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Oliver Darcy

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Welcome one & all to Oliver's Adoption Market; more commonly known as OAM; all of these lovely adults are begging to be adopted & let their story be heard.
If you have any interest in adopting, please fill out the code at the bottom of the page & post your request here. I will be sure to process your application quickly; if you do not hear from me within a day or two please PM me.
Enjoy your search!
Oliver's most memorable …'s
1. Name: Josie Last name open
Suggested FC: Ava Allan (18 years)
Her age when they met: 18
Backstory: Oliver was just 25 when he was admitted into St. Mungo's after sustaining a very strange head injury in combat via the Muggle Military.
How they met: The day Oliver arrived in St. Mungo's he still wore his combat camouflage & was in rough shape. Though he only possessed minor physical wounds it was the mental infliction that had everyone puzzled. He had no idea who he was or anything & until they could figure out what happened there was no way to help him; so for the time being he was a resident of the hospital.
The night seemed to be the time when he was awake the most with strange images in his head; this was also the time the cute little nurse worked. She was so sweet to him during his stay, she even gave him a journal so he could write down anything he might remember. It took about a week before the Ministry was able to figure out what to him then the doctors could start proper treatment; a potion which took a full week to completely work.
The sweet little night nurse was there every night to see him through the rather painful process.

2. Name: Catalina Last name open
Suggested FC: Deepika Padukone
Her age when they met: 21st birthday
Backstory: Upon being released from the hospital a month ago Oliver has become a floater; idly drifting between Muggle London & Wizard London unable to decide where he wishes to call home.
How they met: Muggle bars have always been a favorite of Oliver's especially in the last month as Muggle's don't mind opening a tab for someone & letting them work it off. But this bar in particular because of the relaxing atmosphere & smooth jazz from the band made it possible to be perfectly content sitting alone pondering life.
However, on this night, it played host to a gaggle of girls celebrating a friend's birthday which was made clear by their singing. The birthday girl, who was decorated in ribbon, laughed at them "Okay girls let's get our drink on." It was at that moment Oliver stepped up out of seemingly nowhere, stood directly in front of the ribbon decorated girl "Ben, their drinks are on me." While the friends were distracted Oliver used his knowledge of Muggle magic; which is nothing more than sleight of hand; to produce a necklace from his pocket which he now held up "I think this belongs to you; it must have fallen right off your neck."
The night wore on with drinks, dancing, gifts & flirting; when the night came to a close everyone went their separate ways. Catalina & Oliver were the last to leave the bar "May I have the pleasure of walking you home?" he asked flashing her a smile. Even if he was a bit tipsy he could still be very charming.

3 & 4.Name: Polly & Molly {twins} Last name open
Suggested FC: Klaudia and Laura Badura
Ladies' age when they met him: 25
Backstory: On Oliver's 27th birthday, a friend of his set a challenge for him which he gladly accepted before finding out that he only had a year to complete it.
How they met: Since leaving the Muggle Military Oliver has had no idea what he wanted to do with his life; however after much thought & consideration. Not to mention tons of research, he finally made the decision to work for the Ministry. Today was the day he was going to put in his application; alas life has a funny way of working out.
On his way to his destination, two girls walked up next to his; one of each side & they looked terrified. For a moment Oliver honestly thought he was seeing double that is until he realized these girls were twins & from the looks on their faces as well as the statement he barely heard "Please act as you know us." because he was too busy mentally having a party. He had no idea what had these girls so rattled but from how scared they seemed he got the strange feeling they needed a pretend boyfriend right now.
He cradled each of them in his arms the way only a boyfriend would; of course, neither of them complained. He ended up changing his destination midcourse; instead of the Ministry, he headed straight for his house. With the rather long walk, he hoped whoever had scared them so bad would give it up & leave; not that he was thinking much about that as he flirted & talked with these two lovely ladies.
When his home came into view he smiled at them both "Would you two like to come in for a drink?"

Polly & Molly will need separate request forms as they are & will most likely be played by two different people. If one gets adopted before the other please be considerate when requesting the last twin & contact the person who plays the played one. Thanks.

Muggle Military
Oliver's Not so Muggle Military Buddies

1. Name: Jack Flanagan
Suggested FC: Craig Robert
Age: ?
Blood Status: Open
Schooling: Durmstrang   

2. Name: Ralph Lacroix
Suggested FC: Dorian Gregory
Age: ?
Blood Status: Open
Schooling: Open; anywhere that is not Hogwarts

- Set Ages for whatever makes the most sense; to help out please refer yourself here [CREATURES] DARCY, OLIVER {MoM}
- Backstories for all are OPEN; the sky is the limit here. Did a muggle-born join the muggle military to make his daddy proud? Did a pure-blood join to ensue chaos but ended up enjoying it? Did the half-blood join in order to find his place in the world?**
More may be coming soon just need to figure out who. Thank you for your patience.
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   [i]-Face Claim:[/i] -(If different from what I suggested)-
*~*Note: I did not look through the FC List before posting the suggested FC's; this might be something you want to do on your own.*~*
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