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Title: [Scavenger Social] Mountain Mural Majesty | [OPEN]
Post by: Leander Laskos on 04/05/2014 at 03:59
The Scavenger Part
First Week of Summer, 1941

Leander was rummaging through a crate pulled out from under his cot. He knew they were there somewhere. He rifled through playing cards, astray rook from an old Wizard’s chess set and one half of a misplaced pair of socks. Furrowed brow channeled a bead of sweat down the ridge of his nose. He shifted over a stack of pulp novels and sighed relievedly. There were the three suede bags that had somehow inexplicably sunk to the bottom of his personal belongings.

He wouldn’t have to deal with the disappointed look of his younger Hufflepuff counterpart after all. It was a look he felt he’d received from Amaranthe too often during quidditch practice.

Shoving two of the bags into his back pocket, Leander turned out the contents of the third bag, emptying several figures of an elephant-like creature with a large horn and reptilian tail into his hands. He walked out of his hut to place each figure on the sill of the hut windows, where the hut's mural danced.


How did you end up all the way up here? I hope you didn't tire yourself out with the hike. The mountain is pretty bare-- except for its views. Maybe take a look a breather and admire the painted huts?

Have no idea what's going on?

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Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Mountain Mural Majesty | [OPEN]
Post by: Malachi Gallagher on 04/07/2014 at 01:39
Malachi was on his way back to his hut after running into the ice cream event.  He came across the entire event by chance and only stayed because he thought it was something important since so many people were gathered by.  Little did he knew they were all gearing up for a scavenger hunt.  He had been polite and sat through the whole presentation but had no intention of participating in the event.  It wasn't like they young Slytherin hopeful didn't love ice cream, far from it really.  He didn't think he'd stand a chance against everyone else because they were breaking off into groups and there were so many older kids who were probably smarter.  Mal actually felt a little bit overwhelmed by how he seemed to be the only one who didn't know what to do.  So he resigned to going back to his cabin and try his hand at drawing again.  Boy did he miss his family...

Walking back to the cabin with his hands shoved in his pocket, Malachi noticed one of the counselors walking about.  He wasn't sure who this guy was because he was in charge of the older campers but Mal had seen him around.  The guy was loitering around the murals which gave the idea to the slightly lonely kid to try his hand at drawing the murals.

The aspiring artist returned several minutes later with drawing materials in hand and plopped in front of the huts with his drawing supplies.  A few more minutes went by and Malachi conceded that his stick figure lion was being eaten by a stick figure T-Rex wasn't anything impressive.  So the kid redoubled his efforts and looked hard at the murals for inspiration.
Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Mountain Mural Majesty | [OPEN]
Post by: Leander Laskos on 04/08/2014 at 10:32
A more scenic place than atop Magis Magis mountain would be hard to find. A light breeze lifts up the moutain side, carrying up the hiss of the scraggly underbrush that climbs the steep slopes of Loki's highest peak. Above, the winds picked up the clouds, moving the shadows they cast over the valley in swift, shifting patterns. In the clearing skies, the light of the harshening African sun dawns once agin on the mud-crafted walls of the circular Iriz Ima huts.

As the light creeps slowly up the shifting waves of the hut named for Yemalla, belonging to the older girls. The painted sea foam glinted in the light as it rolled over an unseen shore. The moon of the mural waned, paling in the brighter light of the sun. Spinning and swaying still, the goddess of the Sea and Moon smiled and waved a hand at the younger boy piled under drawing papers and pencils.

Finally, reaching the sill of one of the window ledge-- there something glints in the unveiled sun.

Perhaps there's something there's something worth catching your eye, Malachi?


You've picked quite a vantage point! Though you may have been seeking nothing more than inspiration and little peace and quiet-- but doesn't standing at the heart of the winner's circle sound like more fun? We did mention that there's going to be ice cream, didn't we? Go on and collect your stone, you're one step closer to glory, little Slytherin!

Good job tracking down the Iriz Ima figurine!
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Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Mountain Mural Majesty | [OPEN]
Post by: Malachi Gallagher on 04/09/2014 at 05:27
Malachi tried to draw fast enough to keep up with the moving murals.  They still amazed him at they moved just like the pictures his dad had taken him to a few times back in the muggle world.  But muggle pictures were never like this, they only acted in a scripted way while magical pictures truly were alive.  Like the pretty Sea and Moon goddess waiving at him.  The kid flashed her a toothy smile and returned her waive enthusiastically.  He was definitely going to draw her next.  She could be riding the T-Rex, a flying T-Rex!  She is a goddess after all.

The enthusiastic waive slowed to a halt as blue eyes spotted something glinting in the windowsill.  Malachi wondered who could lose something up there?  There was no logic in losing something high up on a windowsill but then again, women aren't logical.  Figuring he'd be a nice guy, Malachi got up to figure out what the object was so he could return it to whichever girl lost it.  That was when the young lad realized it was an Iriz Ima figurine.

The Slytherin-to-be felt a flutter in his heart when he realized he found one of three figurines purely by chance!  What was even better was that he was the only one up here.  No one else had even thought to come up the mountain.  "Thank you oh Lord for the luck of the Irish!"  Malachi cheered as he secured the figurine.  Now he just had to figure out where the other two were.  "How did those clues go?"  He thought aloud as he retrieved his handout to search the clues.

Here you’ll find plenty of room to breathe but you may seek higher ground if you are planning to stay, beneath the foliage along with this stone, you may find creatures you’d prefer to keep at bay.

"Huh..."  The bewildered kid said as he re-read the clue once more.  "Room to breath, seek higher ground, creatures to keep at bay.  Sounds like the grasslands where I just signed up for dueling!"  Malachi immediately began gathering all of his drawing equipment and rushed inside to 'deposit his supplies on his bed, deposit meaning throw on top of.  He grabbed his wand and his fedora before running outside towards the grasslands at full speed.
Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Mountain Mural Majesty | [OPEN]
Post by: Lynette Crossings on 04/25/2014 at 00:34
Lynette watched the boy run off wondering what he was so excited about. Seeing the paintings she looks at the paintings studying them with a glimmer in her eyes comparing her own drawings and studies of such paintings of that time period. As much as she loved ice cream she loved the adventure, amazing sites and cool creations more still puzzled by the paintings.