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Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 03/23/2020 at 20:02 »
"No, I 'ave not ever cooked zis way before." She replied, as she smiled at her boyfriend, kissing him on the cheek as she took the frying pan out of his hands, and placed it onto the stove, "But I can learn very quickly. I am a very good cooker."

Addy rolled her eyes at Kurt's commentary to their daughter, "Don't listen to 'im, Lo, 'e is very wrong, and I am a very good cooker. But call ze ambulance because I will kill my boyfriend if 'e continues to 'urt my cooking ability."

She poured some mix into the pan, "I do not need instructions, and you sort out ze batter."

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 02/17/2020 at 19:20 »
Adelaide smiled as she looked at her boyfriend, and that little sheepish smile that he had. He probably thought that she was some sort of demon, by the way that he did his stupid little smile, slightly nervous that she would yell at him. She was not a monster. She was just trying to be a good, kind, relaxed girlfriend, which is why she ignored the splash of batter on her forehead and instead just smiled at her boyfriend.

His silence was slightly worrying, but that was okay. Because she smiled softly at her boy, hoping that that would reassure him, as one hand reached out to take the frying pan.

"Non, I want to cook with ze muggle type." She smiled, "I can do it. I want to try. And you can not cook with a little Lo," her fingers reached out to softly feel her daughter's hair, "on your torso."

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 01/23/2020 at 22:30 »
The second that the first syllable came out of his mouth, Adelaide Parfait knew that her boyfriend had done something incredibly stupid. Especially when she walked into the kitchen and saw him, with their little girl laid in a sling across his chest, a small mop of hair peeking out. Somehow mess was traipsed across along the counters, flour was on the floor as she stared in horror at the mess around herself. 

"I will do it." She replied, rolling her eyes good-naturedly at him, after all, how could she argue with him when he was just that cute? Not to mention the fact that he'd tried to do a good thing, with the whole cooking breakfast thing. "I will clean ze- what do you mean zat zere is pancake on ze ceiling?"

She looked up at the half fried batter above her, and watched as a large glob fell down and landed on her forehead.

"No, you cannot." She spoke, eyes wide, "Show me 'ow and I will cook ze pancakes."

It must be noted that Adelaide Parfait was a terrible cook.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 01/06/2020 at 20:48 »
And she did exactly that, as her eyes gently fluttered closed, eyelashes brushing against his chest, as she let her head lean against it, hearing the heavy thump of his hart that pumped perfectly, when she lifted her hand against his neck, gently brushing the hairs on the back of it, that thump became heavier and faster, a reaction that she loved. Kurtis Garland was absolutely perfect for her, and she knew it, and she'd known this unconsciously before they'd even gotten together. He'd always called her Parfait, even though she could have been a Garland, and the ring rested, tightly on her finger of her left hand. She was soon to be a Garland, it was inevitable. He was still Parfait to her though.

"Shut up Garland." She mumbled, voice soft and breath warm against his chest as she leeched off his heat, as much as ever, as she had when they weren't even engaged, when they didn't have Lo. She'd followed him from job to job, and to his apartment, when she'd lived there temporarily, and now, they were there as she, in his lap, daughter fast asleep nearby, and exhausted.

"You're getting up when she wakes." She mumbled, tiredly, before her eyes eventually closed fully.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 01/05/2020 at 21:43 »
Addy hummed softly into him, breathing out into a hum, as she sighed in relief as she felt his arms wrap around her, as her legs nearly gave way as she practically melted into his arms, he always knew how to calm her down. He always knew exactly what to do with her, as she clutched on to him, almost crying, but not quite.

She felt him walk her, shuffle her, to the rocking chair in the corner, the one that came from her side of the family. It was old, and had been refurbished, and her governess had sat on it, rocking her, and now she sat on his lap, as her head rested on his chest. God, she was tired, she was exhausted. It didn't give way, though, as instead she couldn't sleep.

"I love you," she mumbled, voice soft into his chest, as her eyes looked up at him, grey staring at his face, as one hand fiddled with his hair.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 12/24/2019 at 02:06 »
And then he apologised, and did that sleepy look that he always got, and she couldn't stay angry at him for long. Still bouncing their little girl, even as he opened up his arms, she wanted to just hand Lo over to him, and let him take over their crying daughter, but she couldn't. And instead, Addy just continued to walk, bouncing their little girl and shushing her until eventually, eventually, Lo fell quiet, and they were able to put her down for bed.

The blonde walked over to her boyfriend, and just wrapped her arms around him, almost falling into him, as she hugged him.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 11/30/2019 at 00:27 »
Addy continued to glare daggers at her boyfriend, as he grimaced at her. Bouncing their little girl in her arms, the blonde waited for his reasoning as he stumbled over his words, trying to find an excuse. Of course she had moved Lo, Kurt's chest wasn't the safest place, though it was a warm place to rest upon-- much like a personal hot water bottle-- and she was worried about those two exact things. Neither wanted her to get hurt, but Addy had taken a logical conclusion and done logical actions, whereas Kurt had decided to give them all a headache.

"Yes it is." She replied stubbornly, as the blonde turned away from him slightly, still trying to get their little girl to dose off. Though the wailing had finally stopped, Lophie's wide eyes were still staring around the room, as her face was red. Addy felt like she wanted to burst into tears, she was just tired, at least Kurt had gotten some sleep. She'd not exactly had that luxury.

"Shhh, come on Lo."

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 11/17/2019 at 16:31 »
110Kurt was stood there in the doorway, he looked completely and utterly ridiculous. Almost too ridiculous to be mad at, then again, their little girl was screeching in her bed, little fists pumping with rage. Why did he have a pillow? It didn't matter now.

Instead of answering his question, the blonde gave him her usual look, and reaching into the cot, pulled out their crying daughter.

"She was," whisper snapped the blonde, bouncing with Lo as she tried to calm her down, "Until your yelling woke 'er up. She was 'appy asleep."

Addy glared at him, as she began to try and shush their little girl.

"Look, Daddy is 'ere, Daddy is okay, Daddy is in trouble with maman isn't 'e?"

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 11/10/2019 at 22:04 »
One hand trailed the top of the cot, as the other was squished by a soft hand, watching their little girl, Addy waited for it to loosen, and the tiny brunette to fall asleep. She could see Lo start to doze off, eyes slowly shutting down-- closing softly-- although she tried to reopen them and keep on staring. In fact, the hand fell down, and Addy felt a sense of relief hit her-- maybe they could get a good night's sleep? As the little hand dropped onto the cot. Standing up, she leaned on the edge of the cot, watching their baby, it usually took a couple of minutes for her to genuinely fall asleep, or else there'd be screaming.

And then Kurt yelled, once, and Chloe rolled over, and then he shouted a second time-- in fact-- his yell almost rivalled the screaming that came out of their baby's mouth. She was sobbing and kicking and screeching. Oh god, she truly hated him.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/28/2019 at 11:03 »
Addy ignored his comment as she instead continued to look at their daughter, "She is definitely cute."

She smiled over at her boyfriend, as she watched him, he looked adorable as he stared down adoringly. It was evident how much he loved Lo, in his every move.

Her hair was tucked behind her ear by her boyfriend, as she continued to softly tickle their little girl, watching the little one giggle. There was a gummy smile that beamed out at them all.

"You're adorable." Replied, the blonde, as she smiled at her boyfriend, kissing him on the cheek, as Chloe giggled.

Addy smiled as she looked at the sofa, at the pair of them asleep, Lo resting on his chest, snoozing easily. Quickly she grabbed her camera and snapped a picture of the two of them. They were adorable.

Gently, she picked up Lo, watching as the little girl's eyes fluttered open, and the second of confusion in them, before she settled down once again. Holding Lo with one arm, the blonde pulled a blanket over him, before heading to the nursery, and placing the snoozy baby down in her cot. Sitting by the bed, she slipped one finger in between the bars, as she felt it be grabbed by a little pudgy hand.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/25/2019 at 22:40 »
Addy thought of her family, her parents, as she looked at Kurt. Her mother was blonde, and her father was... well he was grey, but she remembered him from when she was young, before he was grey, before she'd turned him grey, and he was...

"Non." She spoke, her voice soft, as she looked at their little girl, who had a few sprouts of brown hair peeking through.

"Look 'ow 'appy she is Kurt." Replied the blonde, as she continued to tickle Lo, but softer.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/24/2019 at 23:42 »
Her smile widened when she felt his lips press against her cheek in what was a sneaky peck as she had to bounce Lo.

A laugh emerged after his, as she looked at their innocent-- but evidently not that innocent with the way she was getting in trouble (taking after both her parents)-- daughter who was being mock told off by Kurt.

Bouncing their daughter on her knee, and when Kurt leaned forwards, she gladly took over the tickling duty, kissing her daughter on the top of her head, before she gladly drank some of the coffee that was held up to her own lips.

"Not a problem." She spoke, as she continued to tickle their little girl who was putty in her lap. She once again leaned down and kissed her daughter on the top of the head again, before going back to tickling her.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/24/2019 at 20:22 »
86She smiled weakly as she listened to Kurt talk about how she'd be to Lo, and honestly, it was helping her to feel so much better. She looked at the adorable little girl who was gazing up at her.

"Maybe you are right." She admitted, sighing softly. Her smile became more firm as she watched their daughter giggle wildly as she was tickled.

"She's smiling at you, Kurt." Addy laughed as she looked over at her boyfriend.


Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/24/2019 at 19:28 »
What he actually wanted to say was something about being there for the firsts of their next child but he wasn't going to push it. Lophie was perfect enough.
She couldn't help but sniffle, albeit a little nasally, at his stern look, it wasn't her fault, the evidence was just pointing towards it.

"And?" She asked, as she looked at Kurt, after all, she and her mother had always had a rocky relationship.

"But you can not."

Addy smiled at Lo, who was starting to look a little confused.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/24/2019 at 00:38 »
She couldn't help but sniffle, as she looked at their little girl, feeling Kurt's proximity to her, as his arm pulled her close. His voice was begging as she didn't look at him, instead deciding to focus on the little girl clutching her nose.

"But it's always you, does she 'ate me?"

It was a ridiculous thing to say with the way that Lo was clutched to her face, pudgy fingers holding her nose.

"Zat is not ze same."

It truly wasn't, but he wouldn't understand that, because he was getting all the firsts.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/21/2019 at 22:41 »
She couldn't help but cry further, as she continued to bounce Lo, holding her with one hand, as the other went up to her mouth, trying to stop her gasping sob. His voice was soft, as she sniffled loudly.

"Why are you getting ze firsts?" She spoke, as she looked down at their daughter, wiping her own tears. Which only got worse at his sweet words to their daughter, as she lifted the giggly girl up to her face, as a small smile appeared on her face, when a little hand reached out and grabbed her hair. Although the tugging hurt, Addy couldn't help but feel better.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/21/2019 at 18:27 »
Kurt was smiling brightly, as Lo faced her, bouncing quite happily on his lap. Her giggling was absolutely adorable, and Kurt's grin could rival that of their little girl's. Holding herself together at Kurt's words, only just, though, because as soon as she heard those first words, tears fell down.

Lo seemed to be responding to the tickling that Kurt was doing, as she giggled. Sniffling, Addy picked up their baby girl, pulling her onto her knee, holding Lo close. As she tried to stop the tears, she softly bounced her knees, to keep Lo's mood up.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 10/21/2019 at 14:59 »
He called her name once, but she was making him a cup of coffee, and the kettle was boiling. Humming to herself, she poured out the water, when she heard him call her name for the second time. It was louder, but she presumed that it'd be a request for some milk or sugar. With two mugs in one hand, and the French press in the other, Addy heard him call her full name, he meant business.

She walked into the living room, where he spotted Kurt with little Lo. The cups were placed onto the table, as she sat down beside Kurt.

"Really?" Her voice broke slightly.

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 09/23/2019 at 21:39 »
She nodded as he promised to baby proof the house, but she disapproved of his huffing and sighing and his general attitude. It was just so unnecessary. Addy smiled softly as Kurt agreed immediately to the fact that he wanted more kids. Of course it caught her slightly off guard, especially with the speed he spoke at.

She looked down at Lo, who was looking up at her with those little wide eyes, and that face smiling up at her.

"I do." She replied, as she looked back at him, "Of course I do."

Freestyle Roleplaying / Re: sowing seeds || sunflower au
« on: 09/16/2019 at 21:23 »
Addy looked over at him, their tiny daughter in between the pair. She watched as his face morphed into one of confusion, and his words only emphasised that.

She gave him a look of obviousness, which meant 'how do you not understand this?'. He then proceeded to cover her tiny little ears.

"Ze baby proofing was your job?" She asked, as she looked at her boyfriend, "You want more kids?"

She lifted Lo up slightly, so the little girl was sat in her arms, sat up, holding onto her body. Addy grinned as she stepped closer to him.

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