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S’ils te mordent, mords les

The Boleyns are a pureblood family who originally resided in Callais, France. Tragedy struck when the patriarch and matriarch fell to illness and died. It was a swift fall and came without warning. Now the heirs and their new guardian are just trying to pick up the pieces of their lives.


Dominik Boleyn
 1942 | Ben Barnes | Durmstrang | Pureblood | Future Auror

Eldest of the Boleyn children and favorite of the patriarch Tomas. Graduate of Durmstrang who was setting out to become the Auror he had always wanted to be when the news of his parents death reached him. Soon things became a whirlwind of duties and legalities as he and his sisters inherited their parts of the family fortune. With everything happening no one noticed that his reaction to the news of this parent’s deaths was void of one thing: surprise.

His relationships with his sisters are very good. His best friend is his sister Siobhan and they both strived to make sure that their sister Angelique had a better childhood than either of them. He always made sure he took Siobhan’s side as much as he could without drawing too much attention to why she needed protection.

Now that his parents are gone he promised himself and his grandmother that he would never again let anyone control him or his siblings. He would protect his family at all costs. 

Angelique Boleyn
 1951 | Angourie Rice | Student of Cavendish School for Girls | Pureblood

Angelique is the youngest of the three boleyn heirs and the favorite of their mother, Annalise. Angelique is a lively girl who is very naive to the world around her which is not surprising given her age. Her mother kept her sheltered from her father’s wrath but at the cost of allowing her sister Siobhan to receive it. As a result Angelique knew nothing of her father’s bursts of anger or her mother’s cold nature. She believed her parents to be the epitome of parental love.

She is not quite close with her grandmother as she believed what her parents thought that Lady Faye was only after the fortune the Boleyn’s had amassed. Now that she is under Faye’s guardianship she has seen to be using her mother’s tactic of being cold natured.

With her siblings on the other hand she is the picture of grace and warmth. She often is found seeking the comfort of her sister with numerous art lessons or with her brother who is helping her learn to ride a broom.

She currently attends the Cavendish School for Girls in London and can’t wait to attend Hogwarts when it is her time.

Faye Graymare
 1900 | Cate Blanchett | Slytherin | Noble Heiress | Pureblood

Faye Graymare is a noble pureblood who married the now deceased Lord Graymare when she was 16. They had a few children one of who would become Annalise Boleyn, mother to the three Boleyn heirs. Annalise was one of Faye’s closest children but after she married Tomas Boleyn she cut her mother off completely.

Faye only saw her grandchildren a few times until Siobhan began to write to her. Siobhan soon became close with her grandmother and visited as often as she was allowed.

When Faye learned of her daughter and son-in-law’s deaths she couldn’t help but grieve though it was short lived. She knew she had to be strong for her grandchildren; she was honored when Dominik asked for her help with guardianship as he was only recently of age.

She hopes to become the guardian her grandchildren deserve and make their lives that of joy and not terror.

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