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1959 / K.K. Intro
« on: 04/20/2020 at 02:39 »

Back from the dead and late to the party but hey I'm Vica, a 26 year old alien lifeform masquerading as a loan officer for a community bank. I'm probably not returning to castle this term, but wanted to say hey and sneak a few threads at Crow's~ Regardless, please say hey in the discord if you see me! I miss ya'll! If things ever calm down you'll see more of me <3

Recently I've been doing a lot, including ramping up my cosplay career (I finally did Princess Zelda ie a dream) and streaming met operas with my girlfriend~

Also I've clocked over 300 hours in animal crossing? How?

Stay safe Hoggies gonna lurk a bit but you guys are chill~


1959 / Re: avvie wizard here for all ur avvie needs
« on: 04/18/2020 at 23:14 »

name Eves
face claim Miki Ehara
personality/theme #monsters
anything else? going for a more would mess you up/older theme ilu ty

1959 / Re: dropped a stitch
« on: 04/18/2020 at 19:10 »

1952 / Re: -bird noises-
« on: 12/02/2017 at 19:05 »
ILU AND MISS YOU ROOOOOOOO <3<3<3 I kind of want to be a Japanese teacher bc of you rn lowkey

When did Rowan become so manly like when did that actually happen?


1948 / Re: u gotta gif me a break
« on: 08/09/2016 at 03:55 »

1948 / Re: Don't Stop Me Now!
« on: 08/08/2016 at 03:26 »

AHH THAT"S SO COOL! I actually want to go into localization/translation eventually for games. Your intro is so amazing though we need more game nerds here ughgh

I feel you on Fallout 4. I started playing but I have too much of a life. I need to do Witcher III and No Man's Sky too but then I also just keep doing new runs in Fire Emblem.

Bless though


Ice Massacre sounds really fantastic! I'm really into fantasy novels but I haven't heard of that. I'm gonna look it up asap.

Do everything Margaret said! Once classes start back up you'll have a ton of cool threads, but for now I recommend posting in plot pages, and joining things like summer quidditch!

Also if you need help on a plot page, someone can help you code one! There's one here for JIP whose like plot page god Some might spring up in summer too, or you can just ask someone in MC~

I know you're going to have a great time! Please hmu if you need anything! <3

1948 / Re: get your florals and laurels!
« on: 08/07/2016 at 03:47 »

Character: Evelyn Takamura
Face Claim: Paruru (Haruka Shimazaki)
Team: N/A Crows though
Images: Please anyyy
Am I Missing Anything?: Thank you thank you <3

1948 / Re: Your Own Personal Jesus
« on: 08/01/2016 at 20:12 »
bad daddies and bloodlust grandpas.

that's some good stuff right there 10/10 sign me the fudge up good stuff good stuff A+A+A+A+


let's wreck

Even though there was no other place she felt comfortable in the world, the familiarity of the fabric of the boy’s shirt was absolutely stunning. This was perhaps the only place she’d ever slept without a care in the world, but at that moment, she felt nervous for the first time in ages. There was some sort of tenseness that she hadn’t accounted for before, and when before she hadn’t much cared to dwell on the consequences of her actions, now they plagued her thoughts. What if this was a terrible mistake? What would she do if he walked away? She’d have to let him go then, she was sure of it.
Just as she thought this, he placed his hands on her shoulders, and she was sure he’d push her to the ground. It wouldn’t be the first time she’d hit the mud on his account.


Without meaning to, she cracked an amused grin at his nervous, ill-placed filler. It was just like him. 

"Ah. Well. I..."

Her eyes moved from his, to his hands which were preoccupied with his ever-present bowtie, and back again. Her face was completely blank, as she truly had no inkling as to what nonsense might spew from his mouth.

"This is all... quite confusing. So, I propose we... start again?"
What exactly did that even mean?

"My name is L Azuriah. When I'm especially nervous or startled, I have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth, or say mean or rude things. I... I find you pretty and confusing."

For a few seconds, Evelyn was absolutely startled, as it seemed as if he was sincere in his desire to go back and pretend as if they’d never known each other at all. It was one of the stupidest offers anyone had ever proposed to her, and she knew she had to take it.

The dimples at the edge of her lips slid into a full smile, clear, and untainted with fear or mockery.

"Would you, ah... Would you be amenable with going with me on the first Hogsmeade weekend of the term?"

With undue enthusiasm, the girl rushed forward, only to stop short to take the boy’s hand in both of hers. This was idiotic. Idiotic and perfect.

“Of course!” she replied, the leftover tears still pooled in her eyes sparkling in the night’s blue light. “I mean. Yes…Let’s go…together.”

Perhaps their faces matched in hue, as they’d found each another anew. Two pieces of the same puzzle, reunited, at last.

"But... you hate me."

It just wasn’t that simple. Didn’t this boy realize that emotions filled a much larger void? Didn’t he realize that the borders of a rainbow weren’t the clean cut lines of a painting, but rather blurred when you squinted at them? Perhaps she’d felt as if she’d hated him once, but that single emotion had carried her in rolling waves through a sea of other events, and washed her ashore in this moment. Perhaps she did hate him, but she hated everything, if it came down to it. Out of all the crappy things, he was the softest and sweetest person she’d ever met, even if he was a complete and total imbecile.

"I called you something unforgivable. More than once! I was mean to you! Granted,
I didn't really mean to be; it just - happened. But I was still mean to you!"

And he was out with it.

The tears came freely now, tiny sobs in the place of words. All the while she watched as he paced, as he faltered between being able and unable to look her way. With her fingers, she tried to wipe some of the salty water from her cheeks, but her skin was no cloth, and the attempt proved futile.

But he was out with it.

He hadn’t meant to be mean- he was just programmed by some sort of unfair system in order to be that way. In fact he was so moronic he had probably absorbed and regurtated the faulty, furious nonsense of the system far more violently than any of the true elitists had. But his meanness was petty, like a small dog’s. Perhaps, without his training, his unkind words and all the practice bouts she’d had with him, she wouldn’t have survived this far. She’d tasted cruelties far beyond his, and by no means when faced with stick and stones did his words hurt her any longer. 

When he finally stopped and walked forward, she felt as if maybe he’d gotten it. They weren’t the same kids who’d met in the forest and fought in a cramped train cabin. There were infinite minutes between them, laced into the fabric of time tucked between the space separating mere inches.

"I don't understand,"

It was odd looking up at him, but she’d gotten used to it when she was tucked in his shoulder for those scare hours in December. The sky and trees grew dim as she looked at him, but whether that was the fault of the waning sunlight, her tears, or the sad, crystalline nature of his eyes she couldn’t say.

"What part of - everything, which part wasn't a lie?"

Unable to stop crying, and uncaring of any lingering consequences, as she couldn’t stand the awkward silences and sly hiding of truths any longer, she closed the gap between them and wrapped her arms around him, as she’d always meant to. Almost as she’d had that first night. Almost as she had that December.

Somewhere, buried against his chest, she spoke, her voice tired and muffled.

“Why… are you so stupid?” she let out a tiny gasp, somewhere between a giggle and a sob, as if she knew she couldn’t have expected much more.

“I wanted to meet you here. I don't care that you were mean anymore. You're not. I waited for your letters every day. I didn’t lie in any of them. Except about who I was. I thought- … I thought if you knew it was me, you wouldn’t answer. So I used a pen name. I just…”

Just what, exactly?

What was this feeling?

“Just had to see you.”

Hopefully he wouldn’t run this time.


The single syllable was carried on an impossibly heavy wave of truth, although it was only half-formed. After all this time, he’d only now put it together, and Evelyn could sense his horror in the way he stumbled backwards. Out of the infinite amount of possibilities, he’d probably never considered this as an ultimatum. She was just that far below him. If only she could recall his face from two years prior, when he’d seen her in the moonlight. If only she could find that expression in her memory, the one of pure, unbridled disgust.

But she couldn’t. Even though it’d seemed so important then, it’d been erased by six hundred days of shy meetings and letters. Over time, she’d forgiven him, even if she’d never admitted it. That night in the forest was nothing more than a forgotten memory.

Like so many grains of sand on a shoreline, all those terrible things had been washed away.

But it seemed like he still felt the same way. As always, he was a rock while she was the sea.

What could she possibly do about that?

Even though it seemed as if he’d changed in appearance, his heart wasn’t swayed in the slightest. Why should it be? Even though she’d meant every single thing in her letters- she’d even gone so far to learn a smattering of German and Latin just to make her writings more plausible- his affections were not for her, but for a completely fictional character. At first, she’d meant for this to be some sort of prank, or at least she did halfway, but over time her replies grew genuine, while his had only grown more and more misdirected.

"Why would you do such a thing? What have I-"

When his questions finally came pouring fourth, her face broke into pieces in the same fashion it had two years prior- in the same, pinkish bloom as it had in December. With only the tiniest of gasps, rivulets of saltwater gushed down her pale cheeks, taking strands of hair hostage and plastering them to her cheeks.


Evelyn choked on her words. Unable to look at him, she looked towards the paper in her hand instead, thinking about the tiny shred of hope she’d held in her heart that things wouldn’t come to this.

“Because.” she coughed finally, in a half-sob. Somewhere in the flux of emotions, she’d changed over to her native tongue. Whether it was a sub-conscious defense or a subtle way to hope the boy would treat her better, even she couldn’t tell.

After staring at the words on the paper through blurred droplets, the girl’s eyes came back to rest on the boy’s. Her face, normally cool and mocking, had completely synched with her emotions, and presented itself as a perfect, honest storm.

“Because it wasn’t a lie.”

There was no going back. There was no way to run away, as they had before. This was the conversation they had to have, for better or for worse.

There was only one person this could be, and Evelyn had realized it before his lips parted. Despite his height, no other imbecile would be standing out in the forest minutes before curfew. She couldn’t believe that. Still, this was far too embarrassing. The plan had been to come here and throw the letter at his feet, confess, and walk away with no apologies. No awkward silences. No hiding any truths. After all, even if she felt guilty for leading him to believe she was someone else for an entire year, didn’t he deserve it?


That voice wasn’t L’s though, was it? It was smoother, and darker, and perhaps just a bit hopeful. Of course, she hadn’t actually heard his voice in over a year, so how could she know if it had changed? People changed, and the words they uttered weren’t always the same as the ones etched on her heart, right?


But no, there was the resentment. No one else spoke her name with such disdain. Evelyn was a bit taken aback by it, as she’d secretly hoped he’d decoded her letters and figured out who’d been sending them. Wasn’t he supposed to be smart?

More than that, she’d hoped he’d known and still replied to her, but no. They were the same as ever, apparently.

“"Ah, wh-what brings you here at this time of night?"

It was then Evelyn brought her eyes up from the spot on the ground they’d fixated upon. No words formed on her lips, as her teeth were busy tugging them out of nervousness. In a year, her hair had grown longer, and as she’d taken to wearing it up recently, hung in loose curls around her face, swirling down her cheeks and down her neck to her shoulder blades. It still seemed to want to stick to her.
In her eyes, there was tears and starlight.


The single word was so soft, she wasn’t quite sure whether or not she’d uttered it. Perhaps this was all a stupid, terrible dream.

What could she even say? Sorry didn’t seem to cut it. Initially, she’d planned to run away, but she’d never really wanted to. Not that summer two years ago, and not now. What had this boy even done to her? Sure he’d said words, but had he ever been anything other than civil to her? It was sticks and stones. In a way she wanted to thank him for being so mean to her, as if it weren’t for him, she wouldn’t have developed such a tough skin, and without that skin, she wouldn’t still be there.

He’d saved her so many times, and she’d just tortured him endlessly.

What in the world could she do to apologize for that?

For a minute, she looked at him, as hard as it was in the fading light. It was ridiculous how tall he’d gotten, especially since she’d always been just a tiny bit above him. It was almost as if she’d met a stranger.

Also, what was he thinking when he transfigured his hair? It looked terrible. If they had been on better terms, she would have jumped to try and pat it, or might have laughed, but she did neither. Even if she’d sent him letters every week, they weren’t on anything close to good terms.

His eyes too- she still felt like they were cutting into her, and she still remembered them as they scanned along the pages of a book of mythology, and how she’d watched them until she’d fallen asleep.

“I wanted to meet you, too.” she finally muttered as she sheepishly held forth the piece of paper in one hand. It had been folded carefully into quadrants, but it was, undoubtedly, L’s last letter.

1943 / Re: a posteriori ♛ ℒ
« on: 12/16/2014 at 09:39 »
The One and Only
Sixteen. Huffelpuff. 日本語.
#Your December
#Your Persephone
#The person at the end of your pen
#The person who taught you to feel
#Soon to be yours
#But always was, since that one time
#Actual annoyance
#Most beloved and feared
I have too many feelings to write this part ahhaa

1943 / Re: Game 1: Brigantine vs. Frigate
« on: 12/15/2014 at 15:57 »
Team Brigantine |Beater (Captain)

Even though her eyes should have been all for the bludgers, Evelyn kept her eyes half on the Quaffle. Out of all the positions she tried, she still loved chasing most of all, and being able to watch how her team attacked another player from afar was fascinating.
Skade was able to stop one of the balls near their keeper, and the far-off crack of the girl’s bat brought the hufflepuff back from her day-dream like state of coasting along, watching the match. As thanks, she offered a salute, and dove to glide along underneath the chasers.

With everyone else, she watched as Payton took possession of the ball, and fire rose in her throat.

“GO! GO! GO!” she screamed, waving her bat fanatically in the direction of their opponent’s hoops. It wasn’t the most intelligent chant, but she was too excited to think of much else.

The feeling was cut short by yet another thunderclap, and when she tilted her chin skywards, Evelyn was surprised to find the blonde, opposing beater taking a stab at one of her chasers.

With a summer smile still lingering on her lips, Evelyn shot up between the ugly wrecking ball [Anne Bonney] and the chasers, and bunted t it back towards the blonde beater (Maël) who seemed to be tagging along with it. It was a lot heavier than she anticipated, but luckily she hadn’t lost any fingers, although it had knocked her backwards a few feet.

“Hot potato! she sung helpfully, not intending to hurt the boy as much as distract him.

He was absolutely the last person she wanted to see. For a year, she’d painstakingly avoided him, for she knew that if she saw him, even just in passing, she’d probably break. At this point, she’d forgotten what possessed her to even send a letter to him last summer in the first place. At that time, even when things had seemed to be at the worst point, they’d been relatively simple. When she thought about it, which was more often than she liked, she figured that perhaps the letters had been some sort of plot to prove that L Azuriah was indeed the terrible monster she’d always assumed him to be. After that one day in early December, the last perfect day of her life, she needed to be reminded of what a miserable freak show her hero was.

It’d all backfired.

For one, Evelyn had no faith that he’d even write her back. If he hadn’t, things would have been so much better. Now they’d been going back and forth for an entire year.

Every single time she’d received a letter, she’d hold it in her hands and wonder if it wouldn’t be better for them both if she simply burnt the thing and stopped replying entirely. It wasn’t as if they were anymore than strangers still. Even after all these letters, he didn’t seem to know it was her, no matter how obvious she made it. For a white lie, it had gotten entirely out of hand.

Yet, she kept every single one. Even if she wasn’t the person they were addressed to, she cherished them, if only secretly. No one else wrote her letters, not anymore.

Although she’d written to America months ago inquiring about the location of her Grandfather, there had been no reply. Without her one family member, she’d run out of funds. Without funds, she’d had to get a job and lost her freedom in school.

The only thing that stayed constant were L’s stupid, jaded letters.

Even when her inkwell was so dry she’d barely been able to pen words, she’d written back to him. Although she’d crafted lies he’d like, she took some interest in the things he said, specifically regarding the faerie tales.

Over a year later, she couldn’t get his voice out of her head, crafting the tale of Hades and Persephone into a daydream.

It would have been better to forget him. That’s all she wanted. To do that, she’d have to meet him. To come clean. She’d have to tell him to his face that she didn’t feel a single thing towards him, and that all the things she’d written were her own form of sick vengeance, and he should have expected as much.

She’d have to say those things even if she no longer believed them.

With cold determination, she stalked into the woods, holding what was probably meant to be L’s final letter in her hand. As she didn’t really plan for this to take more than an hour, she hadn’t bothered to put on much more than a blouse and shorts, but regretted it a few minutes after sunset. He wanted to meet by a boulder? What boulder?

Darkness came within a few minutes, and the color drained from the sky in a wash of purple streaks. In the last blue light of the day, Evelyn squinted at the words across the letter, trying to force herself to give up. Completely distracted, she didn’t even notice there was anyone near her until she walked straight into them.

Her head had landed straight into a collarbone, along with her hands, still clutching the paper between her face and this person’s chest. Out of sheer embarrassment, she just wanted to stay there for a minute.

(Now that she thought about it, wasn’t this how she’d met L in the first place?)

“Sorry.” she muttered instinctively as she took a step back. Hopefully this person would just let her go home with an apology. She couldn’t find him. That was it. No more letters. No more hope. (For what?)

Of course, Evelyn never looked up.

1943 / Re: Would you like a Maël Meal?
« on: 12/15/2014 at 13:41 »
elcome Evelyn!

Your order:
SNOGS: $4.99 (Hold the onions and regret!). (Hufflepuff. Sixteen.)

I accept the following conditions:
Psst you wanna kiss a girl? Just to try it? I hope your "boyfriend" don't mind it.

1943 / Re: Game 1: Brigantine vs. Frigate
« on: 12/10/2014 at 16:03 »
Team Brigantine |Beater (Captain)

If there was one single thing Evelyn still loved, it was Quidditch. When she was in the sky, she left the baggage on her shoulders on the ground, and for a short span of time the only social statuses that plagued her mind were not those of blood, but of position on a team. On their brooms, she felt like everyone was equal. It gave her a power she could never otherwise possess, and for that reason alone, she was addicted.

That, and she loved to win.

Evelyn had made some alterations to the otherwise rather unfashionable and out of date summer quidditch robes. Although she’d donned the appropriate safety gear, she’d swapped the baggy trousers for a pair of shorts and paired her beater’s bat with twin pony tails and a costume pirate hat. With long, elegant strides, she crossed the pitch. This was her first time as beater, and moreover, as a captain. She only hoped she could instill the same sense of unity in her hodge-podge of players that she’d felt in her first summer game.

Although she didn’t know everyone, she’d at least taken time to memorize their names. Without names, they’d all be uncoordinated imbeciles.

“Aleksandra!” she called as she led the way across the field, a reassuring smile on her lips and the heavy bat on her slender shoulder. “It’s sunny, so look for shiny stuff!” It seemed as if the girl were a bit nervous, and Evelyn couldn't blame her.

“Xanthos! Don’t let them score or you’ll walk the plank!”

“Skade! We’re gonna knock 'em from the sky! ”

“Payton, Joy, Aet-“ Although she’d played against Ravenclaw a few times, she still never got that one boy’s name right. Why was that? “You've got it! Don't let them get our booty!” Payton was always hard to deal with when they were against each other, and Evelyn was happy to have her as a co-captain. She and Joy had chasing down to a science, and that one kid had to know what he was doing too.
The only problem was they were against an actual pirate.

"Ye Brigantines boarded th' wrong ship! Yer 'bout t' make life-long enemies!"

Chartreuse was one of the few people that scared Evelyn in the air, and although they were bunkmates and housemates, she doubted the girl would be doing her any favors today. Especially since the theme was so well suited to her.

“We’ll go down with this ship before you take it!” she screamed back, not quite sure how to handle the whole yo ho ho nonsense.

she added threateningly, although it sounded more like a tiny cat mewling.

“Congratulations…” Sylvianne started, although she hardly seemed to have as much heart in the game.

At the signal, Evelyn took to the air. It was good to feel weightless once more. Estatic, she giggled happily before cracking down on trying to bust some brooms.

While leaning in to gain speed, she circled behind one of the newly released bludgers (Long Ben), and tried to get a hit on one of the other team’s chasers. (Vladimir).

It was time to set sail and scrub the decks.

1943 / Re: um hi
« on: 12/06/2014 at 13:23 »

What anime are you into right now!!!? It's so good there's more of us ahhaaha I can't get over Free, Noragami, Orenchi no Furo Jijou atm~ And otomate games. Always. I'm actually in Japan right now and it's terribad. SO MUCH CUTE IWATOBI NONSENSE.

We should so thread sometime! Japanese charries and all that! Eves and Rin could rule everyone.  I have a new elsewhere Japanese princess coming soon to elsewhere too so maybe she could bother Richard? His FC is perfect, by the by

Let's talk sometime yeah! <3

1943 / Re: WARNING: Not Much of a Gifspam ):
« on: 12/06/2014 at 13:17 »







Also have you watched Orenuchi at all idk but you should ye

THREADS SOON YO. LOVE YOU ALWAYS. ELVES OR DIE. (Sometimes we'd rather die though, right?)


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