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« on: 12/04/2016 at 21:27 »
(she writes characters and they all love mine)
travis does no agree with that statement lol who am i kidding he does

anyway, here have some more troy



ilu <3

"That's to be expected, Mr. Overachiever,"

He knew what was he getting himself into since the exact moment he decided to pursue a career on both things. More than once (by that he meant almos every week) he pondered the possibility of quiting one of them.

But he couldn't.

Everyone in his family expected him to become a laywer, it was only natural, they all had studied the same - it was in their blood his father told him. And leaving the violin aside would feel like stabbing himself a million times. So he had no other option but to try his best to cope with both things, at her words, he just shrugged.

"Fine, I guess, I just study and work, mostly."

"I was expecting something more thrilling if I'm honest." Joy Detora, just working and studying - he couldn't quite believe it, his life couldn't be more exciting than hers.

He sipped his coffee. "Don't you have a boyfriend?"

"So, how have things been since high school?"
He shrugged. "Okay I guess, well, pretty damn busy to be honest." Law lessons during the morning, violin ones during the afternoon - plus plenty of hours of study, travelling back and forth to France, ocasionally going to visit his dogs to his grandfather's house - and going out and having a social life, because in the end he was just a university student that between stress and exams wanted to have so fun.

Could anybody blame him?

"But that's what coffee is for." To make exhausting and busy lifes bearable. After mentioning the hot drink, he took a sip of the one he was currently holding.

"By the way, the one you make is better." Truthfully, it was difficult to make bad black coffee, but nothing was impossible.

"What about you?" He cocked an eyebrow. "How's the great Joy Detora's life?"

"Are you asking me out on a date?"

He shrugged. "Maybe." The distance between their faces was undeniably smaller that what he believed to be the appropriate one between a worker of a coffee shop and a customer. Or maybe she always did the same with all her customers, he doubted it though.

That would be creepy.

"Because if you are, then I don't mind."

He grabbed the coffee cup with one hand, tossing the money on the counter with the other. "Good." He brought the cup to his lips, hiding a smile behind it before taking a small sip of it. He would have think of a better plan, but if he was honest, he was a better company when there was caffeine in his body.

"How about next Saturday?"

"Just the coffee?"

"Of course not, the decorations are pretty nice too. And those chairs... they're just marvellous." A cheeky grin adornes his features as he turned to look at the chairs, plain, usual chairs. Now that he looked at them, he was pretty sure that it was the first time that he had paid attention to the decoration and furniture of the shop.

"What about the company?"

He shrugged. "I guess it's tolerable."

"Hate to break it to you, but that's pretty much the textbook definition of addiction."

He rolled his eyes, waving his hand dismissively. "Technicalities."

Leaning of the counter he tapped his fingers on it."So I was going to ask you if you wanted to go out one day and grab a coffee, but."

He paused as his phone started to buzz inside his jean's pocket, he ignored it. "but then I remembered that you worked on a coffee shop, so maybe you're, well, sick of them."

"Back again?"

He shrugged. "Yes, the coffee was great." Of course he was not here because the coffee was of better quality than any other coffee he had tried - actually, while it was possible, it was difficult to make a bad black coffee, it couldn't be anymore simple unlike some of those fancy coffees with pompous names.

"Are you addicted to coffee?"

"I wouldn't call it an addiction." He pointed out. He had never bothered to label his 'relationship' with the hot beverage - it was like commensalism maybe, he obtained benefits from it without harming it. Because it was impossible to harm something that, in the first place, had never been alive.

He grinned cheekily. "I just really need to drink it every day or else I'll probably die, it's no big deal."

"You loved music, what happened to that?"

"I go to the music conservatorie as well." A shrug. "I have a pretty busy schedule." Law during the morning, music during the afternoon - plenty of things to do and study during the evening and night, not many hours of sleep. He only had free afternoons on Fridays (like that day) and Sundays.

The brief conversation he had had with his father just a few minutes ago (more like a monologue if you asked him) had been about that same topic - his father had warned him over and over again that if his grades dropped there would be no more music.

That phone call had been just a friendly reminder.

"Criminology. We probably have some classes in the same building,"

"Sounds interesting. And yes, I think we have them." He knew a couple of persons who were studying it, and while it was not his cup of tea it certainly seemed more interesting than studying Law.


As he handed her the money he grabbed the cup - he really, really needed caffeine, urgently. He stood there for a couple of seconds. "So, I have to go, see you around... I guess." He smiled before turning and heading towards the door.

(He realized she had wrote down her phone number two hours later, right when he was about to throw the cup to the trash.)

A week later

He hadn't called her.

Not because he had forgotten about it (the cup was still on his desk among piles of papers) but he was not sure wether she had gave him her number because she thought it was a polite thing to do when you came across an old friend or because she had genuinely wanted to give it to him.

He didn't know if she worked all afternoons, or how long her shifts were - so there he was, same day, same time. Entering in the shop he quickly spotted her behind the counter, there was someone else ordering, he waited for them finish before making his way towards the counter.

He smiled sheepishly. "Black coffee please."

She was looking at him, probably trying to figure out who he was he presumed - maybe she did not remember him, although he had graduated less than three years ago, they were not that old yet - but then...

"Watson! Haven't seen you in a long time. You go to university here too?"

Almost three years. Which meant that for two years they had been studying in the same place without knowing it - the place was big, it was not surprising that they hadn't bump into each other before. He had never imagined he was going to see her again, in the same campus he studied in - he had lost contact with most of his high school friends, the promises that they had all made to keep in touch with each other  only lasted a couple of months.

"Yes, I am studying Law." He shifted his weight from one foot to the other. At first he had been reluctant about it, but his father had insisted, so had his grandfather - most members of his family were lawyers, it was bound to happen.

"What about you?"

"But-" Travis shut his mouth - his phone pressed against his ear, two slender fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, a sigh. "dad I-" For the millionth time since the phone conversation started he was unable to say more than five words without being interrupted.

It was driving him crazy.

"Can't you just let me fini-" He rolled his eyes before glancing at his watch, the coffee shop he usually went to was now closed, apparently the owner had been stupid enough to wreck the bussiness in a record time - with little caffeine left in his body and his father on the phone it was hard to ignore the urge to throw both his backpack and phone away. And ran.

"New York? What are you doing there, weren't you in Paris?" He pushed the door of one of the remaining  coffee shops of the campus. As the door closed behind him he frowned. "Dad?" He blinked, putting his phone down he scoffed. Call ended. unbelievable.


 His eyes were still fixed on the phone's screen. "Yes, black please." Travis put the phone inside his jeans' pocket. When he looked he was greeted by the friendly smile of a pretty girl, an awfully familiar girl...


1947 / Re: a super intelligent shade of the color blue
« on: 04/11/2016 at 18:32 »
I have a lizard named Tyrannosaurus Rexagon.

idk why but this makes me so happy c:

omg 1984 I love that book, and To Kill a Mockingbird, also Twenty one Pilots and Melanie Martinez ♥♥

More Mavis/Travis climbing trees and being adorable pls. You're great xoxo

1945 / Re: Tea Addicts [Lyra]
« on: 08/23/2015 at 17:49 »
"Hmm? Well, I come here in the morning almost all the time. I must have my breakfast, but most importantly my tea."

He nodded as he smiled, he always came there in the mornings too. "Tea is very important, a must each morning don't you think?" He asked before he took a small sip of the drink.

"Well, anyway... You play the violin, do you?"

Glancing at his violin he smirked. "Indeed I do." Grabbing the instrument he brushed his hand softly against it, it was a very good violin. "Do you play something?"

1945 / Re: Off To an Adventure We Go! [Travis]
« on: 08/21/2015 at 17:46 »
"Oh, yes, definitely, besides, you have a light, I don't think I can do much adventuring when I can't see anything."

He smirked as he glanced at the small muggle object. "You have to be prepared for an adventure...

"Are you out here by yourself then?"

Pursing his lips he nodded, it was weird being alone, adventures were not fun when you had no one to share it with. "Completely alone."

"What kind of creatures do you think would be lurking here, at this time of the night?"

Shrugging he smiled. "Well who knows... Dragons, trolls... or maybe just bats, let's find out."

1945 / Re: Tea Addicts [Lyra]
« on: 08/18/2015 at 17:50 »
"Lyra Spencer...Pleased to meet you. You know, I rarely see anyone else ever here. There's never anyone to talk to and its rather boring. Mind if I sit with you today?"

Nodding as she introduced herself he took a sip of his tea, it was true that lately that place was rather lonely. After the events of the last term everything seemed lonely, he couldn't explain while because there were campers around, not so many but still plenty of them.

"Sure." With that he took a bite of his cookie, some company was always welcomed.

"So what brings you here?" He asked, to be polite more than anything.

1945 / Re: Fly me to the moon || Phine
« on: 08/18/2015 at 17:43 »
"You're probably right, I'm overthinking things... I'm sorry, I probably sound pathetic."

Rubbing the back of his neck he shrugged. "You don't... It's normal to be worried for a... friend." He said the word friend slowly, he knew there had been something between them, but he hadn't had the chance to hear the whole story.

"So how was term, anything too exciting happen in the life of Travis Watson?"

He had barely spoken to her after the last term began, but he felt as if he didn't have much to tell her, if someone else had asked him that question he would have just said 'nothing much' but he felt some sort of connection with his fellow french friend, sharing things with her didn't seem like a difficult thing to do. "Not much, kissed a girl, developed a major crush on another... and plenty of hours with the violin." He saw a murder too, and he was scared as well. But they all had and they all were, there was no point in talking about it.

"And you, something worth mentioning?"

1945 / Re: Lazer Cats and Other Cool Stuff
« on: 08/16/2015 at 10:14 »
Character FC: Marc Schulze
Words: up to youu
Theme: Something classy or ccol or idk
Personality: Sarcastic, witty, awkward, adorable
Anything Else: Nope, thank youu :3

1945 / Re: Holy Pikachu, An Avvie Shop?!
« on: 08/16/2015 at 10:09 »
Help Pay Carl's Rent Today!

Name:Travis Watson
faceclaim:Marc Schulze

Text:Whatever you want lol
Theme: Something adorable or awkward or whatever
Anything Else:Nope, and thank you :3

1945 / Re: Off To an Adventure We Go! [Travis]
« on: 08/14/2015 at 14:47 »
"Thanks, I'm Coraline Whitley. Cora, if you'd prefer it."

He shrugged as she thanked him, helping her up was the least thing he could do, good manners were always a must for him, if he wasn't polite he felt like a... rude monster or something equally absurd. "It's nothing."

"Exploring, I like to go to places, discovering new things and places, or plainly, just going out. And the night time only makes it more exciting."

Travis smirked, so he wasn't the only one that like exploring and discovering small new things...."During the night everything is more exciting indeed."

"And how 'bout you? What are you doing here?"

"Going on an adventure I guess..." She was not Max, but maybe she could be an amusing companion as well, pursing his lips for a few seconds quickly a smirk appeared on his lips again. "Care to join me?"

1945 / Re: Tea Addicts [Lyra]
« on: 08/14/2015 at 11:52 »
"Excuse me,"

Arching an eyebrow he looked up at the newcomer who had decided to interrupt the hard task that was choosing the perfect pastry.

"Excuse me. I would like to get to the muffins, please."

Pursing his lips he sighed. "Wait a moment okay? This is a hard decision..." Turning his attention again to the plate in front of him he furrowed, cookies, muffins... and plenty of other things he could choose. After a while he took the wise decision of grabbing a cookie, pushing the plate in her direction he smirked.

"There you go... Travis Watson by the way."

1945 / Re: little shop thing -- coding and avvies!
« on: 08/14/2015 at 11:15 »
A v v i e !

Name: Travis Watson
Face Claim: Marc Schulze
Words (if any): None (or just Travis idk)
Personality: Sarcastic, mischevious, awkward, classy, witty
Theme: Something classy
Other: Nope, and thanks :3

1945 / Re: Off To an Adventure We Go! [Travis]
« on: 08/13/2015 at 21:36 »
The rabbit hole caves was an interesting place to say the least. During the day it was cool to go in there for a while, explore the surroundings and then leave to the Tulgey Wood, but that was too easy and simple, just going there and looking around.

He wanted a challenge, an adventure. And going there at night seemed like an excellent one, who knew what animals and creatures could haunt that place an night. From small foxes to enigmatic owls. With nothing but a muggle lighter he had bought the other day in London -- for the pureblood that object was highly interesting -- he made his way silently through the camp before he arrived there. He had pondered the possibility of dragging someone along with him, but that was the typical thing he did with Max, and his best friend was not at the camp that year.

But deep inside he whised he was not alone, he was not scared in the slightest, he loved darkness with all his heart. But it was always nice to have someone by his side. Still in complete darkness but the moonlight he entered in the place, his hand wrapped around the small object.

Oof, Sorry 'bout that, I really couldn't see anything as of the moment,"

He had only been walking for a few seconds before he felt something bumping against him, his muscles tensed up as he jumped in surprise, and only they relaxed when he heard a human voice. Grabbing the object quickly a small flame illuminated the place to reveal the shape of a girl laying on the ground.

"Gosh girl, you scared me." Extending his hand to help her up he felt his heartbeat slowly returning to it's usual pace. "Travis Watson... what are you doing here?"

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