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Freestyle Archives / Re: it was all a lie...// invited
« on: 01/15/2018 at 04:23 »
"Damn it, Lita, would you just listen to me!"

She sighed loudly, watching his emotion explode to the surface. The tears kept coming, and her shoulders shook with a silent, suppressed sob.

"It was an accident. I'm...I'm sorry."

It was as if she saw red and all of her anger and frustration came out at once. Palm connected with cheek, harder than with Chloe, if that were even possible. Her breathing had picked up and her teeth tore into her bottom lip as fresh tears came rolling. The noise of skin against skin made a shudder course through her body and she hastily brought her hand back.

"I'm not sorry. You deserved that," she said shakily, as if she didn't actually believe it. "It's over, Brendan. We're over. I just can't do it."

And with that, Lita ran past him, her destination the common room.

Freestyle Archives / Re: it was all a lie...// invited
« on: 01/15/2018 at 03:50 »
"Well, yes, but..."

"But nothing, Brendan! You kissed her, and that her wasn't ME!"

Her lower lip began to quiver, and she had to bite down hard to keep the full blown sobs coming. Lita sighed shakily as she tried to calm her breathing, and ran her hands over her face, not caring about messing up her make up, or hair for that matter. She took a couple steps forward, past her boyfriend, trying to gather her thoughts.

"It didn't mean anything, honest! And it was months ago."

She turned around on her heel, ready for the next round.

"And that makes it okay?! Because you both lied me for months, that means it didn't mean anything?!" she yelled, not worried about the students leaving and returning to the ball just a few feet behind them.

"Obviously it meant something if you had to hide it, Brendan!"

Freestyle Archives / Re: it was all a lie...// invited
« on: 01/15/2018 at 03:16 »
Angry tears began to fall from her eyes, undoubtedly messing up the perfect job Chloe had done with her makeup. Chloe, she sneered as the back of her hand wiped the tears away as she made her way through the crowd. Their peers began to stare as the commotion had started, and continued until she fully made her exit through the doors. As she stepped out into the empty entrance, a sob escaped with a heave of her chest.

But they couldn't leave well enough alone, could they?

Fingers grasped her forearm and she instantly knew who it was before her named escaped his lips.

"Lita, wait!"

Jerking her arm back hastily, the brunette stopped in her tracks and spun around to face him. Though her expression was that of fury, the tears continued to fall from her cheeks. She didn't bother to wipe them away, not when she knew they would come more freely as he continued talking.

"Please, Lita, stop! It's not what you think!"

"Not what I think? How could it not be what I think, Bren? You KISSED her, for godric's sake!"

There was nothing else to say. It was cut and dry. Nothing he could say would make it better.

1952 / Re: Riot // Lolita and OPEN
« on: 12/14/2017 at 21:00 »
Camp was so close to being over, and Lita was more than ready. She missed the warmth of French summers, and the blazing heat of Spain. With the turbulent summer she had been having, the Hufflepuff couldn't wait to get home and spend a few days away from the drama of Hogwarts. She decided to cool off on her recently developed hobbies, and just relax the duration.

The butterbeer bar wasn't as full as the girl had hoped, finding only a few other people lounging around, talking amongst each other. The brunette had agreed to meet up with Lucian for lunch, having found solace in his company, surprising even herself. So as she sat waiting, her body was at angle to where only half of the room was within her sight. Emerald hues glanced around before settling upon a teenage boy she had yet to meet. A deep brown gaze made her own linger, curious as to who he was, and it seemed as if his own was peaked. A smile tugged at the corner of her mouth as he began to approach.

But it was short-lived, for a tornado had spun into the room with a yank of her shirt, pulling her off of the stool.

"What the fu--"

“How much of an idiot piece of trash are you, Chevalier?!”

Lita pulled herself from the girl's clutches before using the same volume, "What are you on about?!"

“Aiden? Really? What did he ever do to you?”

Was Chloe Rose seriously causing a scene because she had broken up with the younger year? She cherished him even more so than the next person, so why in Merlin's name would she continue a façade that would only hurt him more in the end? The blonde's irrationality cause Lita to sigh and roll her eyes, stepping back from her in order to leave the conversation.

"I don't really think that's any of your business, is it?"


It had happened so fast, Lita stood there stunned, the pain taking the back seat to confusion and shock. Her eyes widened and her mouth left agape, bringing her hand up to wipe the blood from her mouth. She looked at the red smeared against skin before back to Chloe. Anger crept into her veins quicker than she could say quidditch, and she lunged, knocking her ex best friend to the ground. With a grunt of pent up frustration, the girl brought her own closed fist back and swung, connecting with the flat stomach beneath her.

"Who do you think you are, you pompous prat?!" she hurled before connecting with her nose, all of the hurt and anger and frustration pouring out into the long overdue fight. "My relationships never meant anything to you before, so why care now?!"

The venom was spewed, her yells echoing in the room.

1952 / Re: narcissus withering // gcb
« on: 12/11/2017 at 19:38 »
lita burrita
16. half. Hufflepuff

come lay down with me

1952 / Re: Russian Royalty {Caspian F.}
« on: 12/11/2017 at 15:50 »
Lita Chevalier

16 / Sixth / Hufflepuffball

Relationship: Just a snog here and there.

Plot Ideas: Luckily for you I'm not looking for anything serious.

1952 / Re: Spread the Love | [OPEN - SPIN THE BOTTLE]
« on: 12/11/2017 at 15:37 »
As much as she didn't want to go, Lita had promised Aiden she would, and she was a woman of her word. Especially since her and Aiden had just begun dating not that long before camp had started. She couldn't just not show up, even if there were already plans in motion for her and Lucian to hang out for a bit that evening. So, she let her boyfriend know her arrival would be a bit later than he probably would have liked.

But the badger arrived just in time to see her ex boyfriend kiss Lu, and as much as it pained her chest to see that, the awkwardness of it brought a chuckle to fall from her lips as she joined the game, slipping in next to Aiden. A vibrant smile stayed on her face as her hand reached over to squeeze his.

"Hey," she said softly as to not interrupt the game. "Having fun without me?"

Her attention was captivated for just a split second when the group's volume had risen at the sight of Brendan's bottle landing on Zak. Her grin widened as a laugh tumbled out. This will be good, she said aloud for anyone to hear. She shifted positions to rest on her bum, watching the awkward encounter unfold before her as Zak made a total joke of the whole thing. She laughed before bringing her fingers to her mouth to release a shrill whistle at the proper snog. Then the first bottle fell upon Charlotte, and she briefly caught their soft dialogue before her attention was back to Aiden.

"Have you--" the question fell short when the other bottle stopped in front of Aiden.

It was strange, the feeling that crept into her chest. She wasn't jealous, or even upset by any stereotypical standards she had felt with Brendan. Instead, the girl nudged him playfully towards the strange blonde. The thought of them having not even kissed yet hadn't crossed her mind in the excitement of the night.

"Go on," she encouraged with a wiggle of her eyebrow, wholly giving her boyfriend permission to kiss the other girl.

It was just a game, right? No use in getting upset about playing. That's why they were there in the first place, yeah?

1952 / Re: Don't Go Breaking My (Icy) Heart [Lita]
« on: 12/11/2017 at 14:53 »
"Don't stand up, we've got to get you off of the ice."

She was starting to feel sleepy, the cold rushing towards her exposed face. Locks of wet brown stuck to her neck and cheeks, beginning to not feel the chills caused by the fierce wind that seemed to pick up as Bren pulled her backwards. Her legs wouldn't work, no matter how hard she tried to push herself back to make it easier on him. Continuously, the badger attempted to bend at the knee, and pushed against the ice but came to no avail.

(Whose idea was it to have a winter wonderland for summer break? Lita swore she would have a stern word with them.)

"Lita, you're safe, but..."

Right after hitting a bump, feeling fresh snow beneath her, Bren was there. His voice was soothing, melodic almost as her eyes fluttered to close, feeling as if every ounce of energy was gone from her body. She laid limp as his arms wrapped around her again, pushing her back off the ground, jolting her awake once more.

"You gotta get out of those wet clothes. You'll still freeze before we can make it to the infirmary."

Her body shook as she stared at him, his idea not fully registering with her until she watched him pull off the coat. He quickly moved to her feet, untying the skates faster than Lita could even dream of doing at that point. She felt no difference when he pulled them off, exposing her wet socks. Was that good or bad?

"Can you help me out? We've got to move quickly."

Again, she felt helpless as she watched him unbutton her jacket. Her breathing picked up as she tried to move her arms to find the front of herself. Lita's fingers were changing colours, not nearly as fast as Bren as she tried to undo a button. A silent victory sounded inside of her mind as she got two unfastened.

"Put your jacket back on," she urged. The wind was cold, and in her mind, she didn't want him to get sick because of her. There was enough tension between them as it was.

Lita followed his lead, and shrugged off the wet coat, feeling it slide off her arms and onto the ground behind her. She could feel Bren's burning gaze as he tried to hurriedly help her remove the bulky sweater up over her head and clumsily sliding the denim down her legs, leaving her long johns on. A sliver of warmth appeared as he wrapped his coat around her, trying to help her up to her feet.

"T-thank you," her teeth chattered as she leaned into him for support, not quite feeling stable on her legs.

Freestyle Archives / Re: it was all a lie...// invited
« on: 12/11/2017 at 14:25 »
The look on her best friend's said it all. What she had overheard was true. Her jaw dropped ever so slightly, taking in the newfound information that her best friend had snogged her boyfriend. The tears she had desperately tried to keep under wraps were now beginning to fall freely. Her chest began to ache from the heavy sobs looming to come forth.

How could they betray her? What in Godric's name had she done to them to deserve that?

“Lita, listen"

"Listen?," her voice quivered as it rose to a higher volume. "You want me to LISTEN?!"

"Listen! I was going to tell you, I swear."

"When? When, Lo? When were you going to tell me you snogged my boyfriend?! Was yours not good enough?" she spat just as Bren came to her side.

If looks could kill, her boyfriend would've been on the ground. Her heart was beating rapidly as she hastily took the cup from his hand to her right, no doubt meant for her. The girl he had cheated on, and had been treating her impeccable for the last four months. Now she completely understood just why he had been the perfect boyfriend to her.

"Seriously, Brendan?! You snogged my best friend!"

Merlin, she was going to tell him she loved him, to ask him to meet her parents. What a fool she had been to think he truly cared about her. Green hues glanced around them, wishing she could have been anywhere but there, enjoying the night she had prepared all month long for -- WITH CHLOE. In a fit of rage, her right hand flung the contents of the cup onto Chloe's front, attempting to drench her face and dress.

"Only I was waiting for the right time and one thing led to another and—"

She pulled her left arm back, palm facing the blonde, red clouding her sight, rippling the tide of polite etiquette embedded in her being. It took but a moment for her hand to connect with the girl's cheek.


"It was an accident!”

"Go rot in hell, you slag," Lita spat before throwing the cup at Bren, gathering her dress, and hurrying out of the ball.

powerplay approved

1952 / Re: Watch This | Pax Fellwater
« on: 12/11/2017 at 14:04 »
Lita Chevalier

16 & Sixth. Puffs. Halfies.


1952 / Re: Misery Loves Company | Lita
« on: 12/11/2017 at 14:02 »
The fireplace provided a comfort that she hadn't truly felt since breaking up with Aiden. Why in Merlin's beard did she decide to go down that path with the mini Duncan was beyond her grasp. He had been kind to her, fairy tale sweet at the exact time she desperately needed it. Bren and Lo's betrayal had cut her far too deep, more than she would care to admit aloud. And Aiden had been there to pick up the pieces, for which the badger would be forever grateful, but the brief time with the boy made her realize she was in no way ready for something serious.

So, instead of sulking around, taking the heat for breaking another's heart, Lita found herself in a secluded corner with Lucian. During the term, they hadn't talked much, mostly because they were both busy with their significant others. But truth be told, they both found heartbreak at the Ball, and suddenly they had a lot more in common.

“So... how are things?”

Running fingers through her long, loose curls, she sighed at the seemingly innocent question. Hazel hues found striking blue, and she felt a contentment wash over her at the sight of someone who actually understood her reasoning for dropping Chloe from her previous best friend status. Their mutual friends had simply told her to get over it, more or less, urging that they weren't the same without one another.

maybe she shouldn't have snogged my boyfriend, Lita tried to keep the thoughts of irritation away.

"How are you?"

She posed the question as she glanced around the room, concluding there were no other counsellors around before reaching in the bag by her feet. It was there that she pulled out a bottle with a darker coloured liquid inside, and set it between them on the couch.

"You look like you need this just as much as I do," she said with a mischievous smirk.

*Note -- permission for firewhiskey granted by an admin.

1952 / Re: Hopeless Opus // Zak Weiland
« on: 12/11/2017 at 13:19 »
Lita Burrita
hey you!

1952 / Re: Don't Go Breaking My (Icy) Heart [Lita]
« on: 12/09/2017 at 17:26 »
The water was quickly engulfing her body, bringing her to panic. What if she died here? In the lake? There was so much she needed to do, to say. What if she never got the chance to say it? To anyone. She could feel emotion choking up as she frantically kicked her legs to keep her floating at the surface.

"I'm coming, hold on!"

A familiar voice was barely heard from her own heavy breathing as she continued to sink into the freezing water. It seeped through her jacket, chilling her to the bone, piercing against her skin like miniature safety pins pricking her from every direction. Her eyes shut tightly, trying to block out the pain overwhelming her with each passing moment.

"Take my hands, quickly!"

Her eyes flew open to find the last person she expected staring back at her. The water reached her chin, teeth chattering against the water as she nodded at his demand. Though her arms felt frozen to her side, she tilted her head upwards above the water to take a deep breath. She mustered the strength to lift one arm out of the water to reach for Bren.

"Lita! Come on, I've got you!"

His encouragement fueled her to bring her other arm up and over the opening to take his arm. Still kicking her legs all the while, Lita thought about untying the skates to let them sink but she knew if her arms went back into the ice cold water, they weren't coming back. So, instead, the badger grasped his arms and tried to pull herself up, feeling him tug back on her, attempting to free her from the icy hell.

"Bren," she breathed lightly, the ability to speak seeming like a chore, not the fluid action she did each and every day without fail.

With another minute of working together, Lita felt the harsh wind hit her drenched body as her torso merged from the hole. Warm hands touched frozen skin, arms wrapped around her waist as the Ravenclaw pulled her the rest of the way out. Her heart thudded against her chest rapidly, but not from the cold...

As she lay flat on her back, next to her ex boyfriend, her chest heaved, heart beat loud in her ears.

1952 / Re: Stone Cold Baby // Chloe
« on: 12/09/2017 at 16:33 »
Ex Bestfriend

sixteen / sixth / puffs

#not #yours #anymore

Plot Ideas: Kiss any other best friend's boyfriends yet?

1952 / making deals with the devil // lrc
« on: 12/09/2017 at 16:14 »

Lita Renae Chevalier
Half French, Half Spanish, Halfblood, Sixteen

never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary

Thanks to the betrayal of her best friend and boyfriend, our little puffball isn't as good as she once was. The picture perfect sixteen year old took a hard left, picking up smoking and leaving all conscious thoughts of rules to the wind. Still friendly as ever still, Lita is always up to making new friends, that hasn't changed. She's just more inclined to break rules, and snog a bit more.

Give her a reason to be distracted, yeah?

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1952 / Re: Don't Go Breaking My (Icy) Heart [Lita]
« on: 12/09/2017 at 16:04 »
Once upon a time growing into her body would have made Lita Chevalier awkward and shy about the stares she had been receiving all summer long, but she had changed in the previous terms. The changes that had developed gradually over the past six months were now prominent,  unable to miss to anyone who glanced in her direction. Slender face, fuller figure, longer hair made her feel like a completely different person entirely.

As her skates glided effortlessly against the solid lake, Lita couldn't help but still feel disappointed they were unable to swim this summer, curiously wondering why the change all of the sudden. A slight shrug to herself dismissed the thoughts, and instead she focused on the cigarette between her lips.

A lot of bad habits were taken since the end of term, but she didn't mind. It was all a part of growing up, the freshly sixteen year old had decided.

Her right leg crossed beneath the leg, taking in the sound of blade against ice. A content smile stayed as she continued to skate, losing herself in the crisp wind that rushed past her exposed cheeks. As she neared the center, her brows furrowed, feeling the difference in the ice. A quick glance at her feet confirmed the gut wrenching feeling that just hit her suddenly.


Beneath her foot, Lita felt the lake shift, and her eyes widened with a high pitched shriek as her foot disappeared into the freezing water. The cigarette fell from her lips, hitting her thigh but she paid no attention to the prick of pain.

"Help!" she yelped as her other leg fell through, waist disappearing from view as it crumbled beneath her. Legs began to kick, attempting to keep her afloat but the weight of the skates made it impossible and soon her shoulders were under the freezing water.

Shit  she cursed herself for even going by herself to the secluded lake.

Freestyle Archives / it was all a lie...// invited
« on: 12/09/2017 at 15:24 »
Continued from the Beltane Ball

"Do you really think you should be snogging him when you have a boyfriend?"

Lo's sassy tone echoed above the noise of the student body. With a grin curled upon her lips, the badger crept closer to her two friends while her boyfriend went to get them something to drink. Lita couldn't help but be completely full at the sight of the beautiful evening in front of them. Everything was just perf--

"That's rich coming from you. Didn't you kiss Bren over Break?"

Stopping just behind her blonde best friends, her heart dropped into the pit of her stomach. Wh-what? Her brows furrowed in confusion as she reached out to grasp Chloe's attention, cutting her off mid-sentence.

"Yeah,  but --"

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Lita's voice quivered.

Surely, there was a different Bren around Hogwarts. It wasn't her Bren, not Brendan McCrae, her boyfriend. They had been together since last summer. If Chloe had kissed him during break....that meant Christmas Break, when she had gone home and they had stayed at the castle.

She bit her lowered lip to attempt to keep it from quivering further, to keep the tears from welling in her eyes. There had to be an explanation for the comment.

"Did you just say you snogged my boyfriend?"

Freestyle Archives / Re: What Once Was // Lita
« on: 11/15/2017 at 21:55 »
His lips had found hers, a sweet sense of victory washing over her, having wanted to feel him against her for a few years counting. He was gentle, soft even in the way he touched her. Fingertips caressed exposed skin, causing the hairs on her arm to stand, goosebumps rising to the air. A slight shudder coursed through her body as his fingers reached her neck, the trail he left burning with an intensity she had yet to experience before that moment.

He was setting her being ablaze, and she desperately wanted nothing more than to burn.

As Zak shifted, so did she. Extending the arm closest to him, her palm pressed against the grass beside him, the blades tickling between her fingers. She leaned into the lion, feeding into the insatiable hunger he seemed to radiate. Her own cravings came to the surface as the kiss turned darker, pulling her under with each ticking moment. Lita brought her opposite hand up, her own fingertips brushing against lightly his jaw, clumsily letting it fall to the crevasse of his neck.

Zak began to pull back, and she let him lead, mimicking his action. The smirk he held brought her pulse to an all-time high. feeling it trying to leap out of her chest.

"Are you alright?"

"G-great," she said breathlessly, a smiling curling her lips. "Are you?"

1951 / Re: Kissing Strangers // OPEN to 4th Years and Up
« on: 08/14/2017 at 04:27 »
She expected the strange boy to move away, to crawl back to the spot he had came from. The game would have continued on, and hopefully by the end, Bren would have forgiven her for the second time that summer. Maybe they would end star gazing, stealing snogs in the night after drinking far too much butterbeer.

“Alright Lamb, that’s a good start, but try it like this.”

But, no, she was wrong.

Feeling fingers grasp her neck, a small gasp of surprise escaped between her lips, frozen once again in place. There was no time to really react before his mouth was on hers again, deeper than it had been the first time. She could feel her cheeks heating up at the foreign touch, her lips crushing beneath his confidence. Only having snogged two people in her whole life, the older boy's embrace was different than any she had experienced yet.

Before she could put any more thoughts into the situation, his lips were gone abruptly. Long lashes fluttered open to see Bren's arms extended, back straightened as he rose to his knees. Lita could see the fury in her boyfriend's eyes, and she could feel her own widen. Never had she seen him react in that way before, not enough to physically harm another person.

"What did I say? You already got your kiss. Now get your bloody hands, and lips, off of her!"


She spoke his name incredulously, shocked that he would push the boy. Her arm extended to grasp him, to pull him away before anything happened but it was no use. The unknown boy came right back to his previous position, now closer to her boyfriend's face than necessary. It was clearly some face off about whose wand was bigger, and Lita wanted no part in it.

"Stop," her quiet voice tried to command but the boy spoke over her, and another voice caught her attention so she didn't catch what was exchanged between them.

"--on him"

Her head snapped to look at her friend, sending a glare his way before giving her attention back to the scene unfolding just an inch away from her. The unknown boy looked pissed to no end, and Bren didn't look like he was going to back down. Her brows furrowed in annoyance at herself for creating such chaos, and also at the boys for having too much damn pride.

She nudged her boyfriend slightly before putting a hand on each of their chests, attempting to push them apart but failing miserably.

"You guys, stop!" the girl tried to sound authorative but probably sounding the opposite. "Brendan, it's not worth it."

pp approved

1951 / Re: Kissing Strangers // OPEN to 4th Years and Up
« on: 08/12/2017 at 23:50 »
Green hues swirled with the bottle, palms beginning to sweat. She briefly glanced up to the sky as she silently pleaded for the glass to land on Bren. As it slowed, the girl felt a sense of panic course inside of her, realizing that the chance of it landing on her boyfriend was slim to none. Why in Merlin's Beard did she do that? Internally, she began to kick herself, feeling rather foolish for participating in the stupid game when she had a perfectly good pair of lips beside her to kiss.

The bottle came to a halt, landing on --who? A stranger emerged from the darkness after disposing of a cigarette. Her breath caught in her throat, nerves taking ahold of her as their gaze met while he got on all fours, making his way to where she sat. A wide eyed doe she sat, caught in his headlights, frozen in place as his fingers gently brushed a stray lock of brown from her sight.

“So are you all lamb? Or have you got some lion in there too?”


"Oi, mate. The game requires a kiss, not for you to try and seduce my girlfriend. Get your snog, make it quick, and move on. And keep your hands to yourself, yeah?"

Bren's echoing voice brought her from the trance she had found herself. A part of her smirked at the hostility in his tone, feeling special that he would defend their relationship, but another smaller part was mostly annoyed at herself for putting him in that situation. She definitely would hear about this later.

Her eyes met the stranger's again, leaning in to give him a short kiss on the lips before shifting back into her original position. With the back of her hand, Lita wiped it away, hoping it would help ease her boyfriend's worries. Reluctantly, she looked at him, giving him a warm smile, menthol fresh on her tongue.

"It's just a dumb game," she assured him in a low voice. Though it was clear participation was seen as a betrayal, the Hufflepuff wasn't about to make a scene about it. Not here -- not now. Worried about what was going through his head, she didn't see Circe kissing another stranger, or Emaline even spin the bottle.

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