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1945 / Re: hopeless truths | Mavis
« on: 08/30/2015 at 19:29 »
"Queen Phine, Ruler of the Meadow!"

Adjusting her crown, she straightened her posture and tilted her chin up. She had not a drop of regality in her blood, but felt like a queen, nonetheless. There had probably never been a ruler with as floral a crown as her, which was something to be proud of.

Queen Phine... It had a nice ring to it.

"Your right..", she said again. "When you said you can only deal with so much sadness. Everyone here is sad all the time. It really is a lot to deal with."

"It's almost like an endless loop," she voiced dejectedly. Sadness in one yielded sadness in many, after all. "Just when I thought I had gotten over it, the feeling dragged me back in... like some sort of demon," Phine continued, "but maybe that's the effect that they were hoping for."

Gaze shifting up towards the sky, the clouds danced to and fro. "Look," her voice piped as she pointed to the sky, "that cloud looks like a mouse!"

The little things in life were her only hope.

1945 / Re: Be still, my heart (Lyra)
« on: 08/29/2015 at 15:52 »
"Well I just came to get some tea. I was getting ready to go back to the treehouse anyway." Pause "I'll go now then."

"Wait!" she stood, calling out as other girl turned to leave, "I'm sorry... I'm not usually like this."

Sinking back down onto the bench, Séraphine sighed audibly. The papers all over the table had been shuffled around when she rose.

There was no hiding it now. The stubborn girl was interested in someone. It was more than just some thing with her best friend or some stunt for jealous. She was hopelessly, irrevocably in love -or so she thought- with the curly-haired counselor. There were rumors, yes. But they'd stay that; there was no proof.

Hearts and names were scribbled over the papers, dozens of letters started and soon after finished. Lyra could likely see, by then, what she was attempting to hide. Feelings.

It was something Phine found herself doing often. Covering up emotions was easier than showing them, like many things in her life. Keeping secrets came second nature to her.

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1945 / Re: Fly me to the moon || Phine
« on: 08/27/2015 at 17:45 »
"Not much, kissed a girl, developed a major crush on another... and plenty of hours with the violin."

"Woah Travis, you've got a lot of girl problem, huh?"

Her life had featured many similar issues, but with boys rather than girls. From snogging her best friend to (recently) falling for someone she hardly knew, romantic intuition didn't exactly come second-nature to her. She had a knack for complicating things, intermingling emotions with snogging or excluding them entirely, there was no middle ground for the Gryffindor.

"And you, something worth mentioning?"

That was a good question.

"Much of the same," she said with an audible sigh, "except with boys, and cello. My wand broke and I've finally realized what my pow- I mean what I'm good at."

That could've been bad. Very bad. Travis was a friend, but nobody could be trusted with that knowledge. The secret had lingered in her heart for years, silenced and alone. Very few people knew and she liked it that way; but with her unstable emotions, it was only a matter of time before it spilled.  Séra could do things that others couldn't... she could change her face at will, easily flipping through features like files in a cabinet.

It was a dangerous skill, one that the ministry would be very interested in.

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1945 / Re: Be still, my heart (Lyra)
« on: 08/23/2015 at 22:57 »
"Hello. I'm Lyra. And you are...?"

Séra was as cautious as they came, so the prying eyes of a stranger were far from welcome. The obvious curiosity of the girl was practically burning holes in her arm and the words hidden beneath it. She seemed nice, but everyone seemed nice at first; not many stayed true to their first appearances.

"I'm Phine," she said, wiping any trace of suspicion from her voice and replacing it with a smile, "nice to meet you."

Nobody, not even Serena, knew of her new-found love for one particular boy. Feelings that strong were better left secret, a weakness that could and would be exploited. She refused to be seen as weak, yet her traitorous heart had chosen the perfect specimen to claim.

As far as she'd known, the Main Hall should have been completely empty, or at least she'd hoped it would. She should've been more careful. Writing the letter was dangerous in plain sight, better scribbled in hiding.

"So, Lyra, what brings you about at this hour?" her eager voice pried, "I'd think that most would prefer to sleep in or go explore?"

1945 / a kitten with kittens?!?!?
« on: 08/23/2015 at 17:37 »
Hey guys! I post a lot of these, but.... A serious situation arose. A litter of kittens (7 of them) have come into my possession and almost all of my free attention will be diverted towards bottle-feeding orphaned scraps of fur. It sound super cute and it is, but I feel like I have many infants. I'm now momma Bryn.

I will also be having a time change, since I'm returning to Finland this week for school

(and I have to figure out how to pay for a flight for 7 kittens oops)

BTW I AM LOST! HELP! give me name suggestions because every kit deserves a name but I am too busy to. There are 5 girls and 3 boys, each of them a black and orange tortoiseshell-y color (like halloween) with varying eye-colors anywhere from blue to amber.

As you can see, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

 This is a grave I dug myself but I kinda love it. Thanks for understanding babes! I don't know how long things will be like this..

This will likely stretch out into term, but I will still be active sometimes. Obviously this will effect all of my peeps, especially my graphics.

<3 u guys r da bomb ilu <3

1945 / Re: Holy Pikachu, An Avvie Shop?!
« on: 08/23/2015 at 15:25 »

Help Pay Carl's Rent Today!

Name:Percival Hartwood
faceclaim:Francisco Lachowski

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Theme: subtle and simple
Anything Else:thank you so much. I am greedy, forgive me.

Help Pay Carl's Rent Today!

Name:Otto Fowl
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1945 / Re: Game 2: Tea Cups vs. Top Hats
« on: 08/23/2015 at 04:51 »
Instinct told her to hit the first tea cup's chaser that wrapped their greedy fingers around the Quaffle, but she found Séraphine unable. It was Eira, and when ordinarily friendship couldn't halt competition for her... her Hufflepuff friend was blind, the girl's fairies (Flyidd) doubtfully could stop an iron ball. Didn't fey have an aversion to iron or something? At least that's what the storybooks said.

Letting out a sigh of relief as soon as the ball passed out of Eira's grasp, Séraphine let her broomstick jet forward.


"Leave her alone," she practically hissed at Borovsky #3. It was obvious that Eira hadn't planned on playing, but for bloody Merlin's sake; the girl was blind; Quidditch had to be stressful. Even on different teams, she couldn't help but be loyal to the goofy Hufflepuff.

The Borovsky proceeded to miss the ball and disappear, but Phine's attention was already elsewhere. Litchfield had the Quaffle and was careening off towards the goals.

It was nice to see that someone on her team had a general idea of how to play. As soon as her broom came to a halt beside a nearby bludger [writing desk] she let her bat crack against it, sending the iron ball hurtling towards Beckham.

1945 / Be still, my heart (Lyra)
« on: 08/21/2015 at 15:05 »
August 16th, 1945

She'd been watching round 1 of the duelling when it hit her. That fuzzy feeling in her chest was all too familiar, churning butterflies and warmth. At one point, Séraphine even reckoned that he looked in her direction. She hardly avoided fainting. Nobody, not even Max, had ever given her such immediate feelings, but she was sure; it was love.

Tittering happily, she was perched on the end of her bench. She just had to catch his attention. Several lengths of parchment lay before her, most scribbled on and crumpled up. No matter what she did, none of them sounded right. She couldn't afford to make the wrong impression. Anonymous notes had to be written with cautious precision, otherwise she could come off as creepy.

Phine was more than aware of the rumors surrounding the boy, but in her heart she knew the truth.

Crossing out another passage, she let out a low groan, "who knew how difficult professing my love would be," she grumbled. Thankfully, the main hall was empty, or at least she thought it was. She would die of embarrassment if someone found out about her crush.

The footsteps were a warning signal. What if it was him? What if he knew? Quickly, she shoved all of her papers down under her arms, attempting to cover all of the words.

"H-hello!" she piped cheerfully, blushing without even looking at who had approached, "you startled me."

Love was stirring in her heart and in her eyes, not even her nervous tittering could mask that.

1945 / Re: Starting Over | Séraphine
« on: 08/21/2015 at 04:44 »
"Some of them."

The slug was huge, as breathtaking in size as in hue. Séraphine's mouth dropped slightly. "Wow," she piped, "what a slug!" In her mind, slugs had always been brown and slimy, like moving mud clumps. Yet, the majestic Gastropod before her said otherwise.

"Slugcenzo. My star racer. If you were thinking of placing bets, he's the way to go."

Gaze sweeping over Calypso's makeshift training facility, her eyes moved from slug after slug.

"Did your slugs all come out of people?" the words escaped her sealed lips as she lowered to the ground for a better look.

The question was eating at her like a heap of slugs in her stomach. The seventh year had quite the collection, but were all of her racers souvenirs of a Limax? The little mollusks were practically trophies, with the way she collected them. Calypso sure did have a habit of winning, in everything she did.

Since the fall, Phine hadn't been clear on how she felt about the Quidditch captain. After everything between herself and Max had dissolved, most of the jealousy on his behalf had evaporated. But still lingered the unease about Calypso.

Her distaste was replaced by awe as she saw the other girl soar through life. It was difficult to not admire her and everything she'd done for the school and for Gryffindor. Maybe on common ground they could start over, forget the one-sided dispute. Holding grudges wasn't something she did well and the opportunity to make a new friend couldn't be ignored.

Plus, slugs seemed cool.

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So sorry about my slowness everybody, I've gotten really lazy... but I SWEAr I WILL MAKE EVERYTHING OKAY.

I love you all and thank you so much! I've needed this coding practice...

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1945 / Re: Game 1: Hearts vs. Spades
« on: 08/19/2015 at 23:10 »


A thousand things were happening all at once. Litchfields were screaming and falling, Thorne was playing dirty, balls were soaring in every which way. Quidditch was chaos, but the good kind.


The fearless Gryffindor captain was at it again. The shouting, the ringing in her ears; it was all so familiar. A team that yells together stays together... It worked for Gryffindor, that much was certain. Chuckling, she sent a grin flying in Calypso's direction.


Scanning the pitch for a target, Séraphine let her broom veer towards a loose bludger. Setting her sights on Zailey Petrova, she wound up and knocked the bludger [bandersnatch] in the elusive seekers' direction. The little Slytherin could just try and snatch that snitch now.

1945 / Re: King of New York ♕ LOU MURDOCK
« on: 08/19/2015 at 21:23 »
Séraphine Mousseau
16 | Half | Gryffindor | French

Golly, you have a weird accent... but so do I. What is America like? I can be a pretty dame, I guess. Snogs, smokes and accent-related confusion, etc. I'm open to anything (and Lou is cool, like wow.)

#prettydame, #snogs, #foreigners

1945 / Re: curiosity killed the cat | séraphine
« on: 08/19/2015 at 04:18 »
The confusion was clear in the boy's expression and his thoughts likely echoed her own. Why did she hang on to such a place? Anyone unfamiliar with the place would likely see Tulgey as a dumping ground, a place good for nothing. Yet, potential watered the trees as if it was a life-nurturing substance. The woods were an undeniable bridge between humans and nature, a place where one could ramble aimlessly or remain quiet and still receive the same inner-counsel.

It was a place magical enough that not just anyone could wander in, tap into the reservoir of compassion and simply bathe them self in absolution. Obviously, from the look in his eyes, this boy couldn't grasp that.

Tulgey was the release she would never find unnecessary, even her rat seemed to scurry off into the trees constantly. But it was a temporary one, lucky was she to have it back for another blessed summer.

"Caleb. Caleb Hollins."

Accepting the hand daintily, Séraphine shook it and met his eyes. "I'm Séraphine," she said softly, "it's a pleasure."

Lately she'd been ignoring her birth name and going by Phine, but the familiarity was nice for a change. After everything that her mother had been mixed up in, it felt wrong to go by the name she'd adored. Mother didn't deserve her pity, she was aligned with the wrong side and couldn't be trusted.

So far, the friends she'd made in the woods had all been good. One more would hardly wreck that, right?

1945 / Re: Starting Over | Séraphine
« on: 08/18/2015 at 15:44 »
Séraphine didn't exactly want to be at camp. There were a thousand and one places she'd rather be, yet none were options for the newly orphaned Gryffindor. It was either go to Camp Loki or stay with her uptight uncle and aunt for the summer. The choice was clear; she needed freedom. Aunty Edith would have to wait.

Wandering was the safest bet to avoid people, mainly the firsties. She'd seen quite enough after the first Quidditch gatherings, a heaping lot of flightless birds (or in other words, Litchfields).

The woods were abandoned, campers frightened by the disheveled appearance, animals torn from their homes because of falling trees. Peaceful chaos to her.

Trudging over the undergrowth, her feet squished in the mud. Eyes sweeping over her surroundings, she caught sight of a figure. A familiar figure.

"Calypso?" she piped as she drew near to the Quidditch captain. Her jaw practically dropped at the sight of the little creatures. "Are those your slugs?" she questioned, eyes wide and awe dripping from each word. She'd only heard of the title, never actually having seen the Slug Queen in action.

1945 / Re: Welcome to the Plastic Beach (avvies and junk)
« on: 08/17/2015 at 23:54 »


Character name: Séraphine Mousseau

Face Claim: Cara Delevingne

Image links+gif anything where she doesn't have lots and lots of makeup/one where she doesn't look 25

Text? What text?Anything! Ralph Waldo Emerson quotes are always good! Anything about humankind's connection to nature.

Aesthetic/theme/what have you mystical dreamy wonderland-y, chic...

link a song you likeanything by amy winehouse... Bad by Michael jackson

1945 / Re: hopeless truths | Mavis
« on: 08/17/2015 at 17:38 »
"I was looking for an adventure, I guess... What about you?"

Mimsy certainly was a good place to escape it all and not nearly as destroyed as Tulgey. The rolling meadows had less to be ruined, just a bit overgrown. Flowers were taller, grass was more yellow, but the changes were anything but drastic. The plains were shaggy, far from destruction.

"What about you?"Mavis was saying, her hands occupied with bundles of flowers.

"It's a good place to escape... After everything that happened, a girl can only deal with so much sadness."

Being trapped in a camp with mournful students was, in a word, melancholy. Just when happiness crept back into her, she'd be reminded of what happened by the mourning student body.

"Would you like this?"

Séra's face visibly brightened at the offering, accepting it eagerly.

"Thank you," she gushed, crowning herself with the floral ornament, "it's beautiful."

Beautiful things were few and far between in the destroyed camp; almost every shred of magic was destroyed. Anyone in her shoes would pounce on the idea of something pure.

After all that had happened during exams, not many of them could claim to be pure, un-tainted by the sight of death.

1945 / Re: Quidditch Sign Ups '45
« on: 08/17/2015 at 17:17 »
Count me in!

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