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Freestyle Archives / Re: quills for pens | open!
« on: 08/21/2016 at 11:41 »

MADE BY ANNIE   Sat Sept 12  02:08 PM  76%
TO: Briar
We're going karaoke!
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sent. 2:07 PM
oh god. you're kidding, right?
sent. 2:07 PM

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As he was lead by Briar to wherever it was they were heading, one question remained in Snow's mind: why on earth had he agreed to this? He had never been one for karaoke—he sung behind closed doors (sometimes within hearing range of Briar, rarely) not in front of people he didn't know.

Though, he expected that fact would soon change. It would be hard to avoid singing on a karaoke night.

"Sorry for being late; I brought backups"

Snow lifted a hand in greeting. "Hey." They seemed nice, he supposed; Briar was a decent judge of character, so none of them could be overly hostile.

The fact that Adam had been pulled along wasn't much of a surprise, from the day he found the man sleeping on his couch (a suprise if there ever was one, he didn't even bother to hear Briar's explanation) it was clear his cousin was at least fond of the other. Snow was used to his presence around the house. He wasn't too much of a bother, at least.

As everyone settled down, he wondered if he could escape without being noticed.

1948 / Re: and I tore the fear from my bones || B. E. W. M
« on: 08/01/2016 at 20:40 »
Snow Märchen

14. sad artist. unsorted.

i need someone to protect me while i go exploring and oh! can you help me get that flower, it looks a bit too dangerous for me to go there—uh not that i mean to be a nuisance—never mind i'm sorry...

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