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1945 / Re: Surgere | ✋
« on: 08/28/2015 at 18:30 »
“He wasn’t a Dark Wizard.” Noel had almost snapped, but in his usual empty voice it hadn’t any kind of malice. He had nothing to back up that statement, but he thought it to be true. Magic just was. That was what the books all said. There was nothing Dark and there was nothing Light—it all depended on what you did with them. Any spell could be Dark if used for foul purposes. “It’s all just magic.”

Leon agreed, and Noel stayed quiet.
When Coco pointed to the book of Hogwarts Staff, Noel’s eyes glazed over the age stained paper, fixed on the name that had somehow eluded him this entire time. And she was right. Noel smiled up at her, pleased with the discovery, and even more certain that all of these pieces connected.

”What has she got to do with anything?”

“The love letters." Noel stated, as if it was the most obvious of things.

 ”Why did you involve Severin?”

“She involved herself.” Noel had thought this was a fair explanation. He hadn’t involved her, she’d gone ahead and followed him in the middle of the night. He’d even had his invisibility cloak and she’d tagged along after. She was a bit of a nuisance, really. But she had been useful.

He only looked up at Coco when she started sputtering out and He knew it was dangerous. He knew she found those things. It was why he was sharing all this discoveries. “She found the closet.” By asking the map, though Noel didn’t share this bit. He didn’t understand the reason for Coco’s suddenly pink cheeks, and he just stared at her with a dumb-founded, blank expression.

She apologized, and Noel took that as the end to it.

What Noel didn’t like was that Leon was agreeing with her. A brief flash of hurt crept up to his eyes, but vanished just as quick. Share with only people they could trust, to that Noel nodded.

”We’ll keep it hidden. Just between us... four for now. A society, of sorts. The Grey Hand."

His mind was moving a mile a minute, trying to determine just what they would do. Learn the magic. A secret society. His heart was pouncing. Noel’s hand shook as he reached out and touched the crest, fingers quivering, but they quickly jumped. Rustling, voices were suddenly within ear shot.

“Someone’s coming-“ The light on his wand snuffed out. Noel jumped and grabbed his Invisibility Cloak, throwing it over the three of them. He shuffled and pulled the books into his arms, making sure they all everything before daring to leave. An awkward shuffle out of the caves, silent despite wanting to talk more, to figure out what this all would mean.

It all sounded like the pages ripped out of a storybook. All of it coming together. Them finding the treasure. And now, a group. They would learn magic kept in secret for hundreds of years. They would prepare themselves against enemies. They would do something real, something that would make a difference. They would teach themselves and help each other.

Noel shuffled through the forest with those ideas floating through his head. What they would do, and who they would become. Even if it was only for today, they were The Grey Hand.


1945 / Re: Mistaken Identity | Delano
« on: 08/25/2015 at 16:32 »

He flinched, as though the words held more weight than a simple outburst. They did, of course. They held a betrayal and confusion and an ache that shot through Noel like lightning. He was the point where these two collided, and never did he feel more stuck between than this moment. Both of them were injured, bleeding and fighting. Over what? Noel? Blue eyes flickered between them, stuck in a crossroad and hesitant in his step.

What the hell is your problem? Have you gone bloody mental?”

Noel jumped. The tone of Henry’s voice echoed in his mind and boiled angry at the pit of his stomach. If he had been empty of emotion, it all came rushing back in that instant. Anger and worry, pain and fear. It ripped through him and left him more empty than ever. He’d never been so consumed in a single moment, and the feeling made him feel like he wasn’t even there.

He shoved Henry.

“No!” He shoved the other boy again. Hard enough to get his point across, hard enough to send him stumbling backward. “Don’t!” How dare he talk to Leon like that. He had no right. He had no idea. Henry could do whatever he pleased with Noel. Noel wouldn’t resist, and he never minded and he never told. But Henry would not call Leon names. He would not hurt Leon. Noel would not allow it.

In the end, Noel would always choose Leon.

“Go away!” He shouted, face twisted in pain and his voice like broken glass. Blues spilled over, but the glare he focused on Henry was ice. At least for a moment, his attention moved to his mirror and Henry was then ignored. He dropped to his knees, gathering Leon into his arms, pulling his brother against his chest. One arm wound across his shoulder, the other buried into short brown locks. Holding him, protective and possessive, his grip bruising and unrelenting.   

Without looking, Noel made another command, “Go away, Henry.” 

1945 / Re: Somebody Told Me (N. Delaney)
« on: 08/21/2015 at 18:57 »
The clatter of the fork pulled Noel out of any other thought, and soon Coco had his entire attention. She deserved that, at least, even if Noel sometimes couldn’t control where his mind wandered.

He nodded, slowly, and directly.

This was a challenge for Noel—he knew his face should be doing something, and he knew he should be feeling bad. But the feeling didn’t come. He only had a mild tightness in his chest, but no overwhelming sadness nor a the guilt ridden expression he should have. Coco looked like she was feeling a lot—she looked sad and shocked and nervous and everything Noel didn’t want her to feel. A frown tugged at his otherwise emotionless face.


He didn’t have an answer. No one he wanted to give, anyway. It wouldn’t have sounded nice, what was playing across his mind, ‘I’ve been keen to snogging a boy and would rather like to continue.’ No, he couldn’t admit to that.

”I’m sorry if I’ve been a lousy girlfriend lately. I’ll try harder, I promise!”

He flinched as though he’d been physically struck. He had never thought Coco would blame herself. Not when all the blame was so obviously on Noel. From his perspective it was obvious, anyway. He couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t seeing it that way.

He just shook his head again, and dropped his eyes to a plate of untouched food. She wasn’t lousy—he was. “I like you.” He stated, and it was an honest declaration, but he was quick to add a softer, “But I don’t like-like you.” There was a distinction, one that Leon had helped him to realize.

He like-liked Henry, and there was a difference. Pretending there wasn’t was foolish. Pretending he liked Coco and being forced to pretend he only liked aspects of Henry. That was hard, and it was unfair. But he didn’t care about what was unfair to himself—he didn’t want Coco to keep looking at him like that. He was quiet, and then, as transparent was usual, he stated just as forwardly, “I don’t think you like-like me, either.”

1945 / Re: Somebody Told Me (N. Delaney)
« on: 08/21/2015 at 17:51 »
She had been asking about camp. He was thinking about anything else. Camp had been the very last thing on his mind. He was so consumed by Grey’s books, still haunted by a green flash, and balancing the massive problem in his life that was his brother and his… other.

That, actually, was taking up most of his thoughts. Especially after what had happened at the waterfalls. He couldn’t help it, but thinking about Henry had become a prime subject for distraction. Trying to determine what to call him.

”Even the food is bland, don’t you think? Noel…?”

“Could we not be dating anymore?”

He hadn’t meant for it to come out so blunt. Noel had no means of taking it back, as he stared back into warm brown eyes with his own cold blues.  His chest tightened, just faintly. Leon had been right—they weren’t really boyfriend and girlfriend. They were just… friends.

It had taken a lot of thought for Noel to really understand the difference. And it had taken a lot more thought to figure out that what he was doing was wrong. He was hurting Coco, and that was something never wanted. He was treating Coco the way Henry was treated him—except there wasn’t even a benefit for Coco.

They still hadn’t kissed.

And it was because of Noel.

1945 / Re: Local Man Ruins Everything
« on: 08/21/2015 at 15:01 »


We sound like best friends. Office job is a check. Disney is a check. Pokemon is a check. MUSICALS is a check. This is the perfect set up for best friend material.

Please come to me with any questions! I usually have an answer! And we should absolutely start a thread together. Or talk about our favorite musicals. And what we're listening to. (Currently Into the Woods. But this changes frequently.)

1945 / Re: Let's Celebrate!!!
« on: 08/16/2015 at 22:58 »
Ahhhh, thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!

Oli, Thanks a dozen!

Linc, Eeeee, thank you! I need to actually get a cake.

Anders, I literally thought you were giving me this as a sign to free me from my master. Tori is a Free Elf.

Felix, thank you for the proper hobbit party. As it should be.

Serena, thanks so much! <3

1945 / Re: Mistaken Identity | Delano
« on: 08/16/2015 at 21:18 »
Noel had always been easily distracted. His attention flittered between what was in front of him and the illusions in his mind. Years ago, they had always been fantastical. He imagined Professors suddenly going bald, or unicorns running down the halls. He imagined the plants in Herbology were all kinds of colors and he was the only one who could see them. He thought of monsters and how he would be a brave hero to vanquish them. He could let himself fall away into dreams and imagination.

Now, all he wanted distractions.

Now, his thoughts were full of angry, hateful visions that clawed at his subconscious. Nightmares of dead eyes staring back at him, pain so all encompassing he still felt it, and a fear that still kept him from sleeping. So he poured himself into books and spells and anything. And he kept his mind overwhelmed. So it couldn’t possibly fall into that dark place. He just hadn’t realized how numb it would make him. 

Henry proved to be a different kind of distraction.

That was where his thoughts were as he caught Henry in another kiss. Books proved to close off his mind, wandering hands and locking lips let him throw away everything. He didn’t have to think about it and he didn’t have to wonder—Henry didn’t like him. He’d made that clear again and again. Noel stopped asking if it was more. And now, he was okay with it. They were using each other for a rush and thrill that Noel craved.

Henry helped remind him that he hadn’t ended up like Emma Birch. He was still alive.

Suddenly, his back was against the stone and he gasped with a start. Everything he had been thinking about melted away as he stared into Henry’s stark greens and the cool water rushed down his back. Henry was the best distraction.


In a blink Henry was feet away, on his back, looking up and searching for the unknown assailant. Noel knew. He knew that voice. He’d always know that voice.

”Get the hell away from him.”

Everything stopped. The air was pulled straight out of his lungs and the air chilled to such an unearthly temperature. Noel was certain the waterfall had just froze. He watched as Leon stepped into view. Watched as Henry moved and tacked his mirror. Watched as they scuffled.

Air rushed back and he couldn’t recall how long he had been holding it. “Stop.” It was soft, emotionless as his voice had been for the last month. “No,” Came the second sound, more desperate and lingering with ache. “Stop it!” The third was with movement, Noel darting to the scuffle and trying to pull them apart. “Don’t hurt him!”

1945 / Re: steely blue || noel
« on: 08/16/2015 at 21:17 »
She was a miserable spy. She usually did her sneaking about right in the open. And her stolen glances were much more like long-winded stares. Noel had seen her watching them have lunch once. He’d seen her again watching Leon play Quidditch. Doe brown eyes continued to pop up when his mirror was around.

So Noel did a bit of spying himself. He had followed after small footsteps into the field, though his spying was a bit more forward. He just walked up to her. “Why have you been watching my brother?”

What he had not been expecting was Ronnie to be looking at him like that. He saw fear reflecting back in dark brown and Noel felt a frown tug at the ends of his lips.

He even turned around, expecting to see a monster or German, or something worth fearing behind him. But there was nothing, only his shadow. Noel looked back at Ronnie, brows knitted up as confusion took hold. Was she looking at him with such fear?

He didn’t like it.

No, he didn’t like it at all. Awkwardly, the young Gryffindor knelt down until they were eye to eye, bags under his bright eyes more darker than the day before. This was better, he hoped.

When blues finally saw the dead flower that had fallen out of her hand, Noel picked it up, careful and gently. Cautiously, he placed the flower back in her hand and patted her palm like one might a timid dog.

“There are live ones are over there,” He stated factually and pointed to the field.

1945 / Re: Say Anything [Delano]
« on: 08/15/2015 at 02:24 »
He expected resistance.

Henry had always been good to push buttons and fight back whenever Noel asked for attention. He had convinced himself the only thing between them was a physical connection—one that Noel couldn’t complain about. He’d rather the attention, even if he had to mute his feelings. Henry was a constant that Noel had wanted, but with those simple words Noel felt his disappoint raise.

He wondered if Henry would have answered the same a month ago.

Before Transfiguration. Before the castle had been compromised. Before he was tortured. Before he’d been cursed. He’d felt so much that day, such a vast range of emotions.

Now he felt nothing.  And Henry was changing the game. There was no resistance to a plea for affection. Henry didn’t give him a retort or comment on his appearance. There was even a touch so gentle that it made Noel shiver.  Their lips met, but Noel did not return the kiss.

It wasn’t Henry.

Noel pulled away, “No,” came the sudden whisper of the word they both hated. Noel’s face screwed up into an expression akin to pain. His hands rested on Henry’s chest, fingers curled trembling in his shirt. Noel felt a pain bloom in his chest and it stole his breath with something he couldn’t place—to an emotion that engulfed him entirely and threated to boil over.

“Please don’t pity me, too.”

1945 / Re: a million steps backwards
« on: 08/15/2015 at 01:28 »
Job shopping is never fun, but you got dis. You're crazy talented and will find a job for sure. FUR SURE.

You got dis

1945 / Re: Surgere | ✋
« on: 08/15/2015 at 01:12 »
“I’m not cold.” Noel shrugged at the cloak as it was draped across his shoulders. His attention didn’t flicker back to Leon—he forced blues to remain ahead. Noel had felt the gaze from his brother much more prominently since that Transfiguration Class, and for some reason it began to make him feel self-conscious. It never had before, Leon’s coddling, because they had always been like that. Perhaps it was because of Coco. Perhaps it was because of that day, and his realization that Leon would not always be there.

He didn’t shrug it off, that idea, and turned softer back to his mirror, “Ná bíodh imní ort mar gheall orm.” He seemed neither embarrassed nor angry, only apathetic.

”But we’re not going to use it to bad things!”

Noel nodded to agree, watching as Coco took the book and held it close, protective. She felt just as he did—that this treasure was something they needed to protect. “We can’t rely on the Ministry.” He paused and a sudden shiver rippled down his spine, and he nodded to agree with her words, “We can’t rely on anybody.”


It came in unison and Noel turned up to look between each of them, and his brows knitted together, almost disappointed. Then again, he hadn’t known the name until he’d done some research. Silently, Noel dug into his bag, looking through scrolls and quills, a gold and red scarf and another textbook that appeared to be even more dilapidated than the one between their trio. Finally, he tugged out an old looking text with the Hogwarts crest in a bright red over the cover. “He's... the connection. To all of this." Noel paused and opened the book to it's first page 'Self-Recording Text of Hogwarts History, not to be tampered with' was typed neatly at the top.

This book he had taken out of the Restricted Section. Records had vanished from a lot of places, but not all, and Noel had figured out where to look. “In the 1700s, when the Ministry was only just founded, they banned everything considered… dark.” Noel was quiet, more than usual, as he spoke. “They destroyed a lot books, records are gone, and were arresting lots of wizards.”
Noel opened to a page, 1720 School Term scrawled on the top.

Noel’s finger, now still, pointed to a single name, “They even arrested a Professor… Leon, remember when you found that hall? The old abounded one? You couldn't find any information about that Keeper of the Keys. But Lady Wilkinshire was right. He was arrested. His name was Balthazar Grey.” And this was where Noel fidgeted in his seat, just a little. He was smiling up at Coco, because he had pulled back the pieces of the mystery they had uncovered, and he was so sure it meant something.

“But, the reason I knew to look for Grey-” He felt like he was pausing for emphasis, but he had to once again dig into his bag and pull out the map Coco had found. He turned over to show the vivid silver crest, “-is because this is his family seal.”

((*Don’t worry about me.))

1945 / Re: You might be a Hoggies Kid if...
« on: 08/12/2015 at 17:04 »
You might be a Hoggies kid if...
Your friend asks what you're doing September 1st and you can't say 'Signing up for classes'.

You might be a Hoggies kid if...
you casually say you're a "community manager of an international online writing community" to avoid telling them you're a mod on a harry potter rp site

1945 / Re: unexpected dilemmas
« on: 08/12/2015 at 16:55 »
Hogwarts School of Prayers and Miracles.

1945 / Re: Ooh, baby I like it! [Again!]
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:46 »
Omg Austin Powers. Perfection. Absolutely perfection. Are you going to watch Fear the Walking Dead? It looks so good. I have nobody to talk about it to. It’s so exciting.

1945 / Re: the dying stars
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:44 »
Hi pretty.

Noel and Sam should have a thread again. Obviously. We should just have all threads all the time. AHS looks good. This new seasons.

I love your puppy. More pictures more pictures. 

1945 / Re: The Northern Tea Drinker Returns
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:42 »
This is the craziest intro ever. I love it.

You should take Robert’s class again.

1945 / Re: This Introduction Has Only One GIF
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:40 »
You’re sweet. I’m sweet. I like Aeth because he’s Goffery. And Papa Litchfield. And Nora cause she’s Ciel’s right-hand basically. That’s all.

1945 / Re: One day i'll make a new one <Eira>
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:39 »
I LOVE THAT GIF. Kitty with balloons are just perfect. You also sounds like the world’s sweetest person. I give you a lot of credit for working with disabled kids, my step mom does too and it’s absolutely a tough job.

I love Disney and Ghibli and I basically have the same memory as that pup omg.

1945 / Re: Howdy!
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:37 »
Hey lovely. Unicycling seems… cool?  Juggling… Are you a clown? And Greg and Oli should be Slytherbuddies

1945 / Re: I'm so cool I can't even
« on: 08/09/2015 at 22:33 »
I like your books and movies. Easy A is one of my favs. Also Mean Girls, obviously.

Travis should be friends with Noel. Maybe. Or Greg. Somebody. Lets just be friends.

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