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1959 / Re: dropped a stitch
« on: 04/05/2020 at 13:19 »

1. Yesss cheese is awesome.

2. Also yes, coffee is best when black!

i recently learned to drink tea, though i only like the flavors cinnamon and liquorice.
3. I also recently learned to drink tea and those two are the only flavours that I really can't stand. Somehow this astonishes me.

4. Haha, well I'm in for museums anyday, I practically live in one... So I've got "my own" museum to offer if you should, some day, come North!

5. I didn't know you were into Placebo! That's one of the bands I was really into in my teenages and still find awesome!

6. Sex education is on my to-watch list. It's fun, yeah?

You're one of those people that has always made me stretch and challenge myself to write better, and who made me come back and back again when I didn't have much muse for other things. So you better know that writing with you so far has been truly inspiring and I hope there'll be much more of it in the future. Even if Ficus breakup made me RL sad and the Jarv muse keeps avoiding me, hahah.

You have so many amazingly interesting characters, I'm mindblown.

Wooo Norwegian!! -does an improvised Norwegian folk dance-

Truth be told, I've wanted to RP with you for forever. I finally got around to that! Sorry it took this long.

Writing females can be hard, but it's fun to challenge yourself into doing so anyway! (I considered apping a female, but tend to do males in part because of character gender balance on-site. That said I'm def also more comfortable writing males...)

I seriously tried to find a better pic for you, hoping for cookies, and failed.

Super excited by finally actually writing with you and looking forward to seeing where this goes!

Not to self: Read up on torture threads.

Out of curiosity: What kind of music are you into?

1958 / Re: Did I even make a sound?
« on: 12/17/2019 at 21:48 »
Guinea pigs = babies.

I had the only male guinea pig in my street when I was little. Guess who made sure he got about one million babies.

(I also had a female rabbit. She also got pregnant. Figures.)

I enjoyed threading with you last term :)  Sorry for poofing. (As far as Altair goes, going poof is pretty much an in-character move. Hope Mouse is doing allright.)

1958 / Re: I should be studying but I'm on here instead...
« on: 12/17/2019 at 19:35 »
Hello, this is The Void speaking.

Circe is in Azkaban??

1958 / Human, I think
« on: 12/17/2019 at 19:19 »

Some more or less interesting facts about me:

--INTJ, Sagittarius, Ravenclaw etc.
--I stopped eating meat a year ago, for political reasons
--Semi-voluntary human rights activist
--I'm one half of the local men's team in Roller Derby (right now I'm 100% of it)
--I do free skiing, snowboarding, and am getting into ice hockey (an old dream)
--This December marks the beginning of my 4-year PhD fellowship(?) in Archaeology
--I dropped out of high school and had to repeat a year
--I'm allergic to smalltalk, but I might try to pretend I'm not
--I'm an introvert, but have a terrible habit of being read as an extrovert (it's exhausting)
--My favourite books are The Angel Saw the Ass (Nick Cave) and The Black Company Series (Glen Cook)
--Give me a good horror movie or psychological thriller and I'm yours
--Living alone in a cabin in the woods from Dec 25th until sometime in January, with a fresh pair of skis, my dog, and no internet
--I'm not half as badass as I pretend to be
(--And you're definitely more badass than you think you are)
--Not feeling much like trying to code this

These are my boys:

--Ravenclaw '33, Head Boy, Quidditch Captain (nerd)
--Played since 14, has a terrible habit of growing older (arguably)
--Been a professor a few times
--Tough nut, not impressively sociable
--Not entirely sure of what is real and what's not(??)

--Gryffindor '53, Head Boy, Quidditch Captain (def not nerd idk what happened)
--Christened Fish by his mother
--All over the place
--All over the girls
--Played reserve Keeper for the Montrose Magpies, now bought into the Wimbourne Wasps

I've got about 500 other characters, but atm my capacity for brainage is...well it's mostly mush. PM me if you feel like threading though! It'd probably be healthy for me to try to be creative in a non-rational way.

My mum knit this sweater for me and I'm showing it off.


hey hey come hang out with me what's your favourite philosopher and why?

Murders, psych books and dystopias - count me in!

1957 / This is not a dead man, yet!
« on: 08/28/2019 at 15:21 »
S. Christoffer


Hey there. Better late than never, they say?

I'm Chris, a 30 years old trans dude from Norway. I'm a proper oldie, having hung around for about 10 OOC years, or about 30 IC years. During that time I've had a few different roles, producing a quidditch team of students, teaching C/S, Charms, Alchemy and a few other things, as well as doing some moderating.

About a year ago life turned itself upside-down for me. On top of this (or because of it?) I suffered burnout and had to step back for a while, poking in only a bit every now and then to try not to lose touch with the site. This term I'm attempting a come-back, and you'll be seeing me teaching C/S again, with my "main" character, Altair, whom I've played since he was 14. I also play his nephew, Nic (16, I think?), though I'm going to prioritise teaching and we'll just have to see how much time I'll have for other things. I'm very excited to be teaching again and hoping to see you in class once term starts!

In Real Life I'm an archaeological researcher working in the conservation department at the local Museum of Archaeology as well as doing some cathedral restoration, building on practical schooling in blacksmithing. I am a giant nerd - an INTJ and a Ravenclaw (and Sagittarius, for that matter) - always wanting to learn more. Currently I'm waiting for the answer to my PhD application and interview in archaeometry/materiality studies, crossing my fingers for three years of fulltime research. Other than that I'm deeply into music, predominantly of the harder genres.

I was supposed to be hiking in the mountains right now, but instead I'm staying home with my sick dog (nothing serious, just a bit of unfortunalities on his..."parts"). So hey, there goes summer holiday! (It's fine :)))

Oh, and -- if any of you are able to find a good new FC for the now over 40 years old Altair, shout out, yeah? I might give you a prize for it, if I (or you) can think of something good enough!

Hope to see you around!

1957 / Re: BOO! It's Voice Meme 1957!
« on: 08/10/2019 at 21:09 »
First of all, I'm really sorry about pronouncing Zak as "sack", but here's mine and Pol's greeting from Norway and Uruguay! (Stopped when Pol's mum was yelling about something and she really got in a hurry to leave.)

It's 45 min, so it's long, but there's two of us.

Edit: At one point I claim to both having a professor and a student - this is not right at the current moment, but I have done both in the past.

1955 / Lurking
« on: 12/21/2018 at 21:38 »
Hey there.

I'm Chris. I just turned 30. I used to be around here a whole lot, but nowadays I'm prioritising writing reports for the archaeological museum, restoring a Medieval cathedral, and living this thing that I have newly discovered doesn't actually have to be too bad, aka Real Life. I still think about this place though, and every now and then I try to write a post.

For Christmas/the rest of December I'm going back to the mountains and will probs be spending most of my time snowboarding and hanging out with friends. When I get back here I plan on picking up the drumsticks and start this band with a colleague. He wants to play Motörhead. I'm sworn to black metal. I'm sure it'll be interesting. I'll also be moving houses (again).

Want you to know I didn't forget you guys, I just got all of these funky things going on in my life and I'm easily distracted.

Yours sincerely,

Zak Weiland
Samael Gray
Cain Dunn
Eugene Prothero
Jarvis Ricardus


(...Zak came and ruined it with his colours, as per usual.)

1954 / Re: Fez's are cool....
« on: 08/27/2018 at 13:58 »
hey Loopy hey ;)

Coding is overrated anyway

--Purple is cool, BUT SO IS GREEN!!!!! (they go well together too, just saying)
--I've been teaching myself to like tea and I feel it's going considerably well
--I still haven't watched Dr Who ehhh -slaps self-
--Star Trek! I love Spock 4-ever
--COMPLETELY agree with you on the Snape thing. I love character complexity (and thus also the character Snape), but your point is extremely valid and very important at that

Since you're an oldie who's been gone - if you get confused with my intro or something hmu and I'll explain <3

Live long and prosper!

So cool to see you back (:  I think our chars have a good few things to catch up on, hehehe...

1954 / Re: Kangaroos are Scary
« on: 08/09/2018 at 00:46 »
I have degrees in anthropology and psychology, but I kinda wanna be a lawyer… maybe.

Degree in archaeology and kinda want to study astrophysics and also law I MEAN WHAT

I started the Dark Tower series and kinda struggled to get hang of it? I think I finished the first one. (then again I do have seven different books on my bedside table)


(one of them is his complete works...)





Okay I need to stop now because obvs we have too many things in common already. In case you're wondering, I find you really quite awesome.

1954 / Re: --Flames on the side of my face --
« on: 08/08/2018 at 03:33 »
You have great taste in many things, Alex!

Random fact are cool, especially when they're weird.

I'm so hooked on Nine Inch Nails nowadays, espec the Downward Spiral album (I used to listen to that when I was like 15 - it's come back to haunt me and I love it!!). But Massive Attack is also a huuuge love of mine, Led Zeppelin, Kate Bush, Placebo --


I love Jurassic Park just because it's dinosaurs and I've loved dinosaurs since I was little. I used to have a childrens' size Jurrasic Park black leather jacket, thought I was the coolest kid on the block, no joke... I also really like Black Mirror, in particular the first two seasons.

I watched Dark. It was kinda interesting, but I kinda felt they bit off more than they could chew, and I also think they did a really crappy take on alchemy (then again, I am nerdy when it comes to alchemy....)

I don't have many chars to offer you at the moment (I'm struggling a bit with posting nowadays), but it's nice to see the people behind the characters, and you seem really cool (:

1954 / Re: knock knock.
« on: 08/08/2018 at 03:17 »
Goddarn, it's you.

I saw you lurking the other day and went a bit døhgdjgjgdjh on the inside <3

Welcome baaaack

1954 / Re: Cigarettes and Old Perfume
« on: 08/08/2018 at 03:05 »
omg new exciting person! <3

first off - I love your FC. Idek why, I just do.

turns out we also have a few things in common. one of my friends over here just got a motorbike and I've just been spamming pics of it on snap and been super jealous and djhgflsdjfisdijjig

motorbikes and tattoos have been a dream for me since I was like six but I can't afford either suppose I'll just keep watching biker mice from mars

also, coffee, politics (good thing you're on the right - or well, left - side of things ;)), history, and sad movies. What's your favourite sad movie? (Mine is Dancer in the Dark, I'm a sucker for Lars von Trier and he succeeds in killing my soul every freaking time)

one thing though - I suck at cooking.

I also have a dream of visiting Iceland and perhaps it's funny I never have - it's practically just over the lake from here (also called ocean). suppose it's that thing about money again...

Welcome Cyrus, I'm really looking forward to reading your writing!

« on: 08/08/2018 at 02:52 »
I'm sagittarius sun, libra moon, capricorn rising! Also Pottermore-sorted into Ravenclaw twice and Gryffindor once. I got two different ones for Ilvermony and I don't remember what they're called....

omg raising and training service dogs is so cool

and other than that you're pretty cool too, just saying. I'm kinda frustrated we haven't threaded properly (have we?) though I did once try to have Altair terrorise Lucille

Anyway, I dig you.

1954 / Re: This is me
« on: 08/03/2018 at 19:45 »
Welcome back, Kit!!

I like your work! Do you do Hoggies discounts? eheheee...

*adds to insta* (I'm voiceofthebelow)

1954 / Re: new intro who dis
« on: 08/03/2018 at 15:19 »
today I learned I need to stop making myself as digestible as possible, or I will be eaten alive.

This is interesting, as it is the exact opposite situation from mine - I always locked myself up so tightly. As a result, people saw me as someone who were always in control of what they were doing, and that did not hurt from the bites of others. I wonder if I somehow managed to convince people that if they touched me, I would bite back too hard.

(When I was young I used to have this very bizarre "survival of the fittest" view of humanity, where I thought that 'weak people' was somehow an evolutionary development. That way I used to blame myself whenever someone else would find a weakness in me, and think that it was my own responsibility to kill that weakness.)

In the past year I've learned that if you try to do that forever, you will perish from the inside. And so I finally started talking about things, and letting out the ugly instead of pretending it never existed. I know that our paths have certain things in common but that they are also immensely different, and I want you to know that I hold an enormous respect and admirance for you as a person, and the wonderful things that you produce.

What I'm trying to say is that there is a balance there somewhere. I'm also saying that you're doing good, and that it was never you who did the wrong thing.

Keep fighting. There's a lot of people here who love you and admire you for your personality and your talents. I know for a fact you and me have probably intimidated each other back and forth a lot, and I want you to know that I never meant anything by it.

Sorry if this got incredibly personal, but frankly, I don't care.

I want you to know that I think you're really freaking awesome.

I am not afraid
Of anything in this world
There's nothing you can throw at me
That I haven't already heard --

(--It's just a moment
This time will pass)


1954 / No love for gerbits
« on: 08/02/2018 at 16:58 »

Hey there -- I'm Chris. I'm a 29 years old human rights activist, archaeologist (+ schooled in art history, blacksmithing, woodcarving), and music lover (musician, sound-, light- and other stage technicalities, concert/festival organiser --)

The two things in the world that matter the most to me is the spreading of scientific research and information, as well as my own obsession with music. As well as throwing my presence into politics in order to fight discrimiation of all kinds. I write independent articles, and recently got invited into a new band. After a few years of being fairly isolated in the Norwegian mountains I am really looking forward to a revival of the old musician in me.

Not all that surprising I tend to score Ravenclaw on tests (though I've had to realise lately that I've go a solid portion of Gryffindor in me as well), INTJ, and turns out I'm a fairly stereotypical Sagittarius. A somewhat peculiar thing about me is that I tend not to be able to do things halfway, so either I'm there 100% or I'm just not there at all. I also hold a love for horror, sci-fi, and anything that rips me out of this weirdo world. I probably would have been an adrenaline junkie, if I had the funds for it... My fav books are the novels written by Nick Cave.

Until this term I have been a moderator on the site, with special attention to duelling. Though I intend to remain here as a referee, there are too many things going on in my life right now to make that work, and so I'm stepping down, though I'm hoping to find the time to stay around at least a little bit.

This is also the reason why I am reducing my number of active characters this term to two only, which are to be found mainly on the Elsewhere board. I would really appreciate it if you did not ask for threads with the other characters for now. If I'm open for it, I will let you know!


Altair was my first character on-site and, to this day, my most active one. I've played him since he was 14, and somehow he's turning 40 in December 1954. I never changed his FC and it's possible that I never will (I use FCs as guidance on looks only).

Altair (then Marcus Vega) is a Ravenclaw '33, and has since come back to Hogwarts as a professor in 'Art of Duelling', Summoning and Conjuring, and Alchemy, as well as having a short career a Beauxbatons (before it got bombed) as professor in 'Theory of the Dark Arts'. He's had a few doubtful appearances at the school in recent times, and has an unhealthy interest in blood magic and trying to become a Seer (Divination and C/S are his definite magical strengths). He was (involuntarily) one of the ones in charge of the SRC, but he doesn't like other people telling him what to do, and so he abandoned them. I dream of returning him as a professor, when the time is right...

The best way to get further confused with this character is to visit his bio.


Zachary Weiland is a recent graduate, turning 19 on August 2nd (that's today!!) and a Gryffindor '52. I played him since he was 11, and despite being one of the more famous pranksters of the school, he ended up managing to snatch titles such as Prefect, Head Boy, and Quidditch Captain.

His main interest in this world is Quidditch, and after spending months trying out for different teams, Montrose Magpies took him in as Second Keeper, though only because he had fanboyed over them for ages, and they already knew he could do better (he was personally introduced to them by a former Gryff captain who was married to a Magpies Chaser - he's used to living in the muggle world and struggled with Quidditch practice after graduating. Besides, he's not the best at being responsible and adulty...)

Zak is also fairly known for his womaniser habits, and inability to see his own wrongs. More than anything, he is a proper lover of all the fun things in the world, and it tends to get him into trouble.

(Thank you Brooklyn Jones for letting me use this wonderful code & aesthetics that you introduced to the The Sims Game of last term!!)

1954 / Re: Crikey! What a Beauty!
« on: 08/02/2018 at 01:02 »
I'm a Ravenclaw who's as far from a Hufflepuff as possible. (It's true, tests always put Huff at the bottom.)


I am also reading American Gods (one out of seven books on my bedside table) and I'm curious for the same reason as Cal. It's been going a bit slow...

Also, yay for hiking with dog!

I was thinking the other day about maybe starting Ocarina of Time again.

1953 / Re: tell me your fave tv shows!!!
« on: 04/26/2018 at 10:19 »
FIVE only?

Then, let's go with...
Twin Peaks


True Detective
Black Sails

There you go, nine.

Black Mirror also has a fair number of good episodes.

Note to self to check out Peaky Bilders and This is the End of the World.

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