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March 28th, 2016

Knowing Your Friends - A Guide To Staying British

December 1, 1946
by Elias Egneus

Ho, Hogwarts! What is the essentially British value?

I’m not talking about whingeing, though that runs a close second. No, we’re talking about comradeship. We know who our friends are and aren’t. In these dark times not everyone is your friend and there are those at Hogwarts who are not your friend. This article is here to help you!

We are all comrades in our British-ness. Do not forget that, Hogwarts. Below is a handy list of birthdays for Hogwarts students and professors, painstakingly accrued from the official records available in the library.

1: Ariel Rivera
1: Silas Xavier
2: Joy Detora
3: Miles Verity
4: Arven Westerholt
4: Maura Olfrey
9: Estella Ricardus
10: Vladimir Borovsky
13: Ruby Lazuli
15: Aurora-Jane Lillie
20: Poppy Middleton

11: Nyla Ross
13: Elijah Lockwood
14: Elizabeth Arnett
14: Ivory Summers
14: Thomas Ellwood-Luxe
18: Kenneth Holmes
23: Adrian Alric
26: Lucas Clarington-DuPont

3: Sascha Kedding
12: Claus Heinrich
19: Eira Medraut
23: Alexander Hawkins
29: Ianthe Lloyd

3: Brielle Strauss
9: Elias Irigoyen
12: Annabella Twitchett
15: Egon Breckenridge
20: Clinton Litchfield
20: James Mallory
20: Kennedy Litchfield
21: Mallory Drummond
21: Michelle Volken
23: Andy Summer

1: Marilyn Dempsey
1: Zailey Petrova
2: Adam Carlisle
4: Veronica Cadbury
10: Ashley Aurora
13: Aurel Arcos
14: August Weston
14: Mavis Lerner
17: Ripley Reynolds
19: Bianca Carstairs
28: Chloe Rose

8: Marlena Flair
10: Abraxos Devell
11: Elias Egneus
12: Emerson Vartan
17: Leon Delaney
17: Noel Delaney
24: Raiya Greengrass

3: Kell D’Scordato
6: Henry Viggano
15: Aria De'Medici
15: Dilys Owens
19: Ioanna Aarens
21: Lavinia Gwendolyn
23: Rayne Yorke
31: Irma Scrivner

8: Lukas Gressman
8: Orpheus King
11: Margo Caffrey
15: Audrey O'Sullivan
18: Troy Quintonn
24: Julian Vartan
31: Aislinn MacKay
31: Tiberius Paladin
31: Tobias Mandrake

1: Isabella O'Conner
2: Tallulah Sloe
4: Teejay Goulding
5: Oliver Razi
12: Wilhelmina Mason
15: Sylvia Renn
30: Valencia Alvear

1: Caitlin McLeod
4: Wendela Vane-Liang
6: Johnathon Cain
7: Julie Murdock
9: Wren Coulter
11: Ronnie Beckham
13: Mitchell Trikks
16: Addilyn Sperling
30: Caleb Hollins
31: Autumn Auttenburg
31: Lawrence Mallory
31: Nyla Griffin
31: Zinaida Borovsky
31: Jasper Kedding

1: Mia Lorelei Kedding
4: Erich Hagan
5: Francisca Mallow
13: Barley Robinson
14: Mort Fredrickson
21: Euphemia Vane
25: Lamia Cadwallader
26: Lyra Spencer

5: Rin Hunter
7: Keenan Booker
14: Shai Faeriequine  
21: Caius Thorne
22: Clarice Blanc
24: Jack Coleson
24: Ryker Basel
25: Henrietta Chant
27: Dane Irving-Yeung
31: Katherine Blackwood

Why does this article refer only to some students? We’d run out of paper before we ran out of students! I’ve filled in some of the blanks but the rest is up to you. Ask your housemates! Ask your classmates! If you’re feeling brave, ask your professor! Be a comrade to your fellows! There is a silver lining through the dark clouds shining. Let that silver lining be you!

March 28th, 2016

High Fashion - How the End of the Muggle War Affects Us!

March, 1946
by Elias Egneus

    Hogwarts, we need to talk about your clothing. It’s a shambles. You’re wearing the same thing that students were wearing in the 1930s. Since the war began, your fashion sense has not changed.

    Newsflash, Hogwarts- the Hexenreich are here and we’re currently on hiatus from any war at all. Go back about your business. Go for a stroll with your sweetheart. Buy some clothes from this decade!

    There is a parallel, Hogwarts, to whom we can look. Muggle France, occupied by Muggle Germans from May 1940 to December 1944, faced this same fashion crisis. In the aftermath of the recent liberation of France, Muggle designer Christian Dior recently unveiled their ‘New Look’ in Paris. Thankfully, we in Britain will be able to enjoy the spill-over fashion as muggleborns adapt the New Look into the norm and Purebloods like me trail after them.

    You should not anticipate any delay, as the firm oversight of the Hexenreich is just as much French as it is German. What say you, Hexenreich? What can the proud wizards of Britain learn from the proud muggles of France?

    I’ve taken the liberty of looking into it for you, Hexenreich- no need to come calling! Ladies, you can expect to be wearing clothing with a small, nipped-in waist and a full skirt falling beneath mid-calf level. Expect padded shoulder pads to fall out of fashion in favour of a more rounded look. If you’re the kind of gal who looks her best in a dress, expect to add a little more length to your dresses- the muggle clothes touch the floor!

    The muggle clothing company DuPont (possibly related to a young Slytherin that those in the know are familiar with) has announced an expansion of its mechanical factories, so you’ll never be in need again! The Nylon riots are over and shortages in the new material have disappeared. Ladies, if you don’t have any Nylon stockings by now, you have only yourself to blame. Remedy your error as soon as possible if you want to keep up with the curve!

    Young ladies can expect a clad themselves in skirts and sweaters for the foreseeable future. Ladies - Pastels are in! Hop to it!

    I have bad news for you, Professor Leighton- the British muggle fabric restrictions show no signs of letting up, so it’s likely you’ll be rocking that same classic style for even longer!

    Young men of Hogwarts, don’t hold your breath. The muggle fashion for young men is… Restrictive, to say the least. You can expect narrow ties and extremely tight shorts stop just above the knees. If you’re interested in American fashion, then you can expect to see a lot of simple jeans and tee-shirts, and more than a few leather jackets - inspired of course by the clothing that their muggle soldiers wore while fighting heroically in a very different war to our own!

    It could be worse - you could be in Australia, where they won’t see these fashions for years. Though your lads are far away they dream of home. Check out the next month’s article for a look into a look the future of our relations with Wizarding India!

    March 28th, 2016

    Lulah in the Lion’s Den: Public Service Announcement

    September 1946
    by Tallulah Belle Sloe


    TAKE NOTE, GRYFFINDORS.  I found this Public Service Announcement, as many others of you probably did also, in the Gryffindor Common Room.  I of course did not colour this because my colouring job would have been much better as we all know but still I think it is important that we talk about this.  This is very serious and also very true and so I think we should all take note and respect this unknown artist’s Very Important Message TO THE PUBLIC AT LARGE because it’s accurate.

    Just to clear up some confusion left out of this Very True Work Of Art, here are a list of people who are not kitties and therefore not exempt from the message of this Public Service Announcement.
    •   Grown-Ups.
    •   Big Kids.
    •   Julian Vartan.
    •   Other Kids That Are Not Tallulah Belle Sloe.

    Thank you for your time and attention to this Very Serious Matter.

    March 25th, 2016

    Summer Horoscopes

    1st June 1947

    by Clinton Litchfield


    Term’s nearly over and we can all practically feel summer in the air. Bring on the paddling pools and the ice cream, the sunbathing and the family days out. It’s almost time to put away your textbooks for a few months and actually enjoy yourselves, but there are still a couple of weeks before school’s out for the summer. Who cares though, right? As a wise man (my dad) once said: your grades do not define you.

    Gemini (21st May - 20th June): You’ve been thinking of the best ways to cheat in your Charms exam, but let me tell you now that it’s just not worth it. I’m all for anything that involves not having to work, but you will get caught and you will regret it. So, from one slacker to another: it’s better if you just don’t turn up at all.

    Cancer (21st June - 22nd July): Summer will fly by faster than you think, so start making those plans you keep putting off. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself at the end of August having done nothing and wondering how you got there.

    Leo (23rd July  - 22nd Aug): The 11th will be a lucky day for you this month, so be confident about that Sonomancy exam. You can do this, mate, the stars believe in you, even if your professor might not.

    Virgo (23rd Aug - 22nd Sept): Do what you’ve always wanted to do, and learn how to swim. I’d recommend that you don’t just dive in at the deep end though - drowning isn’t on the cards for this year…

    Libra (23rd Sept - 22nd Oct): Buy that cute bikini or that dashing pair of swimming trunks. You deserve ‘em, you little ray of sunshine.

    Scorpio (23rd Oct - 21st Nov): It’s that time of year when nerves are fraying and friendships are falling apart. Take some time out of your revision schedule to do something fun with your best friend, even if it’s something simple like eating dinner together. Just remember - it’s not what you know that gets you far in life, it’s who you know. Good friends are worth a hell of a lot more than good grades.

    Sagittarius (22nd Nov - 21st Dec): You’ve been feeling very emotionally fragile lately, but things are finally beginning to take a turn for the better. Go to that party where you won’t know anybody, drink more Butterbeer than you should, and kiss that cute Gryffindor at midnight. Learn to live a little, and you will thank yourself for it.

    Capricorn (22nd Dec - 19th Jan): Kiss her before she kisses someone else, or spend the entire summer feeling nothing but regret.

    Aquarius (20th Jan - 18th Feb): Stop hiding away in the dusty old library and get some fresh air! It’ll do wonders for your mood, and you might even get a tan too. Take a walk, go for a dip in the lake; if you’re still stubbornly insistent on studying, then take that book outside and sit in the gardens. Form a little outdoor study group or something. Nerd.

    Pisces (19th Feb - 20th Mar): Be wary of the overly friendly Hufflepuff who offers you some of their lunch. Grapes - and Hufflepuffs, for that matter - are not as innocent as they seem at first glance.

    Aries (21st Mar - 19th Apr): Start looking for a summer job now before all the good ones are snapped up. Your Gringotts vault will thank you, I promise.

    Taurus (20th Apr - 20th May): Take that nap. Just do it.

    March 25th, 2016

    Halloween Horoscopes

    1st October 1946
    by Clinton Litchfield


    It’s that spookiest time of year where there are kids pulling pranks around every corner and ghosts haunting every hallway. You’ll undoubtedly find yourself on the receiving end of at least one trick (and hopefully a few treats) this month, so make sure you stay safe. Oh, and if you’re a Pisces, please try not to cry.

    Libra (23rd Sept - 22nd Oct): Why not mix things up a bit this month and do something new? Try out for your house’s Quidditch team, or join the Wizarding Chess club. You’ll probably fail, but you won’t know until you try. Maybe you’ll even turn out to be the new Gobstones champion, not that that’s anything to brag about.

    Scorpio (23rd Oct - 21st Nov): An argument is looming in Astronomy class, but try to keep your opinion to yourself for once, or else risk detention. Nobody likes a mouthy witch, and - to be quite frank - you’re wrong anyway. Sorry that you had to hear it from me.

    Sagittarius (22nd Nov - 21st Dec): Beware the 17th - something wicked your way comes. Oh, and stay away from Ravenclaw Tower. Those windows are rather high up, and it’s an awfully long way back down to the ground.

    Capricorn (22nd Dec - 19th Jan): Unexpected romance awaits in the form of a tall dark stranger. They might be handsome too, but my crystal ball is refusing to cooperate properly. It’s been a bit dodgy ever since Kennedy kicked it down the stairs. You know what? That might not be a tall dark stranger at all. It actually looks a bit like a Dementor.

    Aquarius (20th Jan - 18th Feb): The world is indeed full of peril, and in it there are many dark places, including under your bed. Be sure to have a quick look before you go to sleep, or you might find yourself living a nightmare.

    Pisces (19th Feb - 20th Mar): Follow your instincts, or run the risk of being turned into a giant pumpkin. Having said that, I imagine that being a giant pumpkin is probably quite fun. I don’t think Professor Lancaster will expect you to turn up to Transfiguration if you resemble a huge orange vegetable.

    Aries (21st Mar - 19th Apr): Do you really want to eat that extra Cauldron Cake? Remember: a moment on the lips, forever on the hips. Nah, I’m just kidding. Eat as many sweet treats as you want. You do you, Aries. You do you.

    Taurus (20th Apr - 20th May): Avoid black cats this month. And orange cats, white cats, grey cats and Siamese cats. You’re good to go with hairless cats, but you probably want to avoid those anyway because they’re ugly. Just…avoid all cats.

    Gemini (21st May - 20th June): Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. You’re in for a bumpy ride this month. Expect betrayal, more betrayal, and yet more betrayal. On the bright side, your mother will send you a homemade blueberry pie.

    Cancer (21st June - 22nd July): Things are starting to look up for you! Your lucky number this month is 24, so expect great things on this day. Don’t expect too much though, because I let Kennedy write this one and she’s not as skilled at Divination as I am.

    Leo (23rd July  - 22nd Aug): Don’t shy away from your problems. Run headlong at them while screaming instead. This is the most effective solution. Just trust me on this one.

    Virgo (23rd Aug - 22nd Sept): A smile is worth a thousand words. Say hello to that person you always make awkward eye contact with in the library; offer them a bite of your Chocolate Frog. You might just hit it off, and discover the start of something new.

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