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Title: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flow | [OPEN]
Post by: Leander Laskos on 04/05/2014 at 03:39
The Scavenger Part
First Week of Summer, 1941

The rippling flow of the river that cut conveniently through camp was like a beacon for creatures all across the savannah. On this particular day, a group of imperious water buffalo have seemed to claim a choice spot along the stream. One of the few young calves among their number is particularly curious about any of the gangly, two-legged creatures who walk by, but I wouldn’t get too friendly-- its rather burly mother is keeping a close eye on any who get too near.


You've followed one of the clues here... or perhaps it was just your sense of direction. Well, go ahead and take a look around, I'm sure you'll find something.

Have no idea what's going on?

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Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flow | [OPEN]
Post by: Calypso Ross on 04/05/2014 at 20:15
"Oooooh!" Calypso's eyes lit up with delight at the sight of the buffalo gathered by the river. For a moment, she completely forgot that they were supposed to be looking for stones; animals were far more interesting than rocks, and the calves were just adorable.

"Ianne, look!" The young girl turned expectantly to the rather unfortunate Hufflepuff who had - for some bewildering and unknown reason - agreed to team up with her, then pointed at the mammals gathered nearby. "Aren't they cute?" she exclaimed, taking several steps towards the nearest calf.

Bad idea. The mother snorted and Cally skittered back to the safety of the older girl's side. Petting animals sounded like a lot more fun than searching for pebbles in this heat, but she didn't want to be skewered by those horns. And there was supposed to ice cream at the end of this.

"Where do you think this stone thing's gonna be?" she asked, frowning. Check where things float. That was what the clue had told her. And things certainly floated in water. Reaching for the older girl's hand so that she could tug her over to the edge of the stream, Cally peered into the rippling water for any sign of a coloured stone. There were pebbles along the bottom of the riverbed, but none caught her eye.

"Maybe we read the clue wrong. It's too difficult, Ianne." She wasn't usually a quitter, but the heat made her lethargic and the thought of the prize was making her impatient. She really wanted that ice cream. And she wanted it now.
Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flow | [OPEN]
Post by: Arianna Richards on 04/06/2014 at 16:15
Ianne eyes snapped upwards at the sound of the snorting buffalo, but relaxed as Cally scurried back and the large creature returned to drinking from the river.

Cute would not be the first word she would use (maybe not even the tenth) to describe the mammoth animals who were accompanying them on their search for the stones for the scavenger hunt. “Maybe just from a distance,” she nodded – Cally possessed a great love of animals that it would probably be no use disagreeing with the younger girl.

She let Calypso pull her closer to the river, and bent down to dip her hand into the water, enjoying the cool sensation that graced her skin. Pulling it out, she flicked her hand towards the Gryffindor well-meaningly. “Nonsense, we haven’t even started yet!” She scanned the river for anything that seemed out of place, though it was a bit difficult considering the glistening surface. “Besides, there’s ice cream right after, so it shouldn’t be too bad, right?”
Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flow | [OPEN]
Post by: Leander Laskos on 04/08/2014 at 10:53
The sun glints off the rippling water as it continued onward with its gentle flow, uninhibited by its intruders. Perhaps there's something interesting down by the reeds, there seems to be some rustling over there. The impetuous calf, intrigued by this funny little creature more its size, seems to have renewed interest in its visitors. Beady eyes look beseechingly for an invitation-- Cally, do you put your hand out?

Despite the cool of the stream, the warming sun climbs higher in the sky, raising the heat of the day and demanding more sweat from the creatures below its reign. Ianne, wouldn't you say finding some shade sounds good right about now?


But there's plenty of places for them to be hidden-- you don't think they could have floated downstream, do you? I'm sure you're getting close, though maybe it's really only closer to the waterbuffalos. Either way, I'd still be cautious about that mother, she doesn't seem exactly like the 'cuddling' type.

Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flower | [OPEN]
Post by: Calypso Ross on 04/08/2014 at 15:14
Ianne didn't seem to share her enthusiasm for the buffalo, but Cally supposed that was okay. She'd shown enough interest in Oddball that almost anything and everything could be forgiven. Even not finding baby buffalo cute.

The twelve year old squealed as the water splashed onto her bare arms and she let go of the Hufflepuff incredibly quickly, a wicked grin spreading across her face. Clearly, Ianne didn't know what she was getting herself into. Water fights were fun, and the Gryffindor wasn't one to lack in effort.

"I want the ice cream now," she complained, her voice verging on a whine as she eyed the river, contemplating the best place to jump in. The deeper she plunged, the bigger the wave would be. And that meant it had far more chance of completely soaking Ianne.

Her slowly developing plan to get revenge was quickly abandoned, however; the calf she had taken an interest in before had decided to come closer and it was staring at Cally almost as if it was asking to be petted. So, naturally, the Gryffindor had no choice but to do just that.

"Look, he likes us."

Leaving Ianne's side and handing over all searching duties as she did so, the young girl took several slow steps towards the baby animal, her arm stretched out tentatively towards its head. "Hello," she murmured softly, fingers reaching for soft fur. The overprotective mother was all but forgotten about.

Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flow | [OPEN]
Post by: Amaranthe Litchfield on 04/13/2014 at 00:31
The baby buffalo seems to like the attention, either curious or thinking that Calypso's fingers are pieces of grass it comes up closer. The momma buffalo nearbye does not like the attention these strangers are giving to her baby. A lowing sound heard as a warning before she began to trot over right towards Calypso.


Momma Buffalo is definitely not happy. It is time to cut your loses and skedaddle out of there. Why don't you check out what the others clue say and try again?

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Title: Re: [Scavenger Social] Going with the Flow | [OPEN]
Post by: Lynette Crossings on 04/25/2014 at 00:24
Lynette just made it to the river and saw the mother buffalo not happy about not being with her calf. Lynette yelled"Hey get out of the way run!' Lynette ran over and gets in front of the girl taking out her wand vowing to only use it if there was no other option for safety.