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Name:Kieran O'Brien-Razi

Birthday: 9 November 1943



Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):

Year (pick two):Fifth (should be)/Fourth (held back)

Kieran wanted to be nothing like their mother when he grew up. He knew his brother thought highly of her, and had hopes to follow in her footsteps, but he thought that his twin had the wrong idea about what she actually did at work. Reading their Mother's journal one of the times she was gone had only solidified Kieran's resolve to get her a copy of Moby Dick. Where his twin saw a thrilling adventure, he saw a nearly thirty-year whale chase. Of course she didn't seem to want help. This was her white whale, and she would do anything to keep it as far away from the bulk of her family as possible.

At least, that's what he thought.

He wasn't like their father, though, in that the whole germaphobic thing just wasn't his scene. He found it rather a little silly, and figured his twin must have gotten that gene. However, his methodical nature lended itself to potions quite nicely, and he often found himself volunteering to help, and acting as though it was to let his Twin escape whatever test or potion their father had in store, rather than truly enjoying it. He found that he preferred the applicable magic of potions over theoretical magics like divination. It was predictable and easier to understand. When their father wasn't lost in his projects and experiments, though, he was practically smothering them with layers of clothing and protective potions.

Their parents made sense to him, not exactly seeing much difference between the two houses himself. The only real thing was that Slytherins seemed to be more action oriented than thought oriented. Now, his parents were switched, but there was a part of him that thought it must not have been that way when they were in school. Their mother had been influenced by people in her life to make her the way she was now, and he suspected that their half-sister's father might have had a lot more to do with that than their mother was willing to admit. Though, he didn't know that for sure.

Either way, it seemed his twin was determined that they be in the same house, for as much as they could affect that. Kieran was on board, of course. Someone would have to be there to pull Fin back down to earth every once in a while. Kieran couldn't really see how his twin would survive Hogwarts if they were apart, so it was best to play along and try to get in the same house if at all possible. The good thing was, Fin would go first, and that would let Kieran know what he would need to do to ensure they were together.

As planned, both were sorted into Slytherin. What he didn't plan, was their half-sister, Etain, handing him a slightly worn blank piece of parchment, and reminding him of the Irish Gaelic their mother had taught them years ago. Great...The only other thing she imparted was some cryptic message about a charm that was really hard to cast that would finish the project started by their mother when she had been a student at Hogwarts.

Even though the project his half-sister had handed him had captured his attention for several of his early years, he had bigger fish to fry this term. OWLS were this year, and he wasn't intent on failing any of them. Though, he really had to wonder if his twin stood half a chance at doing the same.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Slytherin (he was there already)

Kieran is cynical, cold, calculating, and methodical when left on his own. However, seeing that his twin tends to run into things, and needs someone more grounded, he tends to go along with whatever his brother is getting into. Even going so far as to actively try to be placed in the same house as his twin, despite them being opposites, like yin and yang. Kieran generally has a darker nature, and feels that his mother chose his name well.

He's very prone to focusing on practical magics, and has trouble with the theoretical subjects. He needs magic he can feel, touch, and see manipulated. Potions and Transfiguration, therefore, are right up his alley. Charms is a bit harder for him. Divination and C/S are the most challenging of all, having no form before any incantation if any at all.

 Kieran has naturally light brown hair and brown eyes, with soft features, matching his twin. However, much unlike his twin, he relishes the bad boy persona he could have, as it appeals more to his nature. As soon as he's able, he will likely change his hair color and general look to match with how he actually wants to be seen.

When able to dress as he wants, Kieran can usually be found in torn up jeans or worn black leather pants and a black leather jacket.

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Number of New Levels Requested: 6 (2nd, 3rd, 4th years)

New Levels Request:C3D2T4S3

How your character kept up with their studies: Kieran would have still been attending Hogwarts during this time. He likely wouldn't have been overly social, as it's generally against his nature. The fact that Etian handed him a decently consuming project, and he now has a map(the project) which shows secret passages, would have allowed him to generally avoid people unless absolutely necessary.

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Option I:

The dungeons. A place eleven-year-old Evangeline had not yet travelled since her arrival at Hogwarts.

A place she really was just fine with not knowing; but it was too late. The dare had been accepted, even if it had been done in fear of being kicked out of Gryffindor, like the older girls had said she would because Gryffindors were supposed to be brave.

The air changed instantly when she hit the main corridor of the dungeons. The dampness was almost too much for her and she instinctively took a deep breath to avoid the sensation of being suffocated. There was also a sour burning smell which Evangeline assumed was from many, many Potions lessons.

Further and further she walked, her steps so slow and gentle they made no noise against the stone walls and floor. The feeling that she wasn't alone crept up her spine and raised the tiny hair on the back of her neck. Shivering, Evangeline wrapped her arms around herself. Suddenly, she missed the warmth and comfort of the Gryffindor common room. The fire was always going and it made her feel at ease.

Why had she let those girls talk her into this? She was only eleven, she didn't have to be brave. Surely the Headmistress would not kick her out of Hogwarts for not being brave.

If only she had these thoughts while being dared to search for the ghost of one Emma Birch, whom supposedly haunted the dungeons. It was not, Evangeline had learned, the place where the sixteen-year-old girl's life had ended but as she had been from the house with a snake as its mascot, it was the place her spirit had returned to. That common room was down here somewhere, she'd been told.

Something - the small blonde girl wasn't quite sure what - but something made her stop in her tracks suddenly. There was a low, dull thumping noise. Or maybe that was her heart beating so loudly she thought it was coming from outside her body.

"H-h-hello?" Her voice was barely above a whisper.

Remembering that she was supposed to be brave, Evangeline tried again.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

The sound of her own words bouncing back at her off the walls made her jump.

Kieran exited the potions classroom with quiet steps. He probably wasn't supposed to be out of his dorm this late, but he had wanted to talk to the Professor before the day was through, and just after dinner had been the only time he'd had.

He valued the more practical magics after all. Things with a defined outcome, no matter how difficult to complete, made more sense to him than vagaries of magics that may or may not work at any given time. Spending all that time with their father, helping him make potions might have had something to do with that.

He was still convinced that his mother desperately needed to read Moby Dick, but what was he to do.

It was as this thought crossed his mind again act he noticed a glint of scarlet fabric from the shadows. Drat! No doubt he'd been caught by some Gryffindor prefect wanting to make a point by roasting some Slytherins over the coals. It wasn't until after he crept closer that he was able to discern that the scarlet-clad student was more likely in his own year.

"Excuse me. Are you lost?" Had she seriously been looking for the ghost of Emma Birch? He'd heard about that student, and searching for her ghost had to be the most foolhardy thing he had ever heard of anyone doing. With his family....that was saying something.


Please list any characters you have on the site (current and previous):Maeve, Ashling, Seamus, and Etain O'Brien, Andromeda Sorin, Kieran O'Brien-Razi

How did you find us?: I've been around a while.

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Dear Mr O'Brien-Razi,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 May 2020. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,

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