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Esther May

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w.i.p.| If you would like to adopt any of these characters please pm Esther May. Alternatively, you can message me on discord. (keqachu#3389)

The May Family

april showers bring may flowers

The Mays were once an influential pureblood family but after poor money management, they have fallen on hard times. Although they aren't very well known they still hold on to some of their pureblood prejudice.

Leon Orville May
 1944 | Suggested FC: Joey Birlem | Gryffindor/Slytherin | 15 | etc.

Son of Ruth. Loyal and fierce. Argumentative and mean-spirited. Smart and perceptive.

Joanna Caroline May
1945 | Suggested FC: Bostyn Brown | Hufflepuff | 14 | etc.

Daughter of Ruth. Optimistic and energetic. Outgoing and nosy. Unintelligent and insensitive.

Arlene Rosa May
1921 | Suggested FC: Dodie Clark | Hufflepuff | 39. | etc.

Loving mother of three (Esther, Constance, Rosamund). Caring and sweet. Weak-willed and unambitious. Low expectations.

Ruth Alma May
 1925 | Suggested FC: Sara Vickers | Ravenclaw/Slytherin | 35. | etc.

Mother of Leon and Joanna. Wife of Roy. Studious and brilliant. Bitter because she had children at a young age and couldn't pursue her career. Reserved. Polite. Cold.

Roy Orville May
1924 | Suggested FC: Orlando Bloom | Ravenclaw/Slytherin | 36. | etc.

Husband of Ruth. Father of Leon and Joanna. Charming, but guarded. Prejudiced toward Muggles and Muggleborns.

Rex Everett May
1919 | Suggested FC: tbd| Gryffindor/Hufflepuff | 41. | etc.

Brother of Roy. Husband of Arlene. Workaholic. Weary, but jovial. Disagrees with Roy about pureblood superiority.
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