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Title: give me a break || joey
Post by: Jeremiah Smallweed on 12/09/2018 at 20:04
the dining hall
tuesday 19 july 1955

He had just finished buttering his third slice of toast (two having already been added to the growing pile of food on his plate) when she arrived, seemingly out of nowhere.

Jeremiah Smallweed had not seen much of Zoey Jones yet, despite the fact that it was coming up to three weeks since camp had officially begun. He had been preoccupied with other things -- with other people, mostly -- and the pair had seemingly managed to keep missing each other at mealtimes all the way up until this moment.

Now, he offered her as much of a smile as he could manage around a mouthful of bacon, beans, and toast, which really wasn't that much of one. But he tried, at least, and that counted for plenty in his book.

"Mornin'." He would have left it there if it had been someone he was less well-acquainted with; but they were, if not friends, then at least friendly, so he made a bit more of an effort.

"You got fun plans for today?"
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Post by: Zoey Jones on 12/09/2018 at 22:40
Zoey Jones had been glad to find that this summer wasn’t a waste of time like the last one, and that camp actually liked her- well, enough for the theme to not be her home country again. And she was back with Liv, though not today. Today she was alone, which in her opinion was better. 

Then she spotted her friend, Jere. Unsurprisingly, he was eating, and Zoey couldn’t help but smirk at the sight of his plate piled up with food. But, she also remembered her promise to Jere, that she’d steal his food, when he least expected it. So, the blonde smirked as she walked over, deciding to bide her time.

The Australian sat opposite the British Boy, a smirk on her face- as he was just so unaware. She’d not really seen Jere for the entirety of camp, which to her was a surprise, as she’d spent a bit of time with him the previous year. Somehow they kept managing to miss each other throughout the duration of camp, though it was almost a month since they’d been there.

Jeremiah Smallweed, who was opposite her, did offer her a smile- but it was evident to her that he had a mouth full of food.

"You got fun plans for today?”

“Oh you know, the usual. Swimming, relaxing, trying to understand you weird British people, eating toast.” At this point, she decided to reach over and grab one of his pieces of toast, which she bit into, fortunately for her, was already buttered. She held up her slice of toast slightly, “And you?” Before she bit into it, smirking.

Finishing on her chewing, she smirked, “Told you I’d get some of your food. Who doesn’t love good old buttered toast?”

She took another large bite of it. She was, after all, as hungry as Jeremiah.
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Post by: Jeremiah Smallweed on 12/12/2018 at 22:26
He nodded along with her, minding the small talk less than he might usually have done, all the way up until she leaned over and stole a slice of toast right off his plate.

His expression, which had previously just been a hungry one (and he did, it was true, always look hungry), shifted almost instantaneously: something in his eyes darkened, his brows dropped heavy into a scowl, and the almost-smile he'd been considering offering her vanished.

"What the hell d'ya think you're doin'?"

He, having been preoccupied both the previous summer and during term, had forgotten all about her threat; and even if he had remembered, he would have written it off as a joke on her part, rather than some delayed act of spite that she had been plotting since she'd left Camp Loki last August.

Australians, he decided then and there, as he glared at her across the table, were a terrible nation.

"There's a whole stack of toast right there!" He pointed with his fork at the toast rack, which was indeed full. "What, d'you just go round grabbin' from other people's plates down under?"

This was perhaps a little hypocritical of him, for he was exactly the type of boy that went around grabbing food off other people's plates -- Camilla had scolded him for it on more than one occasion. Zoey, however, did not know this, and nor did she need to.
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Post by: Zoey Jones on 12/18/2018 at 23:27
"There's a whole stack of toast right there!" He pointed with his fork at the toast rack, which was indeed full. "What, d'you just go round grabbin' from other people's plates down under?"

Zoey couldn’t help but laugh loudly as his expression dropped- a large scowl on his face, instead of that usual hungry look that always graced his face. It was odd, but she couldn’t help but smile at the sight of the British boy.

 "What the hell d'ya think you're doin'?"

“Grabbing breakfast, jere, what else?” She replied in her usual Australian drawl, as she took a bite out of her new piece of toast. Chewing on it, she listened to his objections, and decided to respond to them afterwards he’d finished pointing out the toastrack to her, the one where he’d probably gotten his toast from, and thus, her toast.

“Well, that toast isn’t buttered,” Laughter followed. “No, but it’s apparently something British people do a lot.”

She shot him a smirk, “Come on, Jere, can’t you forgive me? It’s a piece of toast.”
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"Grabbin' my breakfast," he corrected, still glaring. He thought about leaning over and snatching the toast back from her, but she'd already taken several bites from it, and it seemed like more effort than it was worth trying to salvage what was left.

The grudge that had swiftly developed when she'd violated his space and his plate, however, remained.

"You could butter it yourself," Jere snapped, shoving both the butter dish and the toast rack across the table towards her. It wasn't the piece of toast he was upset about (well, no, he was upset about it, but it wasn't the thing he was most upset about) so much as the fact that she thought she could help herself to his food.

"I'll forgive ya if ya promise to keep your hands to yourself from now on." With this said, he drew his plate in closer to himself, and started on his breakfast once more.
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"Mine now." She replied, taking another bite of her toast. She was perfectly happy to have another slice, but she was slightly worried that Jere would kill her over it. Honestly, it was just breakfast, he didn't have to be so dramatic.

"I could, but you'd already buttered one." She replied, finishing off her toast and sucking an escaped piece of butter off her finger. "Thanks."

Grabbing another slice of toast, she buttered it and offered it to the other. "I promise, and how's this for a peace offer?"

"An eye for an eye, a slice for a slice?" She offered, smiling, "Did I tell you, when I've finished my studies in Australia, I'm moving to England. I wanna be an auror in your ministry of magic. What do you want to do when you're finished, Jere?"
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Post by: Jeremiah Smallweed on 01/20/2019 at 01:47
Understandably wary, given that she'd just helped herself to his breakfast not even five minutes before, Jeremiah reached for the toast that she offered him. When it didn't do something unexpected, like turn into a teacup or explode, he decided that it was probably safe enough to eat and set it down on the side of his plate.

"You didn't tell me that." Or, if she had, then he certainly hadn't been listening; this, he realised, was an equally plausible alternative. "Sounds like a lot of work."

And as for her question, it was one that he'd given too much thought too over the last few months. Somehow, he was still no nearer to the answer than he had been when he'd sat in David Leighton's office well over a year ago.

"I dunno yet. Depends what I can get, really, don't it."
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Post by: Zoey Jones on 01/20/2019 at 12:54
"Probably is. Not like I really do much during lessons." She said, before laughing, "But I'm sure you'll get a good job, Jere. Jeremiah Smallweed, professional eater?"

Notably, she was still unable to pronounce his first name correctly, but she buttered herself some more toast and bit into it. Quickly swallowing, she looked at him.

"I don't think I want a roommate, just a little apartment. None of my family are moving over." She said, shrugging.

She ate some more toast, quite happy to have a good breakfast.

"If I made food, would you visit me?"
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A smile caught, despite himself. "I could work with that." Being paid to eat was probably the most ideal outcome out of all of the graduation plans he had envisaged for himself.

Her plans, however, seemed less thrilling. It sounded lonely more than anything else, he thought, being thousands of miles away from your family. When Althea had kicked him out, he'd not even managed a year before he'd swallowed his pride and come back.

"Yeah, I could drop by if there was food." He looked up from clearing what was left on his plate, "S'gonna be weird for you, huh, bein' over here for good by yourself."
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She made him smile, that caused the Australian girl to smile brightly.

"I s'pose, but I think I need to come here. I want to." She shrugged, as she looked at the older boy.

"You'd better drop by. I don't know many people in England, but I'm sure I'll make friends over here. Whatcha think? I'm sure I will." She said, eating more of her toast, with her mouth partially full, she began again, "I'll supply you with food, I promise, if you promise to visit me, or hang out."

Her mouth was partially full, and she swallowed the toast quickly, before eating some more of her toast.

"I'm starving. I think I'm finally understanding how you feel when you're hungry."
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"You talk too much," was his only answer to her question -- and it was true, in his opinion, at least, that the Australian didn't seem to know the meaning of quiet. But it was also true that their tenuous friendship -- tenuous, because he still hadn't forgiven her for the toast -- had been born from her insistence to chatter away to him, a perfect stranger, last summer.

She was going to be just fine when it came to making friends.

"Alright, I gotta go make sure the kids don't drown in the creek." Jeremiah pushed the bench back and stood. "You wanna come?"