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Title: Kings and Queens // Hateful 8
Post by: Vesper Delacroix on 12/02/2019 at 02:24
Second week of camp...

Vesper laughed as she dunked one of the boys under the water. She didn't know who started it, but somehow she had wound up in the water with the rest of the group she called her friends. Well she didn't consider Jackson her friend but at least he was bearable.

Then she had an idea! "First one to the top of the waterfall wins!" She yelled. She would never admit it, but she was actually having fun. Hopefully no one would ruin it.
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Post by: Jackson Carmondy on 12/02/2019 at 03:37
Swimming was always a riot, even though, without his glasses, it usually seemed like a little water was in his eyes, and even though Vesper the Wasp had somehow made this particular swimming outing, like everything else, about her. Somehow, the spray hanging over the pool still glimmered in fun, iridescent as the sun split its droplets.

Practiced feet paddled him from the sandy floor through warm water churning up to the surface, a rather sizable shell in hand. "Check out this one!" He tossed it to the crowd at large. "Must be some gigantic snails in here. Bet they're man-eaters!"

A sudden finish line materialized atop the falls and only after a grin and roll of the eyes would Jack clamber onto the shore. He was probably the fastest of everyone - easy peasy lemon squeezy.

But then she ran by. Not her, but her. That one. Staring, then not staring but blushing all the same, Jack turned his back upon the crashing water. "Erm, gotta...er...pee."
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Post by: Elias Glass on 12/02/2019 at 04:07
"Oi!" Elias called, having been dunked in the water by Vesper. He had half a mind to dunk her right back, but he also didn't want to die in his sleep or put up with a pissed off Vesper, so he just half-heartedly splashed a little water in her direction instead.

But he was immediately distracted by the race. He dragged himself out of the water, grinning at the others as he went. He likely wouldn't win, but it was worth a go. "Last one to the top has to sit next to Vesper at dinner." He grinned in her direction. Let her take that how she would.

He was almost keeping up with Jack, until his friend turned and got all weird and his face was all red. "You okay?" he asked. "You don't look so good. You swallow too much water or something?"
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Post by: Zavier Archeron on 12/02/2019 at 11:26
Zay was just debating whether to splash or dunk Thea - and whether either would be worth her wrath - when Vesper shouted a challenge to race to the top of the waterfall.

He headed for the shore but not to join the race, at least not really. Winning was always important but not as important as making sure Charlie didn't fall to her death. He located the girl and offered a hand, "Come on, Lotte, I'll help you up."

As much as he could. It wasn't like he was particularly strong.

"Erm, gotta...er...pee."

"No one wants to see that, mate." With his free hand, Zay moved to shove Jackson back into the water.
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Post by: Pandora St Oswald on 12/02/2019 at 14:49
Could this day be any BETTER?! She was here with all her friends, playing in the water underneath the bright hot sun. The girls all looked pretty (as always) with their hair shining in the sunlight (Thea’s hair was her favourite) and the boys were, well, being boys.

Then Vesper announced a race! Pandora was ready to run faster than anybody until she heard Elias shouting that the last person at the top had to sit next to Vesper for dinner. She didn’t understand why that was punishment for losing the race: she always wanted to sit next to Vesper! Instead, Pandora took her sweet time to get out of the water and reach the shore.

The little girl burst out laughing as she saw Zavier push Jackson back into the water. She placed herself near the edge of the water, toes firmly planted into the warm sand to keep her steady as she leaned over and waved at Jackson’s head breaking the smooth surface. “Looks like you’re going to have to sit next to Vesper at dinner if you don’t get a move on!”
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Post by: Charlotte Pantazis on 12/03/2019 at 03:09
Vesper had just barely issued the challenge when Charlie took off running after her, blonde hair swinging back and forth in a messy ponytail tied with a pink, lopsided bow.

"Thanks, Zay!" She took the boy's hand when it was offered to her with a bright smile, her long-time friend a welcome distraction from the boy being weird (really weird, not just typical boy weird) beside her. He got shoved into the water before she could ask him why he was looking at her like that, and then she was getting pulled away before she could ask Zavier if he knew him, or if he just liked pushing people into the water (and if he pretty please wouldn't shove her in, too). Everything was happening too fast for her brain to keep up! How thrilling!

Before she let Zavier drag her too far away, she turned around to wave goodbye to the boy whose name she couldn't quite remember but who she really hoped chose to pee somewhere the wasn't the waterfall where they were all swimming. Before she whipped her head back around to face the daunting cliffs, "Panda! Thea! Keep up!"
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Post by: Theadora Ivy on 12/03/2019 at 03:24
Floating on her back, she let the voices of her friends go quiet as her ears filled with water. Of course, with a group like this, there was no blocking them out completely and soon enough she bobbed back up next to Zay and smirking at the look on his face. Thoughtful. And up to something. Probably. Boys were always up to something.

And they knew better.

At Vesper’s challenge, she took off for the shore. She wasn’t the fastest or the strongest, but she knew so so many of her friends were terribly distractible.

“You can pee when you die, Jacks!” she called to the boy, “C’mon, Panda!” she added to the girl before running to the cliff edge and taking off up the path. "Coming, LeeLeeee!"
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Post by: Blaise Black on 12/05/2019 at 02:04
As days went, this one was probably the best since the start of camp, and that was really saying something. The whole place was a complete dump really. Stupid cowboys, outlaws, and sherriffs. What the bloody hell were they thinking?Made no sense at all. If he wanted to play in the dirt like a child, he very well could've stayed home instead of spending it with a whole camp full of people he didn't like.

However, this group was actually fun, not that he'd let many of them know that. But he was enjoying himself, much to his own surprise. So when everyone decided to go swimming, Blaise didn't have much of a choice. He wanted to keep these people close. Better to have friends than not. At least for now.

"Oh no, not Ves," he smirked as darkened hues rolled dramatically at their punishment. Water crashed arond him as the boy hurried out of the water, past Thea, Char, and Pandy. "Let's go before you're stuck with a pissy Jack."

The laugh came easy as a grin was tossed the other boy's way.
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Post by: Vesper Delacroix on 12/07/2019 at 03:15
"Last one to the top has to sit next to Vesper at dinner."

Ves rolled her eyes but that didn't stop her from joining in on the race especially since it was her idea. It was fun just being free. Then as she reached the top she saw Eli stop and without notice she jumped into him, her arms wrapping around his neck and her legs wrapping around his waist.

"Since you made sitting next to me the consolation prize you get to carry me." She giggled, slightly hoping that Eli came in last place.  They were good. Sure they argued a lot, but that's what friends did, right?

"Charlie you gotta be first!" Ves cheered on her friend before snickering seeing Zay push Jack into the water. It's what the boy deserved.
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Post by: Jackson Carmondy on 12/07/2019 at 04:52
Swallow too much water - sure, he could work with that. Of course like on land, or especially in the air, he was a natural athlete in the aquatic. Never really a problem unless someone was holding his head under, sucking down too much water sounded a much better thing right then than spitting up his embarrassment about that girl.

Zay seemed willing to oblige.

He stumbled over the ledge but landed with his feet down, easy, only this spot was rockier than where they'd been swimming, stones nice and polished by the falls. He slipped on his butt. Retorts came in hot off the press.

"You can pee when you die, Jacks!"

"Let's go before you're stuck with a pissy Jack."

"Looks like you’re going to have to sit next to Vesper at dinner if you don’t get a move on!"

He REALLY did not want to have to sit by Vesper at dinner, but he was already in last and still had to climb out over all the slick rocks. Last one up by the rules of law. Buuuut if he never made it up, logic followed that he couldn't be last. Just sort of disqualified.

After a little bit of struggles and one big hop he moved back to dry ground, his friends gone up the slope. He took some time to dry off, thought about grabbing his glasses and then declined so as not to give anyone another reason to jibe, and settled on climbing a tree instead.
Title: Re: Kings and Queens // Hateful 8
Post by: Elias Glass on 12/07/2019 at 21:27
Elias was about ready to take off up to the top of the waterfall, leaving Jack to his business, but a weight landed on his back, nearly sending the two of them back into the water. He grunted, steading himself, his arms under her legs so she couldn't throw off his balance a second time. Knowing her, she might try to knock them back in the water on purpose.

"Ugh, but now I'm gonna be last," he groaned, though he didn't really mind that much. "Nobody else gotta get two people up there." He started up anyway, not wanting to disappoint, quickly falling behind everyone else.

Except they weren't actually last. Jackson was in a tree instead. "Oi, look what you did Zay! You broke Jack; he don't know the difference between a waterfall and a tree anymore."