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Title: Haunted Families Pt. 1 | soulbird
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First Day of Camp

"Hey! I've been looking for you!"

Lupin sauntered jovially behind the shaggy head of hair he could pick out in any crowd. When it was the only one to see in an empty room, the vast majority of the camp congregating for the first lunch of the camp where everyone made it a point to socialize and meet each other, Lupin was already springing off his feet and bouncing onto the presumed bed of Neddy Palmer before he could flash a bright smile to melt into his.

"Getting settled in?" He asked, tilting his head to watch the Hufflepuff stop unpacking his luggage as his own hand reached into his pocket to take out a rather spooky looking deck box.
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Neddy slid his saxophone case under his bed, followed by two shoe boxes of precious items, and then a pile of miscellaneous clothes to disguise them.  The day had hardly begun and his roommates— a belligerent boy with teeth like a bloodied wolf, and a slippery kid with a rough blue-green voice— had already made their expectations for the summer clear.

He'd already hidden his purple socks and the pink jacket with silver epaulettes, and the bunch of azaleas he'd collected were now a crumpled heap outside the pyramids.

Still, he matched Lupin's grin.

"Between you and I," he said, and plopped onto the mattress across from his friend.  "I think I got the worst team."  Of course, that might've just been a reaction to who he wanted on his team, but he stood by the statement.  "What's that?"
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"This-" he announced, pausing to hold up the deck box aloft between his thumb and index finger. The front of the box had the words, 'Haunted Families' written in bright, red lettering that appeared to bleed down to the bottom of the black box.

"I found it during the days looking around the camp. Pretty spooky, right?" Lupin moved quickly to open the top and pull out the deck of cards.

"I don't know if you've ever played Happy Families --there's a box of it in the game room where the Team Werewolf cabins are-- but it's basically Go Fish. Except, look at these cards." Lupin wasn't some horror trope fanatic. Initially, upon viewing the cards, he felt a sickening pull at the pit of his stomach. While a normal deck of Happy Families would have the profession and its satellite family members -- father, mother, son, and daughter-- this was similar with the very apparent change in that the family members were all dead in disturbing fashions.

Lupin began to spread the cards out.

"I'm not sure what sort of crazy person made these cards. It's not normal paper either. It almost feels like wood. But, this is the interesting thing!" Lupin spoke excitedly. Yes, if they were plain horror cards he probably wouldn't have brought it to Neddy's attention. Lupin flashed the back of the deck box once he laid down the deck of cards, showing the rules printed in smaller, similarly red lettering.

"It's a dare box! Maybe it's magical, but it says on the back that you get dared if you collect a family. 'To Dare To Three, then Pull Five. If You Dare to Five, then Pull Seven. If You Dare to Die, Divide Them All.' Not really sure about that whole die bit," Lupin shrugged.

"I would need to test this out before I let it into the game room and you owe me a 'Go Fish' rematch," the Gryffindor had asked for several rematches already. Neddy had won them all.

"Whenever you're cool with playing."
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The confusion that came so naturally to Neddy was drowned out by excitement over something unfamiliar and interesting.  He'd played Happy Families before with Mimi, but they rarely followed written rules, so the game may as well have been new to him.

He leaned closer to Lupin to take a look at the deck, gaping wordlessly at the gruesome picture depicted on the card.  He liked the idea of a dare game, for two reasons.  First, because it increased the likelihood that Lup would sing for him, and second, because it implied a... re-do of their first interaction.

(Not that, y'know, he wanted to kiss Lupin again, it was just that he'd learned a lot about kissing since then and he was curious about trying it on someone other than Kaya.  Obviously.)

Right now, he almost said, but stopped himself when he remembered that he still had things to hide and didn't much fancy playing a creepy game when his roommates could walk in at any moment.  "Hm, we should do it somewhere spooky, to add to the mood.  I know this room at the end of one of the tunnels that's got a bunch of old rugs and mummy furniture— tonight?"
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"That sounds like a great idea!"

Lupin wasn't much for the whole horror, spooky theme of camp. He didn't like how it could both feel a warm sort of humid and a cold, chilly damp. But, if they were going to play a game that might have spooky results then they might as well go all out in the setting.

"I'll see you tonight!"

Later That Night

He sat cross-legged across from Neddy, having just started the game. They'd decided to try out the simple one first as they didn't know how the dares would manifest themselves. Lupin drew a card and smiled.

"I've got all the general's family!" He cheered! The cards, when held together, began to smoke. They didn't feel hot, which he would have noticed first if the smoke itself wasn't crimson. The gas trailed up and coalesced into words that read out 'Cast The Last Spell You Used On Him'.

He didn't think of how a deck of cards could differentiate gender. Or how it could know he had his wand on him. Instead, he was still startled at the creepy way it asked them to do it. Luckily, the last spell he used wasn't anything harmful. "Commutati lumen," he incanted, aiming the tip of his wand at Neddy's shirt. It began to glow like a lantern.

"Not too difficult. Do you have any barbers?"
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"Woah," he gaped, as the smoke formed and words strung together.  The familiar buzzing, smoking sound of red accompanied the dare, but he shrugged it off with a fascinated grin.  His shirt began to glow, and Neddy instinctively clutched at the fabric with his free hand.  Lucky for him that it was only a harmless light spell.

The room was spooky enough by itself, filled with hieroglyphic warnings and jars with unknown contents, and Neddy would be lying if he said he wasn't nervous.  If this were the start of a horror story, they'd both be turned inside out and splattered on the walls like raspberry syrup.  But this wasn't a story.  It was real life.  (And maybe that was more terrifying.)

"Nope."  He chewed on his lip.  "Do you have painters?"  A chill pinched all the way up his spine, and he smiled eagerly even as he shuddered.  "What happens if we refuse a dare?"  Though he asked, he wasn't sure he wanted to know.
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"I guess you're about to find out," Lupin answered, handing over the three cards he had been collecting.

When the cards came together in sequence, four of a kind in line, the same red mist rose from the cards and wrote out another dare.

'Punch Him In The Face.'

Lupin's eyes went wide as he looked over at Neddy.

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"You had all three?"  Neddy grinned at his accidental success, and wondered— not for the first time— how he ended up being so lucky.  He didn't even notice the dare until he caught Lupin's gaze between the 'Him' and 'In'.  All suspect of luck immediately vanished.

"What??"  He leaned away from the hostile words, but the phrase didn't waver, apparently waiting for a definite answer.  Neddy tugged at the collar of his glowing shirt.  He feared what a cursed game would do to someone who refused.

Neddy's hand hovered in front of Lupin's face, finally touching the counselor's nose and withdrawing.  He could almost taste the caramel and nutmeg.  "No."

The words grew bigger and brighter, shaking visibly before dissolving back into mist.  It surrounded him, red and suffocating; he felt it as a cactus prick, and heard it like a radio splintering on the ground.  Merlin, did he hate that color.

The haze dissipated suddenly, and Neddy blinked.  "Oh.  Um.  Your turn, I guess?"  At the top of his head, he'd grown a pair of koala ears.
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He didn't flinch at all through it.

Lupin knew he wouldn't be hurt physically. He knew how to take a punch. The thing that gutted him more was the act of Neddy being forced to do it. When they locked eyes, he knew that he couldn't go through with it. That had him smiling sweelty.

Until he saw the koala ears.

"Neddy... um..." His finger extended to point at it.

"Your ears."

The initial shock of the rejecting a dare now made him regret ever opening this game. In a sequence of events, two dares were forced. The cards wouldn't curse you for moving the game along a round. At least, not yet. Lupin didn't know if there was a timer or countdown happening as two puffs of red mist coalesced into two different dares for them.

When Lupin tried to gather the cards again into the deck, a loud crack had the cards restored to the piles they had been in when he'd closed it. The mist itself, remained, a pair of cloudy words in blood red.

Although, his was starting to wane.

Neddy's read: 'Seriously, punch him as hard as you can.'

Lupin's read: 'Snog Him Silly.'

He didn't know which one would blink first.
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Neddy didn't like this card set one bit.  Fists were red like split lips and scalding coffee, sharp like spicy chips, and dull like bruises and frowns.  He didn't like any of those things, but still his hand made the shape, out of fear.

He scooted closer to the counselor, and pretended he hadn't seen Lupin's dare.  If he ignored its existence, like he ignored all the confusing feelings that came along with it, perhaps it would go away.

(It had never worked before.)

In the end, he did punch him.  Fist like softened butter against a solid chest, but it was all his heart— rather than his strength— would allow.  In a way, he'd punched as hard as he could.  The red blinked away, reluctantly satisfied.

Neddy rubbed the moisture from his eye, and prepared for a rejection that he didn't know he feared.
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The soft thud on his chest left him breathless. Lupin stared down at the balled fist, eyes wide and unblinking, as he took one step back to keep from toppling over. Neddy didn’t hit him in earnest. His arm swung yet landed hollow. The Gryffindor bit his bottom lip, trying to find a gaze that veered away as his friend’s fist lost its form and broke like an over-flooded dam littered with holes that made it akin to Swiss cheese.

Lupin reached forward, enveloping Neddy’s broken hand with both of his. He couldn’t remember breathing. Yet, he wouldn't forget pulling him closer as his hands freed themselves to land on either cheek as he landed his lips on his.

It wasn't as it had been the first time. Lupin wasn't even paying attention to the red mist dispelling nearby. It was a welcomed excuse, he'd realize later, as he forgot about the game altogether.

(Thankfully, the game wouldn't let him forget as it zapped him minutes later.)
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Neddy felt like a sandcastle dissolving under the tide, melting forward into the tumbling waves that took shape as Lupin's hands.  Saltwater wavered between his eyelashes, blinking down his cheeks as his quarry neared.  Fingers found his cheeks and Neddy's lungs filled with liquid, chasing air to some unreachable location until suddenly there was no space between them.

His own hands landed with hesitant fervor on the fabric he'd only just stricken, and with a sliver of distracted surprise, he found himself eager for this thing he didn't even know he wanted.

It wasn't like his (their) first kiss; not chapped, nor forced, and certainly not quick.  It wasn't like his kisses with Kaguya, which felt like tree bark jelly on the edge of boredom.  In this, he couldn't breathe, couldn't keep time, couldn't do more than react.  His chest was overcrowded and bursting⁠, and his brain was no longer doing the thinking.

He didn't want to stop.

The curse must've sensed this, because it immediately zapped him, and he pulled away with a startled wince.  Holy shit, his mind provided dumbly, but he bit his lip to hold it in and didn't look at Lupin.  The scent of some realization plucked at the goosebumps on his arms, but he fled from it for the thousandth time.

Neddy let go of Lupin's shirt and tugged at his tousled hair with a stammering chuckle.  "Ow."  The dangers of talking about the snog— and a proper snog it was⁠— were too great a risk to even consider.