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1948 / Re: trying to find the inbetween | open
« on: 08/31/2016 at 00:02 »
"Oh? How would you do that?”

Now she had to think.  Thankfully thinking was something she was rather good at, and this was planning which she loved doing.  “ I suspect we’d have to find some first years. “  After all, she didn’t want to roll onto the feet of seventh years they were so big that if she rolled into them they’d just hurt.  First years would fall over and not hurt as much. 

Or maybe they’d jump.  It would count as a knock down in her book if they jumped over her at the last minute.

“ Then ask them to line up and see if we could roll and land at there feet.  Maybe count it as a knock down if they jump over us so no one gets hurt? “  As she was rather certain that talking Effy into something that could wind up with injury might not work out so well.   Then with a smirk she added “ I was hoping you had a better idea in that head of yours. “

After all, the more she thought of her random idea once she got to the bottom of the hill the idea turned south.  Which made her say quickly “ Maybe a rolling race? “  Yes, even as she said it she knew that was a much better idea than her original one that was going to have her rolling into the infirmary.

1948 / Re: Summer Fun [EA]
« on: 08/30/2016 at 23:32 »
"Fiiiine, if that's what it takes to get you there."

She would have gone for only one drink, but he didn’t need to know that.  Plus, she knew that no manner what that James would get decent tickets that didn’t come with the her mother making her help out with fetching things during the game.

"I'll tell my dad we want to go.”

“ Good. “ 

"Alright, then. Maybe it won't be so boring if you help me study."

With a smirk she said “ Exactly. “  Though naturally she had no idea if she’d be one or two years behind her best friend.  Though maybe if she succeeded at getting ahead once she could maybe convince them to let her do it a second time and catch up to James.  Which would help for when they studied for James owls. 

"Girls, I think you mean. Most my dad's stories from school are about girls."

With a smirk she said “ Find the right one, and you’ll have a lot less headaches for the rest of your life. “  As she could remember quite a few friends, especially muggle ones, that had parents that were grumpy and unhappy.  So she planned to find the right one prior to graduating, and have fun until that time.  Then she giggled and said “ How many of your stories are about girls? “ giving him an intense look.

An intense look that didn’t last more than a second before she broke out in giggles.

1948 / Re: Looking up with a frown | Irma
« on: 08/21/2016 at 18:52 »
"Xerxes sounds like some kind of drug- prob'ly to fix the disease, ya fink?"

She giggled.  The boy that Irma was set to marry had the strangest name she ever heard.  Must be foreign.  Though naturally she wasn't going to make any implications about why this exchange happened as to her the fact that arranged marriages existed was horrible.

"Honestly, do I thought I'd already be married.  Turns out he's younger than me! Dunno how much, though- Sixth year - Fifth mebbe?  I might have a whole year before he can legally marry. I fink."

That was a long time.  Much longer than she expected to have.  Honestly, she had expected a summer date.  She said " Now that is something I can work with. "  Furthermore with that much time she might not even need to work.  After all, if the guy was going to Hogwarts she could try to convince every girl at Hogwarts to go after him, then catch him and let him ruin it.

After all, it would only be logical this was just as arranged on his end.

With a smirk " I'll find him.  Suspect he'll be in the market for some friends coming onto the scene attached in marriage to a seventh year. "  Then she bit her lip and said quietly " Will he drop out after you graduate as if I fail being stuck with an idiot could be a deal breaker. "  Except for the fact that somehow Irma wasn't in this deal.

1948 / Re: fly like a bird || E. Arnett
« on: 08/21/2016 at 18:42 »
"I've been up mountains, gone through woods, I am Robin Hood"

Looking towards Briar she raised an eyebrow and very quickly retorted " How are you with a bow? "  As the only thing she could remember about robin hood that didn't involve thievery was that he had a bow and arrow.  Of course, most medieval heroes had that and a sword.  Noticing his smirk she didn't have much hope, but if he were she could think of more than one fun idea to put such a skill to good use.

"We went through France to Germany, we have a home in Germany, you...know"

Rather unsure she asked quietly " Still? "  She had realized his family had been from Germany, but she wouldn't have expected them to have ties.  Briar, at least, didn't seem like the bomb dropping type.  Though, he was a wizard so it might not have been the same.


Continuing forward she debated if she should try to trick him.  After all, she was sure if she made him squeal it would echo off the walls like some dying monster.  Instead she said " I don't think I've ever been out of Great Britain. "  Sure her mother had played in some foreign quidditch matches, but she'd not managed to ever convince her mother to take her. 

Naturally she blamed school.  As prior to Hogwarts one only had off from school if it was summer or if there was a particularly bad raid the night before.  With some of those days just being her parents being scared to send her off into muggle London for fear she might get blown up.  Then she said " Though plenty of adventure here. " 

1948 / Re: Introduction to Seeking | Icarus
« on: 08/21/2016 at 18:00 »
"Um, W-well, you know b-better than me which is b-best to practice on. You're the ssstrategist, r-right?"

She smirked as she moved forward to the broom closet.  Naturally, it mannered more that Icarus had a good broom than her.  As long as hers flew and could do some semblance of a turn she'd be good.  Not so much for him.  She said " Naturally any Nimbus is my favorite, but it really manners what you feel like you want to work on.  Though I'd skip that old oakshaft as I doubt it is flightworthy, and even if it were it is more of a long distance broom probably could get you to Hogwarts if you choose the right direction. "

The problem being the right direction.  As if she knew that she'd of left this summer camp years ago.  In fact she thought all the oakshaft brooms in the cupboards at Hogwarts weren't flightworthy to purposely stop students from escaping.

Looking around she pointed at a series of brooms in a row followed by a second group and said " Cleansweeps are decent all-arounders and good with turns. Comets are solid too and you can do some interesting break turns with them as they have the best breaking charms in my opinion. "  With that second bit making the decision for her as she grabbed a Comet.  After all, she wasn't practicing to be better at quidditch so she could practice a quick break turns of a more trick like nature.

1948 / Re: Summer Fun [EA]
« on: 08/14/2016 at 13:33 »
"Want to go to a Falcons game sometime?”

With a smirk she said “ Sure.  I could use a break from this place, but only if you get me two cold butter beers extra cream. “  As to her the best part of the game was just sitting back and relaxing.  Naturally she’d need more than two, but she had enough money saved up for the third.

"Nothing seems fun enough, does it? Mum says I'll need to study hard this year. O.W.L.s and all. So I guess I won't have time for too much fun, I guess?”

“ You do.  But I’ll help you as I have to ace them after your done with them. “

"My dad doesn't think that...but, you know my dad..."

" He cares, but is smart enough to realize somethings manner more than test scores. "

1948 / Re: fly like a bird || E. Arnett
« on: 08/13/2016 at 02:19 »
Her answer was near automatic when plans of adventures during the summer came up.  She said yes, and then attempted to improve upon them if needed.  Briar’s plan for adventuring the caves didn’t need any improving simply because he brought a lamp and they wouldn’t have to depend on wands.  As she made it a life goal not to ever need to depend on her own wand.

"You can go first,”

There was a risk of going first.  Though considering the situation she doubted he’d run, and if he did she trusted him to get help so going first in this situation wasn’t that risky.

"You are supposed to be the adventurer"

With a chuckle she said “ Someday, you’ll be more than an adventurer in training. “  Then she wondered what kind of training adventurers would need.  She had somehow just debuted to the wizarding world an adventurer and ran with it.  After all, she had plenty of experience on the streets of London.

As they were both from London she said “ Have you ever taken one of the muggle trains out of London towards the country?  I did once and I think it was my greatest adventure. “  Hopefully it didn’t sound to boring for a greatest adventure.  Though there had been a war on when she had done it, and her friends had gotten in trouble as one of them blabbed to there parents - but thankfully not hers.

Stepping further she said “ You’ll need to stay close as you have the light. “  Light that if went out they’d be in trouble as she continued forwards shuffling her feet before placing her weight down in hopes that she wouldn’t step off a cliff hidden in a cave.

1948 / Re: flashpoint // f mallow
« on: 08/10/2016 at 00:28 »

14 // Ravenclaw // Halfblood
Adventurous // Authoritative // Ambitious

EA is the one on the right. lets adventure...

1948 / Re: trying to find the inbetween | open
« on: 08/10/2016 at 00:16 »
With a smirk she peered across the hills and debated if she could roll down them without getting hurt.  The simple fact was she was certain the hills weren’t steep enough.  In order to get enough momentum she’d have to run and do some rolls. 

It might be worth it.

It would be more fun with an accomplice and she had found just the right one sitting, and book less.  As if Effy had a book she’d probably have let the girl be.  Approaching Effy she said “ You’re thinking to hard. “  Though Effy was smiling so she wasn’t sure what to make of that so she looked around quickly just to make sure she hadn’t stepped into some trap of flying confetti.  The thought making her chuckle as she realized that Effy would be the last person she’d expect a step based prank aiming confetti at someone.

She continued rather quickly “ Anything brilliant in that head of yours?  If not I was thinking of seeing how many rolls down one of these hills I could manage, perhaps somehow make a human bowling game. “

Would Effy know what bowling was?  Did wizards do it?  Seriously Hogwarts should have a wizarding studies class in addition to a muggle studies ones.  After all they were all going to spend more time trying to blend into the wizarding world than the muggle one.  Even if she preferred the muggle one for many reasons.

1948 / Re: Shy Little Ravenclaw || Mirella's Plotter
« on: 08/09/2016 at 03:01 »
E. Arnett (EA)
OUR HISTORY, EA has decided that when you hit bludgers the sound isn't unpleasant.  So that probably means EA hasn't bothered or yelled at you to improve it - as EA likes watching well played quidditch.  Also EA has a tendency to stick up for anyone who is insulted on the basis of blood status so feel free to say that she randomly did.

Other than that EA is probably just another younger ravenclaw housemate who is loudly annoying in the common room, and looses lots of house points as she is a nocturnal adventurer, and will attempt to drag random people along if they are being boring.


1948 / Re: Looking up with a frown | Irma
« on: 08/09/2016 at 02:51 »
"Do I bet you could.”

She smirked.  She was betting that she would.

"I don' even know wot he looks like.  All I got is a name- Xerxes Gerdher.  I heard he's coming to camp this summer, but I ain't met him yet.”

She had to giggle at the name blurting out softly as she did “ That is a funny name. “  Then after a pause she added “ Gerdher almost sounds like a disease. “  She couldn’t imagine Irma with that name.  The sound of Irma Gerdher just didn’t work in her head, and if he were pureblood the odds of them ending up with Irma’s much more reasonable last name were low.

Then with a nod she said “ I’ll find him. “  Hopefully he wouldn’t be to nice as that would just spoil things.  Then she said “ So how much time do I have before there is a ceremony I have to object at?  Is that allowed at ceremonies for arranged marriages? “ 

She really didn’t know how this worked.  Naturally she’d have to ask James, he might know.  Though she didn’t want him getting any ideas so she’d find someone else to ask.

1948 / Re: Do you think we could ... | Ruby
« on: 08/09/2016 at 02:44 »
"I mean, I suppose. But falling out of the sky is still falling out of the sky wherever you are.”

She nodded.  Ruby certainly had a point, but off the pitch it was more likely to lead to severe injury.  As on the pitch everyone who could cast a Wingardium Leviosa would try to help you not hit the ground to hard.  Which if someone else didn’t stop you from falling usually at least slowed one down.

"We'll be legendary.”

She smiled.

"More so than we are now, at least.”

With a smirk she said “ Definitely “ echo’ing Ruby’s earlier comment. 

"I don't think so. You know, just the normal stuff with Ava, nothing big, I don't think."

With a chuckle she said “ Is it ever normal with Ava. “  She had to admit that Ava was one of the more brilliant minds in the Hogwarts pranking game. 


With a shrug she said “ The usual.  Knocking down the new pureblood elitists down a peg or two for giggles.  Attempting to improve the sound quality of bludger beatings at Hogwarts.  Trying to figure out who has the best books to borrow for rainy days. “

1948 / Re: Introduction to Seeking | Icarus
« on: 08/09/2016 at 02:35 »
With her mind on the brilliant plan in her head she mostly ignored the reactions that crossed Icarus’ face.  Though she had to admit the frown confused her.  Perhaps he had just swallowed a bug, probably best not to ask.

"Um. I -- Alright, but f-fᴉrst of all, Our M-mirǝlla is really quite t-tɐlented. But -- our b-beaters cɐn't be everywhere at once - it would be ssstupid not to -- be awɐre of my sssurroundings. For the team's sake ɐnd f-for mine. It's extrǝmely three-d-dimensional, Elᴉzabeth—“

He had a small point.  From her observations safely on the bench as she had little desire to risk her own skin in the endeavor known as quidditch she had to agree that Mirella was more than decent.  The older girl had a strong swing that made an almost pleasing sound when it connected to a bludger.  With a slight smirk she said “ Most teams have two.  How many bludgers did either Chester or Chump-whatever hit last game? “   She still couldn’t pronounce that one boys name, and he wasn’t interesting enough to her for her to try harder. 

Perhaps that was the wrong thing to say.  As Ravenclaw did have two talented ones, the problem was one of them was her. Though due to the fact she refused to follow in her mothers footsteps and be a beater perhaps, for the better, no one realized it.  So she shook her head quickly and said “ Nevermind. “  After all, she probably shouldn’t talk or someone besides Adrian might care that she stopped showing up to practice last term, and was dropped from the team.  Though naturally she’d been dropped from seeker not beater, but that was an insignificant detail.

Unlinking her arm with him she approached the broom cupboard which she quickly opened and said “ Take your pick.  I’ll pick second. “  Which was only fair as she was dragging him about.

1948 / Re: An answer for every question | EA
« on: 08/02/2016 at 02:12 »
So excited with how the questions are coming for the upcoming app.

Contacted all up to here by PC, and started threads with most.

1948 / Re: Introduction to Seeking | Icarus
« on: 08/02/2016 at 00:24 »
"I know I'm ssskᴉnny, but -- “

She nodded not even acknowledge the fact he was whining.  After all, many greats whined before a tough practice as they thought better than there coaches.  She’d see it plenty and she knew that it was best ignored.

"I'm also -- really d-dǝlicate!”

Giving the boy a look over she shook her head and said “Baby. “  The only reason she didn't punch him in the arm for added effect was the fact there arms were linked and the swivel would likely cause her to trip.

"Plǝɐse don't throw fruit at mǝ—“

She laughed and smiled at him.  That was the best thing she’d heard in while.  Though she quickly stopped and said “ That makes no sense.  Seekers catch things, and are supposed to ignore things coming at them. “  Then she paused and added “ You might want to skip that ignoring until our beaters get a bit better though. “  As even when she had practiced for seeker last year she had gotten nervous as they hardly managed a proper connection with there bats.

Another project for another day.

Today was about Icarus who she need to make more likely to fly towards the sun than he presently was.

“ I won’t have things come at you today no need to complicate things.  Promise. “

In fact she just intended to find something small.  Practice levitating it and seeing if he could catch it.  Probably a rock as that would be small enough she could Wingardium Leviosa it.  Then with a smirk “ and no saying camp brooms complicate things. “ as she continued on her way to the camp broom locker.

1948 / Re: Still Sparkles, Less Appropriate | Adrian Alric
« on: 08/01/2016 at 18:46 »
Ravenclaw | COFFEE | 14
[RELATIONSHIP]: Continuing the epic awesomeness of there friendship.  He's one of EA's favorites to pull into adventures, and next year she will be the person yelling over him at quidditch practice (don't worry she doesn't want the work of captain just to boss people about.)

1948 / Re: Looking up with a frown | Irma
« on: 08/01/2016 at 18:01 »
"Heya, E,”

She smiled.  They had an understanding.  Elizabeth was to long to say, and Liz was annoying to hear so it was just E.   Then she noticed the scowl which gave her some hope that her role model hadn’t rolled away from respectability. 

"Yup. You heard right.  Girl in chains, right here.”

She chuckled.  It was a funny way of putting it.  One she could respect as she had the chains of Hogwarts tying her to a school that would give her about as much opportunity after graduation as a stay in Azkaban.  So with a nod she said “ So you got a plan to fix that one yet?  Or do you need help. “

As she was always in the market for summer projects that would make the world a better place.  With a smirk she said “ Or would you rather just point and not be involved in the unraveling.  I can arrange that. “  After all, there was nothing better than a good victim to paint like an empty canvas.  She could just imagine switching there hair gel with her medusa hair potion.  It would be epic.

1948 / Re: Do you think we could ... | Ruby
« on: 08/01/2016 at 15:10 »
"Of course,"

She nodded as she thought about how she would manage to execute this.  Brooms were a must.  Then came the fact they’d need a lot of rope.  Rope being something she wasn’t sure exactly where they’d manage to get.  Perhaps there were boats that could just float instead of being tied to something that could donate. 

"Well, yeah. Duh. It'd be fun.”

With a smirk she said “ If we pull it off I bet it would would be a highlight of summer. “

"Are you worried about falling to your death?

Maybe?  Looking down at the valley she could easily tell it wasn’t a quidditch pitch.  So it would be unlike any fall she’d ever taken and perhaps a bit to much.  Of course, she was the girl who jumped from one Hogwarts roof to the next and only missed once - but then she was lucky to get a hand hold and pull herself up.

'Cause I did that once and it's not that bad,"

With a chuckle she said “ It’s different if your not on the pitch. “  As she remembered that rather death defying stunt that Ruby pulled on the pitch.  It was bad enough had she been on it she’d had to have debated what was more important the snitch or her friend.  Thankfully she was safely on the bench where she could calmly yell at others which was more fun than actually playing the game.

With a smile “ We’ll have to add this to our summer list. “  Then she paused and said “ Do you have any plans for this summer?  People who need to be pranked and the sort. “

1948 / Re: and I tore the fear from my bones || B. E. W. M
« on: 08/01/2016 at 14:28 »

14. Adventurer. Ravenclaw.

EA is a fellow london halfblood who prior to her Hogwarts days had a tendency to explore both wizarding and muggle areas. So if you'd like they could have met then.  Otherwise they could have met at either Hogwarts or the summer camp.

EA is rather bossy, confident, adventurous, and under a mistaken belief all knowledge worth having can be found in books ( often borrowed ).

1948 / Re: scars to your beautiful;
« on: 08/01/2016 at 14:22 »

EA is either the thorn in your side, or the main reason you shake you head and laugh in the common rooms.  When it comes to adventures she is either planning or executing one, and half the time just pulls random people into them.  The fact that one can earn points might have been lost on EA as she is trying to set a record for the most one can lose at one time - currently 46.  If you have any bullying issues related to your blood status EA will be your surprise defender (on principle she defends friends, enemies, and strangers alike).

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