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1959 / Re: chillin' we be
« on: 04/18/2020 at 22:44 »
me, looking around at an empty room w/our plots:


wow look at those yodas!! People are getting really creative these days and I'm just sat here... daydreamin'

Jojo Rabbit
ughgugh I REALLY REALLY wanted to watch this but now all the theaters are closed and I don't even know where to asdl;jaslsdkj
:c was it as good as it looked?

Currently Reading: Shadow and Bone - Leigh Bardugo
i remember really enjoying myself and then i look at my goodreads and remember.. nothing. -_-

Hamilton (I was supposed to see it last weekend T_T)


LOOKING FORWARD TO ALL OUR THREADS AND HOPEFULLY MORE i had an idea for nash/cal but forgot akl;sjd;lkajs i'll get back to you on that

1959 / Re: i am afraid of snails
« on: 04/12/2020 at 17:36 »

Getting around to the last few episodes of The Good Place!
get ready to ugly cry!!!!!

want someone to join you in a late night and probably illegal/dangerous/something she should really not be participating in as a model citizen activity? she's your girl!!!
we need more naoi on this site!!! hit me up plsss lets go cray cray TOGETHER

me, w/coffee with milk 'n sugar:

gets distracted whenever there's a dog around.
FUN FACT. Me and a bunch of friends came across a dog park whilst walking around Boston during the very very cold winter and then A WHOLE HOUR PASSED. My feet were numb. No regrats.

things i like!: b99.
i've been binging season six recently!! yes i know im late ive been busy ok cap't holt is my faaaaav

me to you, when we make our characters sad:

more more more!!!!! c:0

1959 / Re: Love in the Time of Corona
« on: 04/07/2020 at 15:02 »

me, watching my bf, binge watching, of all the animes in the world: boruto:

Envy Lamont: thinks her stuff don't stink.

thanks for always being patient with me
thanks for always talking to me ♥
i'll keep threading with you so long as you can stand me

1959 / Re: Enter the Hadopelagic!
« on: 04/06/2020 at 15:22 »
23 / Gryffindor / Leo / Quidditch Keeper

Snogged some girls. Got some badges. He talks a lot, usually without thinking.

We're REALLY REALLY overdue for a thread between him and Cal

11 / Unsorted! / Taurus / Stonemason & blacksmith

I love the idea of a lil bby blacksmith trollin around the castle :3

1959 / Re: Bad Decision Engine™
« on: 04/04/2020 at 21:35 »
welcome back!! probably don't remember me since i was much too intimidated to be anywhere near your sphere.... like a rosa from b99 kinda vibe?

I have a cat named Ava and she is a demon, but she's cute sometimes.
I read this as "dæmon" as in, the Phillip Pullman kind and I can actually picture it? Weird?

I almost exclusively wear dresses

IN BOSTON? H O W teach me your ways :'c I am always so cold.

32 ounces of water slowly seeped into my mattress
okkk more follow up questions because i am confuse. howwww did that happen ? and how did you measure it to know it was 32 ounces? =o

1959 / Re: All! The! Things!
« on: 04/04/2020 at 20:48 »
I'm going for 100 different artists I enjoy listening to semi-regularly, and I'm at 89 at the moment. We might listen to some of the same artists already, and if we don't, I'm definitely taking recommendations!
lol ok but where is this list i MUST SEE. i love this idea; i use almost obsessively and always try to see how many new artists i listen to in a month :3

The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon
this book got me so hard and then the trailer for the movie came out and i feel like its all ruined? ? ? i guess i just didn't picture it the same way :\

My favorite is unquestionably Dear Evan Hansen.
this was actually the last musical i watched and i CRIED A LOT it was ugly ...

you know i love all your characters and DO I SEE A NEW ONE?? Joey seems so cute!!
i'll reply to our thread eventually... whoops

1959 / Re: lemme introduce you to some new thangs
« on: 04/04/2020 at 20:42 »

sorry i was so late on the kpop train but i'm on it now and CHOO CHOO AMIRIGHT? ?

10) I speak English, Mandarin, Korean, and French
:o teach me your ways? :oooo
me when i try to learn a new language:

(Zoom University)

we'll make our various secret characters one day

1959 / Re: OKAY!
« on: 04/04/2020 at 20:16 »
WELCOME BACK!!! we love a good come back story 

those pete gifs are A PLUS. I both love and hate that he's from Staten Island, the trash bag of the New York Metro Area c:

Currently he's the owner of Pasta Vino, the Italian restaurant.
Calvin would like a word on the MANY awkward encounters he's had there!!!

1959 / i should be working... SO WHAT?
« on: 04/04/2020 at 20:09 »
you'd think after four years i would've saved some sort of intro template and yet-

HI I'M SAMMY, or you can call me by any of my character names which is fine too c:

i'm... 27? new yorker born, bred, obsessed. currently in the midst of the chaos that is our world right now as an accountant-turned-loan agent for my clients, part-time student, part time kpop fangirl as of jan 2020. avid lover of the environment, dogs, cats, and as of 9:05 am this morning, dalgona coffee. i've been so busy lately but summer is my favorite time at hoggies SO I HAD TO INTRO

some facts? i guess? this is chaos what is this intro idek
last thing i watched on youtube BON APPETIT
last thing i read bitterblue by kristin cashore i am three books behind my reading challenge GAHHHHHHHHHH
last album i have been obsessed with [hastag sign that messes up my code] by LOONA
unhealthy obsession with BTS someone save me

aaaaand i guess you can know a lil bit about
my characters: even though i haven't been really active for the better part of a month now

margaret eleanor harkiss
26. ravenclaw alum. herb prof.
current mood:

generally feeling disappointed in herself for failing her students, constantly behind the curve of what's going on, and trying to stay awake despite nightmares of astro marquis falling dead on her face. holds it together somehow. in her spare time, tries to find comfort w/james knight

calvin ronaldo sharppe
19? gryffindor alum. chaser for magpies!
current mood:

idk what this boy is doing honestly. auto-pilot as I try to rig my irl back together. lives in hogsmeade with his best pal in the whOLE WIDE WORLD/domestic partner aiden duncan, seeing eunice lamont somewhat seriously
he's actually a very upbeat happy guy generally like....


1959 / Re: makin' bacon pancakes
« on: 04/04/2020 at 16:12 »
last tv show i watched:...and tiger king.
nuuuuuuuuuuu not you too?? i'd like to think even if i did have the time to watch it i WOULDN'T BECAUSE I'M PRETENTIOUS

breakfast, lunch, or dinner? breakfast, dinner, lunch. in that order.
^ this. this. is why. i love you.

hopefully we can manage another thread...

1958 / all i want for christmas is... AVVIES
« on: 12/04/2019 at 16:41 »

avvie holidays!

i have a problem where i like to not do homework and instead fiddle with photoshop. and it's the GIVING SEASON so if you like my lil avvie (see to the left) and want something of the sort PLEASE FILL OUT THE CODE BELOW. i'll also most likely only be making 1 or 2 per person and i'm closing this... probably dec 15 since it seems pointless to have a christmas avvie in, say, january.

edit if you just want REGULAR avatars please go here to request them! might be slower on that though


face claim:
age: this will let me know what kind of pics to use
gimme a pic!: this might make my life easier! maybe i might use it if its a decent one (something with their head unobstructed/blocked) orrrr maybe i might use my own pic idk life is wild like that
anything else?: put all pertinent information here! gimme a vibe, a specific color you want? maybe you REALLY want them to have a red nose like rudolph or just a fancy christmas background and nothing else

Code: [Select]
[center][div style="width:380px;font-family:arial;font-size:9pt;text-align:left;"]
[size=24pt][font=Elsie Swash Caps][NAME HERE] ! [/font][/size]

[b]face claim:[/b]
[b]age:[/b] this will let me know what kind of pics to use
[b]gimme a pic!:[/b] this might make my life easier! maybe i might use it if its a decent one (something with their head unobstructed/blocked) orrrr maybe i might use my own pic idk life is wild like that
[b]anything else?:[/b] put all pertinent information here! gimme a vibe, a specific color you want? maybe you REALLY want them to have a red nose like rudolph or just a fancy christmas background and nothing else

Around the cozy fire of a hearth
Perhaps in an alternate universe, many years from now
Late in December

There were more children sat around his feet than last year. Most heads had shaggy mops of dark brown and black, ribbons tied up high on their heads, giggling girls, quieter boys who were too young as of yet to speak up loudly. Calvin's back hurt, which was why there was a throw pillow behind him, propped the long way and crushed against his weight. There was a little twinkle in his eye as one of the oldest girls tugged on the edge of his trousers.

"Tell us about how you got your scar, grandpa!"

It was a tale which he'd spoke of multiple times now, but with new eyes and ears on him, how could he say no to those glimmering looks at him? He shuffled in his seat to get comfortable, looking into the fire pensively before tugging the side of his lips upward in a smile.

"I was living in Hogsmeade as a young man- hopping around the various bars and pubs." Calvin crouched down low for effect, trying to get on the same level as all those who sat on the carpeted floor. "It was late, far too late for anyone to be up. But that's when Godric Park was at its best- quiet. That was when… I saw a shadow… darting quickly in the distance. I thought, who could it be out here so late at night? So, curious as I was and also making sure someone wasn’t making a trouble, I went to investigate. I chased after the bloke- a slow walk at first to remain inconspicuous but then that turned into a small jog until  I was outright running, running in the middle of the night through the park until-

“SLASH!” He pitched his voice higher and some audible gasps ran throughout the room. Some of the girls had their hands reach towards their face, covering their mouths in anticipation of the horror.

“Something sharp and long cut me deep in my leg. I didn’t even notice at first- I was so focused on catching the guy. But he must’ve caught onto me to place the trap, and all of a sudden my head was getting dizzy, woozy from the loss of blood.” Cal placed a hand on his head in imitation of that night. In reality, he had been brought down quickly, maybe even too easily for his liking. “I worked quickly to try and stop the bleeding but just when I thought the skin had been charmed closed, the wound sealed, it would burst open again, the blood pouring out like a fountain.” His mouth made gurgling noises and a little girl, no more than five, made a retching sound from the back.

“Just then, an older lady came up, claiming to be some sort of investigator and psuedo-Healer. Even she couldn’t help me. Things were getting dire now, I could barely see my leg anymore it was coated in darkness and black liquid. My eyes were seeing double, I wasn’t sure I was conscious anymore…” Calvin’s voice faded away into the quiet, letting the cliffhanger linger in the air.

“W-WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?” piped up one of the boys, finding it unacceptable to leave the story there. “Yeah, go on, tell us!” The voice seemed to have a pout attached to it.

His eyes darted left, and then right, looking to make sure he had captivated everyone’s attention. “Then… I was apparated to St. Mungo’s. Fixed me up real good.” Then, and only then did he lift the leg of his trousers up, revealing a faded but still dark flesh colored line down the side of his calf. Those in the back scrambled forward to see, some coos of ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s echoed around. The story seemed to shift and change with each passing holiday, having used to mention being overly inebriated when the tale began but dropping that for a more heroic form of cat-and-mouse chase.

“Did you ever find the person who did it? What happened to them?”

Follow up questions chimed in, one after another. Calvin turned away from the group, his hands dismissing the questions straight away to focus more on the flickering flames of the hearth. The warm fire was where he wanted to focus on now. The voices died down as one by one the little ones and their attention wandered elsewhere to the other parts of the house until all that was left in the room was Calvin Sharppe, alone with his thoughts and memories.

1957 / Re: infinity welcomes careful drivers
« on: 08/30/2019 at 21:23 »
protip: if you really want to bamboozle your mother, make sure to tuck your arm in your shirt as if it's already fallen off. worked for me.

if you wanna swap bamboozle mom stories hit me up there's a TREASURE TROVE OVER HERE. -_-

DOLORES IS AMAZING im sorry calvin is such an i d i o t in comparison. remember that one thread?? good fishbowl times

also just came here to say THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL DISCORD EMOJIS. I'm going to overuse them... most likely... probably... definitely..

1957 / Re: BOO! It's Voice Meme 1957!
« on: 08/16/2019 at 03:30 »


i ♥ u, ur charries, & erryhing about u

I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Now we can thread even moarrrrr I say, as I am about to leave for vacation myself

^ me threading calrina

I also had this idea tinkering in my head of Calvin getting an injury, going to mungos, accidentally landing in peds, and having leona treat him maybe it might be fun

1957 / Re: I'd rather stay home and hang out with my dogs
« on: 08/07/2019 at 19:21 »

dogs/cats/animals > humans so you've got your priorities in order

these are my bf's family dogs:


ok but like--- is it such an underrated show?? because I've read all 8 books and love it so much but no one ever talks about it??

laurel was so precious in herb :3
i hope she takes it again maggie loved her
also is calvin invited to the felion wedding orrrr

wowowow sara this intro has so much info i don't know where to START

B99! AJKSDFJSNF best show

not caught up on the most recent season i'm saving it for a rainy day

trashy 80s pop
sooo I made this playlist for myself that has 80s vibes but its not strictly 80s its just how i see the 80s in my head? because i wasn't even born then? so it has modern stuff too? but maybe you'll like it?

also it destroyed me when clara didn't take herb because it meant i had to wait until THIS MONTH?? to thread with you?? :c steals ally 5ever

1957 / Re: what the panini
« on: 08/07/2019 at 19:03 »
-- also big music junky. Why do I like starting threads? I get to pick lyrics for the titles, of course.
I like to feel the same way except I never think I'm any good at it :3

I too have had some horror dental stories but on the bright teeth side I've had a clean bill of health for 2 years now!!!


1957 / Re: -insert jonah hill screaming gif here-
« on: 08/06/2019 at 13:57 »
YES AND NO? Tom Holland nailed the NY accent (specifically queens which is where i'm from eeee) which helped but also HIS FACE?
and yes i love ariana grande i went to her concert and it was gloriousssss

i don't think i can beat people up but honestly tho i picture it a lot in my head ._.
I just want it to work dammit come on guys you can do it

and that's all i've got to say about that

omg yes the coffee struggle. maybe eat more?? gotta coat the stomach with something before the acid of coffee comes in? :|
-throws characters at-


more herb threads maybe? marilyn is such a sweetie

So Sharpston is amazing and you need to make those two live happily ever after please and thank you.


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