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avvie holidays!

i have a problem where i like to not do homework and instead fiddle with photoshop. and it's the GIVING SEASON so if you like my lil avvie (see to the left) and want something of the sort PLEASE FILL OUT THE CODE BELOW. i'll also most likely only be making 1 or 2 per person and i'm closing this... probably dec 15 since it seems pointless to have a christmas avvie in, say, january.

edit if you just want REGULAR avatars please go here to request them! might be slower on that though


face claim:
age: this will let me know what kind of pics to use
gimme a pic!: this might make my life easier! maybe i might use it if its a decent one (something with their head unobstructed/blocked) orrrr maybe i might use my own pic idk life is wild like that
anything else?: put all pertinent information here! gimme a vibe, a specific color you want? maybe you REALLY want them to have a red nose like rudolph or just a fancy christmas background and nothing else

Code: [Select]
[center][div style="width:380px;font-family:arial;font-size:9pt;text-align:left;"]
[size=24pt][font=Elsie Swash Caps][NAME HERE] ! [/font][/size]

[b]face claim:[/b]
[b]age:[/b] this will let me know what kind of pics to use
[b]gimme a pic!:[/b] this might make my life easier! maybe i might use it if its a decent one (something with their head unobstructed/blocked) orrrr maybe i might use my own pic idk life is wild like that
[b]anything else?:[/b] put all pertinent information here! gimme a vibe, a specific color you want? maybe you REALLY want them to have a red nose like rudolph or just a fancy christmas background and nothing else

Around the cozy fire of a hearth
Perhaps in an alternate universe, many years from now
Late in December

There were more children sat around his feet than last year. Most heads had shaggy mops of dark brown and black, ribbons tied up high on their heads, giggling girls, quieter boys who were too young as of yet to speak up loudly. Calvin's back hurt, which was why there was a throw pillow behind him, propped the long way and crushed against his weight. There was a little twinkle in his eye as one of the oldest girls tugged on the edge of his trousers.

"Tell us about how you got your scar, grandpa!"

It was a tale which he'd spoke of multiple times now, but with new eyes and ears on him, how could he say no to those glimmering looks at him? He shuffled in his seat to get comfortable, looking into the fire pensively before tugging the side of his lips upward in a smile.

"I was living in Hogsmeade as a young man- hopping around the various bars and pubs." Calvin crouched down low for effect, trying to get on the same level as all those who sat on the carpeted floor. "It was late, far too late for anyone to be up. But that's when Godric Park was at its best- quiet. That was when… I saw a shadow… darting quickly in the distance. I thought, who could it be out here so late at night? So, curious as I was and also making sure someone wasn’t making a trouble, I went to investigate. I chased after the bloke- a slow walk at first to remain inconspicuous but then that turned into a small jog until  I was outright running, running in the middle of the night through the park until-

“SLASH!” He pitched his voice higher and some audible gasps ran throughout the room. Some of the girls had their hands reach towards their face, covering their mouths in anticipation of the horror.

“Something sharp and long cut me deep in my leg. I didn’t even notice at first- I was so focused on catching the guy. But he must’ve caught onto me to place the trap, and all of a sudden my head was getting dizzy, woozy from the loss of blood.” Cal placed a hand on his head in imitation of that night. In reality, he had been brought down quickly, maybe even too easily for his liking. “I worked quickly to try and stop the bleeding but just when I thought the skin had been charmed closed, the wound sealed, it would burst open again, the blood pouring out like a fountain.” His mouth made gurgling noises and a little girl, no more than five, made a retching sound from the back.

“Just then, an older lady came up, claiming to be some sort of investigator and psuedo-Healer. Even she couldn’t help me. Things were getting dire now, I could barely see my leg anymore it was coated in darkness and black liquid. My eyes were seeing double, I wasn’t sure I was conscious anymore…” Calvin’s voice faded away into the quiet, letting the cliffhanger linger in the air.

“W-WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?” piped up one of the boys, finding it unacceptable to leave the story there. “Yeah, go on, tell us!” The voice seemed to have a pout attached to it.

His eyes darted left, and then right, looking to make sure he had captivated everyone’s attention. “Then… I was apparated to St. Mungo’s. Fixed me up real good.” Then, and only then did he lift the leg of his trousers up, revealing a faded but still dark flesh colored line down the side of his calf. Those in the back scrambled forward to see, some coos of ‘oh’s and ‘ah’s echoed around. The story seemed to shift and change with each passing holiday, having used to mention being overly inebriated when the tale began but dropping that for a more heroic form of cat-and-mouse chase.

“Did you ever find the person who did it? What happened to them?”

Follow up questions chimed in, one after another. Calvin turned away from the group, his hands dismissing the questions straight away to focus more on the flickering flames of the hearth. The warm fire was where he wanted to focus on now. The voices died down as one by one the little ones and their attention wandered elsewhere to the other parts of the house until all that was left in the room was Calvin Sharppe, alone with his thoughts and memories.

1957 / Re: infinity welcomes careful drivers
« on: 08/30/2019 at 21:23 »
protip: if you really want to bamboozle your mother, make sure to tuck your arm in your shirt as if it's already fallen off. worked for me.

if you wanna swap bamboozle mom stories hit me up there's a TREASURE TROVE OVER HERE. -_-

DOLORES IS AMAZING im sorry calvin is such an i d i o t in comparison. remember that one thread?? good fishbowl times

also just came here to say THANK YOU FOR THE WONDERFUL DISCORD EMOJIS. I'm going to overuse them... most likely... probably... definitely..

1957 / Re: BOO! It's Voice Meme 1957!
« on: 08/16/2019 at 03:30 »


i ♥ u, ur charries, & erryhing about u

I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Now we can thread even moarrrrr I say, as I am about to leave for vacation myself

^ me threading calrina

I also had this idea tinkering in my head of Calvin getting an injury, going to mungos, accidentally landing in peds, and having leona treat him maybe it might be fun

1957 / Re: I'd rather stay home and hang out with my dogs
« on: 08/07/2019 at 19:21 »

dogs/cats/animals > humans so you've got your priorities in order

these are my bf's family dogs:


ok but like--- is it such an underrated show?? because I've read all 8 books and love it so much but no one ever talks about it??

laurel was so precious in herb :3
i hope she takes it again maggie loved her
also is calvin invited to the felion wedding orrrr

wowowow sara this intro has so much info i don't know where to START

B99! AJKSDFJSNF best show

not caught up on the most recent season i'm saving it for a rainy day

trashy 80s pop
sooo I made this playlist for myself that has 80s vibes but its not strictly 80s its just how i see the 80s in my head? because i wasn't even born then? so it has modern stuff too? but maybe you'll like it?

also it destroyed me when clara didn't take herb because it meant i had to wait until THIS MONTH?? to thread with you?? :c steals ally 5ever

1957 / Re: what the panini
« on: 08/07/2019 at 19:03 »
-- also big music junky. Why do I like starting threads? I get to pick lyrics for the titles, of course.
I like to feel the same way except I never think I'm any good at it :3

I too have had some horror dental stories but on the bright teeth side I've had a clean bill of health for 2 years now!!!


1957 / Re: -insert jonah hill screaming gif here-
« on: 08/06/2019 at 13:57 »
YES AND NO? Tom Holland nailed the NY accent (specifically queens which is where i'm from eeee) which helped but also HIS FACE?
and yes i love ariana grande i went to her concert and it was gloriousssss

i don't think i can beat people up but honestly tho i picture it a lot in my head ._.
I just want it to work dammit come on guys you can do it

and that's all i've got to say about that

omg yes the coffee struggle. maybe eat more?? gotta coat the stomach with something before the acid of coffee comes in? :|
-throws characters at-


more herb threads maybe? marilyn is such a sweetie

So Sharpston is amazing and you need to make those two live happily ever after please and thank you.


1957 / Re: band, instruments up!
« on: 08/05/2019 at 18:19 »

Calvin would be the drums.... probably... he's loud and marches to his own beat :3

I used to play flute in middle school band. I was pretty bad. I'm more of a piano girl myself (I'd like to think) which isn't even in band..... What does that make me? :0

-clings to mia green-

I've a thousand thread ideas and would love to throw any one of them at you!! esp seeing as how marina hates calvin now

1957 / Re: Live A Little | L.S.
« on: 08/02/2019 at 21:00 »

-heart eyes emoji-

Sports blogger.

ok so my group has to do a presentation on a business leader? and we chose adam silver? and i thought a good title would be: adam silver: slam dunk leader AND IT! WAS! REJECTED! so... /end story?

i also apologize for always being so late on replying to our threads its cause im still intimidated by your beautiful writing and need to stew for 10 hrs about it

I also finally finished stranger things! feel free to throw all your feelings about it at me!
not done with GoT tho

1957 / -insert jonah hill screaming gif here-
« on: 08/02/2019 at 18:12 »
hello it's me sammy i guess !

title of this intro is probably a good summation of me. it's how i feel about this site constantly.

BUT YES HELLO! I am sammy, or maggie/mags/cal as well as those are my characters :3 who am i????

- 26 yr old new yorker born and raised in queens
- accountant-in-training with a splash of environmentalist on the side
- in school for my masters and it's really boring
- been at hoggies since april 2016? wow i'm so old

some things i've been doing recently:

- taking naps at work because coffee upsets my tummy
- baking things no one will eat because they're all on a "diet"
- i kickbox once a week! because it's fun but also "excercise"
- watching game of thrones season 7 (only 1 ep at a time because i get anxious)
- listening to the sharpston playlist on spotify and crying


born as the eldest of four in oxfordshire, maggie comes from a halfblood family of modest means. she's made a name for herself since then, working at the ministry, hogwarts, and has a modeling job on the side for irma wolffe's cosmetics line. always yearning to travel, learn, and do good in the world. she is now single and ready to... mingle?

this boi is complicated. i've got the next few years planned out for him already. outside of potential quidditch recruitment officers (come get him!), closed for plotting. if you want to hear his story scream at me on discord

“Fine. Just until you learn to say it the right way.”

“Thany. Athan…” Under his breath, Calvin muttered a bunch of variations of the name. His tongue curled as it tried to get used to the “nas” afte the “th,” an unfamiliarity to his lips. His mood was light, playful, carefree. It was in stark contrast to the more stiff and formal girl who now walked beside him. Calvin was used to this of course, having grown up with so many stuffy purebloods. Dorian Fortnum was one- and that never stopped the Gryffindor from befriending him despite how many times the tall lanky boy man tried to rid himself of Cal’s company. 

For a moment, Calvin didn’t realize that the girl had slowly started to drift away from him. The garden’s pathway was so broad, the cobblestones echoed loudly against their footsteps, that it wasn’t until the lingering silence found him that he realized the girl was actively being avoidant with the question. A slight tinge of annoyance at himself first for having said the wrong thing to another woman; time and time again it seemed he put his foot in his mouth without meaning to. But then he switched the dial, finding his irritated mood more pointed at the girl instead. He hadn’t really done anything wrong now, had he?

They had almost approached their destination, Calvin finding his mood growing bored with the stilled atmosphere, when she relented and spoke. It came to a surprise and his ears twitched slightly at her voice.

“If you must know, I’m still at Hogwarts.”

From the sounds of it, Hogwarts was the equivalent of being from Azkaban.

“A sixth year.” … “Is my face really so forgettable?”

No, his tone was still light but more insistent this time. Had he seen her Cal was sure he would've remembered the face, the sharp way her eyes seemed to look at everything. “But apparently mine is,” he teased back, figuring that being Prefect for three years and Quidditch captain for one would have stayed in the minds of most students. But once again that must have been his ego talking again. She wasn’t in his house and they didn’t have any classes together- there was little reason for the two to know each other and yet the expectation of both of them thinking they stood in the center of all that went on at Hogwarts was displayed front and center. He looked briefly ahead of him, the glint of the evening moon glinting off in the water’s reflection. “You should enjoy it while you can- the real world’s not so…” Forgiving? Fun? Interesting? Calvin wasn’t sure how he should finish the sentence and so left his words lingering like the air between them.

1956 / Re: farts and squish -- a short story
« on: 04/21/2019 at 02:18 »
@ADRIAN When I read your post:

You are the best and I can't wait for all the plots with you ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

@CHRIS I actually have heard that song! My favorite song of Hey Violet's is guys my age If you want another song by a band with the word Violet in its title may I recommend violet days

@HENRY I ALSO KNOW THAT SONG. But the first time I actually heard it was through g l e e. Yes that's right I watched glee back when it was popular

I actually loved a lot of the rock songs I've heard (esp from the 80s) but I never seem to know how to start in diving into that genre?? This song was awesome though! -adds to 80s spotify playlist-

I LOVE born like this (it's an anthem for some character but I just don't know who yet)


When he felt the apprehensive squeeze, Calvin smiled, bending his knees slightly before launching himself downward. Legs and arms flailed wildly, and he even let out a roaring hollar of excitement as they descended. It reminded him of the times he used to jump off the cliffs of summer camp, inhibitions put on hold in the safety of the space where he spend July and August.

Having been used to his own spellwork, Calvin knew what to expect when he landed on the spongy platform. His bum took most of the initial impact, hands flung out from his sides to balance himself. When the bounciness slowed to a slight steady vibration, Calvin turned his legs and pushed himself up from his knees and waited for Athanasia to regain her composure.

“Be thankful your spell worked.”

“You’re welcome,” he said, returning the cheek. Calvin was all about setting, making, and exceeding expectations. If Athanasia had any doubts about what he could do, perhaps she would think twice the next time. He hummed slightly, happy to have accomplished impressing her (in his head), relieved at escaping the stuffy party, and especially glad to be rid of the suffocating tie.

“Well, go on. Lead the way.”

Happy to get as far away from the ledge as possible before his mum or another familiar adult laid witness to his work, Calvin began to walk in the direction of what he believed to be the reflecting pool. "Should just be up ahead." The space was big but gardens were predictable- so long as one kept walking, they would eventually hit their destination. As he did so, his hand resting behind his head as his feet moved him forward, he looked over at the brunette curiously. “So where’d you come from anyway, Athanaus-” His own tongue began tripping over itself. “Anthan. Thanny? Can I call you Thanny? I haven’t seen you before- d’you go to Hogwarts?”

"Right now..."...“I think I’d much rather focus on you.”

The sound of her feet approaching made him stand up straighter, perhaps a residual effect from his childhood from the many nannies clicking their heels as a sign of authority and trouble approaching. But his heart rate accelerated for more than just a pavlovian response. It was hard to deny the brunette’s elegance and beauty. That was what all these pureblood girls had- a superiority complex that stemmed from years of careful breeding and raising. Every tilt of the head, every direction in which calculated eyes looked, was planned and made to seem as if they had been predicting this very moment since their conception.

Calvin never knew how his mum always knew when he was up to no good, when to send the next care package as soon as the previous one was eaten up in a late night frenzy. But he could roughly deduce that she held the same look of consideration Athanasia had now. He allowed her to take hold of the tie, lifting his chin slightly and waited for more deft fingers to loosen the suffocating noose from his neck. “Another reason to hate these bloody parties,” he commented gruffly as she worked, only slightly peeved that he couldn’t get it off himself but ultimately not minding the excuse for dainty fingers to linger closer.

“You’re asking for a lot, Mr. Sharppe. I'm entrusting you with my life. I could wind up dead. We both could.”

His face scrunched up into a look of disbelief at her words. He then shook his head dismissively. “Not likely.” Hands leaned against the railing of the balcony, another peak down at the spongy ground waiting to be landed upon. Sure, this girl didn’t have the knowledge of his spell casting expertise- that he conjured large boulders from out of thin air and rode through treacherous illusion of lava pits to near victory just a few short months ago. He had graduated with almost straight Os in everything outside of Divination and Transfiguration. There was no real use in touting his magical ability, to boast when it would only make him look like an ass.

Better just to demonstrate. “You’ll just have to trust me.” Calvin then looked up at the girl and flashed a wide toothy smile. It was the kind of smile that always won the likes of Cecelia Bramston at the end of a evening and the expression that kept Marina Lamont from holding a grudge on the lion- the kind face that was filled with more hope and optimism than an eighteen year old boy should hold. There was no malice or ill intentions hidden behind his brown eyes. If she took the extended hand that he was holding out, he would jump when she did, a mutual plunge into the next exciting adventure of the evening.

“Besides, is it really worth upsetting my grand mum? She had to fight my mum tooth and nail just to get permission to drag me away from-”

"...From?" Cal quirked a inquisitive brow up at the girl. Knowing the girl wasn't from Hogwarts, for he would have seen her through the patrols late at night or during the classes they would've hypothetically attended together, Calvin assumed the girl was from out of town or a new arrival of some sort. It was hard to find new purebloods in old societies and so when a new face popped up, Calvin jumped on the potential to make a new friend, another connection. He had lost Virtue Hir's pleasant company a while back ago; Dorian Fortnum had slipped past his fingers into Sylvia's and Calvin had yet to find a new companion to brave the treacherous party waters in.

“Of course, should you present a particularly convincing argument, I might be tempted.”

He was quick to think that anything, even cleaning up the menagerie after an especially rowdy Care of Magical Creatures lesson, was better than the drab that was this party. Cal was aching to get his hands dirty, to experience the rumblings of something messier and less refined than the prim and pristine boundaries that a pureblood party provided. This... new character, who seemed apathetic to her current surroundings- she was in fact the very antithesis of what he was running away from. She seemed perfectly capable of melting into the background, happy to be on display with the rest. That was, unless she wanted to prove him wrong.

A slight shrug of his shoulders. "If you're happy here, be my guest and stay.." His words lingered slightly, trailing off to leave the sentence unfinished. As if to say, but really...

“Athanasia Pantazis-Valenti.”

'Long name.' Calvin thought to himself. The kind of name with some history and probably a bunch of demands. "Calvin Sharppe," he returned in a similar tone, knowing the importance of saying one's name and being remembered. He knew he caught her attention then, and Cal now looked around the balcony for the quickest exit. That way of course, was down. Now all he needed to do was conjure a broom...

“State your case.”

"I hear they keep merpeople in the reflecting pool." Another tug of his tie, fingers fumbling from behind where the knot was. "Was going to see if such cruelty was real or just a rumor." His left hand fished deep around the pocket of his jacket which he easily shrugged off, the humid summer air being too much for him to keep it on, to get his wand. "Spongify!" He cast towards the ground, knowing that if there was no flying instrument to bring him to his destination, he would just have to jump down to a soft landing. The spell had been useful more than once and its various usage over the years had Calvin be an almost expert at the charm. He looked down and then looked to his left. "You coming?"

1956 / Re: hamlet: buzz buzz!
« on: 04/10/2019 at 03:01 »
A+ mood board I appreciate your ~aesthetic~

everyone's favorite seven year old goose märchen!!!! don't ask how old she actually is it's totally seven.

I really wish I kept Calvin at that age so he and Goose can just play with all the imaginary friends forever and yet somehow he's so far gone and what happened?? ?? ??

Uncomfortably, Calvin adjusted the tightness of his tie for the tenth time that evening. There was no excuse of being a camp counselor at Camp Loki, or that he was “overloaded” with coursework at Hogwarts castle. There was no avoiding it this time around. If anything, his parents had seen his transition into a professional Quidditch player as a glorified hobby which meant more time could be delegated towards pureblood activities. It meant spending more time with his mother.

Being a part of the end-of-summer festivities meant Calvin had to dress up. In addition to his insufferable tie, its tight hold on his neck like a dog collar, he had to wear a button down shirt in contrast to his usual t-shirt attire, with khaki pants to match. It felt too snug in all the wrong places, too long for his below-average length torso. Part of him was optimistic that he would grow into it, but reality was Calvin Sharppe had stopped growing a long time ago.

He started out his evening simple enough, hovering around the circles of London’s Ministry of Magic elite. They seemed genuinely impressed that he was a part of a pro team and it was easy to exchange banter with bureaucrats who were more used to the comforts of their mahogany desks than the lively action of a Quidditch Pitch. His mum shuffled him around the tables, embarrassingly proud of his accomplishments, even if Calvin didn’t necessarily hold the same feelings. It was half-truth half-show. If he could have performed better at school, if he had followed in his father’s footsteps of being in the Ministry, Calvin would have actually believed her words.

As the chatter grew more repetitive, as he finished circling the various hors d'oeuvre platters until there was almost nothing left, Calvin found himself wandering outside of the social clusters to get a breath of fresh air. His hands once more went to his neckline in an attempt to loosen his tie once more, thinking perhaps his mum had permanently charmed it to reject his countless protests. He then heard a sigh, one of boredom? Or maybe just fatigue from a long night. When he turned his head he didn’t recognize the girl’s face, though she seemed young and around his age. After looking the whole night at well dressed women, he wasn’t surprised at the elaborate costume the woman adorned, but still found his eyes wandering southward and then back up. “You can say that again,” he affirmed, nodding his head to her sigh. “We should just call it a night and Apparate out of here.”

His mum would send a stern letter in the morning for not bidding her a farewell. He knew his parents loved him too much and spoiled him so far already that there was no repercussion which he could take that he couldn't handle. A cocky smirk, a glint of escapism danced against his brown eyes.

1956 / Re: oh look! It's a voice meme
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aforementioned thread: wherever i go

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