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Author Topic: The Wonderful World of the Winchesters  (Read 165 times)

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Birth Name: Peter Winchester
Second Name: Your Choice!
Age: 19
Birthday: January 4, 1941
Face Claim: Louis Partridge

A Brief History; or the Story in Part
The story of this young man is as mysterious as it is tragic. Born in October 1941 to doting parents George and Dorothy Winchester, Peter was welcomed into his home with open arms. His brother Tim, just short of three years his elder, was happy to have him though not quite old enough to take more than a passing role in the baby’s life, focused far more on questioning everything and exploring outside. The Winchester parents knew that when Tim was a bit older he’d rise to the occasion of being a big brother but for the time being didn’t thrust the responsibility on him. After all, they were quite distracted themselves.

The Winchesters were far from living in poverty, but they were also far from living lavishly. Peter had been rather unexpected, so George and Dorothy were having to think on the fly when it came to their budgeting in order to keep their boys' lives moving as normal. One afternoon, in need of a break, George entrusted his father Elliot to take Tim and Peter to a park. Elliot, who was already nearing his 70s, nodded off on a bench. With Tim playing with some other boys, the then 9 month old Peter was left unwatched. As Elliot slept, a shady looking man approached the young Peter and swiped the sleeping infant from his pram. When Elliot awoke to find the baby gone, he quickly gathered Tim and rushed home.

George, Dorothy, and the authorities spent nearly three months attempting to track down Peter but to no avail. George and Dorothy, trying to hide their remaining son from the dark truth of the matter, told Tim that Peter was a child that Dorothy had carried for someone else who wasn’t able to have children themselves. The three year old accepted this explanation and as time went on, thought less and less of the baby. By his 20s, the baby was nothing more than a fleeing memory.

Peter meanwhile was living an entirely new life. The man who had taken Peter took him all the way Denmark to the man’s family. The man, Kent Rowardy, and his wife Ariel had just lost their own son to an unexplained illness. While visiting his parents in England, Kent was passing through the park and saw the unattended Peter. In desperation and a moment of weakness he swiped Peter. Peter grew up unaware of the truth.

Until a letter arrived to him from a woman named Rose Winchester...a woman who claimed to be his true grandmother. Attached was a photograph of George, Dorothy, and Tim.

Work to Be Done; or The Story in Between
The story of the boy (who’s name was of course changed by his new parents) growing up in Denmark, what happened immediately after receiving the letter, and the journey back to England to begin looking for his real family.

Help, I Need Somebody; or Meeting You Halfway
I am MORE than happy to help you with the application and getting him underway! Naturally, in character Tim will be there to help him as much as possible once they've been reunited. Please, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and I can do anything you need to help get the application done and get this fantastic guy off on the right foot!

A Loving Home; or For Inquiries Call....
You can find me in the Discord under Timothy Winchester or if at this tagMr. Mendes#4653! I look forward to hearing from you
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