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1943 / Re: An Awkward Morning After [Ra'as]
« on: 01/07/2015 at 03:02 »
This was new for her, this whole 'opening up' thing.

Sure in the past she'd discussed her issues with friends and she'd sure opened up to Grant, but broaching a topic that made her so uncomfortable with someone she was so desperate to keep as a friend. After all, she'd lost many friends by making them uncomfortable. She twisted her fingers in her clothing and chanced a glance up.

Ra'asiel was a good person and...despite what she thought she knew about him, she cared about him a lot. Payton was open-minded and accepting (she liked to think so anyway) and she didn't care if he was different...if his eyes wandered in the opposite direction than what was expected. Maybe other people would but she didn't.

But that wasn't what she was afraid of.

"It'll be alright, Payton. Don't feel like you owe me anything just because we kissed during a game. You're my friend, and that makes me incredibly lucky."

And then he was hugging her, hands soothing down her back and she pressed her forehead to his shoulder. Generally, she would shy away from any sort of touch, but her own worries were soothed by his desire to comfort her. Empathy made human contact difficult but even though she felt his prickling of fear, the uncertainty and anxiousness...she was soothed by the fact that he was trying...that he was worried about her.

She laughed softly and pulled back, smiling at him and tugging fondly on his hair.

"You're too nice Ra'as." She informed him softly, breath catching.

"Can you tell me what happened with Grant? I'd like to help if I can."

She sighed, wiping at her face where tears had started to form. "It's not...really anything that can be helped." She said softly, a helpless note in her voice that even she winced at. She loved Grant, but they were both stubborn people and that kiss probably made everything worth.

She was glad Ra'asiel didn't hate her though.

"We fought before the end of the year and...and we haven't spoken since then." She admitted, biting her lower lip. "It was...he wants to go into the army and I...I overreacted. I'm worried about losing him." She sighed and raked a hand through her hair, reaching for Ra'asiel's hand to squeeze it gently. "I went about it all wrong and we argued and I miss him so much."

Blue eyes peeked up through her hair, "And kissing you made it worse."

She hadn't told Ra'asiel about her empathy but she figured she might have to if he became curious. How could she know it had made things worse? Because the white hot spike of Grant jealousy sat like a stone in the back of her head, eating away at her guilt.

1943 / Re: Spectrum [Payton]
« on: 01/07/2015 at 02:45 »
If anything, the boy looked more surprised by her presence than she had been by finding him back there. Payton swallowed and ran anxious fingers through her hair, tilting her head slightly, trying not to look so...imposing. Though with her small stature and skinny limbs, she wasn't sure how she even managed to seem intimidating in the first place.

Maybe it was the Quidditch muscles.

"It's- It's alright. You just, ah, startled me, is all. I apologize as well, if I had startled you too."

The Ravenclaw smiled slightly, moving to sit next to him.

"Well, we're even then. No need to apologize." She replied softly, blue eyes warm. He seemed nervous, uncertain and the edges of Payton's awareness tingled; her empathy picking up on the emotions as he fidgeted. Then he was sticking a hand out towards her and Payton drew back, startled.

She didn't do much touching; it aggravated her ability.

"Would you like a chocolate frog?"

Payton blinked, eyes flickering from the offered chocolate to the boy's face and back, as if surprised to be offered something. But she shivered slightly and blushed, "I...ah...frogs don't..." She shrugged, "I'm not a frog person." She despised the beasts...which, really, was strange, considering her love for bugs and all other things creepy crawly.

But frogs, toads...nope, she couldn't handle it.

Even in chocolate form. "But thank you."

"Ah, well... it's... cooler here? I suppose. There's a lot of people inside, so..."

The counselor nodded amicably, lifting a roll from her tray and nibbling on it considering the boy next to her. "I understand. Typically though, students aren't allowed back here." She smiled, winking conspiratorially. "But, I come back here often enough that stopping you seems...unfair."

She tossed her black hair lightly. "I'm Payton. What's your name?"

It would be odd, she decided, to spend the rest of the party moping in her own little circle of discontent. If she pushed too hard at that guilty feeling inside her, she'd end up dragging her friends down with her; Ra'asiel and Serena surrounded her and one of them would notice if she wasn't exactly...cheerful.

She could avoid his eyes.

She could pretend it was alright.

She was alright.

The lie fueled her enough that she managed to snag a drink for both her and her cousin, smiling at the blonde girl as she took her place back in the circle and set the liquid near Serena's knee. Her attention had dropped from the game to focus inward but she was determined to last the rest of the night without worrying about normal.

She wrapped her empathy up in a box and stashed it low in her spine, determined to ignore any emotions as best she could. Curiosity, guilty, anger, jealousy....those could all be chased away with the smooth slide of butterbeer and the warm presence of people she cared about. That Grant, the one she cared most about, wasn't speaking to her, was an icy box of black that she refused to acknowledge.

Not here, not now.

"So..." She leaned in towards her cousin and smiled, a slow, charming, conspiratorial smile, "...who do you want it to land on? If you could choose that is?" She nudged Serena lightly in the side, sipping at her drink.

She could do this.

1943 / Re: Save the World (Payton)
« on: 01/03/2015 at 00:42 »
Silence stretched between them and, though Payton tended to prefer not talking to, well, talking, it seemed a bit awkward for him to be unresponsive to her words. Her blue eyes flitted across his face, examining his expression and biting her lip as she tried to feel out his emotions before saying anything else. Tilting her head, pushing her empathy out cautiously; it was the first time she'd actively used her ability on another person. Usually, it was unconscious.

She rocked forward on her heels, locking her fingers behind her back and blinked.

"Knut for your thoughts?" She hedged, nails pressing into her skin slightly then releasing, the flow of blood keeping the edge out of her sudden nerves. She might be older, might be a camp counselor and might be the more 'experienced' one in this situation, but Payton was a naturally nervous person...especially in social situations. It had taken her a long time to work of the courage to even initiate a conversation. "You seem to be thinking philosophical things...." She laughed slightly, flushing.

He seemed to come out of some sort of trance with a confused sound and a smiling response to her own motions. Payton already deemed him strange, but he was oddly sweet and seemed uncertain about how this sort of thing operated. She could understand that; she'd been there.

As she moved her hand to his shoulder, he responded unexpectedly, arms lifting as if to embrace her. Payton's blue eyes widened and she instinctively cringed back, slamming walls in place to block off the surge of empathy more contact would initiate. She'd been careless to leave her ability stripped and open like that; like dangling a worm before a fish and expecting it not to notice.

"Ah." She made a noise of surprise, her hands coming up to return to sudden hug, but keeping space between them. She didn't want to embarrass him or discourage his seeming fondness for her. The hug was odd, if only because Payton held herself like she wasn't sure how to hug. Other than Grant, she'd only ever touched Edmund, Oliver and Ra'asiel...and had only hugged Edmund.

"Are you alright?" She asked uncertainly, her fingers curling uncertainly into his shirt, blue eyes peering at him in concern.

1943 / Re: No More Motion Potion | Payton
« on: 01/03/2015 at 00:16 »
Payton ruffled Oliver's hair, feeling the slight surge of triumph in her younger friend and did her best not to smile. It wouldn't do for him to get used to feeling so smug in her presence, but the slight exhaustion overwhelmed any other emotions and she let it slide.

"...She didn't like that I tested on myself, but it was the only way.  I mean I wouldn't want to give others bad potions..."

Frowning, the older Ravenclaw shook her head at him. "If I'd have known..." Though she supposed she did know. After all, the first time she'd met Oliver he'd been sticking his fingers in random concoctions, trying to guess which one would help. " more testing on yourself. There are people who care what happens to you."

She tapped his cheek affectionately.

"Sounds good to me, and if anyone needs any overnight help I could help them."

Payton sighed and smiled, "Yes you could."

She paused, peering into the infirmary and then squeezing Oliver's shoulder, "For tonight though, get some rest." She smiled, ruffled his hair again, and nudged him forward. "And that's an order, or you'll be doing more mopping than brewing tomorrow."

1943 / Re: An Awkward Morning After [Ra'as]
« on: 12/29/2014 at 06:30 »
Payton chewed on her lower lip, hovering in the doorway to the cabin Ra'asiel was staying in. Her fingers curled nervously in the edge of her shirt, trembling ever so slightly as she ducked her head. Long strands of black hair fell forward to cover her eyes and she had instantly reverted back to first year status: avoiding gazes, averting eyes, staying unnoticed.

Except she and Ra'as were the only ones here.

And he was already her friend.

The counselor took a breath. In. Out. She could do this. Ra'asiel had been kind to her, a good friend, a good was just a discussion...a chat between friends. She felt stupid and foolish that she had to keep reminding herself of that, but she was very close to having a panic attack and Grant wasn't speaking to her and she was breaking and....

Calm down.

Another breath and she stepped in, closing the door behind her; she didn't need anyone else to witness this conversation.

"Payton. Certainly. Is everything alright?"

"I...yes. No...wait. I'm not...entirely sure." Payton flushed and sighed, moving to sit next to her friend. "I need to...that kiss...I mean..." She hadn't meant to just blurt it out like that and she blushed deeper. "I...we're friends yeah? I mean...just friends. You are...I mean...handsome..." Oh Merlin she was terrible at this.

She swept her hair back. "I'm in love with Grant and he hates me now." She blurted in one very quick, very hard to understand breath, her blue eyes widening. Then she started to babble, nerves taking over. "I mean, hate is a strong word but we haven't spoken since that fight a week or so before summer started and I wasn't expecting to see him so soon or at camp. And I mean, I wasn't going to play but then I got swept up and the bottle landed on you and, I mean you're attractive and Merlin knows I should probably have a crush on you but...I can tell you are..." She tilted her head slightly, "...different and I'm just so far gone on Grant and..."

She stopped and buried her face in her hands with a choked breath.

1943 / Re: Heather Means Solitude || Payton
« on: 12/29/2014 at 06:21 »
Perhaps it was prying, but Payton was curious and Rin seemed willing to talk.

For the moment, anyway.

"I'd thought about it one or two times, but realized that if I went to a Japanese magical school- I'd probably have to stay in Japan till I'd finished my schooling."

Payton was abruptly uncertain how to interpret that.

It was on the tip of her tongue to ask why staying in Japan would have bothered but it sounded rude and Payton was nothing if but tactful. Besides, the way Rin's emotions twisted around that place made Payton twitch slightly, fingers curling unconsciously to press to her palms, nails making half-moon marks that she would later notice and dismiss. Empathy sucked sometimes...but she liked least on some level.

"And to be frank, I just wanted an excuse to move."

Payton tilted her head curiously. She highly doubted the other girl was going to go on some emotional tirade about her life and how wrecked it was, but the blunt statement told the Ravenclaw enough, along with the disdainful emotional reaction Rin had. She nodded solemnly, "I can't imagine growing up outside Britain." She said slowly.

"But I've always wanted to travel. I hear Japan is beautiful." Kind words, carefully steering the conversation back into neutrality. She sensed that, on some level, baring her soul was not something Rin wanted...especially to her. She and Rin had never been close, though Payton saw no reason for them not to be, but they were barely reason to swap personal stories at this point.

And she didn't want Hunter to feel forced into sharing anyway.

She glanced up at the sky, noting the way the sun spun into the center of the sky.

Nearly lunchtime.

1943 / Re: No More Motion Potion | Payton
« on: 12/29/2014 at 06:13 »
Though younger, Oliver had a way of getting under Payton's skin.

"I'm pretty sure motion sickness can kill you too. Certainly feels like it."

Payton sighed and fixed Oliver with an exasperated look.

"I suspect losing ones dinner could lead to starvation especially considering that I can hardly get breakfast down. I feel better after sleeping outside and worse after ending up on that ship."

The older Ravenclaw held her hands up in a defensive motion. "Alright, alright. Point taken Oliver." She stopped, hovering outside the Infirmary. Glancing at the entrance then back at her Slytherin friend, she crossed her arms over her chest and her face grew thoughtful.

She needed to get to the bottom of this potion-brewing issue...but she wasn't sure how to approach it. The last thing she wanted to do was to accuse someone of something that wasn't their fault...but there was something wrong with the way things were being run. And she was supposed to be in charge of running things.

At least partially.

"Probably helps as I've had enough of it when Grant brews it that I can tell real fast if I messed up and I toss the batch. Someday I'll be able to brew them like Grant.  I try to get as many shifts as I can with him as he is really good."

Payton's face softened, as it always did at mention of her boyfriend. "Yes, he's very good. You can always ask him for extra help too, if you want to get even better with Potions." She smiled fondly and then looked back at the Infirmary, an idea blossoming in her head.

"Oliver, how about if you slept in the Infirmary?" She suggested. "It'd keep you out of the elements, off of the ground and it's close to any potions or medical supplies if something happens." It sounded like a good idea to her.

1943 / Re: Spectrum [Payton]
« on: 12/28/2014 at 17:19 »
Payton was avoiding her cousin.

Ever since her blow-up involving her aunt and Blake coming out with claws at the ready, she'd been terrified to approach Serena, to offer an explanation. There was little she could say that would take back Blake's harsh insults and she was fearful that her only family left would deem her a freak. Then she'd truly be alone...since the letter said...well...

She didn't want to think about that.

Payton got her lunch quietly, nodding and smiling at those who came up to her though she was angled in a way that discouraged much conversation and, especially, touching. She wasn't sure, with the way her empathy was on the fritz since her and Serena's...interaction...that she could handle an influx of emotions right now. Instead, she ducked her head and went outside, searching for a place to hide.

Especially when a familiar head of blonde hair made itself known.

She was a coward, she knew, as she moved quickly around the mess hall, breathing out a sigh of relief when she realized she'd gone unseen. She wasn't sure what Serena would do when they next saw each other...all she knew is that she would put it off for as long as possible. She loved her cousin, that much was true, but she was also skittish and fragile. Other than Grant and Edmund, she trusted very few people.

Making her way to the back of the building, Payton leaned against the wall and sighed, closing her blue eyes briefly. It took her a few moments to realize that she was not alone and, startled even though she'd interrupted him, she blinked at the boy. "I-I'm sorry." She stammered and then frowned at herself; she was a counselor...and generally, campers weren't supposed to come back here.

Though she supposed mentioning that would be hypocritical.

"Why are you out here?" She asked instead, swallowing the sudden surge of nerves.

1943 / Re: Magic Can't Fix it All [Serena]
« on: 12/27/2014 at 03:11 »
Though Payton cringed at Serena's attempts to rectify the situation, Blake scoffed outwardly, her dismissal of the blonde girl obvious. She tossed her hair in a way that was so unlike Payton, if anyone who knew about her alter ego happened upon them, they would understand immediately. Payton suddenly wished Grant was here.

"I didn't know... I don't... know much about magical illnesses..."

Blake made a disbelieving sound in her throat, "Seems like you don't know much about anything." She didn't care that Payton was begging her to stop...maybe the therapist was right and she was a bit of a bully. But it was her right; to defend the other half of herself from idiocy.

No matter who it came from.

That Serena was Payton's cousin mattered little to her.

She could see the heat rise in the blonde's eyes and she grinned like a pleased canary at the thought of a shouting match. Blake reveled in fighting, drama of any matter how much her alter ego avoided it. Her eyes flared, daring Serena on.

"Payton, I'm really sorry if I upset you. If you wanted to be alone, you could have just said so. I was just worried about you. No need to be so rude."

Blake's navy blue eyes (so much darker than the crystal clear blue of Payton's) narrowed slightly: so Payton had neglected to inform her...their...cousin of her. An irrational surge of anger hit her and she saw red abruptly; of course she hadn't told her. Payton was ashamed.

"You clearly have no idea what you've stepped into Miss Priss." Blake hissed, raring for a battle, her anger at Payton's treachery fueling her on. "Payton's not here...she's hiding in her little hole because she can't handle poor auntie dying. MY name is Blake...and you'd do well to remember it."

1943 / Re: Heather Means Solitude || Payton
« on: 12/25/2014 at 17:27 »
"Well technically, I am."

Payton arched a brow, curious.

"I was born here - well in Wales, but after a few years me and my family moved to Japan - that's where I spent the majority of my childhood."

Ah, another technicality.

Payton smiled, "I know about that. I was born in America...I'm not sure exactly where, but I was raised here in my aunt and uncle. Everyone who knows sort of treats me differently but..." She shrugged, "I've always been British. I don't know anything else."

"After the conformation letter from Hogwarts came, we moved back here, to England, and bought a house in London."

Payton's eyes widened slightly.

"You didn't want to go to a Japanese magical academy?" She asked, tilting her head. Hogwarts was one of the best, but it was hardly the only magical school in the world. Had she been raised by her mother in America, she might have ended up at Salem...but instead, here she was. And she was glad for it.

America was as much a mystery to her as any of her British-born compatriots. When people found out she was an American technicality, they assumed she suddenly inherited a wealth of knowledge about America and the people who lived there...but it wasn't true. She'd been a toddler the last time she'd seen America...and she had little to no memories of it.

1943 / Re: Save the World (Payton)
« on: 12/25/2014 at 17:07 »
She was glad his smile was back by the time she was nearing the end of her little speech. Payton had always been the mothering type; wanting to look after everyone and help everyone on their way. This new boy was no different...and if he wasn't careful, he might end up tucked under Payton's wing alongside Edmund and Oliver.

"You'd do that for me?"

Payton smiled at the tone and the wide smile that followed.

"Of course!" She loved helping people; it was one of the reasons her empathy was both a gift and a curse. While it allowed her to understand and assist others, it overwhelmed her and, at times, caused her to invade privacy she hadn't meant to be exposed to. The last thing the older Ravenclaw wanted was to become witness to something that was none of her business.

Controlling her ability to sense emotions was becoming more and more imperative as she grew stronger, older and wiser. And interacting with those whose emotions were not easily controlled just made it that much harder on her. It was why she loved Grant; she was used to him and he knew how to make things easier on her.

"- and little to no use of thought or presence of mind?"

The counselor smiled fondly, affection for the boy she'd just met suddenly flourishing.

"You'd be surprised by how focused a distracted person can get when they find something they enjoy." She said, tilting her head in a way that Grant always said was charming. It was unintentional, her tendency to draw people in, but it did help; her aunt always claimed she had a trustworthy face.

"Waldo. At your service."

Payton laughed lightly, charmed, and shook her head at him. "Well, Waldo, my name is Payton, Sea Dog counselor and Infirmary leader number one." She smiled wider and reached out to wipe a few bubbles of soap that had landed on his shoulder.

1943 / Re: No More Motion Potion | Payton
« on: 12/25/2014 at 16:14 »
"I'd rather risk it."

Payton frowned sternly at him, hands on her hips.

"I'd rather not. Poisonous bugs can kill you but motion sickness can't. Oliver..." His name came out as a sort of whine, more pleading than commanding now. Ever since they'd first met, Payton knew that Oliver was as stubborn as they came but she didn't want to argue over something as imperative as the younger boy's health.

She only wanted to help...even if she was being a pain.

"Regulated. I end up brewing it every couple of days and practically automatically handed it."

The older girl arched a brow and frowned at him; that didn't seem right.

She and Foster had been doing their best to run a tight ship in regards to the Infirmary, even with campers and volunteers brewing their potions. But she hadn't heard of bottling and distribution...especially immediate distribution. Most potions needed time to sit rather than being taken immediately. But it wasn't as if she could spend her entire summer monitoring the sick bay.

"I...that's...I'll look into that. It's not supposed to work that way." She said, frowning.

"I suspect at some point people are just told not to be fishermen or boat types instead of constantly being given it. I'm just helping you out by saying it first."

Payton sighed. "Alright, I get it." She rested her hand on Oliver's shoulder, a thoughtful expression on her face. "Maybe we can look into getting you safer quarters, off-ship and not on the ground. Would that be better?"

1943 / Re: Making Up or Making Out || Closed
« on: 12/24/2014 at 04:46 »
She sucked her bottom lip between her teeth, goosebumps raising along every inch of her body as she pressed eagerly into the caresses. He was so sweet and the kisses they shared made little fires ignite beneath her skin as she encouraged him. Her fingers framed his face, sliding over the rise of his cheeks and along his jaw.

"Shut up. You love it,"

She laughed and nodded, nuzzling into his cheek. "I do."

"I love you, Payton."

She felt it, every time he said it, near or far...she could feel the truth in his words. She could feel that little surge of joy and warmth in his chest and her own reaction mirrored it. Coupled with the awe she always felt that someone so amazing could feel so strongly for her, it was a very intense emotional that, if she hadn't been used to it, would have shattered her delicate hold over the empathy she wielded.

But he'd been so careful.

Grant had held himself carefully and, unintentionally, had eased the way for her. As she grew stronger in her ability, she leaned more heavily on him. Now, she could pick him out of a crowd with a blindfold on, simply by reaching for his emotions; that was how attuned she had become to him. Grant was her rock, her solid steeple and she loved him all the more for it.

"And I love you." She replied, tilting her head into his hands like a cat when fingers smoothed through her hair. She very nearly purred. Her lips pressed to his jaw gently and she sighed, her breath fanning out over his lips.

"I wish this moment could last forever."

She chuckled softly.

"Well, we'll make it last as long as possible." She said, cupping his cheeks. "Kiss me."

1943 / An Awkward Morning After [Ra'as]
« on: 12/24/2014 at 03:19 »
The day after the party...

Maybe it was a foolish idea and maybe she was looking too far into it but Payton was determined to talk to Ra'asiel. She and Grant hadn't spoken since that night and now, especially after that kiss, it looked as though they would never speak again. She needed to know that Ra'asiel and her were alright though...that it wouldn't make things awkward or strange for them.

And she needed to reassure her friend.

Grant and Ra'as didn't have the best history, family-wise. Payton had known, before leaning in to take that kiss, that Grant would hate him for it...possibly her too. But the last thing she wanted was to cause more issues for Ra'asiel, after they'd become such good friends too...she needed to make sure he was alright.

Payton seemed to be developing a pathological need to make sure she wasn't negatively affecting the lives of those around her. Ever since Blake had come to be, Payton was fearful of being detrimental to someone; she blamed much of her aunt's condition on herself, though there was little she could have done.

And now she'd been a terrible person to Grant.

Ra'asiel was a good friend and a good person; the last thing Payton wanted to do was hurt him. Or make him uncomfortable. The kiss had been pleasant, comforting...but nothing next to the fire Grant stirred in her when they kissed. She liked Ra'asiel, but in much the same way she liked Oliver and Edmund; they were like her family. Grant was the other half of her soul.

"Ra'as? Can we...can we talk?" She forced the words out before she could talk herself out of a discussion.

1943 / Re: No More Motion Potion | Payton
« on: 12/20/2014 at 04:54 »
" It isn't dangerous.  Worst I've gotten was bug bites. "

Naivety. Payton shook her head.

"Bugs can be poisonous. And poison curse taste worst than motion sickness potion, I can assure you." She'd been poisoned last summer...was it really then? She couldn't remember precisely, only that a young man named Dante had been the reason she'd made it to the infirmary.

It wasn't her fault; she hadn't known the thing would bite her!

And now Oliver was in a similar predicament. She only wanted to help him and, she hoped, he would eventually see that was the case. Even if helping him meant he had to take a vile-tasting potion...

" It isn't just the taste.  I don't like being on a potion that impacts my brain.  Seriously it isn't like a rash on your skin it is your brain.  I'm sure there are side effects for long term use that aren't safe. "

That gave Payton pause.

She knew all about things that messed around in your brain; hell, she had another personality living in hers. She swallowed slightly and was a bit more gentle when she moved to reassure him. "Potions like this are regulated for safety; there is a proper dosage for a reason. I promise nothing bad will come of it."

1943 / Re: Save the World (Payton)
« on: 12/20/2014 at 04:44 »
She was relieved to see the smile, and her own grew and warmed in response until she chuckled softly, cleaning the mess quickly and efficiently. Once the water was gone, she used the cleaning spell to get rid of the white muck left behind by the soap. After that, she stashed her wand, stepping across the sparkling floors and towards the boy who'd caused the mess.

Who was grinning at her.

And then not grinning at her.

She knew better than to touch; her empathy would flare wild and then she'd be the strange one here but she wanted to reach out and comfort him. She could feel the curls of guilt and sadness...and a touch of desperation; it was not a good feeling. Payton was not one to sit idly by while such things dashed themselves through a person's psyche.

"Sorry! I didn't mean to -"

She shook her head and smiled. "It's alright. Just...I'm curious."

"I can't... You know.... Heal. But I want to help. I just can't... You know... Clean."

Finally she touched his shoulder, a swift, gentle thing, even though it made her rock back on her wasn't as intense as she expected. Perhaps Grant was mellowing her abilities out with his constant need to put his hands on her. She blushed at that thought but shook her head and focused on the boy in front of her...rather than entertaining thoughts about her boyfriend.

"Anyone can heal. If you need help to learn, I'd be happy to help. And there is so much you can do that requires little to no knowledge of healing or magic." Just look at Grant; he constantly complained about being unable to cast spells but his brilliance with potions was unmatched. "What's your name?" She couldn't be expected to remember them all.

1943 / Re: No More Motion Potion | Payton
« on: 12/19/2014 at 07:19 »
Payton watched Oliver yawn, that stubborn glint in his eye.

"Can we just count this as me waking up in the morning?   Then I could start my day with a nap somewhere else out of the way. "

"Oliver." She said, a warning in her tone as she frowned at him. There was concern there, alongside the adamant role of counselor. "No. It's against the rules and I'm here to enforce them. Now, pick: boat or infirmary." She said sternly.

There were times when she'd bend the rules for friends...but not when it came to health.

And certainly not when her favorite Slytherin was sleeping in unsavory places.

"Can I make a tent outside the ship and we call it close enough? "

Payton sighed, "Ollie. You musn't sleep outside the can be quite dangerous, you know. The potion isn't that bad. I'll see if I can flavor it to make it better. Perhaps Grant can make a more tasteful one, would you like that?" She asked, a hand on Oliver's shoulder, leading him to the infirmary as she spoke.

1943 / Re: Save the World (Payton)
« on: 12/19/2014 at 07:06 »
She generally tried to stay away from being in the Infirmary during all her downtime...but being in charge of the place tended to counter that ideal real fast. At any rate, it was her responsibility to make sure everything was in place...and, really, it wasn't something she minded. Busy work was starting to become hard to come by and something she desperately needed.

She heard the shout before entering the place and froze for a moment, just outside.

"Chutney! Chutney!"

Payton was unsure whether the voice was addressing someone or cursing but either way she blew into the Infirmary with an expression that was two parts concerned and two parts stern. The sight stopped her short and she felt an unwilling smile tugging at the corners of her lips; the poor boy looked like a drowned cat. And what with the soapy water pooling around him, it was easy to deduce what had happened.

"Are you alright?" She asked first; that was most important.

Carefully avoiding the slowly growing puddle, Payton stepped into the Infirmary and drew her wand. Usually, magic wasn't allowed, but considering she was a counselor...and this was a special case, Payton figured it would be alright. After all, besides the camper who had made this mess, she was alone in seeing the issue.

"Don't look so upset, this is an easy fix." She smiled kindly. Extending her wand arm, she murmured, "Caeruleus" and swung her arm over the water. Blue flames flickered out, quickly drying up what was wet and leaving the white stain of soap scum behind...which could easily be cleaned with a cleaning spell...but she wanted to ascertain that the boy was alright before continuing.

She didn't meant to seem callous. "Is everything okay? Why where you in here cleaning?" She couldn't remember assigning any volunteers to that...perhaps B. had done something. Or maybe he just wanted to help.

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