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rebus in arduis benignitas

In December, 1959, Bernard & Chrissy Emerson answered a knock at their doorstep to find their two young nieces looking for aid. They swept the girls inside, embracing them warmly, overjoyed to meet them for the very first time, eager to welcome them back to the family.

Bernand's sister, Eleanor, had caused her family heartache when she estranged herself from the Emersons many years ago, for reasons nobody will yet discuss. She'd married muggle Richard Lackless, giving him two daughters, Eviguin & Tippa, who were kept unaware of their extended family until Eviguin discovered an old photograph hidden away. This discovery was the answer to Evi's problems, because when she returned home from Hogwarts for the winter holiday, she found her ten year old sister taking care of herself, neglected by their ill mother and a father who always seemed to be somewhere else.

The unconditional acceptance of the missing girls speaks volumes about the Emerson family values. They prioritize love & wellbeing over wealth & status. They embrace magic without depending on it, preferring the satisfaction of hard work to the ease of luxury. At least, Bernard does - but his children & grandchildren may think differently & every family has its secrets.

heads of family

Bernard Emerson
 1915 | gryffindor | treasurer
 Manchester, England
 FC: Steven Patrick Morrissey

Bernard sits at the head of the family with his wife Chrissy. He's a just man, humble & generous, whose favorite pasttime is laughing. He works for the Ministry, aiming for a promotion in the treasury department. While he misses London, he lives with Chrissy in temporary housing, assisting in his wife's humanitarian efforts.

Chrissy Bonner Emerson
 1913 | FC | muggle | humanitarian
 Manchester, England
 FC: Louise Brealey

Lacking magic never bothered Chrissy, though she might have found it useful when raising her children, Axel, Sheila & Aaron, who are the darlings of her life. Now that her children have all left the nest, Chrissy currently finds purpose in giving aid to disadvantaged industrial workers.

Eleanor Emerson Lackless
 1923 | ravenclaw | housewife | unwell
 St. Albans, United Kingdom
 FC: Annabelle Wallis

Sister to Bernard, though it's been many years since they've spoken. She hides many secrets. Why did she run away from her family? Why did she keep them secret from her daughters, Eviguin & Tippa? While Eviguin is desperate for answers, nobody will say, especially Eleanor, whose mental health seems to deteriorate more & more each day. Now that Eleanor's daughters have reunited with the family, the Emersons need to figure out the best path forward.

the next generation

Axel Emerson
 1932 | gryffindor | marketing
 Wizarding London
 FC: Dan Levy

Axel is a retired trouble-maker, leveled out by the birth of his children, Anise, Bethany & Oxford, but still prone to pranking his family. He spent a few years overseas in Massachusetts, where he met his wife, Melissa. They now all live in Wizarding London, where Axel performs marketing services for several clients alongside his wife.

Melissa Cruxley Emerson
 1933 | salem ex-pat | marketing
 Wizarding London
 FC: Ashley Greene

Melissa Emerson, nee Cruxley, is Axel's partner-in-crime, with a sharp mind & competitive spirit to balance her husband's wild creativity. When Axel asked her to return with him to London, she jumped at the chance & never looked back.

Sheila Emerson
 1936 | ravenclaw | wanderer
 Currently, Wales
 FC: Kiesza

While Sheila could excel at anything she sets her mind to, she feels a loss of purpose that spurs her to frequently uproot. Since her graduation from Hogwarts, she's lived in at least six different countries, trying out several different jobs (and romances) which left her feeling rather uninspired. Currently she resides in Wales, though she frequently contemplates cutting ties again.

Aaron Emerson
 1938 | hufflepuff | not-so-nice guy
 Wizarding London
 FC: Alex Fitzalan

Aaron always felt a little out of place in the Emerson family, but at least they're a soft place to land when he gets himself into trouble, because he's friends with some unsavory people. Hufflepuff never seemed like the right house for him, so he harbors some resentment toward his school career, still struggling with his self-concept.

younger ones

Tippa Lackless
 1949 | soon-to-be-firstie | spunky
 Wizarding London
 FC: Sophia Lillis (confirmed)

Tippa's just moved in with her cousins & she's having a hard time adjusting. With her older sister at Hogwarts, Tippa has been practically taking care of herself until now. At least now she lives close to Diagon Alley so she doesn't have to sneak on the train there anymore, but she does get in trouble for going alone.

Anise Emerson
 1949 | soon-to-be-firstie | identical twin
 Wizarding London
 FC: Bridget Satterlee

Anise has a surprisingly serious disposition for a child so young, especially one born to Axel, whose jokes rarely put a smile on her face. That isn't to say she's morose; she just has a lot to think about. While she's often quiet, when she does speak, Anise tends to impress others with her observations.

Bethany Emerson
 1949 | soon-to-be-firstie | identical twin
 Wizarding London
 FC: Bridget Satterlee

Bethany Emerson has never been a quiet person.

She was the "true" heir of her father and mother's mischievous spirits, she liked to proclaim, even though she was the younger twin. And with good reason too, for Anise and Bethany were different like oil and water, for while the former was quiet and sported a perpetual frown, the latter was loud and boisterous, always the center of attention and snapping people her way with a well timed prank, or a witty remark.

Others would say she was vain, sly, that she craved an audience too much for her own good, but the young blonde would disagree, saying that she simply liked to live in the moment, and always having the attention of the room was simply a side effect of her radiant personality. She didn't care for a moment, of course, that this very statement further solidified others impression of her as a self-absorbed girl.

Because for every one person she put off with her antics, three more were pulled in. The world would shake beneath her feet, and people like her simply didn't have time for the opinions of the irrelevant.

Oxford Emerson
 1952 | cocky | needy
 Wizarding London
 FC: Elijah Wood

Ox might be a little kid, but he's got big needs & an even bigger temper.

rules for adoptions

Please reach out if you're interested! I'd prefer somewhat active players, but willing to make exceptions. Face claims are suggestions based off availability at the time of posting. If you want to make any changes to the provided details/biographies, I'm open! Let's talk about it!
PM: Eviguin Lackless | Discord: @RhonabutJordan

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