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Title: Pureblood Families
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Hogwarts School has been going on for over ten years, and we've accumulated quite a few Pureblood families along the way. Below is a listing of who they are, where they are, and a little bit of what they're about! Note, this list isn't comprehensive, and you are more than welcome to develop families of your own.
open | @player, contact player first | closed
Alcott @elleriestauxpris Coventry, England Upper-middle-class, mellow family. Tend to be progressive in ideals, have a strength in divination. Distantly related to the Saint Auxpris family, though they claim no real relation.
Russia | Few Remaining survivors. | Pureblood family that worked with the Communists and scientific warfare with the militia for national defense and offense. Family excelled in Potions mastery worked for special unites wiping out their assigned targets. Much of the Family was wiped out by communists due to misinformation. There are many who remain living with secret keepers to continue survival.
Ashkevron@Takeshi Morisawa European Nomads (Originally Romanian)| Family status Perceived to be Extinct**|  Ashkevron was a big name in the middle ages as a magical family excelling in Divination and Dreamcasting. In this family women were very dominant name was passed through the maiden line, and marriage was not only determined by pureblood status but also by Divination abilities. This family dealt with the world of the subconscious which connects every living soul through dreams. Divinators had special abilities to protect themselves in this realm and could battle the monstrosities that resided there feeding on wayward souls. After much adversity with the communists, The family then went into hiding, becoming nomads and traveling frequently like gypsies. Ashkevrons are perceived as Dark wizards but most unjustifiably as it is Not true for the majority of those surviving, The see themselves as guardians.
Astor ❖ @Cassius Ellwood-Luxe France - French. From Cannes. Does what they want to do.
Battersea Scotland A very ancient family whose ancestral seat is in Scotland, with branches in England, Ireland, the Isle of Mann, Russia, and Wales. Consisting of four family lines, they are reticent, anachronistic and incredibly wealthy, highly educated with the majority noted as Archivists, Lore-Gatherers, Sages, Scholars, and Writers. Hierarchal, they are headed by a family Patriarch who directs them in larger affairs, along with two councils that serve the balance things on smaller levels. Overwhelmingly Ravenclaw and steeped in ceremony and tradition anyone to the contrary is usually seen in a dismal light, with only a few exceptions. Overall the family has a strong affinity for the discipline of Conjuring and Summoning, with the adults known for their practice of spatial and time-based magic.
 Barbanov Russia Semi-rare, stuffy, closeted, elite.
 Blackbourne England Mostly pureblood, though there are intermarriages here and there. Many of the Blackbournes might be described as down to earth sorts, filling the working class to middle class range, for the most part, though a few are better off. Not all of them attend Hogwarts.
 Birch @elizabethbirch England This would be considered a fairly rare pureblood name, though there are a few still out there, most would be a bit removed from E Birch and not really in her direct line. The core of the family tend to be the fanatically pure judgmental sorts, and a few 'dark wizards' have popped up among them. It's only a scandal if you're caught... and a few were.
Carlisle ❖ @Thomas Sincade
Cumbria, England |Common| A pureblood family that likes and has money and power. They find great pride in their purity and the length of their family line. They family seat is in Cumbria, but you can find a Carlisle almost anywhere in Europe. Marriages are usually planned within the family by the family head, who is currently Aloysius Carlise

Chaucer ❖ @Cassius Ellwood-Luxe England - The Chaucers are a relatively easygoing family, based in Catton, Norwich. Their wealth isn't quite as grand as some other pureblooded families, but they are by no means poor. Historically based in France, they moved to Norwich from Normandy just before WWI in 1913 to keep out of conflict. Many of them are put into Ravenclaw, but Slytherin's becoming a trend, recently. All of them are blonde. Forever.
Spain Middle-class, few vagabonds and run-ins with the law, but mostly a rather tight-knit, happy family.
Bristol, England
Draginoff  @DemetriDraginoff  Location: Originally from Moscow Russia, now live in Scotland. The family has spread out through the years,and several branches exist, the main branch is direct descendant of the first born of the main family. However there are a great number of cousins uncles aunts. The Draginoff clan is a line of purebloods that can track themselves back to about 200 years after the fall of the last roman empire. In the main, the features that distinguish the Draginoffs from other pure lines, is a; their size, and b; the universal look. Children of the line always seem to have blue eyes, and many are blonde, though it is not uncommon to find some with black hair. The Draginoff males, all seem to stand at 6 feet, or taller, and most are broad shouldered, it is also noted from some sources, that squibs of the line are killed, and that most of the family shuns those that marry muggles, if not kill them outright. None of the murders have ever been prosecuted
 Eir Norway
 Ellwood-Luxe ❖ @Cassius Ellwood-Luxe Wales - Stuffy and self-righteous. Prone to brawls and snarky battles of the wits. Come from a long (long, long..) line of male heads-of-family. Tend to think they're a little more godly than the rest of the population. Lots of involvement in the Ministry. The head of family and his immediate relatives live at Disgleirio, the familial estate built in the 1500s, located at Sker Beach outside of Porthawl, Wales. About a thousand of them. Possibly a hyperbole, but probably not.
 Ennes @aislynnperiwinkle Britain |Nearly extinct Found mostly in Britain. Open but limited- talk to me first since some of Marnie's relatives are now half-bloods and Marnie herself is 3/4 blood, if you are really wanting pure-blood status. Only one of her uncles married a pure-blood and they only had one child, so the possibility of producing anymore pure-blooded Ennes people is not likely.
 Fuchs Germany
Hir Wales
 Hollow Cornwell, England The Hollows are an English family, probably based round Cornwall way. I think I decided there was once a great Diviner a good few generations back but there's been no other sign of particular divination ability since (in fact I always played Ari's line as quite sceptical). I don't have much other information about them, except that the most recent graduates have been Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.   
Hurst England Big bank roll. Like to be in charge. Multiply like rats. Think they're above the law - they paid for it. If they spit on the little guy its an honor to the little guy. Can you say inbred?
Ivanov @annekaivanova  Russia This family tends to be pureblood elitists, nearly all have attended Durmstrang, and most are heavily involved in using dark magic/illegal practices. They tend to be wealthy and very traditional in their beliefs. The majority live around St. Petersburg, but some are in Moscow or other various parts of the country.
Kirwood ◊
Scotland & England Unlike the Parrishes, if someone chooses to marry outside of the wizarding world, they aren't shunned, though they are encouraged to look to other witches and wizards.   
Hogsmeade London,England ;of late, Hogsmeade, Scotland. Originally from Korea prior to disunification. Hidden branch of the Imperial House of Yi. (Josean era) Family currently founded and maintains a sanctuary village,The Third Kingdom ,in Hogsmeade. Family compound is Jeundo Palace. The Kingdom is a sanctioned ally of the British Ministry. The family as well as the villagers are from persecuted shamanistic Korean clans. The royals use the surname of Kim or Choe. (please note - any and all references to Imperial Yi or shaman clans are fictional).
@cameronmarksby Kent, England The Lancaster Estate is located just outside of Whitstable, Kent, on the coast. This is where the direct lineage of heirs make their home, with their immediate families. Clarence Lancaster is the most elderly of the Lancasters, and is currently, at the age of 111, busy making the proper arrangements for his passing-on. Also present on the estate are, in order of inheritance, Sebastian and Carolyn Lancaster, Marcus and Sarah Lancaster and their son, Stephen (a squib), and William Lancaster, the youngest heir to the estate. Because the only son of Marcus and Sarah is a squib, the inheritance fell to William, the next eldest male in the family. The rest of the family is spread out in various locations across Britain and Europe, with several homes clustered near the main estate. The Lancasters are generally very wealthy and proper, teaching their children strict manners, ballroom dancing, and duelling. Their house affiliation is scattered, though it seems that Lancasters end up in Ravenclaw more often than any other house. The direct line of Lancasters have been in Ravenclaw for centuries.
Lombardi France
Luciferan @elizabethbirch America, Italy
 MacPherson Scotland 
@elizamallory France Tend towards political and higher wizarding social circles, tend to stay in France and go to Beauxbatons for schooling.
 Malken@esmecharlottevartan England & France Upper-class, politicians. Roots in England, some of the family has expanded to Paris. Distantly related to Esme Vartan, tend to be redheads. Conservative family, though the younger generations are considerably more progressive, most tend to be Ravenclaws.
@Takeshi MorisawaJapan | Nearly Extinct | Status| The Morisawa's are equivalent to near Japanese Nobility. Highly esteemed in the Pureblood community, they have an intense influence on the Japanese Ministry of Magic, as well as some influence in Japanese muggle government. VERY STRICT Traditional family. Elitists. Cling to old ways. | History| The Morisawa clan was a Fierce war clan that, Ancient roots show magical specialties in Animagus Transfigurations. But Magical strengths vary. It is rumored that their family holds some secrets to Dark Magic and still undergo illegal tormenting practices and experimentation. This has not been Proven. During WWII The majority of the clan was wiped out. There are few remaining main line descendants. Most are distant cousins.
Mortenmar @elizabethbirch Wales, Extinct in the UK. Extant in France. Ancient line. The Welsh Mortenmars were historically notorious for irrational and often immoral behaviour.
@elizamallory or @belicoserazi Northern China Traditional Chinese pureblood wizarding family.  Know for arranging marriages for there girls with purebloods of high standing in other countries.  Values having girls for that purpose, which is not traditional for most Chinese pureblood families. 
Title: Re: Pureblood Families
Post by: Arnaud Gaudet on 04/07/2012 at 16:36
O'Conner (Don) ❖ @Johnathan OConner Connacht, Russia, Germany, France, Bulgaria, and England Rare They are extreme pureblood elitists. Anyone who even considers dating a muggle or a member of a mixed blood family is often disowned. They most often end up in politics or law and they are advocates of the end of the censorship of magic. They are descended from Conchobhar, King of Connacht (d.970). Most often they are Slytherins or Ravenclaws, but there have been a few Hufflepuffs and only two Gryffindors.
O'Conner (Offlay or Flay)Ireland, England Common They are descended from O’Connor Flay, who in turn was descended of Cathaoir Mor, King of Ireland in the second century. They are made up of solely purebloods in the wizarding world and are very selective when it comes to finding spouses. However, they are slightly more tolerant of mixed bloods and muggles than the O’Conner Don branch when it comes to magical schooling.
O'Conner (Slligo) ❖@Johanthan OConner Ireland, England Rare This branch is very selective when it comes to spouses and will not willingly socialize with muggleborns and mixed bloods. It is not uncommon for members  to marry members of the O’Conner Don or O’Conner Flay septs. The members of this group also claim to be descended from Conchobhar, King of Connacht. However, their members are descended from the Amazonite Queen Maedb. King Conchobhar married her and then separated from her a few years later.
Oliveroot@Robert Oliveroot – A family that has been around through hundreds of years, they’re most highly known for being a family of strong and intelligent women.   They were born from the Black Plague, and have roots from France and Ireland. They’ve moved through the years, a woman always the Head of House, though recently things have been more difficult to convince men to take their name, so they're struggling to survive.  Their Estate is in Woodeaton, England, and have homes throughout the countryside. 
Ouellet @kellendouglass France The Ouellet's are your typical rich, snobby purebloods, who prefer to associate with their own. Money speaks to them more than bloodline, although that is also important. But high class and social status are the goals of the Ouellets. And they have no problem letting others know when they feel like a person is beneath them.
  Ollie England And you get a house ghost (Ravenclaw) that you can claim any distant relation you want to.
Parrish @chelseamyraparrish Unknown Pureblood elitists, though there has been an odd black sheep or two that went off and married muggles or mixed bloods, but we don't talk about them. 
@paraspendragon Everywhere Pureblood elitists. 
 Phelps-Smythe Hogsmeade Hogsmeade,Scotland ;originally from Kenya, Afrika. Family home, The Manor, is located across the lake from Hogwarts. At present, the daughter,Lorinna Crump nee Phelps-Smythe, is grandmother to the MacPherson siblings. Family has long history of potion makers and/or healers. 
England, Caribbean Pureblood elitists. Will not allow a marriage unless the witch or wizard being married into the family is from an extremely pureblood family of high standing.  Muggles/Halfbloods will not be found in the family tree unless they are deceased or removed in another fashion.  This tradition goes back at least five hundred years - probably longer. 
@chantalrenard Southern France & England Men are an exception in this family, only two in the last hundred years (both of them born recently). Mostly in Slytherin (and also strong for blood purity), but there are exceptions to that. Most family members have good knowledge about Dark Arts, but few are practicing them. 
Saint Auxpris
Kensington, London, England Extremely upper-class, with high ties to the British Ministry of Magic. Known in multiple social circles due to numerous advantageous marriages, throw a killer holiday party.
@herosavage London, England Based in Kensington, London. Rare. 
Shepard Rome, Italy most of them are  sort into Ravenclaw, most part of the family likes to live  by its own, they tend to spend to much time with family or just lonely, when they  got friends they tend to be for  life and they make them part of the family, they have hereditary diseases, like heart problems, or cancer, also  is not a very huge  family and they love to keep gossips  or secrets.
Silus Clan ❖ @naamah England/America The Silus clan are purebloods who are well known for their work in creating magical items, from toys and portkeys to weapons!  Unlike many pureblood families the Silus clan does not exile pureblood members who marry or have children with muggles or halfbloods, but the children of such unions are usually mistreated!
 Sky Ireland The Sky family will be mainly based in Ireland, but there's probs a few of them dotted around most of the British Isles by now. Mostly Gryffindors (primarily Gryffindor, actually) and Ravenclaws, I think there hasn't been a Slytherin since probably the early 1800s. Quite middle-class to working-class and quite relaxed with regards to decorum, and the later generations at least don't have any blood prejudice; in fact I'd say they were near extinction because there's been a few intermarriages with Muggleborns/halfbloods etc of late (which would probably open the name to halfbloods too).  
Northern France
Northumberland Based in the Cheviot Hills in Northumberland, although now rather more widely spread. An old, medieval, family with a proud tradition of service, but not considered one of the 'great' pureblood families, because they have historically tended to be assistants and functionaries rather than movers and shakers. Considered by some to be blood traitors because they rarely insist on marrying into other ancient pureblood lines, and some younger sons have even married muggles. In the style of some muggle clans, the head of the family is called simply "The Tibble". Despite their obvious upper class English accents, which makes them sound distinguished to muggles, the family has a centuries-long association with Hufflepuff house.
Vaillant @timothyvartan France & England Originally from France, but has mostly migrated to England in the middle 1700s. Mostly Ravenclaws with a couple of Hufflepuffs and work in Ministry of Magic. Have a fairly moderate view of blood purity. 
Northern France & Switzerland Active. The family to spread out in Western Europe. Large majority of family members end up in Gryffindor. Middle to upper class, ties to the Swiss Ministry.
 Vega @marcusantharesvega
Watson-Kavanaugh ◊ / ❖ @NicholasYandel /  ◆ closed England Rare Almost Extinct The only living survivors of the Kavanaugh’s are Ellie and her father the family dates back to the end of the 1400 and is known for only breeding purebloods all the Kavanaugh’s had been accepted to Hogwarts and the house of choice was always Slytherin until Ellie who by a cheer mistake ended in Hufflepuff. The Kavanaugh’s wealth is owed due to many of the members following their passion in the justice system. As for Watson also rare the only ones capable of continuing the lineage are Ellie and Richard’s sons Jacob, Julian and Gabriel. It was thought that the Watson bloodline had ended with Richard’s father after he died but then Richard came along brought up by his grandfather who is dead now. The Watson date back to the mid-1800 and even though it continues in their children unless the children bare boys the Watson Bloodlines will end for good.
 Spain, Italy, England
Winter  @flickwolfen England A very wealthy pureblood family with a respectable reputation (depending on your point of view) and known to be serious elitists with specific family rules that must be followed. Coercing with muggles and muggle-borns is looked down upon, and marrying a muggle or muggle-born will consequently have you shunned by your own family. Mainly found in England, but some have scattered around Europe. Those who attended Hogwarts are almost always sorted into Slytherin with few exceptions. Blondes are frequently born into this family.
Wolfen @flickwolfen Germany, England The Wolfen family are lower-class wizards and witches of pureblood decent, known to be more hard-working and prudent than wealthy and elite. Most Wolfen relatives reside in Germany, but after the second World War, many have scattered all over Europe, including Verity’s mother. The Wolfen family is also known to breed a certain magical creature known as the albino larvatus husky; the family’s own concoction of dog breeding and witchcraft of wizardry (more detailed information found deeper into the application). It is common for children born into the Wolfen family to receive either a husky pup or full grown husky (full grown dogs are often from Wolfen owners that have passed away, and because the dogs do not age, they get passed down to another Wolfen)
England A tendency to strong opinions on morality and feistyness, but decent people and not raised to cruelty. Neither rich nor poor, and not the sort you'd be likely to find as dark wizards. They are the sort of people who write strongly worded letters of complaint/admonishment to the newspaper, the Minister, etc.
Yandel ◊ / ❖ @ NicholasYandel /  ◆ closed German/England Rare Originally from Germany the family dates back to the beginning of the 1900, purebloods affluent and very well-known. The Yandel bloodline has always been lucky to bare mostly boys and has been able to be carried out through the years. Hard working class, many business owners have also nourished the wealth of the family as they have passed down business to their heirs. They are not prejudice about any type of bloodlines as long as their business never feel the impact of such.
Title: Re: Pureblood Families
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Not on the list so far? Copy and paste the form below, then reply to this thread. There's no more room for alphabetising, but we can keep them in this thread. ;)


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[font=georgia][b]Family Name[/b] ◊ / ❖ @player /  ◆ closed [i]Location[/i] [i]Common/Rare/Extinct (Note: please post extinct lines sparingly and only if they are essential to an ongoing plot)[/i] Family description, (please keep this close to 100 words or less.)[/font]
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Stevens ◊ / ❖ @Owen Stevens /  ◆ closed Hulme Walfield, Cheshire Common Family description, The Stevens' Family have resided in England for decades, since the family moved from Bulgaria. All of the males in the family went to Durmstrang and all the females went to Hogwarts. The only known members of the Stevens' Famly left are; Nicholas & Ulrikka Stevens, Victor and Katerina Stevens and Owen Stevens
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Fontaine ◊ / ❖ @Elodie Fontaine /  ◆ closed France Not the most common, but not quite rare either. The Fontaines are extremely wealthy Purebloods; perhaps not the wealthiest of all Purebloods in Europe, but definitely in the top half. The family believes that they are better than Purebloods at the same or lower level in society and are prejudice against all of those who aren't Pureblood. They live on large estates throughout France, each of which is home to a large amount of servants and house elves, and a lesser number of members of the Fontaine family. The base estate, which is the largest, is in the Alsace region of France. They’ve been around for at least a few centuries, but too long to get exact dates.
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Sinclair ◊ / ❖ @paigesinclair /  ◆ closed New York, USA Rare The Sinclairs are a family of wealthy purebloods from America. At the start, there were only two brothers with the name Singrail. There parents refused to give them money when they asked one day, so they rebelled and changed their surname to start a new family. The Sinclair's own an antique shop called 'Sinclair Castle'. It is an ancient castle which sells antiques. Not just any antiques, but stuff from the seven dynasties of China-like things.
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Kelly, &c / ❖ @Ashling Brennan / Varied / Common / An extremely widespread tangle of various intermarried pureblood families. Nationalities include Irish, Scottish, Chinese, French, and American. Surnames include (among others) Kelly, McBride, Sòng, Prideaux, and Porter. Contact Ashling for further details, including graphical family tree.
Title: Re: Pureblood Families
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Malkoff ◊ / ❖ @ NicholasYandel /  ◆ closed Russia/England Rare The Malkoff date back to the mid-1600, wealthy then and still wealthy now. The families have been known for being great investors and the knowledge was passed down through the generations. The name was first known as Malkov changed around the 1800 due to misspell in a birth certificate when Dorian’s great-great-great grandfather was born. Purebloods to the core, majority of the Malkoff’s lived and died in Russia one or two families in the early 1900 spread out from Russia to Scotland and others to England. All the Malkoff’s attended Durmstrang and were the best of the school. Dorian Malkoff is the only surviving Malkoff and hopes he will not be the last of his line.
Title: Re: Pureblood Families
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Applesnow &tc, ❖ @ Aries Applesnow | UK | Hate Dark magic, highly traditional, usually sort Gryffindor or Hufflepuff, dislike Slytherins, typically produces members with weak magic and health. Golden eyes, red or blonde hair.

Wiki. (http://hogwarts-school.net/wiki/index.php?title=Nonpareil_Clan)
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Harlow ◊ / ❖ @Ember Harlow /  Mostly in England, though some family members have spread across the rest of the UK and Europe Common, though most family members don't tend to interact frequently. The Harlow family date back to the 1800 and were once one of the most prestigious pureblood families. Though as time moved on the male family members began to marry beneath them, many squandering their responsibilities to live lives of adventure. This meant the family soon spread out from Cheshire where they had originated from to places across the world, mostly Scotland, Greece and France. While some family members are rather wealthy and important, there are some who's adventurous ancestors left them in rather unfortunate conditions. Pm for further information or if you want to join the family.
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Cabrera ◊ / ❖ @Quintin Cabrera /  ◆ closed Vast Reserve south of Conwy, U.K. Rare The Cabrera family is an ancient pure-bred line dating back as far as one wants to look. They have an excellent record of all of their ancestors and which families have been married into the Cabrera line. The family is unusually blessed with good fortune and excels at divination. In order to maintain peace within the family the first son takes the name Cabrera and any sons after take on the name of their other parent. The family is widely known as entrepreneurials and they run several magical creature preserves throughout the world, the biggest being the Common Welsh Green preserve that the families mansion resides on.
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DaviesVaried throughout UK Rare Besides a penchant for extravagant spending, not much is known about this clan. They appear to support the effort to keep magical blood lines pure. Most members of this line make an extensive (and generally successful) effort to keep their private lives from becoming public knowledge.
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Cross ◊ / ❖ @Julian Cross / UK, Scotland Common The Crosses, like many others, were an old assemblage of particularly insignificant Pureblood families. They’ve been around long enough (and wealthy enough) to be considered as one of the founding families of the Wizarding world. They hold a substantial grasp on the Ministry, yet not enough to make a political discrepancy. The Crosses been known to actively support the call for purer bloodlines and were also noted for their animosity towards their inferiors. Furthermore, the Crosses were not as close-knit but saw themselves as a unit of individuals that pride themselves on intelligence and ability. They’ve attended Hogwarts for years and were mostly sorted in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. For those interested to join, PM for more information.
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Yang ◊ / ❖ @Rachael Lynn Yang /  ◆ closed UK, South of England Rare A relatively small family based around the South of England, they are generally accepting of Muggles as acquaintances but do however insist on blood purity when it comes to marriage. They have a tendency to have few children.
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Gaskell ◊ | ❖ @Matilda Gaskell (http://hogwarts-school.net/summer/index.php?topic=938.0), Marvel Gaskell |  ◆ derived from Geytescales, based in the historic county of Cumberland, England | Common | A long aged wizard line, first recorded in 14th century England nobility under Sir Robert Gadkell, one of the first dark wizard hunters. The further removed from its point of origin, the more the spelling of the family's name was transposed. Modern spellings of the wizarding name are  Gaitskell, Gaitskill, Gaskill, Gaskell and Gaskall, though Gaskell is the most commonly used as many regard it to best represent the noble blood of the lineage. As it is an old line, the insistence on blood purity is varied from family to family.
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Yorke//❖ @SaxonYorke// England// Rare// The Yorke family primarily lives in England but branches of the family can be tracked to Scotland. They used to be a predominate family but have dwindled in numbers over the last century. Most of the Yorkes have gone to Hogwarts and been sorted into Gryffindor, the rare Slytherin pops up from the family. The family is wealthy and they are very discreet about their business and cover up missing members or accidents that occur. You have two options for career choices: The family business or working in the ministry.
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Pura ❖ @tallulahpura Family Seat in the UK Semi-Common Originated in Greece, the Pura clan are hidden in the shadows, favoring family, loyalty and justice rather than elitism and social standing. To prevent them from dying out, the Pura family is wellknown for producing several children and scatter around the world.
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Viggano ◊  Lombardi, Italy, and Austria Common Viggano is a fairly common name in Italy, with some spatterings of the name in Austria. In the past they were a very wealthy pureblood family, and quite influential, but after World War II their family name and blood purity began to decline in standing. The current head of the family does not seem bothered by it, even though some members of the family do wish to retain blood purity.

AuditoreTuscany, Italy and United States Common After the Great War, part of the Auditore family immigrated to the United States in search of a better life or at least a place more peaceful. The family grew quite prominent in Chicago, and they began to adopt other Italian wizarding families out in the US. An Auditore from the United States, is most likely a halfblood rather than pureblood but they still have the family standing and influence. The Auditore's that stayed in Italy are still mainly pureblood, and though they do not have as much influence in Europe than they used to, they get what they want.

Fonseca  ❖ @Thomas Sincade Spain and France Rare Supposedly the head of the family only has one heir, that is pureblood. The next in line for head of the family, is a squib, which means it does not look good for the future of the Faimly. Of course, there are also rumors that the current(and previous) head of the Family was rather promiscuous in his youth (and now). So there could be other Fonseca's out there, they just don't know it.

QuijanoUnited States and Northern Mexico Common Originated from La Mancha, Spain. They disliked Windmills and Giants. Family is generally known to be hotblooded, and they have one diviner in each generation.

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Shan ◊/ ❖ @Asita Shan / ◆ open Ireland and Scotland The Shan family has always been a small family with only two branches. Over the centuries, it has acclimated a large fortune, and still resides in the family mansion in the countryside. The head of the family has, according to rumour, sired many illegitimate children since his only daughter was born. At the moment, there are only a handful of Shans left, which may increase if any of the illegitimate children are discovered. Many of the Shans have pureblood supremacy ideals, but there are few who do not agree with that idea, effectively dividing the family in half.
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Valentine ❖ @Alexander Valentine; England - Common, Elsewhere - Rare
Fairly aged bloodline with a long line of Pureblood successors, but they aren't without their secrets. However, those are usually kept within the family. Upper class with a majority being Blood Purists; Some ties to both England's Ministry of Magic and St. Mungo's. Typically produces children who end up in Slytherin, but there has also been a few Ravenclaw's on occasion.
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Gabrille ◊  Asia Rare Family description Gabrille was an ancient royal family but through the years, some branches of the family have gone out of their ways and married not purebloods, but halfbloods and sometimes, muggles. They're a family of leaders- cunning, clever and crafty. They've tried to keep the family fortune to themselves by marrying their cousins, relatives, and even their siblings.
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Post by: Robert Lake Jr. on 04/18/2012 at 03:40
Lake ❖ @Robert Lake Jr. Canada Common The Lake's populate the Canadian Prairies and the Vancouver cost-line with some of the Lake family trickling down into Seattle and Washington. They are heavily into pureblood supremacy as well as rubbing their fortune and status in people's faces.
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Black ◊ / ❖ @Jessie Black /  ◆ closed London mostly Common (Note: please post extinct lines sparingly and only if they are essential to an ongoing plot) The Black family line goes way back in history. A very well respected family and most members have worked in the Ministry. A connection to the Shan family through marriage. Not elitists even with the long line of pureblood. Most offspring are male except for Jessie,Joelle and few sorted females.
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Post by: Elizabeth Knightlock on 04/19/2012 at 00:41
Knightlock ◊ / ❖ @Elizabeth Knightlock/  ◆open Devon/London Rare Though the Knightlock surname is an uncommon one, the family spreads far over the wizarding world. The head of the family is Alexander Knightlock V.
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Furcifer ◊ / ❖ @Jackalope Furcifer /  ◆ closed London/New Austin/Texas Rare The Furcifer family is relatively self-explanatory. The family consists mostly of no-good fools with too much spare cash. They migrated to America during the Gold rush in pursuit of discovering a new land to carry out their exploits, though some remained in England.
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Ambrose ◊ / ❖ @Lyra Ambrose /  ◆ closed Greece/England/Rare The Ambrose family is an old, wealthy, and elusive family that originated in Greece, but moved to England in the 1500s. They are notorious for being neutral to Muggles and being careful not to inbreed. Ambroses generally get sorted into Ravenclaw and Slytherin at Hogwarts.
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Kilgour ◊ / ❖ @PhoenixKilgour /  ◆ open, Scottland, Semi-Rare, The Kilgours are a proud, manipulative, and quite a cocky bloodline. They tend to be dangerous, often muddling in dark arts. They are generally Slytherins. Kilgours are moderatly wealthy, and do not focus on money. They focus on power. On the rare occasion, there are quiet, reclusive Kilgours, (unlike most that are usually loud and daring) but not often.
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Van Droombeeld  | ❖ @Amalryc Van Droombeeld | Open just ask

The Van Droombeeld /van//druːmbɛld/, New York family of Sibson Van Droombeeld (1819–1929) and his brother Winskin Van Droombeeld (1824–1922), is a wizarding American industrial, banking, and political family of German/Dutch descent that made one of the world's largest private wizarding fortunes in the iron works business during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, primarily through the ‘Illusions Stahl Company’. Able to trace the familes ancestry back many many years, the large powerful branch of the family in American based. A few Van Droombeelds, not decendents from Sibson/Winskin can be found in Germany. While they are a very contemperary family with much of the family business based in muggle goings on, they are still very blood elitist. I have a huge family tree made up so all are welcome!

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Post by: Helena F. Upright on 07/30/2012 at 12:08
Gaelian ◊ / ❖ @helenagaelian /  ◆ closed
Gaelian Estate in Kingswood, London/Rare

The Gaelians were once an extremely wealthy, well-established family, but overspending and poor investments have eaten away at their fortune, and they are now struggling to maintain their spot in pureblood society. In as recently as one generation alone, the Gaelians have gone down an entire class level, wallowing on the bottom rung of the aristorcracy while they fight tooth and nail to keep their tenuous grasp on dignity. They are somewhat of a standing joke in the world of high-bred purebloods.
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Po /❖ @Wisteria Po /  | United States |Rare |  Extreme elitists. Moved from England to America in the early 19th century, where they have remained in relative isolation. The main family branch is typically located near the family's estate in Boston, Massachusetts.
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Ricardus / ❖ @Salazar Ricardus / Mostly spread over the UK, and Italy Common
A name that means 'powerful leader' just can't be any good. In the Medieval, three quarters of the family moved to the United Kingdom from Rome, Italy. The family members are extreme elitists. They hate muggleborns and muggles like their life depends on it, and they think they have some good reasons to hate the muggles and muggleborns. They tell those stories as they are the only truth. They love hexes a lot and don't hesitate to use them in an unequal battle as they don't play fair. Ever.
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Prothero ◊ / ❖ @Florence Prothero /  ◆ closed Most live in a Castle off the shore of Wales Rare
The Protheros are an old family with a strong bloodline, although there are very few left. There's really only one rule, don't kill your family member. Because of the selective nature of Protheros, the family has dwindled over the years. The family has also suffered from stillborn infants and less than satisfactory offspring. However they are beginning to regain power and hopefully grow.

The family's symbol is a scorpion and their gemstone is rubellite, which matches the family color of red violet. They take protecting their pedigree very seriously.
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Post by: Yvonne Dechavez on 08/15/2012 at 11:39
Dechavez ◊ / ❖ @Yvonne Dechavez / Paris, France mostly, or just generally spread around in France / Uncommon, nearly Rare
The Dechavez's are a very old, very greedy family that inbred to keep their names (and fortunes) within their kin; however, when they had started to go extinct in the mid-1700s, they decided to marry other purebloods, namely (but not limited to) the Lhuillers (mostly) and the Azuraihs. They are a long line of elitists, mostly homophobes, who have a passion for the arts, mostly dance and music and painting. Females have been known to be very proper, very graceful ladies, whereas the males have been known to have more passion for power (the Ministry) or dancing, as well.
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Desmarais ❖ @CosetteDesmarais Aix-en-Provence, Southern France Rare | Starting with recorded muggle repellant charms around the 1850's, the Desmaraises appear to have had relatively "shut in" tendencies, which have continued for some time. The long term effects of this include an affinity for arranged marriages, as well as the cultivation of an intellectual side, collection of original books, art, and family wands. Large amounts of old money. The name, while headed by pureblood conservatives, had begun to churn out more independent thinkers, the most radical of these being Deirdre Wendland (née Desmarais), who spurned the family for a muggle lifestyle in the 1950's.  Younger generations have been exposed to more control and private tutoring in light of this.
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Greystar ◊ / ❖ Amara Greystar /  ◆ open France,England uncommon on it's way to being rare. A wealthy family as most purebloods are. They began in France about 200 years ago and have since spread from exclusively there to England. Due to few boys being born to the Greystar clan and a refusal to inbreed, the males are often married to the strongest pureblood family they can strike a deal with. There skills run in Divination with at least three notable seers in the family. They detest scandals as it may hurt there chances at a good match for the males. The don't particularly care for muggles but are not elitist and often do not make close friendships with "lower level wizards and witches". 
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Reinhardt ◊ / ❖ @Ignatius Hallows /  ◆ open {upon request} England / Rare
The Reinhardt Family is a very private and paranoid pureblood family, they accept Half-Blood members but keep them away from the public. All members are held to the great burden of success, you choose your own career and are supported as long as you are successful in it. We are a primarily Hufflepuff family with Slytherin members slipped in. Mix of English blood and Venezuelan (Latino).
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Post by: Eilidh C. Adler on 08/24/2012 at 08:49
Rosseau ◊ / ❖ @Sophie L. Rosseau /  ◆ closed Austria and France Rare
The Rosseau Clan is a very disclosed family, although most only stay within their own close-knit and compact recluses and hardly come out to gather and reconcile with other branches.  All members used to be together under one family patriarch and matriarch, but after a dispute between two brothers over 6 centuries ago over position as leader, over half of the clan had migrated to Austria. Then the bloodline began to fan out and wane, the Austrian line has run very dry, almost to the point of extinction. Although the original branch remains as strong as ever, just in a much smaller number.
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Nacht ◊ / ❖ @Annaliese Vevey Nacht /  ◆ closed Switzerland, Germany, France Rare The Nachts are one of the very few pure blood lineages that could be traced back into the Middle Ages, when the family first gained wealth and prominence in a deal with the Charlemagne governance. Although the family believes in equal claims between males and females, its bloodline discriminates those whose other parents are non-purebloods, diminishing the number of its members rapidly. The head of the Nacht house is always its eldest member and runs the elegant Nacht manor based in the outer sphere of Geneva. Although the family used to educate their children in the manor, recently, many of its members have attended a variety of magical schools around Europe.

Vevey ◊ / ❖ @Annaliese Vevey Nacht /  ◆ open Britain rather common The Veveys are a part of the large network of British pureblood families and could be traced back to about dour hundred years ago. Despite the fact that they are keen on keeping the family pure, they are more tolerant of muggles than the stereotypes of pureblood dynasties. Though not the wealthiest of British pureblood families, the Veveys are most likely well off. They do not live off inherited wealth, but instead off high positions in the Ministry. It is the tradition of the Veveys to send their children to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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Breeze / ❖ @Emma-BelleBreeze Cornwall, England Rare The Breeze family members are usually Gryffindors or Ravenclaws. Dispise Dark magic and are usually blonde or brunnette.
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Laurent ❖ @VictoriaLaurent / France Rare Mostly attend Beuxbatons. Dispise Dark magic and mainly keep to themselves. Most members are blonde.
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Medraut ◊ @Arianrhod Medraut/  ◆ open (please contact for information on available characters!) Wales, United Kingdom - Common The Medraut family is very old and well known.  They are extremely proud that they can trace their lineage back to Mordred, the son of the dark witch Morgana le Fay and betrayer of King Arthur.  As such, the Medrauts are pureblood elitists to the extreme though some - like Arianrhod, her mother Vivienne, and her half-brother Cedric Galyn - have broken off from the norm. Currently, the family is involved in a huge feud over  the succession of the family head.  More details can be found *here* (link to come).
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Grisham ◊ / ❖ @Brinley Grisham /  ◆ closed England Rare A wealthy pureblood family, they have commonly worked in the ministry or as researchers.  They value education and propriety, and have also commonly valued pureblood standards.  Currently, Brinley Grisham is the only remaining male in this family line.

Steppe ◊ / ❖ @Brinley Grisham /  ◆ closed England Common A middle-class pureblood family, many of the current living Steppes are women. The Steppes are traditionally nurturers and care about family.
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