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Title: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Lyra Spencer on 08/18/2015 at 06:55
Oblivion...then, Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Eleven. Twelve.

Lyra's eyes fluttered open, staring at the ceiling above her. Her slumber had been on and off the whole night and for the past few days.

It was so easy to wake up yet so hard to fall asleep, so she decided to just stop trying. There was just one person she needed to see: Lou.

Pushing herself out of bed, Lyra ran her hand from the top of her head to the nape of her neck and felt nothing but perspiration. Boy, was it sweltering in the treehouse. What Lyra needed was some fresh air, not only to get out of the heat and awaken the senses but also to clear her mind of her whatever was stuck there.

Lyra hopped lightly from her bed, her toes touching the wooden floor softly. She grabbed her boots and put them on, putting each lace carefully through all the holes.

When that was done, she stood up and looked around the room at all the sleeping heads. Sure that no one was awake, Lyra began walking towards the door, slipping on over her nightgown the wool sweater that had been hanging on the railing of her bed.

She headed for the Tugley Wood, where she could wander in peace. It was just a little after midnight and the moon was high in the sky. It was almost eerie to Lyra, but she liked it. She could already feel the beneficiary effects of the pure air.

Lyra heard rustlings in the trees, but it was strange. There was no wind. She fancied she saw a figure standing in the shadows.

Squinting, Lyra walked closer to the apparition. "What in the bloody hell is that?" she murmured under her breath. Was that...a boy?
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Caius Thorne on 08/20/2015 at 01:43

He hadn't a name for the clearing within the woods yet, but everyone seemed bent on calling it the Pit. Save for the glowing coals, Tulgey Wood was dark, silent and writhing. Had there not been a moon out tonight, one couldn't have been able to see 10 metres in all directions without a torch or a lamp.

As it were, there'd been no need for insouciant Machiavellianism, Caius had been in the clearing for most of the evening, sitting on the same goddamn log, catatonic, a pack of Luckies in one hand. He usually came to the Pit to clear his head, or boggle it with a stimulant; smoke, drink and fevered dreams, Caius would pick his poison and descend into a private, mostly mental, bacchanal. 

Finally, he stood up, cigarette perched between index and middle finger, he drew in smoke with cupped hands, and then releasing a cloud of smoke which ghosted upwards and over his face.

Small, forestal noises skittered by an ear, and so he perked into being, seeing, his slumberous blues holding the glow of lucidity, reactive and watchful.

Shadows slipped from the dark, forming an outline of something incongruous until the burning coals sputtered into life again. The image before him appeared distorted; the flash of silk, the rustle of fabric, gold-shellacked hair curling about a winsome face. Now, what's she doing in a place like this? At such an ungodly hour?

Caius flicked the ash from his cig, wondering if he'd dreamed her, the smoke churning his mind into a restless haze. He felt generous and light, as if he could abscond reality for a moment and come back invigorated.

"Evening," he said to the wraith, "... fancy a smoke?"   
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Lyra Spencer on 08/21/2015 at 07:45
Tendrils of smoke, almost like fingers, wafted from the clearing. Lyra had been trying to discern the figure for the last five minutes. She was nearly certain she had seen it standing there, but it had mysteriously disappeared.

Lyra sighed. Perhaps it was a ghost, but the smoke claimed otherwise.

Curious, she hitched up her nightgown and crept carefully towards the clearing, stepping gingerly over logs, fallen branches, and thick undergrowth. She tried her best not to make any noise, lest she alert the mysterious figure to her presence.

 It was so hard to see. So dark that without the faint, mist-covered moonlight, it would have been impossible.

She was near the clearing now, when she briefly let go of her nightgown. The swish of soft fabric could be heard. Lyra froze, but hearing no action, began to approach the clearing again.

Then she saw him again then, and he was real enough. She stared though she knew it was impolite to in...Well, what did it matter here? It seemed the apparition was staring back at here.

It spoke then, "Evening... fancy a smoke?"

Lyra ignored his question for the moment, and began to walk towards him again. She squinted and the image of him became clearer each time and she contemplated him with a cocked head. He looked vaguely familiar. It was...

"Caius? What are you doing here?"
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Caius Thorne on 08/24/2015 at 07:29

The wraith slipped in from the shadows. Caius watched with half-mast eyes, letting a draft of smoke to dribble from his nostril; welcome to the land of the living, it said.

For a beat, she drowned him in silence, as if she'd rather regard him like an interesting specimen in a petri dish. He wasn't sure he liked the way she looked at him, it reminded him of the day they'd first been acquainted. All tight-eyed and ink-stained. She hadn't taken to his leisurely approach to things very well, not with their Charms grades hanging on the line.

He had trouble pinning a name to her face. She was neither an Elizabeth nor a Claire; nothing about her seemed conventional. Lena? Lyra? Lyra, and she knew him by name.

"Caius? What are you doing here?"

A mad smile, he cradled the sky with open arms.

"What's it look like?"
Reeling within his private delirium, Caius ushered her over towards the Pit, surprisingly spry on his feet, like a horned god prancing in his little vineyard.

"Were you expecting someone else?"
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Lyra Spencer on 08/26/2015 at 05:56
He looked mad, with his arms held up to the sky.

"What's it look like?"

Lyra had never seen Caius like this before, and she couldn't tell exactly what it looked like. He was smoking and seemingly high as a kite.

"Erm...I really can't tell." Lyra furrowed her brow.

Narrowing her eyes, Lyra began to back away from him. She would rather not disturb Caius in his intoxicated, delirious state. But Lyra was just a bit curious as well, and she followed without protest as Caius led her to a pit, a gaping hole of burning coal and dying embers.

"Were you expecting someone else?"

Lyra turned to the trees to look around and then back toward Caius with a sidelong glance.

"No. Were you? You seem to have set up quite an, an interesting..." Lyra couldn't think of what to call it and sighed.

Turning back towards Caius, all she could do was shrug.
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Caius Thorne on 08/29/2015 at 12:11


He looked around, confused. Interesting what? The only thing far interesting than his own person was the blunt clamped between his lips. He supposed anything would be interesting to anyone because this goddamn place and everyone in it were so dull. They'd rubbed their eyes raw, and now even a flickering bonfire might as well be an inferno.


He earned a shrug.

Easing himself back on the log, he felt the blood-red rust return to his limbs, a heaviness that clambered in between his ribs and sank him like an anchor. He sighed, his mouth a chimney as he prodded the fire, his eyes dry, stinging; he watched her linger, weaving in and out of his sight. Caius rubbed his chest, the palm-frond print wrinkling under his touch.

Lyra appeared to be waiting, or whatever it is she was doing; petrified by time, his presence, hell, she mightn't even be there.

"Well," the boy glanced pointedly at the log across from his, it seemed lonely. "Aren't you cold?"
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Lyra Spencer on 08/31/2015 at 03:22
Sitting back down on the log, Caius sighed, a stream of smoke coming from his mouth. Lyra was almost reminded of something from another place, another time. She furrowed her brow as she tried to breach the borders of a recollection that was so close yet so distant.

Shaking her head head, Lyra frowned and looked down at the ground as the memory failed to come back to her.

Ehhhh, oh well. Lyra shifted around on her feet, struggling to think of something to say to Caius. They had been Charms partners at school, and she never had any trouble thinking about what to say there. It was usually "We've go to get to work!" or "Come on now!"

"Well," Lyra lifted her head to see Caius pointing at the log opposite him. "Aren't you cold?"

As a matter of fact, she was. Just earlier it had been sweltering, but the cold air of the wood had done Lyra so good, rather too much good, for now she noticed she was shivering from the chill. It wouldn't be bad idea to sit by the warm fire.

"Now that you say it, I rather am cold..." Lyra marched over to the empty log and slumped down onto it, leaning towards the fire.

"So..." Lyra said, thinking of nothing novel to say, "How are you? Oh, and you mentioned something about a smoke?"
Title: Re: Girl, Interrupted [Caius]
Post by: Caius Thorne on 09/02/2015 at 03:09

Good, she sat down. Now he wouldn't worry about breaking his neck. It also gave him a reason to politely scrutinise her. He liked to know what he trouble he got into, who wouldn't? The crisp crackling of the fire broke the bouts of silence settling between them. It wasn't long before she spoke again.

"How are you? Oh, and you mentioned something about a smoke?" He snorted, but was relieved that she was taking the helm for now.

"I'm good. Bloody great, actually." he made an OK sign, the cigarette perched between fingers. "Ah, you'll love this. You have done this before, haven't you?"

Didn't matter, the outcome would be the same. She'd be riding high on cloud nine the moment she took a puff, and she'd likely thank him for it. Being nice wasn't all that hard, now, was it?

"Here." Ought to warm her up.

He switched places, sitting on a stump adjacent to her, offering his smoke.

"You're welcome."