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1945 / Re: Entering through the wide gate
« on: 08/13/2015 at 18:14 »
Hi Bene!

By now I'll go just with the professor, maybe the next course I can enroll a student as well.

1945 / Re: Entering through the wide gate
« on: 08/13/2015 at 08:17 »
Thank you guys!

@Viola, :D

@Mavis, I plan on teaching a new subject, Metamancy. It's about magic that deals about magic. For example, the spell Prior Incantato, that shows which was the last spell a wand has cast. Hopefully they'll accept the application, because I have a lot of ideas!

@Elias, sure! When and where? (I'm a little bit lost in these forums by now, these are huge).

1945 / Entering through the wide gate
« on: 08/12/2015 at 23:13 »
Hi everyone!

I'm Marc. This is my first time RPing in a forum, and I'm not even remotely sure of what I'm doing, but I believe I will have a great time here.

I'm a computer scientist and a fantasy writer happily engaged with the steampunk genre. I love RPing, and literature; and Harry Potter, together with the Kingkiller Chronicle, are the sagas I love the most.

So I thought, why don't give it a chance? As the answer was just an uncomfortable silence from myself, here I am. I will be applying for a professor position in Hogwarts this year (that's why I think I'm starting the house by the roof, but anyway) with Aleister Covenant, a mysterious guy with a scarred soul and a lot of experience with war and spells, and I hope to be teaching many students and preparing whatever might be behind the curtains of his dangerous head.

See you around!

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