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Author Topic: Penrose Family Adoptables  (Read 299 times)

Jemima Penrose

    (28/03/2020 at 08:28)

live life to the fullest

Background: All the children live in Penrose House, Caerphilly Wales with parents Jeremy (Jeramiah) and Adelle. They are considered a halfblood family as their maternal grandfather was a muggle. Jeremy works as liason in Israel where he was born and often works through Northern Europe. As an avid Quidditch fan, He's got a Caerphilly Catapault's season pass each year and often takes the kids. Adelle is a magizoologist who runs a rescue and veterinary shelter for magical creatures of Wales from their home.

Jasper Alexander Penrose
 Approx 15/16

House and Personality - Free choice
FC Suggestion: Dallas Hart

Jasper has been written as  Durmstrang boy until approx age 15 due to father Jeremy's liaison work in Scandinavia, but may transfer to Hogwarts as his father has been given a position at home in Wales. He is the eldest of four and shoulders a lot of family responsibility. Happy for you to keep RPing him as a Durmstrang kid.

Jamison Adam Penrose
Approx 11-12

House and Personality - Free choice
FC Suggestion: Benjamin Papac

Jamison "Jamie" is a child with serious middle child syndrome, referred to as a little competitive. He likes to stir up trouble, especially between his siblings but has the sort of silver tongue that can get himself out of nearly anything

Jules Ari Penrose
 Approx 9/10

House and Personality - Free choice
FC Suggestion: Jessica Amlee

Jules is the youngest and most spoilt of the Penrose kids, she is definitely daddys' little princess and has no qualms about getting what she wants. Jules has often been described as very artistic.
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