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Title: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: B. Foster on 12/02/2014 at 01:12

This was something that Foster had never thought he would be apart of. Making sure the last tiki torch was in the ground and stable, he lit it and took a glance at the set-up. The tiki torches surrounded the platform, along with creating a small walkway where the entrance was. The decorations were easy to get considering this was a pirate themed place (and last year it was supposedly some sort of island theme), there had been plenty of supplies to decorate. Shells, and a chest off to the side filled with fake coins, and a skeleton around it. He hoped the skeleton was fake though, it had startled him when he first found it in the storage shed, but it worked for the party.

The food, had been someone else's duties. He had just made sure it was set out on a wooden picnic table, and that there was ice for the butterbeer. Something he had never tasted, and was not even sure if he would.

Why he was working so hard for it, he only had one reason, and that was of course the monetary compensation that would be given to him. A request that was considered, and consented to upon the agreement that the people that were the real masterminds behind the idea, walked the plank the next morning when the water was still cold. And, Foster would make certain they were awake at the crack of dawn to do it.

He'd get amusement from that, but doubted he'd find much entertainment at the party. Picking up one of the bottles of butterbeer he tossed it idly in his hands before looking over towards the two that had convinced him to set up the party and supervise.

"That it?"

At least for his part.

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/02/2014 at 01:39
It had all started with a comment.

"I don't understand the appeal to a game like Spin-the-Bottle."

The look in Felix's eye had been a terrifying mix of mischief and promise, and it hadn't been long before they'd found themselves talking to their cabin's counselor. After all, any event should have someone official backing it, right? Ra'asiel had been embarrassed to say the least, but at the same time, he was rather curious... Still, the idea of walking the plank into the cold morning water did not appeal to him, but Felix had agreed for them both before he had a chance to protest.

And now, they were here. Everything looked wonderful, perfect for the party that had been planned. He'd chosen to be in charge of the food, having been fairly certain that Felix would have brought nothing but butterbeer.

The spread wasn't too bad for a party; assorted finger foods like little sandwiches in a number of varieties (he would have to thank the kitchen staff again), meats and cheeses with crackers, and some of the little snacks that were available most of the day. Butterbeer and anything else that could be found bottled or canned on the island made up the beverage selection, and thanks to Foster, it all looked wonderful.

"That it?"

"I think so," Ra'asiel said with a nod, not quite meeting his Editor-in-Chief's eyes. He still wasn't confident enough to do so. Instead, he looked to Felix, raising a brow in question. "What do you think?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/02/2014 at 03:23
It all began with a simple sentence, and would end with the memory of those famous last words in mind.

"I don't understand the appeal to a game like Spin-the-Bottle."

Like a match to gunpowder, the mischievous cogs of Felix's mind had fired and begun to turn with devilish intent. Summer had gone off, well, swimmingly so far (yar har and yo ho)... but had yet, in his opinion, to gain the momentum of a really big bang. There was a lack. Of swash-buckling? High seas adventure? The answer came to him when he saw the look Ra'asiel gave him in return, after uttering those infamous words.

 A party.

And now, Felix surveyed the decorations and refreshments of their pirate-y bash with approval. The pillaging and plundering were a bit absent, but then their guests hadn't arrived yet. There was so much potential as the evening went on. It made the boy grin in a dangerously pleased way.

"I think, gentlemen," The Hufflepuff proclaimed archly, gesturing with a butterbeer in hand, "We've got ourselves the making of a party." Still grinning, he popped the cap off the glass. "Now all we need are for some landlubbers to show up and-" With a churning, glugging sound, the butterbeer spilled from the bottle into the sand when Felix turned it upside down. "You are in charge of this." The bottle was placed in Ra'asiel's hands, without a chance for the boy to argue or realize what he had been given.

Ra'asiel's face would be something he remembered tomorrow morning, when he made that plunge into cold sea water. Worth it.

Leaving Ra'as to splutter (or hit him with the bottle, whichever he opted for), Felix cocked his head at Foster. "What did we say again? 15 Galleons?" Money, as far as he was concerned, well spent.

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Eres Herondale on 12/02/2014 at 05:24
Eres had often been invited to parties.

Oh yes…

However, she did expect that this one would be slightly different to the lavish events that she had previously attended. Her mother would often throw parties and balls, filling their manor with the buzz of witches and wizards and the strong scent of burning incense and fire whiskey. They decoration was always rather florid and grand, they had a expectation to live up to, after all, they were Herondale’s.

And Herondale’s did not disappoint.

But Eres had never quite enjoyed herself during those parties. Her siblings had absolutely basked in their guest’s attention, courting suitors and making small talk, doing exactly what was expected of them. Father would chat up a pretty looking young witch while mother would pretend not to see and crack jokes around her lady friends. Of course, with her family being quite distracted showing off and making fools of themselves, Eres had always found her way to a bottle of fire whiskey and shared it with a bunch of the stable boys.

She had always found friendship in the most unlikely of places.

Now, here she was, at Camp Loki… and finally being the only Herondale to attend. It had been a long five years, but her ghastly siblings had finally graduated, leaving her alone and able to cause as much trouble as she wanted without their nosy interference. It was quite lovely really, and she intended to make the absolute most of it. Father hadn’t been quite inclined to allow the girl to attend camp without her siblings, but she had finally managed to convince the stubborn old wart, with a decent amount of nagging of course.

Slowly, the blonde stalked up the pathway to where the party was supposed to be located. It felt strange being completely alone, with no other company then her own footsteps, unless you counted Hallow… The large, ebony colored cat trotted steadily beside Eres. She had tried to shoo him away, but the thing was so incredibly persistent and the blonde had given in.

She wasn’t quite sure if it was appropriate to bring felines to a party, but then again, she had never attended this kind of party before.

Hallow’s ears pricked as the sound of voices reached their ears. She felt a wave of nausea come over her. She hadn’t quite prepared herself to meet new students, she had mainly kept to herself during her previous years at Hogwarts. She wasn’t bad at making friends, but the pressure of having her siblings constantly looking over her shoulder caused her never to even bother.

Now here she was, with a perfect opportunity to mingle.

Eres gulped, before continuing towards the other people. Her brow raised in curiosity at the sight of three boys. She wasn’t sure if she was quite in the right place until she took notice of the food and decorations.

A grim spread over her face, this could possibly be quite fun.

But then she noticed the lack of other students…

“Oh… am I a bit early?” She asked earnestly, tilting her head and allowing blonde curls to bounce around her waist.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Payton Rose on 12/02/2014 at 08:45
To be honest, her reasons for coming to this party were far from the pure ones she'd told herself before leaving her ship. Sticking her hands in her pockets, she pursed her lips, arguing silently with herself: this was good for her confidence, good for her to make new friends, good for her in general. It was a mantra that kept her feet moving, her head up so she didn't run into things.

Payton was not a party girl.

But she was learning.

If her fellow counselor and her friend Raas hadn't been involved, she might not even have bothered to come. But she was trying. Since last year, she'd been trying, figuring that social interaction would help her with her...issues...of which she had many. Then again, wasn't that what the counselor was for.

She approached the peak; why was it always the mountains with these parties? and hesitated at the approach. Foster had apparently gone all out on the decorations and she could see the flickering lights of the tiki torches from where she'd paused. With a sigh and a straightening of her shoulders, she headed up and into the party area...one of the first to arrive.

Plucking at the folds of her blue skirt, she adjusted herself: pressing wrinkles from the white blouse, tucking strands of straight black hair behind her ears and running her fingers under the curl of her lower lip. She told herself she'd be fine, she was a sixth year, she wasn't nervous...but it did little to calm her.

At least with her empathy, she'd have some idea of how the others felt.

Naturally, she gravitated towards the familiar, heading over to where Ra'asiel was gathered with three others: Foster, Felix and an unfamiliar blonde girl. Payton eyed the bottle in her friend's hand and smiled, a bit mischievously, "Party starting already, Ra'as?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: B. Foster on 12/02/2014 at 10:29
Foster had watched the liquid spill to the ground with a somewhat perplexed look before looking at Felix, as he seemed rather proud of himself for wasting whatever was in the bottle. His eyes looked down at his own bottle before he shook his head, "I'll nevah understan' purebloods will I?" He muttered as he rolled his eyes at the antics and then gave a glance at the new girl that had come over to join the party.

He took a moment to look at her. Assessing the threat level, before twisting the cap on the bottle giving a nod towards Felix and Ra'asiel. They were in charge. Not him, a grunt and that was it for his response as he took a swig of the drink and then gave a sudden start as it was not exactly what he expected. Blinking at the bottle for a moment he opened his mouth, but stopped as again another person came along. Of course that was the point of a party, for people to come...

Which meant he'd probably need to head towards the dark shadowy corners while he could.

"Party starting already, Ra'as?"

"Not unless of course they plan on snogging each other." He had spoken without thought, his jaw tensing slightly before he sighed and gave a shrug. The question about the beverage would wait he supposed, he had used up the last of his desire to communicate for the evening. Taking another swig of the butterbeer this time savoring the taste a bit longer before swallowing, and walking over to grab another before he found them low on stock.

Or Felix decided to empty more into the ground.


Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/02/2014 at 11:00
"You are in charge of this."

"What? Why are-" realization hit Ra'asiel, and he blushed brilliantly, eyes widening. "B-but I don't even... F-Felix! I don't know the rules!"

Felix had called it; Ra'as was spluttering. He heard footsteps and looked to see the first guests arriving, and turned a nervous look to his friend. If people were arriving already, then that meant that he would have to... Oh, Merlin. And they would probably hear Felix explaining the rules, which was even worse.

He'd been embarrassed enough in the past few months, he didn't need any more embarrassment if he could help it. And here he was, about to co-host a party. No, he needed to relax and just do what he always did at parties (read: his mother's fancy soirees).

Taking a deep breath to steady himself, Ra'asiel put on a smile and turned to the first guests, a blonde girl that he didn't recognize and Payton, hiding his nervousness well. It wasn't easy, especially since Payton was his Captain last term and he still looked up to her. Hopefully, she wouldn't think too poorly of him for what this party was bound to become.

“Oh… am I a bit early?”
"Party starting already, Ra'as?"

"Not unless of course they plan on snogging each other."

Foster's comment gave him pause as he felt his cheeks getting hotter. Oh, Merlin. Had Ra'asiel noticed that Felix was rather attractive this summer? Yes. Yes, he had, and it had startled him. So far, he didn't have any plans to snog anyone unless maybe Zeke showed up and fate was on his side. He was just trying to understand why Spin-the-Bottle held appeal. Right?

"We're just about to begin," he answered after a moment, trying not to fidget with the empty bottle in his hands. "Feel free to get some refreshments while we wait for everyone else."

OOC: Feel free to mingle and do things while people arrive. <3 Newcomers, feel free to show up as you please! :D
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Joy Detora on 12/02/2014 at 11:40
Joy was finally allowed to attend the fourth year and up party, and she wasn't going to miss it for the world.

After all, it was like an upperclassman party. And they would be playing spin-the-bottle! Because Felix had probably arranged this with a counselor and the Felix she knew was always mischievous like that.

When she arrived, she moved towards the familiar people. Payton, Ra'asiel, Felix, Foster. And a random blonde she didn't know, but she nodded at her in greeting.

"Hey guys!" She grinned at her friends, enjoying the atmosphere already. She was one of the younger girls at the party; she was only fourth year, but she would definitely enjoy this.

"Do you have any butterbeer that hasn't been dumped out?" At this, she glanced at Felix.

"We're just about to begin,"

She looked at the bottle in Ra'asiel's hands. "Oh, we're playing spin-the-bottle?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Vladimir Borovsky on 12/02/2014 at 12:19
He had got wind of the upper years party at Blackbeard's Peak from a bunch of gossipers nattering outside the Bucaneers ship, and although there had been no official invites sent out, it appeared it was an open event for all to attend.

Vladimir liked parties, as long as dancing wasn't involved, he hated dancing. The last party he went to was at the one at hogwart after the sorting feast, and although that had only been for the little leagues, it had been fun. That was, until the Professor showed up and sent students scuttling off in every direction.

Climbing the peak, he noticed the small group gathered among tiki lamps. This had to be the place. A grin rested on his lips as he approched and he quickly checked his appearance to make sure he was relatively decent for any pretty girls that happened show.

As he got closer he recognised a few of the faces; Joy, Ra'as, his fellow Buccaneers councilor, Foster. Grabbing himself a butterbeer he smiled at paticularly pretty blonde girl as he popped off the top and took a sip.

"Hey guys." He greeted moving closer to the cirlce of friends, before overhearing a comment about a game of 'spin the bottle'. Something he had never played before.

"How do you play that?" He asked Joy with a bemused expression.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Theodora Arwen Duke on 12/02/2014 at 14:29
She wasn't exactly late. In fact, she was quite early. Her doe eyes scattered to the small bits of lights ahead of her while walking up the hillside of the volcano. Theodora had wondered whether Xanthos heard about this party as well. She could only imagine how he would act at a party like this one.

It was different than the parties she went to which was held by adults. Those parties were always classy, and elegant. Finally, she arrived where she noticed a group of collected group of fellow campers chatting. It looked like the party just started. The theme was pirate themed of course with dainty shells, and a moldy skeleton placed beside the other decorations.

She trudged past the entrance, taking in all the new faces. Theodora knew no one at this party which was the upsetting part about it. She wasn't terrible at making friends although.

"Oh, we're playing spin-the-bottle?"

"How do you play that?"

The boy that asked the question must have been one of the younger kids at this party, since he didn't know how to play a traditional game like spine-the-bottle.

"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them." She answered knowingly. "I'm Theodora, by the way."
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Eres Herondale on 12/02/2014 at 22:43
The blonde moved closer towards the now tight knit group of students. She hadn’t noticed that so many had followed her up until now. It had gotten rather busy since she arrived, which was honestly a relief. She had no idea who these three boys were and didn’t exactly feel like awkwardly twiddling her thumbs for the rest of the evening. Besides, the weather was beautiful and she couldn’t have picked a better evening to meet other students.

Eres gave a polite nod to the other students, a smile glued upon her face. She couldn’t quite hide her excitement about being around so many new people without having her siblings breath down her neck. She wasn’t expected to be anything other than herself tonight, no pretending to be the elitist that her family was so proud of. Eres Herondale would do just as she pleased this year, and a party was a grand way to start it off.

"We're just about to begin,"

Begin what?

She glanced towards the boy who had spoken, raising a slender brow at the sight of the bottle in his hands. She wasn’t exactly sure what they were going to do, but honestly was fine with just about anything… as long as it wasn’t illegal That kind of troublesome activity didn’t go down during these kind of parties, did they? She wasn’t all entirely sure… Even if her siblings had attended such a party, they never let on what would happen.

Perhaps this wasn’t all a good idea.

She tugged nervously to the hem of her little black dress. The shirt beneath was white and crisp giving the effect of a Peter Pan collar. Her dress was rather simple, black velvet that ran straight and tightened slightly over her waist. It flattered her figure quite nicely, however gave her a rather petite appearance. But then again, Eres was tiny for her age, the dress just amplified that.

"Oh, we're playing spin-the-bottle?"

She glanced in the direction of the female who had spoken. Spin-the-bottle? She had heard about the game before and knew exactly how it worked, but never quite got an opportunity to play. She had read about mischievous characters in her adventure novels, about how the shy girl landed upon the handsome young suitor, but never thought she’d get the chance to play.

A broad grin appeared on her face.

Eres was just about to grab herself a drink, when a noticeably handsome young man smiled at her. Her cheeks immediately reddened before the scurried towards the refreshments table, keeping one eye on the boy. Eres quickly grabbed herself a bottle before popping the cap off, she then nervously sidled up to stand next to him. He seemed friendly enough and she wouldn’t mind getting to know him.

"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them."

Eres bit at her lip nervously as the other girl spoke before turning to the boy.

“Is…is this also your first time to a party at Camp?” She asked, blue eyes looking up at the taller male.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/03/2014 at 00:20
Felix was mildly offended at Foster's offhand comment about purebloods, enough to raise his brows at their grumpy looking counselor and wonder if anyone had peed in his butterbeer. Fortunately, the rasp of less enthusiastic personalities bounced off the Hufflepuff like water off a duck's back or... something not as docile sounding. Ducks rarely nettled people, and had fun doing it. Besides, as long as their summer chaperone allowed the proceedings to continue, Felix was perfectly willing to allow himself to be insulted in as many undertones as the other pleased.

"I pour out one bottle of Butterbeer and suddenly everyone is like, Felix control yourself you madman!" He retorted to all present, after two or three of his fellow students - most recently, the also-recently arrived Joy. Rolling his eyes with dramatic flourish, the act was somewhat ruined by the grin the boy flashed. "It was for a good cause; you'll thank me later when some of you get your first kiss."

The last of this was punctuated with another arch look, his eyes flashing over the slowly accumulating party body. Ra'asiel looked so flustered; this was all totally worth it. Joy looked up for any tricks, as usual, and Felix was pleased at the presence of a familiar partner in crime.

He recognized Payton, though he didn't know her well - he did remember her, or the unusual kindness she had demonstrated after an unfortunate incident in the Great Hall. Besides, the rowdy Hufflepuff seemed to enjoy adopting Ravenclaws like a spider enjoys catching flies. Er - not the best comparison, but then Felix did manage to wrap himself in webs of mischief quite often.

"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them."

"Exactly, thank you - Theodora." He nodded, and the curl of his grin softened a bit into a smile.  She was a new face... and a pretty one, as well. Even better, she was into the spirit of the thing. "And so, we'll be initiated into the great history of teenagers who've played Spin the Bottle during summer camp. Just think how're part of history, Ra'as."

Laughing, his eyes went from where they'd flickered to Ra'asiel, after gravitating from Theodora, and swooped over Vladimir - who also looked vaguely familiar - and a shy looking blonde, whom he didn't recognize at all. It looked like their little party was attracting a nice crowd already. Felix was so pleased.

Pleased enough to get a spark of... inspiration.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed," Felix cast a sly, speculative glance in Foster's direction. If he was going to have a take a dip in the lake the next morning... well, the more the merrier, right?

"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Joy Detora on 12/03/2014 at 01:55
"How do you play that?"

She turned around and smiled at Vladimir, before she put on a look of astonishment. "You don't know how?" She had thought it was common knowledge. Surely everybody knew that too.

Theodora, a new girl, explained it to Vladimir, and Joy nodded her thanks. She didn't recognize her, and there was a new blonde she didn't quite know either. She was very happy though.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed,"

Joy raised an eyebrow and grinned at Felix. What was he thinking? The two were partners in crime, but he had most definitely not informed her on this. What would he force them to do? From the look in his eye, she wanted to get kissed before everyone else.

"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Her jaw dropped and then she started laughing. Joy covered her mouth with a hand, and eventually calmed down, but her eyes were sparkling with mischief. Not unlike Felix's eyes actually.

"Well, Felix, it'll probably be you anyways." She couldn't resist teasing him. But then the idea of her first kiss washed over her, and her skin suddenly felt clammy. She had been cheek-kissed by Zeke that one time, and she had to admit, if she had to get kissed she'd really rather it was the flirtatious Ravenclaw; but she had no experience. At all.

She was so dead. But she easily concealed that and looked at Ra'asiel this time.

"Is Felix plotting for you to get your first kiss? He's almost as bad as a girl."
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Post by: Rooster on 12/03/2014 at 02:37
He wasn’t running late.

He was casually strolling in a few minutes after everyone else arrived. Fashionably late, he’d call it. A brisk walk took Rooster up the high path, falling twice as he’d stubbed a bare toe against an unwavering stone. A third unmovable rock was kicked before Rooster finally decided against injuring his feet further. “Yous guys sure made this place in the middle of nowheres.” The young Ravenclaw finally stepped into the light of tiki torches, stifling a mild yawn.

Rooster was, of all intents and purposes, the life of any party. He was rather certain that no party could properly start unless he’d at least known about it. At least, he'd tell people that.

As he stepped through the shadows, looking for butterbeer or any kind of drink that’d get him the thrill of rule breaking. Finally, he’d found his mark and took up a pint, taking a long swig of the cold beverage like an old expert. “Hey Ra’as,” Rooster gave a brief wave to the girl-guy he’d roomed with for the last year.

She… He was one of those few people that confused Rooster to no end. How could some boy be so pretty? No hair or nothin’. Rooster glanced down at his own bare chest and the tiny patch of hair that had started to sprout. He was very proud of those few strands, and the layer of fuzz that he’d started to grow around his chin.

He would have waved hello to Felix, but there were far prettier and more delicate flowers to be lookin' at. Rooster’s eyes flickered to Eres, that pretty blonde with an even prettier back side— not that he was looking for anything. He just happened to notice. Or stare at.

Or was continuing to stare with little or no remorse for being caught.

”Hey guys.”

As he was about to approach the young girl, he heard and voice and turned with a broad smile, “Oho ho!” He sped forward and tackled Vladimir from the back, jumping on the taller man’s back with a hoot of excitement. “Party’s here!” He clearly expected to be carried: though toppling over and falling could very well have happened.

"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

"Aw, I'd embarrass all yous guys." Rooster was grinning, chuckling at his own joke as he remained on Vlad's back. He leaned closer the other boy's ear, pointing over to Eres casually, “Who’s that little minx? Ain’t seen her ‘round.” His voice was low, but he clearly wasn’t shy about looking. He heard the talking about spin-the-bottle and introductions: he wasn’t sure he needed to introduce himself, and took a another swig of butterbeer instead before handing the bottle to Vlad to partake.

After a faint pause, he thumbed towards the skeleton and muttered, “Who invited that guy?”
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Post by: Sophie Ross on 12/03/2014 at 02:39

Sophie couldn't believe it had taken this long for a good party to surface at summer camp. They were on an island for Merlin's sake. Of course, the quality of the party was still to be determined, but there was only one way to find out.

They were going, of course.

It was Sophie's first offical upper years party, other than the ones Rowan had snuck her into the previous year. Even those had died out towards the end of the year. Apparently that was the usual way, as finals and OWLs and NEWTs picked up. Everyone was stuck in the library studying. Of course, Sophie and Rowan almost never studied. They found other ways to occupy their time. Such preoccupation also led them to miss out on any news of end of year parties as well.

Sophie was ready to party.

She was almost a full step ahead of Rowan, but her hand was tightly clasped around his. She was wearing a light cotton dress and had pinned her blonde curls up on top of her head, as she had found the top of the volcano to be quite warm, even at night. Everyone swore it was dormant, but Sophie wasn't quite sure herself.

As they reached he top of the volcano and stepped into the light of the torches, Sophie wasn't surprised to see only a few people gathered so far. She had refused to be late and risk missing any festivities, mostly because it was her first official upper years party. She was however surprised at the topic of conversation.

"Oh, we're playing spin-the-bottle?"

Sophie glanced nervously over her shoulder at Rowan, trying to hide the shock on her face. Of course she'd heard of the game and its frequent use at summer parties, but she'd never actually played it herself. It seemed almost silly. And a bit complicated for couples.

"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Sophie almost laughed at that. Leave it to the boys to decide on something so absurd. Sophie chewed her lip as her eyes left Rowan's and scanned the group at the party once more.

"I'm going to need some Butterbeer."

And with that she slid off to the nearby table and grabbed a bottle, quickly tipping it up to her lips for a long sip before holding it out to her boyfriend.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Rowan Stann on 12/03/2014 at 03:01
He was always game for a good party.

The summer had been enjoyable so far, with Rowan finding plenty of things to occupy his time. He was extremely glad when the term had ended, and he could finally relax. OWLs had been frustrating, and there was nothing more he wanted to do than spend the next three months hanging out with friends, spending time with his girlfriend, and not worrying about anything.

A party was a perfect way to do that.

Of course he wasn't going to object when she told him about it. Rowan loved a good party. In his experience, the summer parties tended to have a bit more pizazz than the ones at school, so it was looking to be a fun evening. And if it wasn't, he was sure that he could convince Sophie to sneak off with him, and they could make their own fun.

But for now, he followed after her to the top of the volcano, hand wrapped in hers as he surveyed the set up for the party. It wasn't too crowded yet, which was good, because that meant all the food wouldn't be gone. A party wasn't a party if there weren't refreshments.

Rowan nodded to a few of the guys, shaking his head at Rooster's antics. It was nice to be able to be around friends again.

Someone mentioned spin-the-bottle, and Row's eyes immediately met those of his girlfriend. He knew the concept of the game, but she was the only person he had kissed before. Although, it was just a game, so what was in the harm in it? Sophie didn't look incredibly concerned, so as long as she was fine, so was he.

"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Except that was going to make things a bit more interesting. He knew that a few people around there would be less embarrassed than others to deal with those consequences, but Row knew right away that he was going to have to make sure Sophie didn't end up being that person.

Maybe if she was, they'd let him take her place. She'd be more comfortable with that.

Rowan smiled as she passed him the bottle, taking a long swig before handing it back to her. Then he pulled her close and wrapped his arm around her waist, trying to reassure her that it would be okay. "Don't worry, it'll be fun." He planted a quick kiss against her cheek before addressing the growing crowd.

"So, are we getting this thing started, or what?"

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Post by: Serena McCormick on 12/03/2014 at 05:02
Ah, the joys of summer camp. Parties, late nights. Serena glanced around the party. There were lots of familiar faces and a few she didn’t recognized. When she spotted Payton she nudged past a few people to get to her. She grinned and looped her arm with her cousin’s.

“Payton!” she grinned in greeting before glancing at the others in her group, “Hey, you guys,” she added with a wave of her free hand.

Serena listened as the others explained how spin the bottle worked, glancing idly around the party. She let go of Payton to walk over to grab a butter beer. After taking a sip, she returned to Payton’s side with her drink. It seemed most of the explanations were over.

"And so, we'll be initiated into the great history of teenagers who've played Spin the Bottle during summer camp. Just think how're part of history, Ra'as.”

“It’s a noble history, hm?”

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed, has to walk the plank, sans attire.”

Serena laughed and shook her head, “I’ve never heard that rule before. But I guess there's never really been a plank to walk before- with or without attire.”
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/03/2014 at 06:31
"It was for a good cause; you'll thank me later when some of you get your first kiss."

Ra'asiel's cheeks flared, and he tried so hard to hide it. This was embarrassing, he thought, though the glint in Felix's eye told him that his friend was having the time of his life. He would have to get him back for this later.

"Oh, we're playing spin-the-bottle?"
"How do you play that?"

"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them... I'm Theodora, by the way."

Bless Theodora.

Ra'asiel felt grateful for the girl's company, and offered her a smile as he pretended that he Knew It All Along (he didn't, but they didn't need to know that).

“Hey Ra’as,”

"Hey, Rooster," he greeted his housemate with a slightly more relaxed smile, though his shoulders were still somewhat tense. There were a lot more people here than he expected... And Felix had put him in charge. Well, if things got to be too difficult, he could always go find a quiet, dark corner of the island to hide away in until he could relax once more.

"And so, we'll be initiated into the great history of teenagers who've played Spin the Bottle during summer camp. Just think how're part of history, Ra'as."

"I'm fairly certain this doesn't qualify as history," Ra'asiel mumbled under his breath.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed... Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

The petite boy's face was overrun with startled, embarrassed surprise at this, his head snapping so he could stare at his friend incredulously. Sans... WHAT?

“I’ve never heard that rule before. But I guess there's never really been a plank to walk before- with or without attire.”

Ra'asiel brought a hand to his mouth, coughing into it as he looked away and tried to compose himself again. Dear Merlin, this was... He should have known Felix would find a way to make this even more embarrassing. Yes, he would definitely have to find a way to get back at him later. ...Somehow.

"Is Felix plotting for you to get your first kiss? He's almost as bad as a girl."

"I don't ever presume to know what goes on in that head of his," Ra'asiel replied honestly to Joy, still a little flushed but regaining his composure.

"So, are we getting this thing started, or what?"

Ra'asiel recognized Rowan, though he didn't know him personally. He offered him a smile and a nod, and cleared his throat.

It was now or never.

"Hello, everyone!" he called out, hoping that everyone could hear him. He could feel the heat in his cheeks grow with every set of eyes successfully turned to him. "We're going to begin a game called Spin-The-Bottle. Um... It's- It's a kissing game, so no one is obligated to play if they don't want to."

He very seriously was considering hiding under the food table after this.

"Those who are playing, please take your seat in a circle," he gestured to the open area where they were gathered, and he set the empty bottle he held down in the middle. Inspiration struck, though, and he smiled. "Since Felix has been so wonderful in arranging this, he's going to have the honor of starting first."

He patted his friend on the back emphatically, though he knew he probably hadn't ruffled him at all. Still, it would be interesting to see if Felix would put his money where his mouth was. Or his kiss where his bottle was. Or... something far more clever.

"We'll take turns going around the circle, but anyone can choose to skip their turn if they want. On your turn, spin the bottle, and kiss whoever it points to when it stops. That's really about it, so... erm... Let's get started, I guess?" he finished with a small shrug, feeling his ears tingling with his blush. He sat down quickly, hoping to hide his blush by putting the attention on Felix instead.

OOC: Alright, campers! Time to get this trainwreck rolling!

How This Will Work:

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine
Eres Herondale
Payton Rose
Joy Detora
Vladimir Borovsky
Theodora Arwen Duke
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Grant Chemfield on 12/03/2014 at 06:55
Grant trekked his way up the mountain to where the party was happening, moving slowly, his steps unsure. It wasn't that he didn't know where he was going, it was more that he didn't know if he wanted to go. It had been such a slow decision that he had ended up being late. He wasn't much of a party person, and most of his few friends were younger than him. He would essentially be going in without anyone to talk to, or worse, people to avoid. Well, one person specifically.

And of course, she had to be the first person that Grant saw when he got to the party where people had gathered. Payton and he had been nearly inseparable during the school year, smitten with each other in a way that only teenagers seemed to be able to manage. He had had his potions and she had had her own duties, but any other time if they weren't in class, they were most likely found together. That had changed drastically towards the end of the school year after Grant had told her that he planned to join the army when he graduated. She hadn't taken it well, and they had had a huge row right in the hospital wing. They had barely spoken since.

He stayed towards the edge of the crowd, trying not to look at his girlfriend. Could he even still call her that? He didn't know, and he didn't know how to ask. If he had to ask, the answer was probably no, anyway. He still loved her, though, and he didn't think he was ready to let her go that easily. The only question was how could he tell her that? Maybe a bottle of butterbeer would help him think up an answer, and he walked over to claim one.

He was so absorbed in his own worries that he almost missed the talk of the main activity for the evening. Spin The Bottle. Of course, it had to be that. There were a lot of people here that he recognized, and a few new faces, but only one that he wanted to kiss, and that was, of course, Payton's. The issue here was that if he participated, was the small chance of getting to kiss Payton again worth the risk of having to kiss any of the others. Would she even care if he did kiss someone else? What if it landed on Serena, Payton's cousin? Rumors of his friendship with the blonde Rose girl being more than it was had been the cause of his first actual fight with Payton...well, sort of. Well, that was a bridge he'd cross when he got to it.

Ra'asiel called out the rules, and, taking a drink of his butterbeer, Grant joined the circle as far from the feminine boy as he could. Grant had a deep, abiding hatred for the Albears, and even the positive interactions that Grant had with Ra'asiel before he had found out the other boy's family name couldn't make a dent in those feelings. There wasn't anything Grant could do about it tonight, though, other than turn around and leave, and he had already sat down knowing Ra'asiel would be part of this game. Grant still hadn't said anything since he had arrived, but what was there to say? His conversation with Payton should be private, and the only other person here that he'd consider a friend was Serena, and she was currently attached to Payton. He could stay quiet for the time being.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Vladimir Borovsky on 12/03/2014 at 11:13
"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them."

A kissing game? His eyes blinked at the girl who spoke to him. Another pretty girl. There were so many of them this year, or perhaps there had always been pretty girls and he just hadn't took much notice before. He smiled sheepishly at the girl who had introduced herself as Theodora.

"Oh, okay then. That sounds simple enough... I'm Vladimir, its lovely to meet you."

Another voice spoke beside him, taking him by suprise as he took a sip from his bottle. Turning he realised it was the girl he had noticed on arrival, the pretty blonde. Wow, he was standing beside two very beautiful young ladies, perhaps his luck with females was finally changing after all.

“Is…is this also your first time to a party at Camp?”

Vladimir smiled down at her with his striking green eyes, his features relaxed and genuine. "Err... Yeah, I think it is actually. Have you played this game before?"

Before he could get a response someone called from behind him excitably, and next thing he knew that someone had dived onto his back, knocking the bottle of butterbeer from his hands and sending it crashing to the floor.

Caught in the excitement he forgot about the drink and the pretty girls. His hands grabbed out to catch the weight on his back, before running wildly around the camp like a derranged mad man. "Rooster!"

He twisted his head back with a goofy grin at his mate as he whispered in his ear, pointing at the blonde. "I didn't catch her name, she sure is pretty though, ay?" Sliding Rooster off his back he pulled him in for a very swift man hug before taking the bottle from his hands and having a swift swig.

"I best get myself another one of these, seeing as you made me drop mine."

Handing him the bottle back he moved away from the group, grabbing himself another drink before joining the circle people had made on the floor. It appeared the game was just about to start. Vladimir moved to the space beside Rooster with a suggestive wink at the blonde.

Well...This was going to be fun.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Evelyn Takamura on 12/03/2014 at 12:38
A little party never hurt nobody, and in the grand scheme of things, a single night wasted away in revelry was worth it, if only to dissipate the mediocrity and mundane nature of day-to-day life. Evelyn had always naively believed in magic, but now that she’d spent a few years as a witch, she wasn’t so certain it was all that fantastical. After last summer, she’d taken to avoiding newspapers and spending her time in any place with half decent music and a crowd. It was unlike her, but maybe nothing was like her at all.

However, halfway up the mountainside path, a wave of nostalgia washed over her. It had been a year since she’d stumbled into a party just like this, and a boy kissed her. It’d been that egomaniac with the blonde hair. Since then, she’d kissed other boys, but each of them were half-remembered and only the outlines of their lips were ever recalled. None of them had lasted for more than a couple of days, or a week, and had amounted to nothing but a grand waste of effort. That was the way boys were, yet she’d keep going after them, and she knew it.

After arriving, Evelyn circled the edge of the crowd, and took note of who’d shown up by scanning faces in the flickering light of the torches. It seemed like half of the Hufflepuff quidditch team was there, which gave life to a small, bemused smile on the edge of her lips. A lot of the crowd seemed to be from quidditch, actually. Something seemed particularly hilarious about that.

Ignoring most of the nervous banter, Evelyn took languid strides over to the ice and fetched herself a butterbeer before slipping into the circle near her friend Joy, casually sitting with her legs tucked underneath her and her upper body supported with one hand. In the low light, her eyes sparkled, but whether it was from mischievous thoughts or boredom, it was hard to tell.

Rooster seemed to be whispering a little loudly to some other boy about the girls, and although Evelyn couldn’t quite make out what he meant through all his accented man-speech, she shot him a dark look. Some other people were rightfully nervous, but Joy seemed delighted.

"Is Felix plotting for you to get your first kiss? He's almost as bad as a girl."

 “Assuming the guys can kiss anyone without missing.” Evelyn chimed in helpfully as she lazily reached out to try and coax over a cat that had tagged along with some gorgeous girl who had superb taste in pets.

A gir- a boy explained the rules rather passively in Evelyn’s opinion, and it seemed as if the game would be underway. With a slight grin towards Joy, she waited to see whose fates would intertwine amidst the fire and gaudy pirate decorations.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: B. Foster on 12/03/2014 at 13:22

He was not certain where he had heard about the game. Perhaps from Cadwallader, or Litchfield. Overhearing their banter and escapades with girls, which he did not understand and in the end possibly was envious of. At least, envious of the fact they could act so carefree about life and  these silly little games seemed important.

"Oh it's easy. All you have to do is spin a bottle, then whoever the bottle lands on, you have to kiss them."

He really saw no point to it though. Finishing up his first bottle of butterbeer, he began to count the number of people that had arrived. Noting where each was standing, their body language, what they were doing. It was easy to be in the background. Mostly halfbloods and purebloods he was not considered, and then of course those muggleborns that had come (Rooster), they had assimilated. Found no fault or oddity in the whole fact that magic was real, and this world was alien and dangerous. Perhaps he was an oddity in the fact he could not assimilate, refused to trust anyone with a wand, not even himself.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed, has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Opening up another bottle he looked at Felix, brow raising slightly before he gave a scoff and began on his second butterbeer. Giving a challenge such as that was a sign of hubris, and in the end it was going to be Felix’s downfall.

"Well, Felix, it'll probably be you anyways."

His thoughts were voiced out loud and he actually gave a grin at this before his face falling to stoic indifference again, “He’ll be walking the plank twice then.” Allowing Felix and Ra'asiel to remember that there was also something else that went along with hiring him for his cooperation. He took another swig, eyes falling back to those that were gathered again. His count up to eleven, counting himself. A couple having come by and walked by him to grab some refreshments, and he had assessed them only for a moment before walking on, and going again on his observations. Ra’asiel seemed flustered by the whole idea of this, which made him wonder why he was going along with the plan. Was the whole purpose of this party simply to get people to snog?

Again, he had to question the appeal of the game. He had never kissed anyone before. He understood the action, understood the sonnets and poems written to express how wonderful such an intimate act of pressing two lips together was but… Was this only a thrill if you experienced it?

He furrowed his brows in consideration as he saw people beginning to set themselves in a circle. Still on the outskirts, watching everyone and another person was added to the list coming to twelve, as another Pureblood (Grant), came in and sat himself down quietly at the prompting. He was not here to participate. Foster was here to observe, and to make sure the party did not get shut-down early. Payton or him would have to go back, closer to curfew to make sure the younger students were in bed, but as long as he was here, the others fourth year and above did not have to worry about going to their bunks late this night.

A sip of his butterbeer, and he was moving again, simply walking around the circle for a moment longer until he found himself a place to sit and observe. Unfortunately because of the layout of the party floor there was no place he could really be without being noticed, but that did not matter. They all would be focusing on a bottle…

“Assuming the guys can kiss anyone without missing.”

He looked at Evelyn for a moment watching as she attempted to coax a cat, and now the count came to thirteen, and fourteen in total with him there. Of course what she said made no sense in his head. Kiss anyone without missing…

“Missing what?” He had spoken without thinking about it. A brow furrowed before he cleared his throat and shrugged, before finding himself a place back by the refreshments. Best he did not speak, he was an observer. He would not be sitting in that circle.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Theodora Arwen Duke on 12/03/2014 at 23:31
"Oh, okay then. That sounds simple enough... I'm Vladimir, its lovely to meet you."

"Exactly, thank you - Theodora."

At least two people appreciated her knowledge of this of kiss and tell game.

"And so, we'll be initiated into the great history of teenagers who've played Spin the Bottle during summer camp. Just think how're part of history, Ra'as."

Theodora let out a small giggle, tucking a strand of soft curls behind her ears. This would be a long night. The look of the what seemed to be the leader of this whole thing, his face was priceless. Trouble. Just plain trouble. She glanced at gir-boy, his name was Ra'as. How could a boy be that pretty? He had the pink cheeks, and everything. She noticed the smile, and she returned the favor.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed... Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

This was the most twisted spin-the-bottle, she ever played. By the look of everyone's faces the most dirtiest too. Heads kept popping up, and the party just may have actually become a party.

"Well, Felix, it'll probably be you anyways."

Theodora's mauve lips curled into a smirk at the girl's remark. This Felix guy seemed to have a reputation. It was a funny one too. Theodora swayed her hips in her dress, looking down on the soft fabric. Her cousin Pandora made it specially for a summer night like this, since she knew so many. Theodora just bet that Panda would be one of the most high fashion designers, she could just sense it.

"Those who are playing, please take your seat in a circle,"

Before she decided to sit in the famous circle, she decided she would need to play this game with a little butterbeard in her stomach. Theodora found the nearest, unopened bottle of the liquid, before opening the cap, and holding the bottle to her lips. Her light seafoam orbs scanned the new faces, taking in everything.

The great thing about being new is no one knew your past.

She skipped to the circle, butterbear still laced between her fingers as she sat down. Theodora was definitely not going to be the last person to be kissed.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/04/2014 at 00:58

"Since Felix has been so wonderful in arranging this, he's going to have the honor of starting first."

Felix suffered the emphatic pats on the back that followed, though by Ra'asiel standards 'emphatic' probably wouldn't shake a leaf off a tree, let alone hurt him. And as far as being ruffled went... he raised a brow at the other boy, along with a sly smile. He was in his element in games of chance (famous last words, and Felix was full of those). If his friend thought he had snared him, well, Felix would raise him one. Easily.

"Ready to live a little, Ra'as?" The boy teased, deft fingers reaching out before the other could realize it and - snagging away the hairband that held up Ra'asiel's long dark hair. "Let your hair down~" Laughing, he grabbed another Butterbeer, this time to drink, before darting back to the circle.

"On one further note - if you choose to skip your turn," He intoned as he took his seat, smirking wickedly at the Ravenclaw, "You risk a penalty, to be named at the circle's majority decision. If you skip your turn twice in a row, you're kicked out of the circle." After all, it would be a boring game if people were going to pretend they were going to play and then didn't. This was a solution to people awkwardly giggling and giving each other the eye during parties, not an excuse for it. And Felix played for keeps; anything less he wouldn't tolerate.

His eyes fell over the members of the circle one by one, assessing and weighing. It'd be interesting to see which of those, put to the test, would bend or bow out. The Hufflepuff's eyes held a glinting dare, sharp as swords - or rather, daggers, because there was undoubtedly an air of roguery about him. "And, of course, you may leave the circle at any time."

Now this was starting to sound more like Russian Roulette than Spin The Bottle, but better to go in guns blazing than half cocked. A little dire consequence would simply heighten the tension.

With that said, smirk smug, Felix reached out and spun the bottle.

It spun...

And spun...

And slowed ...

And came to a stop on ... Joy Detora.



Okay, so, maybe he hadn't fully planned this out...
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Joy Detora on 12/04/2014 at 01:25
Joy had a cup of butterbeer in hand as she settled down for the game. She'd need it to get through this, and butterbeer was the only thing she was allowed to drink. Definitely not Firewhiskey.

As the rules were intoned by their organizer; Felix of course,  Joy tuned out and drank more butterbeer. It'd take bottles to get her tipsy, so she just kept drinking. She'd built up quite the resistance since that first time.

Felix spun the bottle and Joy leaned back on her elbows, watching the entertainment. She wanted to see where the bottle would land. It spun, around once, twice, and finally slowed down.

It slowed in her section, and still the thought that it might land on her never crossed her mind.

Until it landed on her.

Joy's eyes shot daggers at Felix. "Felix Oliveroot-Leontine..." Then a thought entered her mind. If he refused Ra'asiel would be teasing him forever, and honestly so would she.

"Are you a hypocrite?" He'd understand what she meant.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Payton Rose on 12/04/2014 at 02:28
Ra'asiel's flustered reactions to everyone's teasing made Payton laugh...and shoot her friend a curious look. Biting her lower lip, she made a mental note to corner Ra'as later and grill him...she was a bit more observant than most and she and Ra'asiel had become a lot closer as of late. Of course, that had been because, for the first time in a long time, she'd separated herself from Grant's side.

After that awful fight...

Well there was no need to think of that right then.

As talk of Spin-the-Bottle rose and crested, Payton sighed, resigning herself to the game. While she had very little desire to kiss anyone in the circle, she was at least trying to have fun...to branch out. And her lack of desire to kiss anyone had more to do with the fact that her heart was taken than any of their attractiveness or lack thereof.

"There's one more rule. The last person to get kissed, has to walk the plank, sans attire."

That made Payton lift a brow.

There was no way she was going to do that; if she happened to be that person, she'd pull rank and inform them that a counselor was going to do none of that. She didn't care if she looked prudish or like a goody two-shoes, there was no way that was happening...and the prefect in her wouldn't take to bullying if Felix pressed the matter.

Although when the Hufflepuff tasted his own medicine, she'd gladly laugh along with the rest. She settled in the circle, close to Ra'asiel with a small smile. As they gathered, she realized, with a start, that there was someone else here that she knew rather well: Grant Chemfield. Her boyfriend...or whatever it was they were right now. Swallowing hard, she looked down at her hands immediately, not wanting to accidentally catch his eye.

What would happen if the bottle landed on him?

Worse, what if it landed on someone else?

This was something she hadn't planned for, though it was foolish that she'd neglected to even think of it. Grant was in her year, in her house...but she'd never figured him for parties. To be fair, she wasn't much for parties either. Grant was the only one in the circle she wanted to kiss...but pride and anger and guilt kept her from even looking at him.

"Ra'as..." She started, about to dismiss herself.

But Felix spun, the game was on, and it was too late to back out now.

Merlin help her.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Evelyn Takamura on 12/04/2014 at 15:35
Even though the words that gushed past her lips were soaked in a languid sort of confidence, a small storm came to shore in the bottom of her heart, and even as she took a cool swig of her bottle, Evelyn’s nerves began to kick in. However, she was no longer a fourth year quaking in her boots. As she looked around, she was surprised to realize that many of the participants in the game were actually younger than herself. When did that happen?

“Missing what?”

The response came from an unexpected direction, and Evelyn found herself forgetting about the cat and scanning the crowd for whoever spoke. It took only a few seconds to find him- a boy she’d seen a few times who seemed to be conducting this party as if it were somebody’s funeral. He’d yet to join the circle, and it didn’t seem like he was planning on it either. What was he here for? To chaperone? To study? It was amusing, nonetheless, how perplexed he seemed to be about the whole ordeal.

In lieu of an immediate response, Evelyn’s lips parted, but no words formed. Instead, she smiled towards the poor boy in a way to seem to hint at some sort of delightful, unexplainable secret. Of course, she wasn’t going to explain to him that she’d been referring to how guys tended to be so clumsy during their first kisses they sometimes they took themselves too seriously and ended up kissing a nose, or a cheek, or an occasional eye. Such a moronic explanation would cause her jibe to lose of its punch, and it was better to keep him guessing.

 “You’re missing out.” she evaded, the lines of her grin spreading into her face as used used the hand she’d been luring the cat with to push herself back from the circle just enough to make space. With a light tap, she invited him over to the space, her voice as warm as the caramelized drinks in their hands.  “Come over and see?”

Some more rules were put into place, and the first round started. The bottle had ended up on Joy, and Evelyn idly wondered if Joy had kissed many people before, and decided that she’d probably had. Whatever happened, it was bound to be amusing.

Especially if she could get this guy in.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: B. Foster on 12/04/2014 at 16:03
What just happened?

He blinked at the girl, brows furrowing his jaw clenched as he was caught unawares at the quip back at him. He was used to smart remarks from Litchfield, and the Cadwalladers, but this was a girl he barely knew, and the tone of the voice, and her body language this was different. This was not a taunt simply to get a rise out of him, or being friendly because she wanted something. No this was...

Was this flirting?

Had she just flirted with him?

He blinked at her for a moment, his cheeks flushing lightly for a moment before he took a swallow of his butterbeer again. Hoping that some sort of lubrication in his dry throat would allow him to respond in some way that was coherent. He had, not expected to be part of the circle. Observation, and perhaps eyerolls and grunts if he was needed to comment, and doing his part of keeping people civil. He should not be participating really, because of his position, but Payton was.

So, that point was moot.

Another gulp of the butterbeer, and he had finished the third. His mouth still rather dry, but he gave a nod of his head before taking a step back (he was not retreating), "I'll... Join in." Just not now. Another step and the plan was to get another of the bottled beverages (perhaps two), and then sit down.



He looked back at her, "I won't miss." He said lamely blushing again before turning to retrieve his excuse to turn his back on her while he blushed.

What just happened?

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Chartreuse Greene on 12/04/2014 at 18:38
Last summer, Chartreuse would have shut down any sort of shenanigans she heard whisper of. This summer. Well, this summer was a whole new story. With a haircut worthy of a pirate lord and a gritty attitude toward the way of mere mortals, she was ready for anything.

She thought she saw her former crush Rowan head up toward Blackbeard's Peak, hand in hand with Sophie Ross. She was thoroughly over Rowan, anyway, so seeing the lovebirds definitely did not cause her stomach to lurch. Maybe it was just gas that caused her to belch. It was louder than she expected, and she jumped into a bush along the path to hide her shame. She did not want Sophie or Rowan to see her after such a loud, unpleasant sound escaped from her lips.

She sat in the bush, hidden for longer than she should have. Watching student after student walk by, she grew more and more nervous. "How am I going to get out of this bush without looking like an ol' bushwhacker," she worried. She had never drank anything harder than butterbeer. She was not one to flirt easily with the boys, either. All this and more let her stay crouched in the bushes.

When she thought the coast was clear, or at least the path was clear, she crawled out. She ran up the path to where the gang was hanging out. It looked like they had just started playing a game. Chartreuse sort of just stood there with a few leaves on her shoulder and dirt on her hands and knees, unsure of whether or not to make a boisterous entrance into the party.

She slowly slid up next to the group, unaware of who she was next to. "Is it too late for me to join?" she uttered. A leaf fell out of her hair and softly landed on the ground. She stepped on it and smooshed it around under her boot.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/04/2014 at 20:59
"Ready to live a little, Ra'as?"

"What do you- Hey!" Ra'asiel hadn't expected Felix to steal his hairband, freeing his long black locks from their usually proper state. He hated that his hair made him look more feminine, but he refused to cut it; it was one of the only things he had control of, and when he was at home, he could hide behind it like an added defense. Maybe that made him strange?

"Let your hair down~"

Pinching the bridge of his nose in mild annoyance, Ra'asiel decided that it was no use arguing with his friend, least of all at a party. He could put up with it for one night... Right? Maybe now was the time to get himself some libations. Sure, butterbeer was hardly strong enough to do much, but it could still take the edge off.

"On one further note - if you choose to skip your turn, you risk a penalty, to be named at the circle's majority decision. If you skip your turn twice in a row, you're kicked out of the circle... And, of course, you may leave the circle at any time."

"And feel free to get yourselves refreshments as you like," Ra'asiel added, putting on his best Host Smile, before standing and doing just that. He went to get himself a butterbeer as Felix took his spin, knowing the other boy would hold everyone to their seats in the circle even if they were standing.

"Dios mío," he murmured more to himself than to anyone else as he grabbed his bottle, before he returned to see Felix's spin pointing to Joy. He snorted a little as he took his seat.


"Hm?" he looked to Payton, but her focus seemed to have shifted. Ah, well. There would be plenty of chances to talk to her tonight, especially as the night wore on and the butterbeer made him everyone relax more.

"Felix Oliveroot-Leontine... Are you a hypocrite?"

This promised to be good, he thought as he took a drink of his butterbeer.

“You’re missing out... Come over and see?”
"I'll... Join in. I won't miss."

With Foster's pseudo-promise to join, Ra'as briefly wondered what might happen if the bottle landed on him for anyone. He was always so... fierce? Scowly? Intense, certainly, but there was that aggressive quality to the Gryffindor that was harder to put a name on. That could get interesting.

"Is it too late for me to join?"

"Of course not," Ra'asiel said, smiling at Chartreuse when she appeared. She was one of the few people whom Ra'asiel didn't know very well but liked very much despite it; she always doing something interesting, or saying something interesting, and yet always seemed to be on top of things. Overall, she just seemed fun. "Have a seat whenever you're ready."

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine
Eres Herondale
Payton Rose
Joy Detora
Vladimir Borovsky
Theodora Arwen Duke
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Evelyn Takamura
Chartreuse Greene

Challenger Approaching??
B. Foster
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/05/2014 at 00:40
It was a beautiful thing, how people suddenly remembered his name when they were angry with him. Or some sort of phenomenon, at least.

"Felix Oliveroot-Leontine... Are you a hypocrite?"

The arrival of even more people (including the reluctant but inevitable participation of Foster) was something that Felix barely noted, preoccupied with the predicament he was in. Even the indignant look he gave Joy wasn't quite all focused; the Hufflepuff was a man of his word. He had done stupider, more reckless things on less pretense before. He wasn't going to back down from a little kiss, especially at his own party.

The fact of the matter was: Joy was his friend. He liked Joy.

And he hadn't ever thought about her in the same context as kissing. Not that Joy was unappealing; it was just a matter of having never looked at her... that way. When he thought of Joy, it was to automatically contemplate what sort of trouble they could cause. Joy was someone to play pranks with, not kiss.

Well... until this moment, actually.

It'd be a lie to say that part of the trouble was that he couldn't tell if Joy was angry with him. She looked slightly angry. But then, she'd sat in the circle too. All was fair in love and war, and Spin the Bottle was somewhere in there, he supposed. Had she even kissed anyone before? Was this going to make things awkward? There was not enough time to answer all these questions, and that was probably for the best.

Ever fearless, Felix grinned wickedly back at Joy.

"Do you really need to ask?" He shot back, getting up from his spot in the circle and moving to her. He wore that smirk all the way, moving as confident and easily as if he someone had dared him to climb on top of the Hogwart's roof (though he had actually done that once, compared to this). When he was close to Joy, however, it eased. Without any hesitation, his hands cupped her face - which was, he was now noting, petite and pretty - and his eyes met hers for a split second.

C'est la vie, right? Hopefully Joy didn't kill him after this.

Without fanfare, he leaned in and kissed her. His teasing of his camp mates had been well founded; this wasn't his first kiss (and neither would it be his last). At least he could make sure it was nice.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Maël Rey-Cadwallader on 12/05/2014 at 02:51
On his way up to the party, Maël had gotten distracted. There was some very interesting foliage on the way up, and inside was....

Well really nothing interesting, but parties made him inherently nervous. Was he wearing the right outfit? Would he say the right thing? Would his friends be there? Felix had told him to come, and he was sure Ra'as would be there. And Rooster wasn't in their cabin, so he was probably there too, right?

He reached the edge of the party and grabbed a butterbeer. Standing with his back to the others, he quickly downed the first before grabbing a second and making his way over the cluster of people. As he was reaching the circle, Maël started to smile, but stopped dead in his tracks, nearly dropping his newly acquired butterbeer. A strange and unfamiliar feeling rose up in his chest and his lips twisted in a look of mild disgust for just a moment before he took another long drink from his butterbeer. It was half empty... Best to grab another one to be safe.

Grabbing the second butterbeer gave Maël a moment to compose himself before he headed back to the circle. Despite appearing calm and collected, Maël's thoughts were a maelstrom. He was kissing her. My Felix was kissing Joy. Is she a better kisser than me? Does he like her? I mean I guess he can, we're not together but... Those lips are mine...

This must be what jealousy feels like.
The heat rose to Maël's cheeks, and he quietly insinuated himself into the circle near Ra'as with an awkward smile and mini wave. Taking another swig of his half finished drink, he caught sight of the bottle in the middle of the circle. Seeing the bottle there made him feel slightly more at ease. He had heard about this from one of his cousins. Leaning over, he asked, "Is this... Is this that Kissing game?" He glanced at Felix quickly. If he could go around putting his lips on other people, Maël supposed he could as well. "Can I play?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Chartreuse Greene on 12/05/2014 at 14:37
Chartreuse didn't want to just plop down in usual Chartreuse fashion. That would call unneeded attention to herself. She thought about starting a game of Duck, Duck, Goose with all the campers sitting around, but this also would cause people to notice just how bizarre she was. She was trying to figure out if there was an advantage to sitting in a particular place or stepping back and getting a butterbeer.

"And feel free to get yourselves refreshments as you like."

"Did they put some rum in the butterbeer?" she considered inwardly. She hesitated and thought it might be best to not drink anything at all up on the peak. A sugar rush could send her spiraling out of control down the mountain like a marshmallow in hot cocoa.

"Do you really need to ask?"

Trying to get herself a bit of courage, she fixed her gaze on Ra'asiel, ignoring whatever Felix was headed off for. Ra'asiel was a quiet boy who had been fun last summer when she was a camp counselor. "Ra'asiel?" she called. "So..." More hesitation. "This bottle spinning game we're playing... It's like Truth or Dare?" Her voice went up higher than anticipated at the end of her query. She felt her cheeks burn red as raspberries in her Aunt Mischief's raspberry Collins cocktails.

Chartreuse couldn't figure out who to sit next to in order to feel most comfortable. Joy was always a good choice. Vlad had proven to be a pretty fair pirate. She thought about Rowan but quickly told herself, "Heck no." Grant might have a potion up his sleeve she would worry about the entire time. This left only a few others. She scurried over toward Evelyn. "Can I sit next to you?" she whispered, not wanting others to hear the nerves in her tremulous voice. Evelyn was fun in a bun, as the kids said.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Xanthos Duke on 12/06/2014 at 05:50
Why was he always late?

It wasn't a good look, especially after rushing up a bloody volcano which of course resulted in him running his hands through his curls to shake them out. The messier the better, apparently. Even if product did help to maintain them in this God forsaken heat.

Eventually he came out of the shadows and the orange lights of the tiki torches illuminated his face and his upper body which peaked out from an open shirt. He was hardly muscly - not that he wasn't working on it - but he was reasonably athletic and the outlines of abs had just begun to take definition. Never had he been one to care much for his bodily appearance, but with summer and having the friends he had it made him want to change something, anything to appeal more to the people around him.

Upon approaching the crowd of students, he scoped them out before approaching an all too familiar blonde head that sported an attractive black dress, one that accentuated her petite features. He picked up a pint on the way, curling fingers around the chilled bottle and sipping at it before licking his lips free of any foam that might have lingered.

"Hello you." He had been subtle, pressing a finger to his lips to silence his cousin that stood with Eres and the whisper he eventually spoke was as soft as the velvet on her dress as his lips floated by her ear.

He'd only stay for a minute or so as the boys would be waiting, but his priority were the two girls in front of him. By name alone he would hope they would keep crude comments about his cousin, Theodora, out of their mouths, but to protect Eres from their vulgarity was a harder challenge. If he had it his way, they wouldn't be there at all and they certainly wouldn't be participating in the game that had been rumoured to make an appearance tonight.

However, he knew from experience that telling someone not to do something often made them more tempted to do it which was exactly what he didn't want.

"I hope that's juice you're holding," He straightened to his full height and looked to his cousin with a raised brow before looking down to his friend, seeking out the blue eyes he had always loved, "Don't think I won't be watching."

A goofy grin tugged at his face and an arm wrapped around Eres' shoulder to embrace her, squeezing her gently before pressing his lips to her temple.

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Eres Herondale on 12/06/2014 at 07:18
"Has to walk the plank, sans attire."

Eres raised a light brow at the boy. She had absolutely no intention on doing that… but the idea of watching another rather unfortunate student suffer the consequences seemed rather amusing to the girl and caused her lips to curve upwards cheekily.

She certainly wouldn’t be kissed last, the blonde would make sure of that.

She stifled a slight giggle before returning to be butter beer, blowing softly against the foamy bubbles that threatened to leave her with a rather unattractive mustache, being taking a sip. She liked her lips, clearly pleased at the taste before turning her attention back towards the male beside her. He looked about a year or so younger, probably a fourth year since the younger student were prohibited from attending, thank Merlin…

She had grown rather annoyed with a few of the younger students at camp this year. Only yesterday was she stalked by a rather round youngster who thought it an incredibly good idea to rain dung bombs down on whoever was unlucky enough to walk beneath the tree he positioned himself in. She, of course, had wondered down past the tree only to receive a smelly surprise land upon her head.

Merlin only knows how many times she had conditioned her hair after that. Although, the poor child probably needed therapy after the lecture she’d given him and perhaps throwing the stones might have been over reacting… oh well, nobody had died over a few bruises… Dung bombs on the other hand were an entirely different story.

"Err... Yeah, I think it is actually. Have you played this game before?"

She simply shook her head, looking down curiously at the group that had gathered.



She hadn’t noticed the other boy at all until he, well, literally leapt into the scene. Eres grinned slightly, rolling her eyes and sipping once again at her butter beer. After everyone in the group started forming a circle, Eres couldn’t help but notice another figure moving along towards them, however, the start of the game distracted her, and Eres’s gaze moved to the spinning bottle. She hadn’t taken her seat yet, but planned too, soon enough. Perhaps she’d get herself another drink or something.

The bottle stopped on a familiar looking girl. Eres wasn’t sure who her name was, but simply smiled as the girl offered up a challenge to the rather baffled looking boy. She wondered if he’d really kiss her, he seemed pretty into the game in the beginning, but now… she wasn’t so sure. Yet he did. She saluted him for his courage and laughed along with the others. It was going to be her turn next, and she hoped at least it would land on someone decently attractive. She could name a few guys here that she couldn’t mind sharing a little kiss with.

"Hello you."

She jumped.

Goosebumps trickled down her spine as she spun around on her toes. His breath against her ear had startled her. She stood face to face with him, a brow raised and blue eyes gleaming mischievously. She put an arm on her hip, leaning slightly to the side before whispering a quiet ‘hello’ to her friend, Her boy with curls.

"I hope that's juice you're holding,"

Eres snorted slightly, glancing at Theodora before giving Xan a rather amused look.

He then turned back towards her, her eyes locked immediately with his, searching them hungrily. She hadn’t thought that Xanthos would make an appearance tonight, but it didn’t surprise her. She didn’t quite know how she felt about him being here, especially with the game being played tonight. But then again, it wasn’t as if anything was going on between them, was there?

"Don't think I won't be watching."

She leaned in.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way…”

A foxy grin appeared across her face as the boy loped an arm around her. She loved being close to Xan like this, she felt tiny against his tall, lanky figure. He felt like home and comfort. His lips brushed against her temple before lingering there for a moment. Her heart rose from her chest and plummeted into her belly, exploding into butterflies.

She blinked before looking up towards him, speechless.

After a moment or two, she finally untangled herself from him, taking his hand momentarily before dropping it and trotting to join in the circle. She squeezed in besides the boy she had spoken with earlier and awaited her turn.

Her cheeks still red and flustered.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Vladimir Borovsky on 12/06/2014 at 14:42
Vladi watched as the bottle whizzed around and around until slowly stopping on Joy. He grinned widely. Joy was a nice girl, friendly, easy to talk with and pretty ruthless on the Quiddich Pitch, whether or not she would kiss, he did not know. But he would have been happy with that match.

Suddenly a thought occured... What if the bottle landed on someone of the same gender? Did the rule still apply? Would you still have to kiss them? Vladimir did not really like the idea, it was as his cousin Leksa often liked to point out, a sin. Although he wasn't into the whole Catholic belief system that most of his family swore by, he still didn't feel appeased of the idea to share his first real kiss with a boy.

Suddenly, he wanted to back out. But his pride would not allow it.

He glanced around sheepishly until they rested on the blonde with the prettiest blue eyes he had ever seen. Another lad was with her and his arm was draped across her shoulder.

"Who's he?" He asked Rooster, taking a large swig from his bottle as Joy and Felix approached each other to kiss. It appeared this girl had got the attention of almost all the boys at camp. But it was understandable she was really, very pretty.

Then again, so was Theadora, and a few others.

He smirked and snapped his head forward, eyes on the bottle as she pulled from the boys grasp and headed thier way.

Shuffling came from his other side and out the corner of his eye he saw long blonde hair. She was sitting beside him. Straightening upright, he turned and smiled towards her in greeting.

"Hey... I never got you're name?" He tried to be cool, charming but his ears twitched a little the way they often did when he got nervous. "I'm Vladimir. You're next right?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Joy Detora on 12/06/2014 at 14:54
The thing was, Felix was a friend. A partner in crime. Not someone to kiss, not someone to flirt with (not really anyways), not someone to even consider doing anything of the sort with.

He was handsome, and it wasn't like she hadn't noticed that. She had to be blind not to. Joy definitely knew how to appreciate good looks, and although she had snuck a few looks at Felix's face while he wasn't paying attention, it wasn't in that way. Just appreciation.

"Do you really need to ask?"

She grinned back, the slight churning feeling in her stomach alleviated. Their easy banter was a familiar part of their relationship.

"You never know. You could have changed in the last five minutes." She sat up so she now had her elbows on her knees, sitting with her legs crossed like a child. Felix wouldn't back out. She knew that.

The smirk was on Felix's face the entire way, and Joy's own face carried an expression disturbingly close to Felix's own. It wasn't as much of a smirk as his, but anybody could tell that Joy was still smirking.

And then it happened. They made eye contact, and Joy realized she was now closer to Felix than she had ever been before. Physically anyways. Then Felix leaned in, kissed her and ended it.

It wasn't a bad kiss really. Not that she had a frame of reference to put it against, but she knew that Felix had kissed girls before. He was old enough to. And that Joy's first kiss had happened during a game of spin the bottle wasn't all that embarrassing. Plenty of others had the same situation happen to them too.

She smiled at him to show she wasn't angry, then scooted closer to the bottle. She looked around for the new girl, the blonde, and caught her next to Xanthos and Rooster.

And Vladimir. She hadn't noticed him before. She waved at the little group and spoke up.

"Hey! Um...I don't know your name, but the pretty blonde next to Xanthos! I think it's your turn."
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Rooster on 12/06/2014 at 15:48
Rooster plopped himself down after Vlad’s show of excessive strength (Rooster would have to remember this, since using Vlad was a means of transportation could prove great come start of term.) He stretched back as a stifled a yawn, grabbing the bottle straight from Vlad’s grasp to take another swig. “Sharing,” He muttered to the older student, all wide grins and mischievous eyes.

”Is it too late for me to join?”

“No ways!” As Chartreuse arrived, Rooster bit down a laugh: she wasn’t what he’d call ‘his type’, but it was the scrap of leaves and other derbies that had his brow raising. Nonetheless was a female, and Rooster never claimed to be picky, so the Ravenclaw couldn’t help himself but look over her. “Woah, man, yous look like a pirate al’right.”

The game had started, and with the first Spin Felix had landed on Joy. A fun spot, but Felix sure wasn’t makin’ a good show of it. You needed to woo your lady. Touch her hip and dip her and do all them things those New York movies did. Say, ‘Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn’ and then kiss that dame. The sixteen year old still wasn’t sure why it sounded cook, but them movies sure made it seem awesome.

“It’s like Kiss or Don’t.” Rooster hooted to Chartreuse with a loud laugh, smacking Vlad on the back for good show. “Likes, if I ever spun Vlad here, you knows he’s getting’ the best kissin’ of his life.”

He hadn’t even noticed as Xanthos slipped in and tried to steal his girl. What a smooth jerk. But then that cute little blonde with that perfect behin- smile. Truthfully, Rooster felt a bizarre bubble of jealousy brewing in the very pit of his stomach while Eres looked back at his good friend with such doe-eyed lovey-dovey. Perhaps Xanthos was doin’ something better than Rooster himself. (Seemed impossible, but could have been a reasonable answer.) 

“Oi, yous two ain’t supposed ta be canodoodlin’.” He muttered, giving Xan a hidden and less-than friendly salute of the middle-finger.

His head flopped to the side and landed unceremoniously on Vladimir’s shoulder, still unable to shake the sense of swollen pride popped as he watched friend and female cuddle. “Xan, o’ course.” He found himself grumbling. And then he even was up and eyes all on another leaving Rooster in the cold! What was this bullshit? Did guys to batty when a pair of pretty eyes landed on them?

Arms crossed with a sour expression, Rooster pouted.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Eres Herondale on 12/06/2014 at 19:34
"Hey... I never got you're name?"


Eres tilted her head slightly towards him; long blonde waves seemed to bounce around her waist while she turned. Shockingly blue eyes wondered towards the boy beside her, centering on his well-structured face. He was defidently handsome and she swore that he looked slightly familiar, but then again, most purebloods did to her. They had almost always made an appearance at one of her mothers parties in some way or another.

Lush lips curved upwards in a slight smile when Eres spoke, pushing a strand of stray curls behind her ear.

“My name is Eres.”

She answered, nodding her head slightly.

"I'm Vladimir. You're next right?"

Hm… Vladimir… that name did sound familiar. Perhaps he was a Borovsky, a few had often made appearances at her manor during events and such. They were a well mannered family, although, she had to admit, it was a little hard to understand them sometimes, especially the older ones with such heavy Russian accents.

She was next?

A flurry of panic crossed over her face, however it was soon replaced with a naughty grin as she bit down on her lower lip. It sure was exciting, playing a kissing game. It wasn’t her first kiss though… Xan had been her first, but it wasn’t anything romantic, was it? No… defidently not romantic. Eres wasn’t sure the boy even knew what romance was, even if it bit the boy on his bottom.

"Hey! Um...I don't know your name, but the pretty blonde next to Xanthos! I think it's your turn."

She blushed scarlet and nodded her head, indicating that she had heard. It wasn’t everyday someone just threw the word out and called her pretty, but she smiled earnestly at the girl who had just been kissed as a thanks.

Eres started towards the bottle, shifting her position slightly so that she sat on her knees. The bottle felt cool beneath her fingertips, causing a slight unnoticeable shiver to travel up her arm. She took a deep breath, shut her eyes tightly and spun the bottle, a bit faster then she had previously intended to.

It spun and spun, giving her no clue who it might land on. She leaned back towards a more comfortable position, her arms folded neatly over her knees.

It continued to spin, however now a bit slower then previously until finally stopping.

On Rooster.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Xanthos Duke on 12/06/2014 at 22:06
His grin didn't falter and he raised the bottle of butter beer to his lips, sipping at it before someone called for the game to begin. Xanthos removed his arm from her petite frame and she took his hand momentarily in hers as they approached the forming circle but before they could sit - or stand - together, he leaned down to mutter into her ear.

"I'm gonna go sit with Roo."

If he didn't there's no way he'd be able to relax properly. Parties were supposed to be fun and yet whenever certain people were around and he wasn't properly distracted, he found it hard to indulge in enjoyment. He had always been the same, even when he was young and incapable of doing anything at all to help those he cared about.

A gentle squeeze of her hand before he let go, turning to stride towards his friends who had grouped together. He nodded in greeting, his fingers still curled around the bottle that he brought back up to sip from once more before he joined the more muscular Ravenclaw at his side. His head turned to him, the beginnings of a goofy grin having tugged at the corners of his mouth before he spotted the sour expression and the closeness between him the the Russian lad.

"You two want a room?" He jibed, "What's wrong, man?"

He hadn't noticed who it was that spun the bottle next, instead his he was fixated on his friend and whatever the hell was wrong with him. It was unusual to see him like this and it was likely to be something ridiculous, but being the decent friend he was, Xanthos naturally was concerned. Blue eyes flit upwards to Vladimir and he rolled an eyebrow upwards in his direction as if to ask the same question.

"Have I missed something?"

Supposed it served him right for his lack of punctuality.

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Oliver Razi on 12/06/2014 at 22:12

He loved that the summer campus was having them be on boats to sleep.  In fact he loved it so much he had taken a nap and was now late for the older year party.  Though to be honest he didn't really care that he was late he was just going to drink there butter beer, and eat there snacks.  After all, both would be better than anything he'd find in the mess hall.

Seeing the scene of an apparent game of spin the bottle and the refreshments he went straight for the refreshments.  His hands immediately grabbed a butter beer and after opening it gulped down the liquid.  So good.  Though to be honest the butter beer had gone down to quickly so he grabbed another and held it open in one hand as he picked up a few snacks.

Should he join the silly game.  With a smile he approached the group and said " Naturally if any of you girls don't get a spin I'd be happy to snog you. "  He smirked as his eyes attempted to look at all the girls.  Yes, this could be fun.  Especially some of the pureblood ones who he fully expected to spit and clean there mouths as if they had hot sauce if they ended up kissing him.

Then he pushed his way between two people* and took a seat.  This was looking like it would be an entertaining night for him.

OCC: Feel free to have Brant nudge in-between you...
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/07/2014 at 07:14
Ra'asiel wasn't ready to see Felix kiss Joy before it was happening. The sight made him blush and avert his eyes as he took a drink from his butterbeer. It wasn't that he felt anything romantic for either of his friends, but more that... Well, displays of affection like this weren't really common in his household. To talk about kissing was one thing, bu to see it...

He was grateful for the distraction that Maël provided him, joining the circle with that awkward little smile that seemed to reflect so perfectly Ra'asiel's own awkwardness in that moment. That awkward smile and wave were met with a slightly more relaxed smile from the long-haired boy.

"Is this... Is this that Kissing game? Can I play?"

"Yes," Ra'as nodded. "It's called Spin The Bottle. Whoever the bottle points to when you spin it is who you kiss. We're going around the circle."


Chartreuse's nervous voice reached him, and he looked at her curiously. Wow, she really did have the pirate look down. If pirates were the theme for dueling next term, he'd have to get her advice.

"So... This bottle spinning game we're playing... It's like Truth or Dare?"
“It’s like Kiss or Don’t. Likes, if I ever spun Vlad here, you knows he’s getting’ the best kissin’ of his life.”

There was Rooster, answering the question in the most interesting way he possibly could have - and drawing another slight blush to Ra'asiel's cheeks at the thought. Oh, Merlin. What would he do if two boys ended up kissing? Scarier yet, what would he do it he liked it?

"It's more like a game of chance," he offered to the older Hufflepuff, along with a reassuring smile. There was no reason to be nervous, right? Reassuring her helped him to find his own sense of calm, though. They could get through it together. "When your turn comes, you spin the bottle and kiss whoever it points to when it stops. But, you can choose not to, at some sort of penalty. It'll be fun."

"Hey! Um...I don't know your name, but the pretty blonde next to Xanthos! I think it's your turn."

Joy's voice drew his attention back to them, alerting him to the fact that her kiss with Felix had ended. The blonde girl he didn't recognize - Eres? - was up next, and she took her turn. She also seemed nervous, but once the bottle was spinning, it was just a waiting game.

When it pointed to Rooster, Ra'asiel gave the other boy an amused smile. Well, then. Looked like Rooster would get to have some fun after all.

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Eres Herondale [Spin Result: Rooster]
Payton Rose
Joy Detora
Vladimir Borovsky
Theodora Arwen Duke
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Evelyn Takamura
Chartreuse Greene
Maël Rey-Cadwallader
Xanthos Duke
Brant Shiel
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine [Kissed Joy]

Challenger Approaching??
B. Foster

New additions will be added into the turn-order at the end (before Felix).
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Oliver Pentaghast on 12/07/2014 at 14:47
Someone had mentioned a party to Oliver, though he had convinced himself that the inviter had mistaken him for someone that they actually knew when the invitation was passed along. Oliver found himself in the awkward situation of knowing there was a party but not knowing anyone at the party. He wanted to go out and have fun, make friends and be a teenager again but he didn’t know how well his sudden presence would be received by the others who probably knew each other intimately after years of education.

After an hour of indecisiveness, he decided to head towards the party and hope that it wasn’t going to be as awkward as the scene playing out in his mind was. He took the path up to Blackbeard’s Peak and passed a few people along the way. He smiled when he made eye contact but didn’t stop to introduce himself or ask anyone if he was heading in the right direction.

Eventually he found himself in the presence of a group of teenagers and he knew he was in the right place. The right place for what, however, was still debatable.

“Would anyone mind catching me up?”

It was an awkward feeling to be the new kid that just turned up to a party, but he needed to start somewhere and if he wasn’t going to throw himself into the deep end then it wasn’t worth jumping in at all. Oliver made himself comfortable between two people that he had never met before, affording each of them a brief and awkward smile.

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Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Theodora Arwen Duke on 12/07/2014 at 15:56
The bottle landed on Joy. And, there went the first kiss of the game. It looked sort of awkward. Maybe it was her first kiss? That would be a tale to tell. Her turn was soon to come, but at least it wouldn't be her first kiss ever. Kissing someone just because you landed on them didn't sound romantic at all. Her first kiss wasn't either although.

"I hope that's juice you're holding,"

She recognized the voice. Her cousin was yet again fashionably late. Sometimes it surprised her that he was the heir of the Dukes. Her seafoam eyes sought out his pools of blues, before she responded. "Same goes for you, cous." Theodora watched how he handled the blonde. Since when were they cuddle buddies? Or should she say past the friend zone? She sipped at her butterbear, lingering eyes on her cousin averting to the circle.

"Hey! Um...I don't know your name, but the pretty blonde next to Xanthos! I think it's your turn."

“My name is Eres.”

Eres Herondale? How did she not remember the girl from the many house parties their family had? Was she oblivious to the constant flirts between Xan, and Eres? This always seemed to happen to her. She was always out of the loop. Maybe that she was finally going to Hogwarts she would be in the loop. It didn't help that she was constantly daydreaming as well.

Theodora eyed the bottle as it slowly stopped on Rooster. He was like Xan's good friend, looks like another bump in the road. This is what a womanizer got, this was her cousin's payback. Theodora chewed on her lip nervously, this didn't look too good.

“Would anyone mind catching me up?”

Theodora eyed the guy who also arrived late. He was a new face, and this would be the open invitation to meet someone new. He was all too bad looking either...

"Sure, I'm Theodora. Right now, we are playing spin-the-bottle. It's kind of boring, until it's your turn." She replied, her eyes looking to the side at her cousin. Theodora reminded herself to not worry about his problems, but her own. The end of her rosy lips curled into a inviting smile, gazing back at the boy in front of her.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Estella Ricardus on 12/07/2014 at 20:14
Her hair was wild and messy this evening though it hadn't started out that way.

Camp was always full of such interesting things and Estella had never had the opportunity to play with a rabbit before. Ricardus Hall was not a warm and cuddly place and rabbits were the very definition of warm and cuddly. At least that had been her impression until she had noticed one hopping through the forest on her way to the party.

The rabbit, apparently, had not wanted to be cuddled. Estella couldn't even manage to get close enough to touch it. Her mind generally stayed on one track at a time and so, as she'd rushed through the brush of the forest, the party had taken a backseat to catching the rabbit.

It was a long while before Estella realised she was probably terribly late for the party. By that time the soft mahogany curls she had created earlier had dissolved into messy waves. Estellas wasn't too concerned. She was never able to focus for long enough to worry much about her appearance.

The fact she had taken enough time to pick out and pull herself into the red dress she was currently wearing was a miracle in itself.

Finally, she managed to find the party and announced her presence with, "I'm here now."

Which she immediately felt silly for because it was clear that the party was well under way. Everyone was even in a circle, participating in some sort of activity. Estella sighed heavily, her bottom lip jutting out as far as it could go. None of her friends had waited for her. It was especially hurtful that Vladi hadn't thought to wait for her.

She had arrived just in time to see him talking with another girl. The feeling of her stomach tightening at the sight before her wasn't a pleasant one, but Estella chose to ignore it. There was a game of sorts going on and she didn't want to be left out.

Approaching the group, Estella greeted the three she knew the best. "Hello Vladi, Rooster, Xan." She was not friends with many girls.

It was a difficult thing, deciding how to sit without showing her knickers to the rest of the party. In the end she knelt down first and then gingerly crossed her legs together, tucking the material of the skirt safely underneath her knees in case a breeze threatened to blow the light fabric about.

She'd sat near Rooster and Xanthos. If Vladimir was too busy talking to another girl, she wasn't going to bother him.

Estella leaned in toward Rooster and whispered, "What are we playing?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Rooster on 12/07/2014 at 22:25
The pout still etched across a face dirty with a day’s worth of Quidditch practice. He wasn’t exactly upset, but for the young Ravenclaw it was a challenging task to make his handsome face look anything other than what he was feeling. An open book, that was fer sures.

His face turned neutral as his friend moved away from the girl and settled in the seat just beside him, leaving him crunched between Vlad and Xanthos.  Bottom lit jutted out, Rooster let his head fall against the pureblood’s shoulder, grumbling a few incoherent things under his breathe, one of them sounding like ‘Girl is fine and yous stealin’. But, as quickly as he soured, Rooster was just as quick to forget about the details and forgive. He wasn’t one for grudge holding—

”What’s wrong, man?’

“Nothin’.” Came the reply, sitting up straighter as Eres’ delicate hands span the bottle. He watched silently, brows still knitted up in an expression of annoyance, though it changed very swiftly as the bottle began to slow. “Yes,” He muttered under his breathe as brown eyes watched the glass bottle spin to a stop, “Yesss.”

With excitement, Rooster smacked Xan’s back, “Yous see this?” And, while he might have jumped up and hooted with excitement, he tried to play it cool and keep the wide smile in check as he looked up at Eres. The smile was back, and as wide as ever, “Them’s Gods is smilin’ at me.” Just as he’d felt the adrenaline rush hit him, he heard the light and airy voice behind him speak up.

”I’m here now.”

What a predicament.

Rooster swallowed what was now a giant lump in his throat, eyes flickering between the two girls. She squeezed in between himself and Vlad, and Rooster smiled. Any day of the week he’d have felt his hands get sweaty and his head get light just from being so close to a pretty girl, but all that was happening now was a tightness in his throat that made him clear it uncomfortably. “Ah, we’s playin’ spin the bottle.” He muttered to her, his smile faltering as he tried to pull together the wave of uncertainty that just hit him. “A game, ya know.”

A game.

Just so she knew it was a game. Maybe he could kiss them both tonight. That’d sure be pretty awesome. “Sees, she… em,” Didn’t even know that other one’s name, “Spun me so I’m gonaa kiss ‘er.” Yes, smooth. Blame it on the game. He didn’t want to kiss the girl with pretty golden hair and a nice behind, he simply had to for the sake of the game. “Yous understand…” He muttered along before turning his attention back to the girl he’d been so eager to kiss. 

Pushing unease aside, Rooster stood and eliminated the space between himself and Eres. He offered her his hand, courage revitalized, and the moment her petite hand found his he’d tug her to her feet. Though Rooster had a wide grin, he felt his chest constrict and his heart racing. He’d never actually kissed a girl before- sure he’d looked at plenty of them, but getting so close had never been an option. The closest he’d ever been was accidentally brushing up against one during Quidditch.

The fact that he had this girl so close now, his hand resting at the small of her back, her hand still captured in his. It was like in the movies, and only now Rooster realized how much he’s grown in the last few years: not too long ago he had been scrawny and short, a meager little runt without much chance- now he had gotten a bit taller, filled out in arms and legs, he felt strong and as his grip on her weight tightened just the slightest, he felt like he could take on anything. “Hey,” He muttered, the rest of the party fallen away since this girl now seized his attention entirely, “I’m Rooster.”
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/07/2014 at 23:27
Grinning back at Joy, Felix threw a quick wink at her, glad she wasn't angry. Maybe even a little pleased that she hadn't seemed to mind. It made him wonder if she'd let him kiss her again another time. Just to see what happened. In any case, he wouldn't be walking the plank - naked, anyway. Foster was still going to exact his toll for hosting this little excursion, as he'd been reminded.

All completely worth it. His eyes cast over the circle which was now very large, packed with students all ready to try their luck for a kiss. His grin curved into a smirk, prompted by a wave of very smug satisfaction. This had been such a brilliant idea. It was a complete success. If he was lucky, he might even get another ki-

His eyes came round the circle, passed over Ra'asiel, to the empty spot where he had been sitting and found Maël.


For the second time (within a relatively close space) Felix wondered if he had thought this idea through. Or, well, the consideration flitted through his mind. Then it was gone, albeit with a vague sense of unease he shoved far, far back. (Did Maël look a little unhappy? No, of course not, that was a weird thing to notice.)

For a heart's beat, his progress back to his seat had been checked. Now, catching himself, Felix pushed onward. With the size the circle was, everyone was squeezing where they could, and he simply sat on the sand that would've marked the spot between Ra'asiel and Maël if there had been space. The bottle was spinning again, people were laughing and talking, but for some reason he couldn't focus on the words.

"And last one to get kissed walks the plank in their birthday suit." He added, catching the tail end of Ra'asiel's explanation. The smirk on his face, which had faltered for a moment, deepened. His eyes met Maël's blue ones, flashing their usual mischief, ever some sort of dare. Did they linger a little longer than normal? Maybe.

His knee nudged Maël's. "Scoot over a bit?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Oliver Pentaghast on 12/08/2014 at 06:36
Oliver looked over at the girl that introduced herself and answered his question politely. He smiled and nodded “Thank, I’m Oliver.” He said. He had always been told to introduce himself with pride, to include his surname, but he felt that the girl was casual with him and acting too serious might get him shunned from the circle. He didn’t know how to feel about spin-the-bottle being played, his upbringing had made him a bit of a prude compared to most people his own age. He didn’t object to trying it out though, at least in an attempt to fit in.

He had never been kissed before and getting his first kiss in a game of spin-the-bottle shouldn’t have counted towards that. He sat there on the outside, surrounded by people he did not know, and waited for them to start spinning the bottle and snogging each other. That was the term the British used for it, which singlehandedly took away all the romance.

For a moment he considered just sitting out the game, watching from the sidelines as the hormonal teenagers pressed their lips together for nothing, but that became a daydream when a boy mentioned walking the plank if they were the last to be kissed. That was enough motivation for him to play their game. Avoiding nudity in front of a group of people he didn’t know was enough motivation for him to do just about anything.

“Alright, I’m in too.” He said, formally including himself in the game of chance and cooties.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Payton Rose on 12/08/2014 at 15:33
She wasn't surprised that the party had descended into rowdy cackles, teasing slurs and, of course, the kissing of strangers...although these people were hardly strangers. After all, she knew most, if not all of them by name. Still, Payton shifted instinctively towards Ra'asiel, uncomfortable with all the emotions swirling about her...she wished Grant was hers again...he'd take her hand and it would be alright because she could focus on him.

As of now, her head was spinning.

Just like that bottle in the center circle...before it landed on Rooster of course.

She'd watched Felix kiss Joy, both of them a little red in the face when they'd finally pulled apart...maybe there was something there. She didn't pay a whole lot of attention to the ins and outs and ups and downs of social interaction...considering she wasn't exactly the most social person. In fact, this party was really her first attempt at stepping outside her comfort zone.

And then there was Grant.

He was gorgeous, sitting there and carefully avoiding her gaze as she carefully avoided his. She didn't know what to do; if she spun and it landed on him....it would be awkward. But if she spun and it landed on someone else...she didn't want to think about that. Would he be jealous? What would he do? She sighed softly.

Well, it was her turn to find out.

She swallowed, already blushing as she reached for the bottle to spin it with an inexperienced hand. It rolled lazily around a few times before coming to rest on Ra'asiel who was sitting right beside her. Her blue eyes widened and her cheeks colored further as she turned to look at her friend with a slightly terrified look. She wasn't sure if the bottle could have selected a worse person for her to kiss in front of Grant.

But she tilted her head to the side and then shrugged, smiling slightly at Ra'as. Bracing her hand against the ground, she leaned towards him and pressed her lips to his. She had kissed before...Grant, of course...but it was odd kissing a friend. She didn't linger long, just a quick press of lips and her hand touching his briefly.

Then she pulled back, blushed and adamantly dropped her gaze.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/08/2014 at 23:08
Ra'asiel would have been far better about replying to the new arrivals, but he was quite a bit distracted. (Luckily for him, it seemed like everyone else was on top of keeping new arrivals informed.) Seeing others kiss had his mind focused on what it would be like, who could it possibly end up being, and what if it was a boy stranger?

It was rather nerve-wracking, but with another long draw from his butterbeer, he was able to soothe himself and hide his nervousness from his face. It took more effort to keep his expressions under control, but Ra'asiel was a master of it; years of practice hiding his uncertainty and fear often tended to have that effect. Now, though, it was just useful.

When Payton's turn came, Ra'asiel didn't think anything of it. His Captain was sweet, and always kind to him despite the way Grant acted towards him. That she would sit beside him and not her boyfriend was -

Wait, that was odd, actually. And come to think of it, she hadn't really been looking at Grant, either. (He didn't know what Grant's eyes were doing, because he hadn't gotten up the courage to look at him yet himself.) Had something happened? But what could possibly-

The bottle stopped, and Ra'asiel's eyes widened a little with surprise as he realized that it had stopped on him.

On him.

He blinked, a little stunned, and turned to look at Payton with a small smile, mimicking her shrug. Well, at least if he had to get kissed in this game, it was someone he knew and trusted. Right?

Then she was leaning towards him, and Ra'as felt his cheeks get a little hot as he sort of leaned toward her, too, feeling their lips connect with...


He hadn't expected fireworks or anything the first time he kissed a girl, but something more than what he felt would have been nice. Reassuring. It was like kissing his mother on the cheek; he liked Payton, but kissing her still felt so... platonic. He'd blushed a little, but his heart hadn't raced, and he could still think perfectly clearly.

Was that supposed to happen? Maybe that was supposed to happen. Maybe he just respected her too much to have much of a romantic reaction, or something. Right? Right?

When she pulled away, Ra'as offered another small smile, brushing his long hair behind his ear a little as he looked away as well. His smile was there, but it hid his inner panic.

Was something wrong with him?

There was certainly nothing wrong with Payton; she was incredibly smart, kind, very easy on the eyes... A girl like her should make his heart race, right? Maybe he was just too young to think about girls like that. Yes, maybe that was it. It made sense now; clearly, he just hadn't blossomed yet.

The thought gave him a sense of relief, but he knew he hadn't actually faced his fears yet; he'd only shoved them to the back of his mind. At least everyone had seen him kiss a girl. Hopefully no one would give those fears a voice anytime soon.

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Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Joy Detora on 12/09/2014 at 00:58

Eres - the pretty girl - was kissing Rooster, and although Joy wasn't embarrassed, she couldn't help but avert her eyes after the first few moments. She had grown up with a sense of decency, and she still had it.

Then Payton spun the bottle, it landed on Ra'asiel. Joy's eyes widened as she watched her friends kiss each other. Wasn't Payton with Grant? Or was it just her? Because she felt like this was cheating. In a way. Then again, it wasn't her problem. She had no boyfriend and didn't intend on getting one.

It was her turn now though, so after flashing a smile at Ra'asiel - first kisses were a bit awkward - she leaned out to reach the bottle. She spun it hard, and watched as it spun around and around and around until it finally landed on...Foster.

She could feel some blood rush to her cheeks. They heated up, just a few extra five degrees, and she was sure that the street-smart Gryffindor boy had noticed the blush. That made her blush even more.

But it wasn't like she hadn't kissed before. Or rather, been kissed. In all the times she'd been kissed - two - it had always been the boy that initiated it. The cheek kiss last summer had been all Zeke, and this time it had been Felix.

This time, she felt like Foster would definitely not let him be the first one to initiate it. After all, it'd taken forever for him to even sit down in the circle. So she took a deep breath to compose herself and scooted over to where Foster was.

She paused in front of the older boy and then looked at him. Her head tilted slightly to the side in a silent question : Do you want me to back out? She could back out if she really needed to. She wouldn't have to walk the plank naked. She'd already been kissed. And she was sure she could handle the penalty.

Joy could feel people's eyes on her, and she desperately wished for a few bottles of butterbeer. Maybe if she had one, or two, or maybe even five, she could get tipsy enough to just kiss him quick without asking. Sadly, she wasn't a lightweight, and although she'd previously appreciated that when drinking butterbeer, this time she wished her tolerance was as low as it had been the previous summer.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: B. Foster on 12/09/2014 at 02:13
He had been making his way back to the circle when it was Eres's turn to spin the bottle. Eyes following her movements and her anxiousness over the actions for a moment before turning his gaze away. Whatever had happened between them, most likely it was nothing. It was simply, what most called puberty. She was attractive, he had been attracted, and in the end that was how things went. There was no obligation, and again this was a game.

Yet as Rooster went in to kiss her, he wondered if they (him and Eres), could kiss again. He would like that, hand popping open another butterbeer, and taking a swig of it as he attempted to go back and failed to find a seat. The one that Evelyn had opened for him, suddenly disappearing as others came in to the game. Those with badges, and those with none, he still kept track of each of them. Seeming to pay no mind with the next spin from his fellow counselor, and willing to ignore the one after that if the bottle had not suddenly landed on him. He blinked as he stood there, where a gap was inbetween two people, blinking at the bottle before looking up at Joy to see her cheeks flush. Brown eyes watching her for a moment, as she came up to him and stopped.


Everyone seemed to hesitate whenever the bottle was on them or it was their turn. Something he did not understand considering they had volunteered to play the game. They knew the rules, knew the stakes. Why hesitate? At the tilt of her head, he furrowed his brow before taking a step forward. It was a kiss. He had enjoyed it when he had kissed Eres, he did not think it would be horrible to kiss Joy, because lips will still be soft and her smell would still be sweet. His lips met hers first, not hesitating, or understanding why he should. A pressure on lips, hard and yet soft at the same time as his free hand had come up to rest on her neck so that he would not miss her lips as Evelyn seemed to have thought.

It was not a long kiss, a beat or two passing before he pulled back. Blinking at Joy for a moment and then giving a look at Evelyn, looking for some sort of acknowledgement that he had done well.

That he had not miss.

"That is it, right?" He looked back at Joy, his hand dropping back to his side as he now tilted his head looking at her questioning if she was satisfied.

He would kiss her again if she wasn't.

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Maël Rey-Cadwallader on 12/09/2014 at 03:13
His system shocked a little as Felix addressed him. Had he sat in the other boy's seat? What do I care? Jerk. He doesn't own this sand.

"And last one to get kissed walks the plank in their birthday suit."

Cheeks flushed as his eyes met Felix's brown ones. It was hard to tell why he was flushed. Was it the Butterbeer or Felix? The other buy was smirking. Bloody pleased with himself, I'll bet, Maël seethed while his face betrayed nothing but mild confusion.  They stared at each other, eyes locked slightly longer than most people would feel appropriate, but then this was him Felix. They had become obviously close. Eye contact was a special kind of magic; something that communicated more than most people realised.

Maël's face turned grumpy when Felix nudged him with his boot and he drained his butterbeer, promptly starting on the next.

"Scoot over a bit?"

Taking a few calming swigs, Maël replied with almost no trace of emotion, "No."

Locking eyes with Felix again, his casual expression didn't say much, but he hoped his eyes said, "Why don't you make me?"
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/09/2014 at 05:02
It was no longer his imagination; Maël did look grumpy. Dark brown eyes followed the tilt of the Butterbeer bottle in the other's hand, the brows above them arching subtle fractions as the bottle went up once, and then twice, and then thrice, and - my, but Maël was downing that awfully fast. Felix didn't register the cause of it until he was answered with flat denial, and a unspoken message in eyes boring back into his.

Felix's practiced grin never wavered. In fact, it deepened in fine mischief. "Why don't you make me?" Was that a challenge? It was. He could always smell one like a bloodhound, feel it out in deliberate pauses and sustained glances. And he could read Maël's eyes too well, too surely. He tried not to think about that. The fact was, he knew all too well. Everything.

"You need to share more, Maël." The languid stretch of his arm catch the fourth bottle of Butterbeer halfway to the Ravenclaw boy's mouth, fingers brushing as his own circled... and stole the bottle away. He took a swig himself, tossing his head back with brash abandon. "Polite society, and all."

The bottle lowered, the back of his hand rubbing at his mouth, where his smile had eased into something more playful. As if Felix had only just realized how he might sound mean, and curbed it. And perhaps because no one else would be able to see it well, as he leaned in closer to him. His eyes hadn't wavered too far from blue ones; he wanted to make sure Maël knew he had got the message. It was Felix's answers that were mercurial.

Crouching now, he tried to wedge a foot in the spot between Ra'asiel and Maël. His shoulder bumped against the blonde boy's as he tried, now, to bodily nudge a way back into his seat. Close enough that his undertoned, "Move. Over.", and the subtle laugh behind it could only be caught by Maël - perhaps Ra'as.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/09/2014 at 05:43
"Scoot over a bit?"
"No. Why don't you make me?"

Distracted by Joy and Foster's kiss - and noting with slight awe that the Gryffindor boy was surprisingly direct - Ra'asiel almost hadn't noticed that Felix had come to sit with them until he and Maël were speaking... Well, differently.

"You need to share more, Maël... Polite society, and all."

There was a polite glibness to the way Felix spoke, but the undertones were there. It was even more obvious from the "Move. Over." that just barely met his ears from his friend, and Ra'asiel scooted over a bit, which put him closer to Payton. He wouldn't ask them what was wrong; he knew better than to do that.

The verbal dance they were doing was one he knew well, thanks to his family. Everything had another meaning back home, and unfortunately, his friends were not so subtle as to hide it nearly so well as the Albears did.

It was uncomfortable, to say the least.

He offered Payton a small smile, hoping that Felix would recognize his move over for what it was without him having to say anything.

"Sorry," he apologized to his Captain. "Things are getting a little more cozy, I suppose."

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Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Eres Herondale on 12/09/2014 at 05:46

Eres glanced up at the boy who had just spoken, blue eyes wide and curious, examining his features. Her face lowered to lips, curved in a wide, cheeky grin. They were…nice as far as lips went. But then again, she wasn’t exactly an expert when it came to lips; the only ones she had ever kissed, had been Xan’s, and it was never in any sort of intimate way.

Sort of like this, it was a game, nothing more.

A silly party game.

But then why did she feel so jittery?

“Yous see this?”

Her eyes darted to Xan’s, questioning.

“Them’s Gods is smilin’ at me.”

Eres blushed a deep crimson, thank Merlin she had left her hair down, covering her ears, which were now as red as Gryffindor robes. She was not used to males being so forward. She was used to flowers, and hand holding, and pretty little words that made her melt inside, a hand gently resting against her hip, manners and eloquence.

He then spoke a few quiet words to another girl. Eres felt unease flitter in the pit of her belly. She did not want to cause any distance between this boy and his friend, or whatever was going on between them. But then again, wasn’t that just what she was doing to Xan?

Eres pushed away the thought and guilty feelings that bubbled inside of her.

The boy she spun then quickly eliminated the space between them, offering her his hand, and she took it. He pulled her almost effortlessly to her feet; she hopped up and almost bumped into him. Her heart leapt in her chest, beating hard against her skin, which was chilly from the outside air, or was that her nerves?

She glanced upwards at him, under dark, thick lashes. She brushed away a strand of hair from her temple, allowing it to fall down to her shoulder, smooth as silk. She cocked her head sideways, her free hand then moving to his chest, lightly pressing against his heart, which thumped in rhythm against her fingers, which casually drummed away against his muscular chest.



“I’m Rooster.”


What a peculiar name, one Eres tended to associate with a farm animal rather then a boy. But then again, boys and farm animals tended to be the same in some elements. However, this boy, Rooster, appeared to be rather well behaved now that her hand was clasped tightly in his, fingers wrapping tenderly around his own.


She moved closer to him, standing on her tiptoes to reach his lips. She cocked her head sideways, moving her hand from his chest to his cheek, lingering there lightly. She gazed directly in his eyes for a moment before closing her own and brushing her lips against his. Growing more confident, she pressed her lips against his slightly harder and then breaking it off.

She then lowered herself from her tiptoes and glanced up at him, blushing furiously. 
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Grant Chemfield on 12/09/2014 at 06:58
Grant watched impassively as people took their turns. The party was getting wild, and groups of friends were tossing jibes back and forth. Nobody engaged Grant, though, but he wasn't really surprised by that. The only people he really knew here were Payton and Serena, and they were on the opposite side of the circle. Next to Ra'asiel. Grant gave the Albear boy a half-hearted glare, but not even his deeply rooted hatred for the family that had disowned his mother for marrying a muggle could break through the malaise that Grant felt.

His green eyes focused when Payton's hand reached for the bottle, though. That meant that she would be kissing somebody. What if it landed on Grant? That would be horrible. Not the kiss, but that their first interaction since their fight would be a forced kiss during a silly game. Worse, though, what if it landed on somebody else? Would she back out and face the punishment to spare his feelings? Should he even have feeling to be spared? Grant tried and failed to make sense of his feelings towards Payton and the thought of her kissing someone else as the bottle spun.

It didn't spin long until it came to a stop. On Ra'asiel of all people. Payton knew full well how Grant felt about the other boy and why. They had talked about it back when they had been happy together, and Payton had made it clear that she wouldn't stop being friends with her fellow Quidditch player just because of their families' animosity. Grant watched intently as her expression went from wide-eyed fear to a smile as she leaned in and kissed the one person in school that Grant actively hated. It wasn't a long kiss, but it was more than long enough for Grant.

He flushed with a confusing mixture of anger, embarrassment, and hurt. He turned away quickly and drained what was left of his butterbeer so he wouldn't have to look at the two of them. He definitely needed more butterbeer, though, if he was going to continue to sit through this. He got up and exchanged his empty bottle for a full one before reclaiming his seat. He felt defenseless without his bag, but he hadn't wanted to bring it to a party like this and risk it getting damaged or lost. He stayed quiet for the time being as he tried to rein in his emotions.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Serena McCormick on 12/09/2014 at 07:48
Serena choose a seat near Payton and waited while everyone else got settled. She gazed around the circle, always curious to see the patterns in which people choose to position themselves near. Her eyes flitted from person to person in the circle. She noticed Grant was on the other side of the circle and she found that odd. He and Payton tended to flock together. She turned to head towards her cousin, a questioning look on her face, when the game started.

It was a bit chaotic- which Serena would always prefer to the ritualistic sameness of some parties. There was plenty of laughter and teasing going on around the circle, and quite a bit of blushing as well.  She laughed along with the others and grinned, happy with the fact that kissing didn’t make her nervous.

Serena pulled her knees up to her chest, wrapped her arms around her legs and rested her chin on her kneecaps as she watched. She glanced at Payton as she spun on her turn, and, much to Serena’s surprise, kissed Ra’as. Sure, it was just a game, but it just didn’t seem like something Payton would do. She glanced across the circle to Grant, who… didn’t look happy at all. To say the least. She offered a small wave in his direction, raising an eyebrow, wishing she could ask him what was going on with him and Payton.

Her attention was pulled away when, a few seats down, Felix and another boy were fighting over a seat. Or something. Who knew? Boys were strange creatures. She watched the quiet scuffle for a moment before shaking her head and turning her attention back to the game.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Casper Baines on 12/09/2014 at 07:52
It was a little strange but to those that knew about him it wouldn't be. It was often that Nougat would wonder off and go off on little adventures, a lions heart in a slimy body.

One thing that was weird though was that the boy that often followed Nougat, blundering and creating a mess with his gentle giant mass wasn't behind him wit his shaggy blonde hair that when met would be covering his eyes.

No, Nougat was on his own today much to the disappoint to the toad but when Casper got into that mood there was no helping it.
so instead of soaking in his own juices with said floppy haired bison he decided he would go and visit his one true love whom he has not seen in half a year; Ra'asiel.

when he showed up the toad knew there was tension but he had no interest in peasants except for his other servant boy, Felix. He'd get to him later but first, Ra'asiel. He hopped his way there, careful of all the clumsy and dimwitted humans just in case they tried to squash him as he made his way to Raas, especially Felix and this other runt, until finally he could hop onto the boy, any body part would do before he gave a mighty croak, looked at him expectantly and waited for the attention he deserved.

He would join in this game that caused tension or he would at least watch the humans squabble and fuss like children.

Nougat is casper's toad, casper is somewhere being weird
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Joy Detora on 12/09/2014 at 10:12
Foster seemed to have no such qualms. He just went in for the kill. This, her second kiss, was by no means as unexpected or scary as the first. It was quick, direct, and Joy couldn't help but be surprised when Foster did it.

She had not expected that. But she was relieved that she didn't have to initiate. She really didn't want to, and although the girl was almost never shy, she was very shy of starting a kiss.

It just seemed weird to her.

"That is it, right?"

She nodded, lips curving up in a smile before returning to her spot. She was so glad that was over. When she got back and sat down, she put her elbows back on her knees so she could surreptitiously feel the warm spot where Foster had put his hand on her neck.

That had definitely never happened before. The curtain of her hair also blocked her hand so nobody could see where it was: she just looked like she was being a lazy person.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Maël Rey-Cadwallader on 12/09/2014 at 17:38
Glaring up at Felix as the boy took his butterbeer, his gaze was softened for a tiny moment as Felix's fingers brushed his own before hardening again, though much of the harshness left his expression. "You need to share more, Maël. Polite society, and all."

When he leaned over, Maël snatched back his drink and took another long swig, lest the other boy take it again.

"Move. Over."

Though he realised that he had no reason to be upset with Felix—kissing was pretty much the name of the game they were playing—he still felt the jealousy rise up inside him, and he felt a little bit like he hated Joy. The two boys weren't really a thing, at least not exclusively. They had kissed other people, but, as Maël was finding out, knowing that he had kissed someone else, and seeing him kiss someone else felt completely different.

A confused and conflicted bunch of emotions barely flickered across his eyes. Love. Sadness. Hatred. Confusion. A belligerent anger beat them all back and Maël cooly replied, "No." He barely noticed Ra'asiel move away from them, and even so, it barely registered. "And you owe me more butterbeer from drinking some of mine. You get germs that way."

It was a stupid thing to say. He had drunk directly after Felix, and his lips had just been on Joy's. Undoubtedly, one of them would be kissing someone else a little later. Whatever germs anyone in the circle had, they would all be sharing by the end of the night.

Thinking about it was making him feel a little dizzy. Breaking eye contact with Felix, Maël leaned away from his friend, resting his elbow on his knee and then his head in his palm, a slightly melancholic expression tinged with annoyance on his face. His head was swimming. "I'm not moving, so if you want a seat you'll have to make one." In an act of great petulance, Maël stuck his tongue out, before turning to look at anyone not Felix.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Payton Rose on 12/10/2014 at 00:32
It was...a kiss. Nothing more, nothing less.

It brought heat to Payton's face, but that was more from knowing that Grant was watching her kiss Ra'asiel...Ra'asiel, whom he hated. Oh no. Payton's eyes widened as she sat there next to Ra'as, her inner panic taking over. She barely noticed Serena sitting next to her, though she did shift instinctively to make room.

She was still horrified...this was far worse.

She'd completely forgotten about the animosity between her boyfriend and the boy she'd just kissed; innocently, of course. But she didn't have to look to know that the waves of jealousy were coming from him (and there were a few interesting emotions in Maël's direction....but she was more focused on Grant). She swallowed heavily and folded her hands in her lap; she'd made a mistake, misjudged.

Merlin, she missed Grant.

Ra'asiel was sweet and lovely and kind...everything she could hope to have in a friend, but Payton would never be attracted to him; not in the fiery way she was attracted to Grant. The brief press of lips had been nice, sweet...but more comforting than anything and it hadn't lit the little fires in her stomach that Grant's kisses always seemed to ignite. Kissing her friend had just highlighted how much she missed her boyfriend, his touches, his kisses, his laughter...that light in his eyes when he looked at her.

And now they were sitting, like perfect strangers, in a circle of their peers, carefully ignoring each other. She couldn't stand it and she was beginning to feel the weight of their disagreement sit heavily on her shoulders. She looked up, suddenly desperate for air, and found her cousin's eyes, startled.

"Hi..." She breathed in Serena's direction, feeling her own blues start to water.

She would not cry, not here, not now when Grant was watching her, when he was so close and yet farther than they'd ever been. She felt Ra'as shifting on her other side and turned slightly red eyes on him briefly before dropping her gaze; she didn't want to make her friend feel bad. It wasn't his fault.

All of this was her fault...all hers.

She had no one to blame but herself and it was tearing her up inside.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/10/2014 at 05:03
"No. And you owe me more butterbeer from drinking some of mine. You get germs that way."

"Is that what you're doing here? Field research - on germs?" The press of his shoulder against Maël's gave way as the other boy did, carrying him into the gap of sand which opened as Ra'asiel shifted to the side. It was still a slim fit, hardly comfortable and barely workable. Maël could lean away as much as he wanted; some part of him brushed against the other boy. A knee, a hip, peevishly trying to worm more space from him. Or worm his way back into the blonde's good graces.

Felix's eyes swung towards Ra'asiel for a brief moment, with an easy smile for his friend in thanks. For making space for him, and for the hint of discomfort he detected coming from that direction. Maël's - anger? hurt? - was becoming more and more obvious, and Felix needed that moment to look away and try to process just what was it he saw flash through the other's eyes before their gaze broke. But it was like grasping sand, feeling whatever it was elusively slip through his fingers. The emotions had flit through Maël's eyes too fast, too many.

With a feeling that the ground was shifting with every glance and word between them, he tried to regain some balance. As the feelings in Maël seemed to deepen, hardening into something more melancholy, the edge of the Hufflepuff's sharp tongue blunted itself even as his smile never wavered. "I'll give you as many Butterbeers as you want, it's our par-"

"I'm not moving, so if you want a seat you'll have to make one."

When he looked back to Maël, after a distracted glance towards where said refreshments were, his friend was sticking his tongue out at him. Felix's brows shot up, his smile flattening into a tight line. The blonde boy looked away, pointedly, and the dark haired one drew himself up.

"You know," He said, spacing each word evenly level, "No one is going to want to kiss you looking like that." That hung there for a span of seconds, between them.

In contrast, he suddenly leaned in with quick grace. His hand curled around the curve of Maël's cheek farthest from him, firmly yanking it back towards his. Gentle, but insistent to combat the boy's surly stubbornness.

And Felix kissed him. It was quick, barely what he would really call a kiss. But there was still that small kindle of warmth in the contact; he could taste the butterbeer on the other's lips.

And in a blink, a heart beat, he pulled away - not far, at first. Not right away.

"Now you won't have to worry about walking the plank." He said, loudly enough that other ears (if they were listening) could note it. That cocksure grin was back in place, the smile of the devil that dared. His eyes, however... they met blue ones steadily, hoping Maël would be able to read the message in them as he'd read his. Felix wasn't even sure what it was, but he hoped it was what the other boy needed.

"That makes me two for two." He said, a little louder, turning his head to toss the pronouncement over his shoulder to Ra'asiel. His eyes were still locked on Maël's, even as he fully straightened again. "I am now officially winning." Not that anyone had even said there would be a winner to the game; just a loser. Nonetheless, he bragged with the assurance of a tomcat. His fingers were only just slipping from Maël's cheek, as he let go. His eyes still hadn't looked away. "If anyone else wants to not walk the plank, just line up."

Felix's gaze finally broke away, his eyes fairly dancing with mischief - casting around for that Butterbeer he'd promised the other. If he was perturbed that anyone had, amid all the flutter going on with themselves, noticed what he had done, it didn't show. After all, this was the boy who would already be jumping the plank tomorrow morning to pay for this whole affair. Who ate it up when people gasped or groaned over what he had done this time. And who used that assurance, that no one could ever be sure to take what he did seriously, to his advantage. (As if he had much of a reputation left, anyway.) Cunning, clever, bold - how ever had this boy made it into Hufflepuff?

It might've had something to do with the way, amid his renewed claiming of a spot on the sand, his fingers fell from Maël's cheek and somehow found their way to curl, hidden, around the ends of his fingers.

(Developments arranged with the approval of Maël Rey-Cadwallader)
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/11/2014 at 08:32
Things with Felix and Maël were getting heated near him, though Felix kept that glibness of his at the ready like a well-wielded weapon of charisma. Still, Ra'asiel was uncomfortable with it despite his mask of perfect calm. He felt something on his knee, however, and looked to see Nougat the toad staring up at him. He smiled, reaching down to gently stroke the creature's head.

Who's turn was it? Oh, Vladimir's. It didn't look like he'd spun yet.

"Want to watch?" Ra'asiel asked the toad, his slender hands gentle with the creature as he moved to hold him more properly.

"You know, no one is going to want to kiss you looking like that."

Felix's teasing voice caught Ra'as' ear, and he glanced over to see Felix placing a fairly quick kiss on the other boy's lips. For a moment, time stood still as he realized exactly what he'd just seen. To hear Rooster talking about kissing a boy was one thing, but to see two boys kiss - matter how chaste it had been - sent a jolt of something through him that he was terrified to examine.

"Now you won't have to worry about walking the plank."

His friend's words brought him back to reality, and he was grateful that he'd kept perfect control of his face the entire time, though surprise had been clear in his eyes for a moment.

Still, this was Felix, one of his best friends, and... oh, Merlin. What had he just done? Ra'asiel would have to ask him about this later - he would ask - but right now, he just wanted to help his friend avoid any unpleasantness.

"That makes me two for two. I am now officially winning. If anyone else wants to not walk the plank, just line up."

It was like lightning struck in Ra'asiel's mind, and he had a perfect cover.

"Wh-what? That's cheating!" he said just loudly enough to sound genuine as his face became indignant and flushed. Thank the Albear family he was a good liar. It was all their fault, anyway. He glared at his friend. "Felix, you can't up your count like that! It has to be with the bottle! If you do it that way, the bet is voi-!"

Aaaaand, there. That would do it. He made himself stop, as if he'd said something he shouldn't have, and then held Nougat up to Felix's face.

"Get him, Nougat."

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Vladimir Borovsky [has not spun]
Theodora Arwen Duke
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
B. Foster
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Evelyn Takamura
Chartreuse Greene
Maël Rey-Cadwallader
Xanthos Duke
Brant Shiel
Oliver Pentaghast
Estella Ricardus
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine [Kissed Joy]
Eres Herondale [Kissed Rooster]
Payton Rose [Kissed Ra'asiel]
Joy Detora [Kissed Foster]

New additions will be added into the turn-order at the end (before Felix).

In an effort to keep things moving, if Vladimir hasn't posted in 24 hours from now, Theodora may take her spin, and Vlad can take his as he is able to (assume you went after whoever was the last to spin, and I will adjust the order accordingly). <3
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Post by: Vladimir Borovsky on 12/13/2014 at 12:52
“Likes, if I ever spun Vlad here, you knows he's getting’ the best kissin’ of his life.”

Vlads head snapped back at rooster with a weary grin. He was joking right? As the bottle spun at the hand of Eres the pretty blonde at his side, he watched it attentively. And as it began to slow in thier general direction his eyes widened before blinking up at his friend in disbelief.

"You lucky son o' a..." he began to muttered umder his breath. But then instead of watching the kiss something else distracted him.

"Hello Vladi, Rooster, Xan." Vladi almost jumped to his feet. Estella was like his best female friend, and he was so happy to see she had decided to turn up - and the girl had timing as he was next to spin.

"Hey Ella." He greeeted in return with a smile, although he was blaitantly dissapointed that she had not took the seat beside him.

It was strange, they had both talked about the possibility of their first kiss last term at Hogwarts and now here they were, just about to do just that. Thinking about it, how was that going to make him feel? Would he mind seeing her kiss someone? Would she kiss him if it so happened to play out that way, or would it just be too awkward for the two friends to do that?

Grasping the bottle and giving it a swift spin he eyed the bottle as it went around and arround rapidly before coming to halt on Estella Ricardus.

His mouth dipped open in a mix of shock and suprise, as his cheeks began to feel hot. He blinked up with a gentle grin at her as she sat quietly on the other side of Rooster.

"Is this okay with you?" He didn't want to do it unless she was happy with the idea. The last thing he wanted was for it to discourage thier friendship somehow...
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Maël Rey-Cadwallader on 12/13/2014 at 15:48
"You know, no one is going to want to kiss you looking like that."

Nothing Felix was saying was making him feel less grumpy, but his suddenness of movement made him swerve his head just in time. His lips were on the other's and Maël's eyes went wide with shock. They were in public after all, and they might be reckless sometimes, but he never imagined that Felix would be this reckless. This was private.

Even though he was angry—Felix kissing Joy, kissing him, being a snarky snark-bag—Maël felt the warmth he always associated with Felix's touch rise up in his chest.

The shock of the event gave him a minute to process what was going on.

"Now you won't have to worry about walking the plank."

So that was his cover. A bit flimsy, he thought. Probably not enough. What if people talk? What if they think we're a thing? They can't think we're a thing. I'm not ready! And we're not a thing! Are we a thing?!

"That makes me two for two. I am now officially winning. If anyone else wants to not walk the plank, just line up."

His shock hardened into annoyance. He hoped people would see it as annoyance for Felix being Felix and not for annoyance at the lack of warning he had received, and the panic that it caused to overwhelm him. Felix went and came back with a butterbeer, and Maël took it, a look of great resentment on his face despite the warmth in his chest as the other boy's fingers curled on his, hidden behind their knees and in the sand.

"Wh-what? That's cheating! Felix, you can't up your count like that! It has to be with the bottle! If you do it that way, the bet is voi-!"

Ra'asiel to the rescue, it gave Maël an idea. As his fellow Ravenclaw set the toad on the Hufflepuff they flanked, Maël said, "I don't think it works that way Felix! If I'm the last one spun on, then I might still have to walk it. Otherwise everyone could just be kissing everyone and it's a free for all." Raising his fist out of Felix's, he punched the other boy's arm. "And you stole my first kiss, you jerk! Now I'm going to have tell people I kissed you before I kissed a girl!"

Taking a deep swig of his butterbeer he said, "You know, even if you are 'two for two,' I bet you I could get more kisses than you any day." It was a challenge, and he hoped that the other boy would rise to it. Not only did it give them a friendly challenge as a cover, but it instantly made every kiss they received by others from this point on meaningless. At least it did in Maël's mind. The thought made it easier to cope with Felix kissing other people. At least, other people not Joy.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Estella Ricardus on 12/18/2014 at 14:31
Estella, eyes narrowed in concentration, focused on Rooster's words. She wasn't, generally speaking, very good at understanding games and it seemed very important to know how this game was played.

Fortunately, even with Rooster's strange accent, the game seemed relatively simple, albeit somewhat terrifying. She had never kissed anyone, no one had ever really tried. There had been talk of kisses, with Vlad, that day at the lake. There was still a lot about the...process she didn't know. With her mother dead, very few female cousins, and the oldest in her family, Estella did not have many opportunities to ask important questions about how it was supposed to be done.

Not knowing how to do it, however, did not stop her from thinking of doing it. There were plenty of boys she wouldn't mind kissing.

Shortly after Rooster's explanation, the empty bottle slowly came to a stop in their area. Exhaling a long breath, that hopefully wasn't too noticeable to anyone else, Estella relaxed a tiny bit. The bottle wasn't pointing at Vlad.

The thought of watching him kiss that blonde girl, or maybe anyone, had a frown pulling her full lips down and an unpleasant clenching feeling in her stomach. It was just about the exact opposite of the feeling that she got when her and Vladi spent time together. These feelings were beyond anything she could comprehend, mostly she figured they happened because he was her best friend and she didn't want anyone else filling that spot in his life.

Relaxation was short-lived. As Rooster finished up kissing and whatever else he was doing with the blonde, Estella watched her best friend's arm reach out and give the dark bottle a spin. The tightness was back in her belly and her eyes stayed, unblinking, on the bottle. Would she be able to watch him kiss someone else? Her fingers clenched tightly around the fabric of her skirt. Maybe she should just go and forget all about these confusing emotions roiling around. Maybe she shouldn't have come--

The bottle slowed, stopped. The open end was pointing at her.

Nerves flooded her in the form of that tightness releasing and sending thousands of tiny fluttering things throughout her stomach. Softened blue eyes looked across for familiar green ones, a shy smile starting, and the sensation in her stomach stilled suddenly. The expression on Vladi's face was hard to describe. Was he disappointed in where the bottle had stopped? His mouth formed some sort of a smile, perhaps her confusion about her own feelings was starting to affect her perception of others' feelings as well.

"Is this okay with you?"

It was nice of him to ask. She didn't answer immediately. Instead, she stared for a few moments, just taking in the features she knew almost as well as her own. They'd met first year, after all, and had spent a lot of time together over the years. Would a kiss change their friendship? It was difficult to say, but as she thought about it, over the past year when she thought about kissing it was always Vladi she pictured having her first kiss with. Now was her chance.

As a voice grew louder in the circle, Estella moved on her hands and knees over to him. She liked dressing girly but she had never had a problem with getting a little dirty. Staying planted on her knees, one hand reached for one of his and she twined their fingers together. Her other hand moved up and brushed a couple strands of hair from his forehead.

Her eyes found his again as she said, "I would-" really like to kiss you, "-be okay with this."
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Post by: Raasiel Albear on 12/19/2014 at 17:59

Great big OOC post~

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Vladimir Borovsky [Spin Result: Estella]
Theodora Arwen Duke
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
B. Foster
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Evelyn Takamura
Chartreuse Greene
Maël Rey-Cadwallader
Xanthos Duke
Brant Shiel
Oliver Pentaghast
Estella Ricardus
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine [Kissed Joy, Maël]
Eres Herondale [Kissed Rooster]
Payton Rose [Kissed Ra'asiel]
Joy Detora [Kissed Foster]

New additions will be added into the turn-order at the end (before Felix).

Theodora, feel free to take your spin. :)
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Theodora Arwen Duke on 12/20/2014 at 14:31

“Thank, I’m Oliver.”

She grinned back at the boy, before turning her eyes away from him to the circle. She didn't think much of the boy, he was new kind of like her. Her pink lips touched the cup again for another sip of butterbeer. This was probably the only way she would cope for the night.

It seemed like the bottle kept spinning, and more and more people were kissing. She couldn't help but, wonder who she would land on. The party was growing bigger, and bigger so more options were laid out. What would her cousin do? Surely, he probably wouldn't like it. He wouldn't dare make a scene out of it though. At least that's what she thought.

The blonde was snapped out of her constant daydreaming, as to what seemed like all eyes were staring at her own. She breathed in a breath of courage, before dainty fingertips touched the empty bottle. Then, she spun the bare bottle, and there it went spinning. It felt like ages went by before the bottle finally chose it's victim. Her seafoam orbs glanced up to the where the spout of the bottle landed on. It was Maël.

She observed how Felix kissed him, and she wasn't sure what she thought of it. It was better to get it over with, still she couldn't help that glow of her rosy cheeks becoming stronger. Surely, she wasn't going to jump off a plank. She definitely wouldn't jump off the plank while she was nude.

Theodora moved closer to where he was in the circle. She tilted her head slightly, eyes lingering on his for just a moment. Theodora moved closer to him while they were just inches apart from kissing. She wouldn't force a kiss out of him, especially if it caused drama between Felix, and Maël. The blonde just sort of stayed there with no movement, pondering her options. If only someone would make a move, and get it over with.

Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Maël Rey-Cadwallader on 12/20/2014 at 20:21
His conversation with Felix and Ra'asiel had completely distracted him from the game. So much so that he hadn't even realised that the all-powerful bottle was pointing at him.  Maël was forced to turn when the girl approached him, though. Slowly, a smile spread across his face when he realised what was happening.

God, she's beautiful, he thought as she approached. He was stunned by her pink lips, the flushed cheeks, her eyes. Though she seemed hesitant to do the deed—likely because of Felix's display—she was there, waiting. Their breath mingled, and he looked into her blue eyes. They stared at each other for a moment, within kissing distance, but not kissing. The tension was a thrill he knew he needed to write down.

Despite claiming to have had his first kiss only moments ago, Maël knew exactly what to do. Slowly, he reached a hand up into the girl's hair, grasping her firmly, but gently, before pressing his lips to hers. It was longer than his kiss with Felix had been. After all, this was no secret, and Maël knew exactly what to do. After half a minute, Maël broke it off and smiled up at the girl, before turning to his friends.

"Finally. Someone attractive to kiss," he jokes. Whether he said it or not, Maël definitely found Felix attractive, but to admit it in front of all these people was a definite no-no. Turning back to Theodora, Maël released her head and added, "But then there aren't too many people more beautiful than you in the world." It was stupid and cheesy, but the words had left his lips and he had drank too many butterbeers to care if he was being stupid. He shot her a wink before turning back to Felix. "Now I'm two for two. I'm catching you up, Oliveroot."
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Felix Oliveroot-Leontine on 12/22/2014 at 06:13
Without missing a beat, Felix was laughing, fending off Nougat the toad and mock-flinching at the punch to his arm. It was impossible to tell if all of it was feigned, or completely natural. His cleverness lay in more than just being able to weave believable lies; it was also in a carefully cultivated skill of manipulation. Why over-reach himself for a cover when he could tap into the oh-so-reliable source of the two Ravenclaws he knew?

He hadn't exactly planned on Ra'asiel jumping in, but he wasn't surprised, because the other boy was kind. And Maël had just as much to lose as he did, although it'd be a lie to say he didn't bank of some mote of affection for himself. Between the three of them, a pretty believable guise was pulled into place. Or so he believed, anyway.

"And you stole my first kiss, you jerk! Now I'm going to have tell people I kissed you before I kissed a girl!"

For a reason no one but Maël would know, besides Felix being an insufferably smug snark, his smile curled into a smirk. One brow raised, he took a slow sip of Butterbeer, to see if Maël could keep a straight face as he said those words. Words which were, for all intensive purposes, completely true even before this party began. (Though if they were going to be technical about who kissed who first-)

"You're on, Cadwallader." He replied, and with not a little bit of amusement. Was it too late to wonder what sort of monster he'd unleashed on Hogwarts? Like Sleeping Beauty turned into some sort of kiss stealer. My, but Maël was getting mighty confident.

Taking another swig of Butterbeer, Felix watched the latest revolution of the bottle 'round the circle. His fingers still touched over Maël's, as casual as if it had been unconsciously done. When the bottle landed on the other boy, they tensed for just a second. That was the only sign to give away that, for the third time, the Hufflepuff was considering if he hadn't thought this thing... all the way through.

But they were at Spin the Bottle, weren't they? They had all accepted the consequences of sitting in the circle, and he had kissed Joy. It was a game - just like this new bet was. And Theodora was very pretty; Felix couldn't fault his friend for kissing her. You just didn't insult a girl like that. Especially a pretty one. She even hesitated a little. Was she shy? That was kind of charming.

The deer-in-headlights look Maël wore for a few seconds was less so. If Felix wasn't master of his own expression, he would've glared at him. Why did the other boy looked so stunned? Like he had never seen a pretty girl before. The kiss, he noted with clinical approval, looked like it had been executed decently.

Good to know Maël had been paying attention.

"The night is young, and this circle is large." He quipped back at him, with a sarcastic shake of his head. As if the student would outpace the teacher. Over his dead body. Turning his attention to Theodora, the dark haired boy smiled. On the drop of a hat, Felix could switch his snarky tongue for a smooth charm. "His kiss wasn't as half-baked as his complement, was it?" His smile deepened a little, the slight incline of his head playful. "And hopefully, I get a chance to make you blush so prettily, too."

There was two things Felix was sure of tonight. One, he'd be Maël's last kiss of the night. For Reasons. Two, that didn't mean there wouldn't be a few other kisses between now and then. Definitely. Not.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Theodora Arwen Duke on 12/23/2014 at 14:17
Before she knew it the boy's lips were against hers, and she gently shut her eyes. His hand was in her hair which she didn't really mind. Besides it was just a kiss. A kiss meant nothing most of the time, especially when it's played in spin-the-bottle. Even if it was just a kiss, she decided to return it the best her plump lips could do.

After they broke the kiss, she gave a small grin at the boy, cheeks still hot.

"Finally. Someone attractive to kiss,"

"Why, thanks." She mumbled almost turning around to go when he decided to add another remark.

"But then there aren't too many people more beautiful than you in the world."

"His kiss wasn't as half-baked as his complement, was it?"

She wanted to laugh at the both of them. There little game that the two were playing was kind of childish but, at the same time cute. Her grin became wider showing white pearly teeth.

"And hopefully, I get a chance to make you blush so prettily, too."

"Well aren't you two cute, dropping compliments all over the place." She snickered, before flashing a smile to the dark haired boy, and the blonde headed one. Here was the Duke in her showing as she walked away with the same attitude most of them had. Theodora didn't know what brought this on, maybe she had sipped a little much of butterbear. However, the girl liked it.

Her blue irises scanned the party for her cousin, finally finding him to check on how he was doing. She didn't know what he would think of her, but then again he was at this party too. She stepped beside him, a small smile placed on her rosy brims. "Better kiss someone before the party ends, or else someone's going to jump off the plank naked." Theodora teased, nudging him slightly in the shoulder.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Vladimir Borovsky on 12/29/2014 at 12:27
The game continued to play out but all Vladi could fixate on was his friend, his best friend shuffling on her knees closer towards him. Butterfly's erupted inside his stomach and moved upwards until it felt as though they had became lodged inside his throat.

At least this way, he wouldn't get to be jealous over the thought of his closest friend locking lips with another boy, or whoever possibly taking his place. But that did not change the nerves... Why was he so nervous?

As her fingers slid between his and another reached up to part his hair from his face his breathing hitched, but it was surprisingly enjoyable. His eyes lingered longingly on hers and the look she returned seemed to calm his nerves. Those beautiful and familiar eyes had always been a comfort to him.

"I would be okay with this."

This was it. He was actually going to kiss her. It was time to 'man up'.

Smiling his usual cheeky boy grin, the other anxieties dropped away with a shrugg. They were too good of friends to let anything as silly as a game of 'spin the bottle' come between the them - and in this moment none of that really mattered.

"Come here, then beautiful." He said with a wink, gently running a few fingers through a strand of her hair and pulling her closer to him. Closing his eyes, his hand in her hand gripped tighter as he placed his lips on hers with a gentle kiss.

It was warm and soft and as they parted he had the strange inclination to pull her back for another.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Estella Ricardus on 12/30/2014 at 08:03
The voices pushed against her eardrums, the soft brushing of the hollow bottle against blades of grass as the game continued registered with her; she ignored it all. Once again her mind was entirely encompassed with one thing.

That one thing happened to be her best friend. Estella was focused solely on Vladi. On his black hair and green eyes. All of his features were familiar, yet there was suddenly something new bubbling inside as she stared straight at him.

So much could change if her and Vladi kissed. Estella did not know very many pairs of best friends that kissed. Could they still be friends after kissing? There were lots of questions zooming about her brain as her eyes roved over Vladimir's face.

None of the questions seemed as important as the thought that having Vladi be her first kiss felt right. She wasn't sure why she had that feeling, Estella was not the type to delve too deeply into her emotions. That feeling was stronger than the ones making her wonder how their friendship might change and so that was the feeling she concentrated on.

After staring for what felt like hours a smile appeared on his face; his usual cheerful, mischievous smile. Estella couldn't help but beam her own brilliant smile back at the well known sight.

"Come here, then beautiful."

Her smile relaxed, softened, and turned a little shy. He had certainly never called her that before. Her breath stuttered a little when his hand reached out and ran through her hair, grazing her cheek just enough to cause her skin to tingle where his fingers had brushed.

And then he was pulling her closer and her breath stopped altogether for several long moments. In the instant before their lips met Estella felt Vladi's hand tighten around hers and her free hand moved to press against his shoulder for support.

Vladi's lips were softer than she had anticipated and Estella's eyes drifted to a close as their lips pressed together. Estella inched herself closer, enjoying the kiss and wanting it to last longer. However, before she knew it, Vlad was pulling back and her lips were her own once again.

She nearly pouted.

Instead of acting immature, Estella gently rubbed her nose back and forth across Vlad's before flashing another smile at him. Their first kiss over, Estella didn't move back to her previous spot between Xan and Rooster. She pushed off her knees, turned, and sat down between Vlad's legs. As she snuggled back against his chest Estella lifted her head and pressed her lips against his jaw.

"You could do that again." A little heat rose in her cheeks. "If you wanted."

She would most definitely not protest.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Chartreuse Greene on 12/30/2014 at 15:04
Chartreuse had sat there a little awkwardly, at first. Unsure of what all was happening. After a couple spins of the bottle, sweat had formed along her brow and her armpits were like marshes.

Her eyes were fixed on Vladimir. She wiped her hand across her forehead. It left her palm even clammier than it had been. The bottle did not stop on her. She was relieved. She had never kissed a boy, unless you counted her cousins, but those weren't real kisses. Those were just pecks on the cheek forced out of them by family tradition.

When Vladimir looked at his best friend, a smile popped on his face as he shrugged. She did not like that. It was unsettling, almost like he had given in to his stalker.

"Come here, then...beautiful."

Before he could do any further damage, Chartreuse turned and stood up, mumbling excuses as she stalked off. This was much more intense than she thought it would be. Her heart felt all sorts of weird. Her head was a little light. She was definitely not having the time of her life.

Her pace quickened as she found the path down from the peak. "Chartreuse, pull yourself together," she told herself like a fool with nothing to lose. "This is what happens. This is life." Her gaze intently stayed on the trail in front of her. She did not want to look around and trip over some root or rock. It was already embarrassing enough to have to sneak away like a kissing coward. Hopefully in not time, she'd be back in her bunk.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Raasiel Albear on 01/01/2015 at 06:05

Current Turn Order: (Subject to Change)
Sophie Ross
Rowan Stann
Serena Rose
B. Foster
Ra'asiel Albear
Grant Chemfield
Evelyn Takamura
Chartreuse Greene
Maël Rey-Cadwallader
Xanthos Duke
Brant Shiel
Oliver Pentaghast
Estella Ricardus
Felix Oliveroot-Leontine [Kissed Joy, Maël]
Eres Herondale [Kissed Rooster]
Payton Rose [Kissed Ra'asiel]
Joy Detora [Kissed Foster]
Vladimir Borovsky [Kissed Estella]
Theodora Arwen Duke [Kissed Maël]

New additions will be added into the turn-order at the end (before Felix).

Since summer is winding down, I'm going to say people can take their spins as they are able to. <3 I will generate random results for everyone who hasn't gone yet and get them sent out ASAP.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Vladimir Borovsky on 01/02/2015 at 17:06
The way her nose brushed against his as the kiss between them ended, that sweet smile dancing across her lips, he felt smitten. A smile appeared on his own in return, with a gentle blush to his cheeks.

Surprisingly Estella, instead of returning to her seat pivoted on her knees and moved between his legs. He allowed her to nestle between them, her head nuzzling into his chest. It felt comfortable and in a strange way right, and so he did not discousage the closeness, instead he ran his hands through her long soft hair and down across her face.

Glancing around he noticed his Hufflepuff friend leaving with a expression on her face that made him feel uncomfortable. Had he done something to upset her? He was about to approach her but then Ella caught him off guard.

"You could do that again." she mumbled as a knot twisted inside his stomach from the warmth of her breath against his jaw. "If you wanted."

That was all the invite he needed.

Placing his hand softly under her chin and lifting it, he placed a gentle kiss on the end of her nose before moving down for another on her lips.

He didn't want to admit it to himself, but he was sure his feelings for his friend may have just surpassed 'just friend's'. He had always found her attractive, but this was different. Was he crushing? Is this what it felt like to want to be more than someones friend?

It was all very confusing, but for now Vladi decided he would just relax and enjoy it while it lasted. Perhaps he would never get the opportunity again.
Title: Re: Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum [4th Year and Up Party]
Post by: Payton Rose on 01/03/2015 at 00:57
It would be odd, she decided, to spend the rest of the party moping in her own little circle of discontent. If she pushed too hard at that guilty feeling inside her, she'd end up dragging her friends down with her; Ra'asiel and Serena surrounded her and one of them would notice if she wasn't exactly...cheerful.

She could avoid his eyes.

She could pretend it was alright.

She was alright.

The lie fueled her enough that she managed to snag a drink for both her and her cousin, smiling at the blonde girl as she took her place back in the circle and set the liquid near Serena's knee. Her attention had dropped from the game to focus inward but she was determined to last the rest of the night without worrying about everything...like normal.

She wrapped her empathy up in a box and stashed it low in her spine, determined to ignore any emotions as best she could. Curiosity, guilty, anger, jealousy....those could all be chased away with the smooth slide of butterbeer and the warm presence of people she cared about. That Grant, the one she cared most about, wasn't speaking to her, was an icy box of black that she refused to acknowledge.

Not here, not now.

"So..." She leaned in towards her cousin and smiled, a slow, charming, conspiratorial smile, "...who do you want it to land on? If you could choose that is?" She nudged Serena lightly in the side, sipping at her drink.

She could do this.