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Author Topic: ⟡ The Huxley-Jewells ⟡ // adoptables  (Read 302 times)

* Auberon Huxley

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The Huxley-Jewells

Ad libitum — As you wish

They've all just found out their uncle, former Count of the Huxley estate, is dead, and the alleged heir who just claimed the title probably isn't even related. This is a problem.

  • Children of Abelard Huxley, Ministry administrator, and Sutton Jewell, former stage actress and philanthropist
  • Southern England mostly-Pureblood-ish families
  • Nobility-adjacent
  • Stupidly but not obscenely rich. Can’t just Buy New Estates that’s why we need yours thank you
  • Hedonistic; slaves to their vices
  • No special skills

Remington Huxley-Jewell

B. 1932 | fc: Wes Bentley | Gryffindor | big game/exotic creature poacher

Jerk! Your very stereotypical spoiled rich boy is all grown up and still finds himself entitled to everything. His siblings used to follow his lead, but he has recently fallen out of favor with them, and no one is going to speak of it openly. Well, Pierce might, and it won't be pretty.

Lorelei Huxley-Jewell

b. 1934 | fc: Michelle Dockery | Hufflepuff | art collector

She has the biggest collection of D.B. Wakefields in the world. Her dreams of marrying him were recently dashed when he returned to America with all the money she paid him for a portrait of herself. Her next obsession? Téo Wittington.

Pierce Huxley-Jewell

b.  1937 | fc: Ian Somerhalder | Slytherin | Quidditch player?

Bit of a meathead, but he is dangerously aware that he’s pretty. He's the type to shamelessly stir the pot because getting a rise from folks is fun. Not bad-natured, however, just obnoxious.

Gideon Jewell

b.  1938 | fc: Richard Ayoade | Hufflepuff | Knight Bus driver

Illegitimate son of Sutton Jewell with her former acting partner. Could this young man still be living a rather plush life at home? Yes. But that’s not fun, and Deon is an adrenaline junkie. He has no stake in the Huxley estate, and is just along for the ride. Mostly.

Rupert Huxley-Jewell

b.  1946 | fc: Chandler Riggs | ??? | Student

His siblings find him a bit pathetic compared to themselves. Although Rupert can hold his own in a family discussion, he prefers to keep to himself and tend to his collections. It doesn't come off that, and so he doesn't realize, he's actually quite spoiled.

Landon Huxley-Jewell

b.  1948 | fc: ??? | ??? | Student

Rather skittish and shy, and very attached to Rupert, Lorelei, and their parents. Landon has yet to find their place in the family, and many of them suspect they may not at all. If anyone gets married off young, it's probably Land.

FCs, personalities, and ages are guiding suggestions. Please contact Auberon Huxley/Icarus Argabright with interest in any of these characters! Might spruce this up later when I add Landon's FC (or please let me know if you have an idea!), we'll see what happens

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