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1951 / Re: Truth or Dare || 3rd years and below!
« on: 08/22/2017 at 00:06 »
Cain held out a beetle offering it the boy. Phoenix watched as it struggled between his fingers, trying it's up most best to release itself.

"Put it down Cain, your hurting it!" She pleaded to him holding his arm, she hoped he would listen. He didn't deserve to be eaten, he was only a little beetle! He had been simply plodding on his merry little way  across the ground, minding his own beetley business. He could have a family.

Unlucky that meant she had the great satisfaction of witnessing the two older students lock lips "eeeww." She outburst, her hand quickly coming up to meet her eyes in embarrassment. Nix could understand why it was a dare though, she wouldn't enjoy that either... would she?

"Is it over? Can I open my eyes?" She asked Cain dropping her hands in time to see the bottle spin again.

1951 / Re: Quidditch Game Two | Foxes vs. Geese
« on: 08/21/2017 at 22:56 »

Phoenix had improved hugely since her last game. Working from Mia's guidance she practiced for an hour a day in Gothels Vegitable Garden and now she was fairly good at - at least for a first year anyway.

Whether the weather would effect that or not today was another thing entirely.

Deciding to try a different position after she hadn't done great at catching the snitch in the last game, she somehow ended up with a bat in her hand. NIx took a few moment to adjust it between her slim fingers, and she had to admit that it felt oddly comfortable there.

Today she would be playing for team geese, and within moments of stepping out onto the pitch she could hear the annoying honk from there teams very own mascots - who had appeared to have booked themselves ringside tickets to the game. Phoenix eyed them suspiciously remembering Mia's advice. They had a nasty habit of biting and attacking you if you got to close and she had enough things to worry about without that as well.

She kicked off the ground and swiftly lifted herself higher into the air. There teams captain's shook hands and Nix readied herself to fire off in pursuit of one of the pesky bludgers.

Firing forward, Phoenix quickly readied herself behind bludger [Giant] and aimed for one of the other teams chasers [Julia]. Pulling back her arm she closed her eyes and whacked the ball as hard as she could.

The least she could hope for, would be that it was on target.

1951 / Re: Boy, Bye! // INFIRMARY CASE STUDY II
« on: 08/21/2017 at 21:39 »
Patient Ralph

The infirmary was looking in much better shape than the last time Phoenix had attended a Case Study. After a no-good-levitation potion in the last class, she had no idea what to expect this time. She could only hope others would be suffering with symptoms and not them this time (as bad as that sounded).

Her attention fluttered between the boys moaning in the beds and the Councilor who spoke at the front of them. It turned out the patients they would be attending to today, had been caught out with some very mean but deserving punishments for sneaking into the girls dorms. Phoenix tutted loudly, before smiling.

“We get to learn how to patch them up. So um… grab some supplies and let’s get to work, shall we?”

Julia and an older boy headed to take care of Peter, so she picked Ralph, which ironically, Phoenix thought to herself, sounded exactly like the noise he was making right about now into the bucket he lazily clung onto.

Attempting to look useful, she patted him on the back.

"That's it Ralph, cough it up!"

Surely it had to better out than in.

1951 / Re: Hide and Seek | Oz
« on: 08/21/2017 at 19:02 »
"... What if I wanted to hide?"

Phoenix sighed as his eyes found hers. Rising from the hiding spot she let out a huff of annoyance. Did it really bloody matter who was hiding? She just wanted to play, it didn't matter what the game was. They were kids for heavens sake! This is what they were supposed to do.

"Fine I'll count, then." They said with a roll of her frosty blue eyes. "You'd better get moving then... I'm only counting to ten."

Covering her eyes with her hands she returned to the tree with a irritable grumble underneath her breath and proceeded to count. So far boys were not making the best impressions on her. Cain was nice enough, but it was a battle to get a full sentence out of him, this one on the other hand seemed to revel in complaining.

Perhaps she was just judging them too harshly. Neither could annoy her as much as Fallon.

"One Mississippi, Two Mississippi..."

1951 / Re: Escape the Fate / FROGS Vs. WOLVES EVENT
« on: 08/21/2017 at 16:26 »
Team Birds Wolves

Phoenix was collecting carrots and potatoes from the vegetable gardens. She had agreed to help the kitchen staff in preparation for supper, mostly because she had nothing better to do, but also because she wasn't new to getting her hands dirty. Her family were devout vegetarians and they often grew and collected there own food from the allotments out the back of there home in Cumbria.

Digging through the dirt a flickering light caught her attention from the tower. Placing the basket down to one side she silently watched as two girls entered. She didn't know what they were up to but she really wanted to find out.

Climbing from the ground, Nix clapped her hands together, sending shrouds of soil falling back into the ground (unbeknownst that she had dirt on her face).

Quickly she followed the girls and entered the tower

She creaked open the door and climbed the dusty stairs until she reached the very top. Inside two girls stood around a large bubbling cauldron and one had a slip of parchment in her hand.

Walking through a dusted cobweb her hands instinctively clawed out in front of her to remove it from her path.

"What's going on up here?" She walked up to the cauldron to investigate the contents, her tone full of suspect. "Are you two making a potion?"

1951 / Re: Summer Quidditch 1951 Sign-ups + Rosters!
« on: 08/19/2017 at 20:56 »
Character Name: Phoenix Starr
House/Year: First
First Choice Position: Beater
Second Choice Position: Keeper
Have you  played before OOC?:

1951 / Re: Echo, Echo // OPEN OPEN
« on: 08/17/2017 at 23:50 »
Phoenix couldn't believe summer was almost over. It had gone by so fast and she had done so many things, made so many memories. She would have a good job on her hands finishing off her summer scrapbook later tonight, after cerfew.

Nix had been so busy with Quidditch, Paint wars, Levitation Potions and Black Forest Expeditions that she hadn't found time to see the well. It was just a well after all, it wasn't exactly the top must see place at Camp Loki. Unless, it was a wishing well, in which case she should have bought more coins with her.

A hello in the distance echoed out and Phoenix quickened her pace, to find who it was coming from. She found an older girl leaning inside the well singing and immediately she smiled. Another's girls laugh enhanced her to chuckle as she ran over to the well and looked down the black hole.

"HELLO!" She called down the well, before moments later hearing a "HELLO!-O-O-O-O"

Dipping her head out of the well she smiled at the older girl "That's fun. What was that song you were singing?... If you don't mind me asking."

1951 / Re: Wild Heart | Cain
« on: 08/17/2017 at 23:24 »
"I like pretty things, too,"

Phoenix smiled. She wasn't used to acceptance and appreciation but she liked it. It made her warm and fuzzy inside and for a moment she had to fight the urge to hug the boy. Nix has a tendency to overstep boundaries and be more physically affectionate than people liked her to be. Instead she wrapped her arms around herself and blushed.

Phoenix noted the irony in his words but she lapped it up. A Raven attracted to shiny beautiful things?.. It made sense. Her trap had worked perfectly but instead of luring fairy, she had lured a Raven-boy and he was potentially going to be her new friend.

Arms dropping to her side, her hand reached out and instinctively found his fingers. With a gentle tugg she pulled him back to the tree. "Quick. Come with me. We should hide in case one happens to come along."

Releasing his hand as they arrived at the tree, she sat on the lush embankment, and gestured for Cain to join her.

"Will you be going to Hogwarts?" She asked in an inquisitive tone, to help break the ice. She had questions and maybe he could help her - and even if he couldn't, it had to be better than sitting in silence.

1951 / Re: Truth or Dare || 3rd years and below!
« on: 08/17/2017 at 22:04 »
She prodded a bit of regurgitated marshmallow on the ground with a stick as students argued about the rules. She didn't care for rules and she didn't particularly care for this game either. Nix didn't really have any idea what was going on, she just saw other children and wanted to join in.

"Phoenix." Her named pulled her from her day dream, and the stick fell to the ground. Brushing her hands she turned to Cain to find him covered in marshmallow.

"How on earth did it get in your hair?" She chuckled as she stood up so she could reach the sweet sticky treat. "Stay still, okay?"

Gently she untangled the marshmallow and once free, she threw it away.

"What's snog?"

Phoenix took her seat back beside Raven, pulling her knees to her chest and hugging them tightly. She had heard snog somewhere before, but she couldn't remember where - then if hit her like a ton of bricks. Her step sister Fallon had been talking about 'snogging' her boyfriend Jared on the phone with her friend, so it must have meant something and boy and girl did together...

Her eyes widened

Maybe it was that wierd thing she saw her mother and father doing with their mouths that one time. Ew.

Her pale complexion blushed pink, if people started doing that she was leaving, it was gross and so inappropriate, not to mention utterly disgusting. She would never want to kiss a boy like that. Ever.

"Well..." Phoenix started with a grin, blue eyes locked on Cains. "I think its when people kiss, but in this really revolting way where they open there mouths and drool all over each other." Nervously, Nix giggled with a hand over her mouth, before leaning in closer to Cain. "Its really gross."

1951 / Re: Summer Duelling of 1951 Sign-Ups
« on: 08/17/2017 at 02:51 »
I'd like another go please :)

Name: Phoenix Starr
Camp Team: Birds
Year at Start of Next Term: First
Is this your first time dueling (OOC)? Nope :p
Are you specialized in any spell(s)? No
          If so, what is it/are they?
Are you using Potion(s)? Nope
Are you an Infirmary Assistant? Yes
Are you a Quidditch player? Yes
What are your Magical Levels? C1T1D0S2
What is your Magical Strength? Charms

Total Points: 12

     Power: 2
     Ability: 3
     Resistance: 3
     Strength: 2
     Agility: 0
     Vitality: 1
     Velocity: 1
     Potions: 0

1951 / Re: [Round 1]Duel 1: Starr Vs. Marchen Vs. Naoi
« on: 08/14/2017 at 20:59 »
An Expelliarmus caught her off guard. Sending her wand flying away from her fingertips it rolled across the floor before settling between to adjacent logs,wedging itself inside the gap between them. "Damn."

Stupid wand.

Immediately following, the levitation charm realesed her and she hit the floor with a thud. It hurt her elbow but it didn't do any lasting damage - there would be a bruise at most. It hurt Phoenix's pride more than anything. This girl was whooping her - she didn't mind losing, but being anhialated was just plain embarrassing.

And now she was getting mad...

She stood up and grumbled as she took off her shoes in a tantrum. Phoenix didn't need them she was better off without them, she moved barefoot in the forest all the time, she was more comfortable that way. Not that she was thinking of doing it for those reasons.

She had become too flustered for forward thinking. She went with her emotions and her emotions were telling her to throw her shoes.

Attempting to throw one shoe at Vanessa [Physical Attack?] Phoenix moved across the platform so she could be closer to her wand (even though, it was a useless bit of no good wood and she had lost her duel because of it.)

1951 / Re: Summer Scrapbook // Phoenix Starr
« on: 08/14/2017 at 17:00 »

Making Fairy Crowns - July 5th

The Black Forest

1951 / Re: [Round 1]Duel 1: Starr Vs. Marchen Vs. Naoi
« on: 08/14/2017 at 16:37 »
She hadn't expected to be a master duelist right from the off, but she certainly expected things to be going better than they were. So far the most damage Nix had inflicted had been onto herself, when she had slipped and very nearly fell flat on her face.

But it could have been worse. At least she still had her wand - even if her dignity was slipping as she hovered in the mid air, kicking and screaming.

The chances of her winning were practically dwindled, but she wasn't going to be like the other girl in the match and run off and hide. She was too proud for that and it was impossible in her current situation.

 After one attempt the other girl had seemingly given up, leaving herself and the Naoi girl to battle it out one on one.

At least it was fair that way.

Pointing her wand at the girl [Vanessa] she decided to give the wand waving one last shot. Giving it a quick swish she attempted "Lumos" in hopes that it would incapacitate her opponent.
Perhaps then she would have time to think up a better plan.

1951 / Hide and Seek | Oz
« on: 08/14/2017 at 16:20 »
July 20th

Phoenix's raised a hand as deep orange from the slow setting sun in the distance pierced through the tree branches and blinded her view. Dinner had left her uncomfortably full, but she was never one to turn down a game of hide and seek and a chance to make a new friend.

She needed to find a hiding spot, somewhere her new friend Oz wasn't going to find her to quickly, and somewhere where she was wasn't too well hidden that she was forgotten about and left behind forever.

That had happened once before with her half-sister.

She had sent Nix to hide in the forest out back of their home in Cumbria when she was eight. Needless to say it was very dark when she finally realised she had been tricked.

She came home just as her parents were about to call the police, sick to their stomach with worry. That was the only time she remembers Fallon ever getting into any real kind of trouble (if you could call going without a new outfit and makeup set for two weeks, a punishment)

Finding a tiny crawlspace beneath the spindled roots of a large oak tree, she climbed inside the tight, cramped space to hide, meanwhile in the distance she heard the echoes of Oswalds final count.

Grinning with excitement she tucked herself into a tight ball and patiently waited. One hand clamped over her mouth as to hide her bated breaths, she watched with eyes full on wonder as he came ever closer to the spot she was hiding in.

1951 / Re: Quidditch Game One | Hares vs. Hedgehogs
« on: 08/14/2017 at 15:37 »

It was hard to concentrate with so much going on around her. Bludgings and quafflers flew everywhere, sending whistles into her ears and distracting her from what she was supposed to be doing - catching the fastest and smallest ball in the meadow, the snitch. That's what she needed to be focusing on.

Nix had followed the golden whisp away from Julia's bristles shouting a quick apology as she rode off into the wild, unwelcome, wind that unforgivibly pushed against the bristles of her broom, determined to throw her off course.

She fought back, but her slender eleven year old body was no match for the violent breeze. With one clean gust it sent her flying into a stand filled with spectators. Her feet pushed hard against the sides attempting to stop the collision but it didn't didn't help. Nix thwacked into it with a gentle thud, before beginning to veer off towards the floor.

Quickly she pulled the handle up as she had been shown, and she dipped up and down in the air trying to find her balance again. Flying wasn't as easy as she expected. She was a Phoenix she was supposed to rise from the ashes. She was supposed to come back, better, stronger and faster.

Right now, she felt quite the opposite. Her teammates were been pummeled by the hedgehogs.

“Go team!!! Beaters, hit Julia! Seeker find that snitch, keeper get ready, chasers get that ball!" Searching she found the constructive but pointless advise came from their captain. How was she going to find it, when she could barely keep herself in the air?

Perhaps she didn't need to find the ball, perhaps she need only find the other teams seeker. He would lead her right to it. She had at least remembered the name from the roster before the game had began. 'Marchen'

As if on cue a voice reached her attention, and a gape of sunlight poked through the clouds above them, showering the opponents seeker in a halo of light.


He fired off and Phoenix quickly zoomed off to follow him [Thijs] towards the glistening golden ball dancing before them both in the sunlight. She gave him a gentle bump just to let him be aware of her presence.

"That's my Snidge!" She grinned at the boy. "I found it first!"

1951 / Re: Wild Heart | Cain
« on: 08/14/2017 at 01:55 »
She guessed she could see the raven in the boy, with his dark hair and odd demeanour -the silent but observant type. Phoenix was attracted to it, pulled in by it, curious to learn more about her fellow bird. Darkness and Fire.

He stared at her and she inquisitively stared right on back.

She followed him over to the rock, swiftly remaining at his side to read his expressions. Back home, people would have thought her insane for her belief in the faries, but she here she was free to live as much of an insane existence as she pleased - and that was more than fine by her.

"May I?"

"Sure." Phoenix nodded "But be careful... They're very delicate and easy to break. There for the Fairies..." Her eyes met his with a smile. Hopefully he was as accepting of her as she felt of him. But then again, sometimes she was too accepting... Too trusting in peoples good sides that she barely ever recognised the bad. Nix saw what she wanted to see.

"They like pretty things... Or at least Tilly does."

1951 / Re: bird's first flying lesson // phoenix
« on: 08/13/2017 at 23:15 »
Phoenix listened attentively to Mia, studying her hand signals above the broom as it fired up into her hand. She made it look so easy, so simple, she was sure she could do it to, so she placed her right hand above it and demanded 'up!'

It fired into her hand and she smiled proudly, mounting the broom as her councilor instructed. This was so much fun.

"Then you gently push off the ground and lean forward-"

Mia again, making if appear as easy and natural as climbing trees was for her, rocketed off into the air before gently returning to her side. She didnt expect to pick this part up quickly but she didn't care. Phoenix refused to leave this meadow until she could fly like Mia. Mia was so cool.

Her feet twitched beneath her and she leaned forward and sure enough the broom began to lift beneath her. The handle shook beneath her small pale fingers as she gripped it tighter pleading for it to stop rocking left and right. Unbalanced she hovered a few meters in the air.

Nix was stuck and she looked rediculous. If she moved she felt she would fall, and although it would barely bruise she wanted to 'fly' not fall. Phoenix used her agility and strength to balance herself into a steady cradle on the broom, before calling for her instructor.

"Mia!! I'm stuck. I don't know what to do..."

1951 / Re: Bottoms Up! // INFIRMARY CASE STUDY 1
« on: 08/13/2017 at 22:43 »
As soon as Julia's color began to change, Phoenix knew she was in trouble. Once again she had acted without thinking about the consequences and now she was going to end up green like Julia or worse.

Her stomach grumbled.

"Are you okay?" She asked the older girl with concern, when a longer grumble erupted from her belly. Something was wrong. Her hands cradled it, the feeling inside, (which could only be described as a thousand butterfly flapping around) lifted her upwards until she stood staring at her camp mates doe eyed on her tip toes.

Then she simply floated away up, up, up, until her small frame met the ceiling of the cabin.

Arms flailing she tried to reach out for something to grab but failed. She hit the roof with a thud showering dust everywhere and sending herself into a fit of coughs.

“Everyone, listen up! If you've been subject to any... unfortunate effects, come here and try to cure yourself. Ask for help from Chloe, Persephone, and me if you’re not sure.”

"How am I supposed to a-a-achoo!... Sorry. Reach the cures?" She sneezed as she made decorative circles in the dusty air. (she figured she might as well have some fun, while she was stuck there there). "Can someone throw mine up to me please?"

1951 / Re: Wild Heart | Cain
« on: 08/13/2017 at 18:23 »
"Why not Phoenix?"

She was a little confused. The boy had not answered any of her questions yet. You couldn't answer a question with another question, it was rude. Usually she would have pointed that out but ahe decised to let it go. She didnt want to scare the boy off too quickly.

In any case, was the abbreviation of her full name that obvious?

Playing with her brunette hair she continued to look at the boy, much to her surprise, like herself he wasn't wearing shoes. She thought that was just something she did. It made her smile to know someone else enjoyed the earth between there toes.

"Nix is what my dad calls me... You can call me Phoenix if you prefer though. I really don't mind either."

There was a moment of awkward silence as a ray of sunlight poked through the tree branches and danced across the floor between the two strangers.

"So... You never told me your name..?"

Glancing beyond the boy her eyes found the rock with her crowns still intact, but without a single fairy in sight. Disappointment spread across her usually cheery demeanour.

1951 / Re: Truth or Dare || 3rd years and below!
« on: 08/13/2017 at 18:00 »
A few of the younger years had gathered for a game of truth or dare. She loved socialising, but she was very particular about who she socialised with and after almost half of the summer had past by now, she was desperate to mingle and meet more people.

She recognised the faces that sit in the circle, some she had shared dorms with or briefly met on her explorations of the camp but she didn't know them 'well'. A game of truth and dare was possibly the best way to get to know her new classmates before summer was out and term began.

Recognising a boy she had met in the black forest, [cain] she shuffled to sit beside him, watching in amazement as someone in the group shoveled marshmallows into his face. Her lips instinctively curled into a smile.

"Hello again." She said to the boy beside her with and gentle wave.

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