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Title: People let me tell you 'bout my best friend || Roseweed Snaps
Post by: Marilyn-Rose Wilson on 04/19/2018 at 18:46
Home. She was finally there, well, nearly there. The train had just pulled in, at the station, now all the Marilyn had to do was to get yet another train with her two sisters- Carrie was old enough to take her, and her parents were too busy to pick her up.

The small blonde smirked as she stepped off the train, and just heard the screech of "MAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARIIIIIIIII!"

Almost as soon as this had happened, a smaller blonder, more angelic version of Marilyn came running down the station; pushing past people and families, to eventually jump on the twelve year old. The Hufflepuff dropped her trunk, to grab her four year old sister. Then the older Wilson sibling arrived, causing Marilyn to grin brightly, her grin widening when Carrie grabbed her suitcase.

She laughed as she hugged her older sister; she'd missed her two siblings, she loved the two of them. But she'd spend the entirety of summer with them, and she hadn't properly been able to say goodbye to her older friends, like Jere, Pax, Tallulah and Noot.

Wait, was that Jere?

"One second Carrie." Called Mari, ignoring her baby sister who was babbling in her ear. Still carrying the babbling Wilson child, Marilyn ran over towards her best fourth year friend. "Jere!" She called, grinning brightly, "Come here and say goodbye to me! I'm not going to see you for an entire summer. This is my little sister, Dorothy, just ignore her."

The little girl was still babbling. But Mari was ignoring her, and focusing on Jere.