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1944 / Re: Dark endeavors (Gary)
« on: 04/28/2015 at 22:58 »
"Aw, come on. You're not - caving in, are you?"

Phil scoffed. "If that is the best pun you can come up with, I'm disowning you," he muttered, pushing past his brother and into the dark depths that signaled the deepest parts of the rabbit hole caves. Gary grinned cheerfully, flouncing up and down like the animal they were named after. There were very few ways to better spend a day if your latest interest was geology and you happened to be in a dark place full of rocks.

"Oooooh, I say," he breathed, which was really the only time he remembered to do that sort of thing - if he wasn't having revelations every five seconds he might have forgotten to breathe altogether, which would've been vaguely tragic for those who knew him - as he picked up a glistening rock. "D'you think this is a solution cave, Philip? I'm pretty sure that looks like gypsum, and that could be limestone, if only I had more light - "

Pebbles crunching gently underneath his feet, Gary walked forwards, almost forgetting his brother entirely as he found himself caught up in the question of 'at what point in an underground area will there be light'. So absorbed was he in this mammoth (read: impossible) task that he barely heard the first question ringing about in the caves, and it was only the second that startled him.

"I know there is someone there. Just come out now."

Well, wasn't that just what he needed - someone to distract him from his arduous task. Gary looked around irritably, before deciding that perhaps the person could be of some interest after all. It wasn't as if the rock was a new Quidditch theory (if anyone had interrupted him in the middle of that, they would've seen another thing coming).

"Heh," he coughed, wandering in the general direction of the voice as he pocketed the rock and pulled out his wand instead. He'd almost forgotten he was a wizard; then again, he'd forgotten his wardrobe today and wasn't wearing any socks. "I'm coming. Coming!"

Lumos. The light flickered onto the rocks, throwing shadows and illuminating the face of a girl. Gary stared at her with unabashed curiosity, having never met her before. "Hi," he said, sticking his free hand out, as if it was a cordial meeting in the middle of a park. "I'm Gary. Gary Noble. I was looking for rocks, with my brother Philip, who's a bit of a twat - he's gone and left me all alone, god knows where he's gone, the sod. What's your name and what are you doing down here?"

There were people to whom talking was like getting hit with a freight train, and Gary was one of them.

1944 / Re: Lights Out [Gregory]
« on: 04/22/2015 at 22:43 »
There was obtuse, and then there was Gary Noble, who once tried to punch someone for insulting Philip before realising that it was in a very odd way a compliment, so it was just as well that Greg said it twice; otherwise he probably wouldn't have cottoned on the first time. (Cottoned on. Odd expression, weren't it? He'd have to go look that up - but yes - some other things needed attending.)

"I'm, eh, yeah." Why not? There were things to do and places to explore and as long as Gary didn't sit still for more than two minutes and forty seven seconds he wouldn't implode in a large burst of flames. Which was, he was sure, something that would amuse a great many people - particularly Phil - but not something he was keen on doing.

"I mean, it's a change from before," he rattled on instead, trying desperately to look anywhere other than his cousin, whose expression made Gary feel like drowning himself in custard tar. "But it's - all right."

“Just… tell me about something.”

Right. Something. He could do that, couldn't he? Gary felt down and plopped on the grass, hoping to have done it marginally gracefully and ending up looking more like a carelessly deflating zepplin.

"Oh. Oh!" His face lit up and he stuck his arm into the air in excitement. "I've been thinking - about Quidditch, right. What if you had a fake Chaser - maybe a Beater hiding his bat - that'd certainly toss things up for the opposing team, wouldn't it? Kind of like how in football you pay with a false nine, although to be fair it's the opposite since you're playing with four instead of playing with none - actually, hang on a bit, that'd be quite interesting, wouldn't it, to play with no Chasers at all - just sort of whomp the Quaffle from absolutely nowhere, and straaight through the hoop, and - "

He was vaguely aware that he'd gotten into that place Phil liked to call the Zone, and limped to the finishing line lamely. "...yeah. That."

1944 / Lights Out [Gregory]
« on: 04/13/2015 at 22:46 »
Gary was vaguely aware that he was pacing around very much the same way water could bore holes in stone, although he presumed that he wasn't going to be pacing that long. (Unless he got caught up in an idea and all that and never left, but things were best left to be worried about either months in advance or not at all.)

The reason for his pacing was impatience, as it usually was. Philip had promised him he would be right back but it'd been exactly thirty seven and a half minutes, and unless Gary's "Dictionary of Loose Time Terms" was outdated, that was definitely not 'right back'. Unless he'd been talking about the Muggle footballing position, but a) this was wizarding camp and there was no football in sight, and b) Phil couldn't be a right-back, he wasn't fast enough to lap the winger and couldn't cross to save his -

A sound broke his train of thought and Gaz looked up irritably, "can't you see I'm thinking about something" on the verge of spilling out of his mouth, even though he technically wasn't thinking about anything in particular. (Just had to pretend that he was; there was really no point in life sitting still, was there?) But before he could say it, he squinted and frowned at the source.


That was odd. Greg usually never looked particularly mithered about anything. He was the sort of bloke who dressed nicely and could Do Things, as opposed to Gaz, who looked down at his shoddy, half-tucked-in shirt and couldn't actually remember when he'd put it on. But there was something not quite right.

"You, um."

Where was Phil when he needed him? Phil was good at this sort of thing. People person, and that. Gary shuffled closer to the boy and reached out a hand, trying to pat him on the shoulder, the way people did, except probably not as awkwardly.

"You okay?"

1944 / Re: codes by cappie (and other things)
« on: 04/12/2015 at 23:29 »
I might do. ;)

Leave a description thingy of whatever you want? <3

1944 / Re: ➤Tea Time Secrets || Ra'asiel Albear
« on: 04/11/2015 at 22:41 »

Gary Noble
Halfblood | English

#endearingly psychotic #obsessive #dorky #paradoxical

Our Secrets
None yet, unless we want to come up with something? :3


Future Secrets
Gaz is a very outspoken, possibly intimidating kind of person - he's not afraid of throwing his opinions about and will generally go on and on until someone shuts him up. Because of this not a lot of people like him or take the time to get along with him, and I imagine he and Ra'as probably won't be friends very easily at first? He's very adorable and cute once you get to know him, but it's getting there that's hard. XD


What would we invent together?
A Super Quidditch Broom That Can Fly Really Really Fast


Photo Edits & Code by Raasiel Albear.

1944 / Re: Girl With One Eye | Frances
« on: 04/11/2015 at 22:36 »

gary - ragged doll

opposites • teachers • cop buddies

house ?

1944 / Re: winter breath | CAT
« on: 04/11/2015 at 22:15 »

Gary Noble
14 • half • fourth ?

#odds and ends #grudging respect

I'm not sure what sort of relationship they'd have. Gaz takes everything seriously and fights like hell for the things he wants, sort of exceedingly tense and slightly manic, but at the same time doesn't see the black and white of the world; just fifty shades of grey he needs to circumvent. I imagine if there was a subject they disagreed on they would argue the hell out of it, but also develop some sort of 'hey, you're not that bad' feeling? *tosses thoughts into air like leaves in autumn*

30-Day Challenge! / Re: Day Ten!
« on: 04/10/2015 at 21:33 »
Challenge Accepted

Scarlett was probably my favourite plotline - it was actually long, involved multiple characters and little arcs, and the ballroom scene (and the thread before that) were some of the things I missed the most when I left the first time. That and ICES. :)

Also, Mavsanderie or whatever that ship name was - them gallivanting around France and Germany, the spy mission things, all of that - just the absolute funnest. Actually, Mav's had some of the best plotlines of all my characters. Sanderiper was the best too. :3

1944 / Re: pound the alarm [M-LO]
« on: 04/10/2015 at 21:13 »
I DUNNO . I dunno I dunno I dunno plots and things I just really wanna thread with you. ._.

1944 / Re: always willing :: gary noble
« on: 04/10/2015 at 15:54 »

relationship tracker huzzah!

1944 / always willing :: gary noble
« on: 04/10/2015 at 15:49 »

gary noble fourteen student 

to go again
burn me out or bring me home

hi. erm. my name is gary, but i guess you can call me gaz if that's the way you roll. i've got a mum, used to have a dad, but - things happened. they do that, do things. i've also got a brother, who's a bit of an idiot. am not. pull yourself together, philip. anyway - where was i? - ah, yes, talking about myself - i guess you could say I'm a pretty intense chap. intense doesn't even begin to cover it. seriously, philip, pull yourself together and shut up. i guess i do kind of get a bit...mental on most things. take quite a few things way too seriously. everything. stop that, philip. ok, maybe I always have to be doing something otherwise if I sit still I'll explode. maybe I'm way too perfectionistic to survive at all. maybe the standards I hold myself up to are a little crazy. maybe he's crazy. gets into a ton of arguments just 'cause he doesn't know when to shut up. neither do you. no, seriously. he'd answer his own shadow back. brutally honest and doesn't know how to stuff an opinion back into his brain. ..I might be. But that's just me speaking my mind. I'm blunt and simple, I s'pose. hardly anyone likes me on the first try, but I'm fine with that. And a bit of a control freak as well. Endearingly psychotic, was that the word? be warned: will burst into your room at 3am screaming about something he'd just thought of.
it was four.
still an ungodly hour, brother dear.

for a month of sundays

i could always do with a couple more friends. scratch that 'more'. i do have friends! ..well, acquaintances. lots of enemies, I'll bet. probably. were you the one who threw that egg at me, or was that someone else? someone else. maybe. you're a twat, you know that? you haven't got a girlfriend. ....nope. i don't suppose people think I'm interested in these things. to be fair, I don't even know if I'm interested in these things. i'm not sure about our family either. mum is distant, most of the time. and our cousins are great and all, but we've always been - different.
you'll always have me, though.
yes. life just sucks sometimes, doesn't it?

this is the one

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