the lengths he was currently going to make sure no one else would interact with this cursed deck of cards.

There was a box where things could never leave. It's lock was made by goblins who needed to keep things secret. He'd taken it from his father, though Joshua would soon come asking why. Yet, it wasn't enough. Lupin fastened metal chains to bound it. Then, he'd placed it in an iron safe too heavy to lift. It took him all night to dig the hole he buried it in by the shore of the Black Lagoon. The seventeen-year-old had no idea what happened to these grounds during the time they were away but he figured that this would stay that way.

The last bit was filling the whole back up and needing to take a shower to wash away the taste that'd lingered on his lips all summer.

1957 / Re: Haunted Families Pt. 1 | soulbird
« on: 09/07/2019 at 14:48 »
The soft thud on his chest left him breathless. Lupin stared down at the balled fist, eyes wide and unblinking, as he took one step back to keep from toppling over. Neddy didn’t hit him in earnest. His arm swung yet landed hollow. The Gryffindor bit his bottom lip, trying to find a gaze that veered away as his friend’s fist lost its form and broke like an over-flooded dam littered with holes that made it akin to Swiss cheese.

Lupin reached forward, enveloping Neddy’s broken hand with both of his. He couldn’t remember breathing. Yet, he wouldn't forget pulling him closer as his hands freed themselves to land on either cheek as he landed his lips on his.

It wasn't as it had been the first time. Lupin wasn't even paying attention to the red mist dispelling nearby. It was a welcomed excuse, he'd realize later, as he forgot about the game altogether.

(Thankfully, the game wouldn't let him forget as it zapped him minutes later.)

1957 / Re: Haunted Families Pt. 1 | soulbird
« on: 09/07/2019 at 00:01 »
He didn't flinch at all through it.

Lupin knew he wouldn't be hurt physically. He knew how to take a punch. The thing that gutted him more was the act of Neddy being forced to do it. When they locked eyes, he knew that he couldn't go through with it. That had him smiling sweelty.

Until he saw the koala ears.

"Neddy... um..." His finger extended to point at it.

"Your ears."

The initial shock of the rejecting a dare now made him regret ever opening this game. In a sequence of events, two dares were forced. The cards wouldn't curse you for moving the game along a round. At least, not yet. Lupin didn't know if there was a timer or countdown happening as two puffs of red mist coalesced into two different dares for them.

When Lupin tried to gather the cards again into the deck, a loud crack had the cards restored to the piles they had been in when he'd closed it. The mist itself, remained, a pair of cloudy words in blood red.

Although, his was starting to wane.

Neddy's read: 'Seriously, punch him as hard as you can.'

Lupin's read: 'Snog Him Silly.'

He didn't know which one would blink first.

1957 / Re: Haunted Families Pt. 1 | soulbird
« on: 09/04/2019 at 04:46 »
"I guess you're about to find out," Lupin answered, handing over the three cards he had been collecting.

When the cards came together in sequence, four of a kind in line, the same red mist rose from the cards and wrote out another dare.

'Punch Him In The Face.'

Lupin's eyes went wide as he looked over at Neddy.

1957 / Re: really don't care // OPEN
« on: 08/26/2019 at 00:39 »
He digested it all without looking over at her. He knew Artie enough to know that the sympathetic stare she was always due would only bug her more than she currently shared to be. Enough so that some poor sucker now had all of their stuff burning in a fire. Lupin started to wonder just how long it would take for whoever this Bryson person was to realize that his belongings were missing and then how quickly he'd realize that the impromptu bonfire was using all of it for kindle.

Out of everything she'd said, one thing struck him past surface level. He took in a deep breath and exhaled, watching his breathe push the fire. It flickered, waved, and danced until it coalesced back together.

"I'm not good at labels either," he shared. It'd been his Achilles heel in everything. What others expected. How naive he felt about everything when it came to relationships. How it didn't feel as easy as story books made it feel or his friend's made it sound.

Yet, his aloof reaction to all of it would only end in him hurting people. And, more than that, he'd realized just how guarded it made him feel. That there was a safety in that, to keep himself from ending up like that.

"That really sucks. I'm pretty sure that you should let people know if you're engaged  if you're," he simply dropped it at that. A lot had changed since, well, he'd been what Artie was alluding to.

"Even I'm not that oblivious. You know, you could get out of here before anyone else finds out. I'll just say that I found it and made sure it was contained. So you don't have to get in trouble, or," as he thought about it, finding the words to offer, "you want him to catch you doing this just so you can see his face when he does."

1957 / Re: Live A Little | L.S.
« on: 08/25/2019 at 18:03 »
@Lys: Ok so you'll always be Eli to me even is Lys is showing himself to be ICONIC. And idk why I go with Lys when everyone goes Sandy but...

Anywho! First off is Miami ISN'T the best for the music I like to listen to. We get the big bands for arena shows but the smaller ones I'd wanna see (except for this year it's been wild) will obly go as south as Atlanta usually and it makes me sad not because I won't go but because I spend all my moneys on going to Atlanta lol

What was the BEST?? That's also tough. Because... a lot of variables have to go into it. How important the person performing is to me. Who I saw them with. What was the venue like. How close you were. Was it at a festival or not. But I can prob shorten it to like 3 ones that stand out... (3 is cheating cuz its more!)

There was a 3 day span around my birthday (I think? College is a blur) where I saw three of my favorite people in 3 different genres in 3 different cities. On Saturday I saw Blink-182, on Sunday I saw Lupe Fiasco, and on Monday I saw Tiesto. The Blink show was in the lawn with a small group of friends, my brother, and the girl I was dating at the time. Lupe was with my brothers at a homecoming event for one of the unis here in Miami. That was super up close and AMAZING. Then Tiesto was with one of my good friends and was INSANE. Super small outdoor venue. But... that's just 1!

I saw Death Cab for Cutie at the culture Room, which fits like 400 people, for the Plans tour. It. Was. Incredible. The intimacy of the place. The band. The album. The performance. It still sticks with me. I recently saw Tame Impala and it was more theatrical but it also struck me similarly even if I hold Death Cab in higher esteem. But as far as the artist, when you are seeing them in their career, the standing-room only venue. It's prob the best ones.

Alright! So, growing up I was a HUGE Blink-182 fan. Like, humongous. They were my fave. When the broke up I cried like a baby. At 16 I took a bus to Orlando ALONE (crazy I was allowed to do that) just to see +44 which was a band by 2 of the members. So I was crazy excited for their reunion tour. And I went with a bunch of friends and my brother. But... I don't really remember it for Blink. I remember it for Fall Out Boy, who played before them, and me sneaking from the lawn to the front of the seats of this venue right before the pit with like 3 of my friends and my brother and we just sang every song with our arms linked shoulder to shoulder. It was a magical time. That's when they overtook Blink for me. Although, now my music tastes have evolved it was still a seismic change for me and will prob be the most memorable.

(I'm done but I get very passionate about a question like that.)

@Jane: Season 3 was amazing! I won't spoil anything but it's really a triumph to the producers and writers of that show on how they can keep evolving the story and making it feel fresh.

@Cal: I said everything I need to say on your intro lol. Ok so even though I know Stranger Things isn't the GREATEST THING EVER I do adore it for how easy it is to binge through and how it doesn't have me question everything about it. I can just enjoy it and get the feels for the nostalgia to youth and themes. Happy that you didn't get too scared!!

@Luella: Can you have a favorite character? It's... so hard. I quote that show so much. What makes it great is how everyone plays their roles perfectly. I can rewatch it and change my mind on who I like most. The latest rewatch had me tied between Jackie and Kelso. But Hyde and Fez and Red are up there too.

Yes let's writeeeeeee

@Mari: I. Don't. Code. Anything. None of these are my codes. I can at best bold things and change the size of my gifs. Everything else are gifts lol

@Lia: My profile on spotify is rabbitseasonduckseason feel free to follow! Or do what I do and just see my profile on discord listening and follow from there <3

1957 / Re: -insert jonah hill screaming gif here-
« on: 08/25/2019 at 17:44 »
We can communicate through gifs.

Us At Work Once The Coffee Wears Off

Me Whenever Someone Says You Should Make A New Student Charry

When It Happens In Chat and Then I PM You

Getting Ready To Write Elvin Like

ilu thx for being the BEST

1957 / Re: I'd rather stay home and hang out with my dogs
« on: 08/25/2019 at 17:36 »
@Cal: He's not. We figured you'd be Cece's plus-one. Sucks to suck <3


Thank you for making Orion work. I don't even wanna know what he would have turned into with having her in his life. Probably something worse. May all of the Wizarding world lack the suffering.


1957 / Re: cuz you make my earfquake
« on: 08/25/2019 at 17:32 »

It's majestic.

It's... I am not good enough at words but whatever that is then that.

Also A++ music stuffs. And writing stuffs. Super excited for Sol and #girlgangswag


Thank you for indulging me in sharing sad songs back and forth. It's one of my favorite things going in my life.

EXCITED FOR YOUUUU (for reasons)

Always here for the Loose-ing. And the Mandy-ing (if we ever do that again) and then asking you for things always often ok bye <3

1957 / Re: popcorn with butter, please
« on: 08/25/2019 at 17:28 »
Loved having you here! You writing is like O_O zomg but can I have more threads pleaseeee

(Also I'm the opposite Netflix person. I don't have it but I'll pay for it [and by pay probably make a new email and use the free trial] twice a year for Stranger Things or Narcos and then catch up on everything I missed.)

1957 / Re: infinity welcomes careful drivers
« on: 08/25/2019 at 17:25 »

walking into plots like


I think I ran out of Brendon/Ryan gifs to tag us in. This is a problem.

ok ilu buhbye


We do have more in common than I initially thought. >_>

Please do more cosplaying stuff and I'll summon the courage to do so as well. ^.^;;



Oh dang. Cal stole my thunder. Can't do the whole elongated name thing.


Hi. Ilu. You know this. Thank you for being you! And keeping me writing. And trusting me with the pureblood Lamonts. And did I say everything? Cuz everything! <33

1957 / Ants | Open
« on: 08/25/2019 at 17:03 »
Later In The Summer
Early Morning

Boredom had already set in.

It was a mostly empty infirmary that morning. Light had started to break through the window. They were dull, groggy rays as the sun had only just risen from its slumber. They weren't strong enough to illuminate the room to turn off the lumps, yet Lupin walked over to do so anyway.

The pair of bodies that filled two of the beds were still asleep. They had remained that way for most of the night, recovering from their fever that had been treated with potions that had left them light-headed. It wasn't the epidemic he'd hoped for, some break in the doldrums of the night, to where he had mercifully saved the other nightly attendant from having to suffer through.

He sank back into an empty cot once the room grew darker after dispersing the artificial light. Lupin turned on his stomach, head peering out of the bed, to watch a small line of ants trailed from the wall in single file. Then he counted them, like sheep, until he started feeling his eyelids grow heavy.

1957 / Re: Standing at the Speed of Light
« on: 08/25/2019 at 16:42 »
Hey Olivia! Welcome to site.

Looking forward for all the interactions. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Not just to me but all of us are pretty friendly. And librarian sounds like the most ideal job ever. How'd you get to be that?

1957 / Re: her keyboard gets slammed by her finger
« on: 08/25/2019 at 16:34 »
Hiiii and welcomeeeee

So excited for you to be here! You have great taste in things. I approve of like 90% of everything you posted (because no one's perfect >_>)

If you don't want to lose that German, writing Edith is a great way to do it! Throw it out in her writing. <3

1957 / Re: Haunted Families Pt. 1 | soulbird
« on: 08/25/2019 at 16:29 »
"That sounds like a great idea!"

Lupin wasn't much for the whole horror, spooky theme of camp. He didn't like how it could both feel a warm sort of humid and a cold, chilly damp. But, if they were going to play a game that might have spooky results then they might as well go all out in the setting.

"I'll see you tonight!"

Later That Night

He sat cross-legged across from Neddy, having just started the game. They'd decided to try out the simple one first as they didn't know how the dares would manifest themselves. Lupin drew a card and smiled.

"I've got all the general's family!" He cheered! The cards, when held together, began to smoke. They didn't feel hot, which he would have noticed first if the smoke itself wasn't crimson. The gas trailed up and coalesced into words that read out 'Cast The Last Spell You Used On Him'.

He didn't think of how a deck of cards could differentiate gender. Or how it could know he had his wand on him. Instead, he was still startled at the creepy way it asked them to do it. Luckily, the last spell he used wasn't anything harmful. "Commutati lumen," he incanted, aiming the tip of his wand at Neddy's shirt. It began to glow like a lantern.

"Not too difficult. Do you have any barbers?"

Round 7 Results

A1. Lysander forfeits!

A2. VOIDED -- Action happened outside round time.

[Ref Note: Even if the duel hasn't been updated, actions per round must fall into the 24 hour window from the previous update.]

Round Final:

Beatrice Caufield - Forfeited 3 Rounds Missed


Laurel Douglass - 75% 1 Round Missed


Christoph Alexander Grey - KO'd%


Lysander Stone - Forfeited

Congratulations to

Laurel Douglas

for winning the duel!

Round 6 Results

A1. Laurel attempts to cast Commutati Procerus in front of her, but the spell fails!

Round 7 of 7:

Beatrice Caufield - 81% 2 Round Missed, 1 To Forfeit


Laurel Douglass - 75%


Christoph Alexander Grey - KO'd%


Lysander Stone - 63% 1 Round Missed

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