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E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D


Piper Vivica LaMotta





Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?):
No but I am willing for them as well as her brother & grandparents to be played characters by someone if they were willing.

Lives in Banchory

Burgh or town in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)?
I don't know

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
Santiago Nightingdale

Biography: (100 words minimum.)

Present Day
Piper LaMotta

Julie and Luke had both been blessed with a beautiful family; a strapping son (Leonardo) who much to his mother's dismay was ready to head off to Durmstrang just like his father and a baby girl…well can't really say baby anymore the little tyke has already grown into a toddler. Though she wasn't speaking full sentences yet she was still a holy terror running through the cabin at top speeds. At first Julie did her best to keep little Piper corralled so she could get house work done; Luke was at work, Leo was taking it upon himself to wrap things up at his Muggle school before heading off to Durmstrang & Vasiliy (my mom) was out to lunch with Arlene (Luke's muggle mom); but soon realized her daughter wasn't having none of that. As she heard the front door slam she rolled her eyes with a chuckle; this had become a daily routine of theirs…Piper running the very uneven land outside and Julie chasing her.

But today was different; when Julie went outside Piper wasn't running around like normal…nope she was standing in one spot starring at the cabin with fear in her little face. It took every fiber in Julie's being not to rush out to her daughter for fear of scaring her more "Hey Vinny…" her mother called the little girl by her nickname hoping for a smile but nothing "What's wrong dear?" Piper looked at the house fear clear on her face "House…hot…ouchie." Even though most wouldn't have understood this at all; Julie had listened to her daughter's speech enough to understand not to mention the look on her little face. "You mean the type of hot in that big box mommy and daddy tell you to stay away from until you are older?" Of course she meant the times they made a fire in the fire place but they had to child it up for her "Yes…big hot…more hot." This made Julie bit her lip softly as she realized that her daughter clearly was seeing the cabin on fire which meant that Piper was next Seer in the family. She could remember her mother telling her all about their lineage and how Seer's run in their bloodline, she remembered being told that her grandmother was in fact a Seer as well.

Julie scooped up her daughter and held on tight to her wand "Hold on tight to mommy." she said soothingly picturing the beach Luke took her to for one of their anniversaries; presumably where Piper was conceived; thankful she'd learned how to apparate. She knew the beach waves would be soothing for Piper and they were so much so she fell asleep. With the use of her magic Julie procured a couple of blankets for her daughter (one to sleep on and one to cover up with); she walked away from the sleeping girl just enough that her conversations wouldn't wake her. With her wand she procured her cute lemur patronus; she laughed watching it bounce around "Hey calm down silly I have a message to send." The leaping lemur got into position to receive a message "Luke, something happened at the house so I brought Piper to the beach." She knew that Luke would know what beach she meant, she also knew that he would know to come straight here.

Once Luke heard the message from his wife; heck honestly the patronus alone was enough to know his wife needed him as he'd never seen a lemur patronus before. Anyways the moment he heard the message from his wife he went straight to his boss "Hey boss; I just got a patronus message from Julie…she said something happened at the house, didn't say what and ended up taking Piper to the beach. Can I go see what's going on?" He was very grateful that he was able to get his job at the Ministry back after the war. When he first started back after the war they took the top Aurora's and made them part of an elite group called Social Reconstruction Committee; Their aim is to restore Wizarding Britain to its former glory.
Luke's boss looked up at him from his huge stack of reports threatening to fall over from the desk in which they sat "A patronus message…that's nothing to fool around with; do you want me to send a couple of Aurora's to your house to see what you might be up against." Luke knew this would be a bad idea at least right now as his wife as well as her family has told him about the gift that runs in her family so he shrugged it off "No not right now; at least not until I talk to her to see what is going on." His boss nodded softly at this giving him the green light to go check that everything is alright.

When he arrived at the beach he smiled seeing two members of his family; from where he stood he could see his adorable daughter playing good guy with a blanket and his beautiful wife sitting near by watching like a hawk. He walked over to them and sat next to Julie "So what happened?" Julie sighed softly leaning her head on his shoulder "Piper has the gift of our family." He smiled softly with a chuckle "Is that all? I think that's great!" Julie nodded softly "Normally I would say that too if her first vision hadn't been our cabin burning down." She snapped making him frown; "Sorry Luke I didn't mean to get upset…"

He kissed her forehead softly "It's fine you're worried; babe this is simple go house hunting today. Stay away from the cabin I will send a small crew of Aurora's to the cabin just to be safe. This may sound silly but let Piper choose the home without telling her that she is. If you two find something you love buy it; get the money from Gringotts and send word to me, your mom and Leo of the new address." Julie was lucky to be with him; she knew that not many people would understand her family but he did. "I have to get back to work babe; Piper come give daddy a hug." He stood scooping up his daughter giving her a big bear hug and smothering her face in kisses making Piper giggle "Silly daddy."

Soon he was on his was back to work; Julie and Piper where on their way to find a new home for their family. She had no idea what Luke meant by let Piper pick their home but after an all day trip of visiting various countries and seeing who knows how many houses she understood. Standing at the end of a long drive way on a ranch style home and for the first time since they started this endeavor Piper seemed very interested. Her young innocent eyes took in everything around her; she felt an instant connection with this place…it's wide open spaces, a horse paddock to the right, a large shade tree with plenty of room for gardening to the left. The house itself was a large 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom with a possible fifth bedroom in the attic. "Home home home home!" Piper chanted loudly making Julie laugh at her little girl "If that's what you want my sweet pea."

Buying the house didn't take long especially since it was listed with a wizarding realtor; this lady was able to procure what she needed at a moment's notice, go where she needed to get anything she needed including Luke's signature. The woman was very professional and friendly "Everything seems to be in order all that is left for you to do is take this sachel to your vault and once the correct amount is inside the sachel will disappear only to be replaced with a set of keys to your new home." It didn't take them all long to move in and get settled in; Julie even splurged and bought the family a pet in the form of a dog…French Bulldog to be exact. She knew this house was the new beginning their family needed.

It's all about that magic

The life of a normal wizarding family is full of magical whimsy but that of the LaMotta family on the other hand. Yes they have their whimsical days but not so much magical not so far from Piper yet that is; to the point that her family was starting to worry. Julie could remember her mother telling her "Well I remember my mother telling me she couldn't keep me in my crib because I kept popping out of it when I was tiny baby. She said she'd find me all over the house sleeping in such random places." She chuckled at the thought but now as she thought of this she tried to remember when her first magical ability came to light.

If she remembered her mother's stories correctly then she too was a baby "Oh Julie I can remember when you were just a baby; you had this teddy bear I give you just after you were born…your little hand latched onto that bear. Anyways anytime I would take that bear to wash it or you; sure enough it would make its way back to you…a lot of times dripping wet because that's just how much you wanted your bear." She smiled at the memory; she missed her mother since she moved even though she visits a lot.

She had asked Luke a few times when he began showing magical talent but he just said he didn't remember. So of course she went straight to his mother (Arlene); now this was about three years or so after they got married so her memory might be a bit fuzzy "Oh let me think; ah yes now I remember…he was four. We had all went to a family reunion; I could see him running around playing with some of the older kids…there wasn't many children. Anyway; it all happened so fast…I watched Luke get pushed down flat on his face, just as I was about to go to his aid. Luke turned around with a look I've never seen on his face, screamed and it was then vines came up out of the ground grabbing the boy who pushed Luke and held him to the ground. I couldn't get to Luke fast enough."

As a mother of two children; Julie was trying very hard not to compare her kids but honestly it was a hard thing not to do. Especially when her son had shown magical talent by the time he was two; she sighed thinking of him as he was off in school. She knew to expect this as a mother of a wizard but she never expected it to hurt this much. As she watched her little girl play in the sandbox at the park she began thinking it might be nice to have a nice normal child. Yes she realized she was practically wishing the life of a Squib upon her own child and that was selfish but she didn't want her birdie's leaving the nest so soon.

Coming to the park had become a mother daughter ritual since Piper began pre-school at the age of three now being five this has been going on for a while. This was a way for them both to relax as well as socialize with those in the surrounding community and Piper didn't really needed the social skills as she seemed to be naturally social. Today was just like any other day; Julie pushed Piper in the swings, talked to her about not talking to strangers, told her to have fun before letting her loose while she went to go sit with the other parents "If you can't see me; I can't see you." she called out to Piper.

"Okay momma!" Piper called back running over to the sandbox where she started building a fort. That is until a bigger boy came over looking very mean "What are you doing in my sandbox you little brat?!" Piper looked at him noticing this boy has dirty blonde hair with bright green eye's truth be told even at her young age she'd probably think he was cute had it not been for him being so rude. "Your sandbox? Unless your name is wood then I don't believe I see your name on this sandbox in which case I see no reason we can't share."

The boy looked as if he was about to explode no one had ever dared to speak to him like that "How dare you speak to me in that tone?" he tried to bellow but his voice squeaked. Piper rolled her eyes at him which only made him madder which he decided to get revenge for by pretending he was going to leave; instead however when he got behind her he shoved her face into the sand fort she was working on. She turned around with sand all over her face making her look like she was a rabid dog; as she looked at him she thought he looked like a toad with his chest puffed out the way it was now. Just like that he turned into a toad making her jump back in surprise; thankfully the moment she jumped back her concentration broke so the little bit of magic she used wore of.

Meanwhile back at the table with the parents Julie watched her daughter like a hawk; needless to say she seen her daughters display of magic. Well she supposed Piper was definitely not a Squib and knew this would be start of a rather crazy life with a little witchy daughter. She had a feeling there really is no such thing as a normal life for that of a witch and after seeing the smile on her daughters face once she realized what happened Julie was just fine with all that.

Do you feel what I feel?
Note: Also using this section in my Special Ability Application

It's my birthday! I love my birthday; with it's cool crisp January breeze's, almost always snow on the ground and best of all a frozen over lake which is perfect for ice skating. All my friends from school came out to the house for an ice skating birthday party; oh how I love all my friends! They are just the best!

Before anyone got here my dad and Leo both was very busy using their wands to put up a large white tent then allowed my mom and grandma in to use their wands to decorate with balloons, confetti poppers, and all sorts of other Muggle decorations. They went a bit over board with the food but hey that's fine; they procured a chocolate waterfall for fondue, lined the tables with candy of all sorts and so much more. Honestly my eyes couldn't keep up with everything I was seeing in this tent.

Next to the frozen over lake dad procured a little skate rental shack with a sign that says 'Free rentals today only' and the one running non other than Leo. He looked so hilarious in his costume mom forced him to wear "Aw don't you look adorable big brother?" He chuckled at me then ruffled my hair "Anything for my little sister…just glad I got home for your birthday. Man that school was intense honestly I didn't think I'd make it through to graduation but I did." I smiled softly at him "I'm glad your back too well I better go feed Chestnut before everyone gets here." While I was in the horse stables feeding the big brown stallion my father got for me a couple of Christmas's ago I heard the voices of my friends. I kissed Chestnut on his nose "See you tomorrow big fella."

I ran out to meet my friends; they all dropped off their gifts to me in the designated area then we all went to go skating. Soon one by one each of us got out on the ice, even our parents joined in on the fun…some skated on their own while others skated in pairs. Me I took joy in skating by myself doing laps around the lake just watching everyone. At times I would go into the mix of my friends playfully lapping them with a small smirk.

During one of the laps around a friend of mine the world around me all of a sudden went into extra slow motion; as if my hearing was amplified I could hear the ice starting to crack directly under Abigail and she didn't know how to swim. Without giving it a second thought I pushed Abigail towards the snow bank watching her fall on her butt in the snow. I could hear people screaming and rushing towards me "Stay back!" With the momentum I used to push Abigail with I had skated right were she once stood; it only took seconds for the ice to give way making me plunge into the freezing water below.

Leo jumped over the skate rental booth when he seen Piper fall in the water and jumped into the water after his sister. Honestly this was reason enough for him to have gone to Durmstrang; now he could withstand freezing cold water like it was nothing. He brought his sister up to the surface where his father waited while his mother and grandmother made everyone stay up on the bank. His father took Piper to the bank to get her breathing then took her into the house to get her warm. Thankfully in the house her father could use magic to warm her up "So tell me what happened sweet pea."

I bit my lip thankful for warm clothes as I tried to figure out the best way to word what happened "Dad…I could feel that something was going to happen and I could hear the ice cracking." He looked at her with an arched brow then nodded softly "When your party is over my sweet one I think you need to have a talk to you mom and grandma." I give him a hug then went back outside with my friends who were all inside the tent worried sick about me; needless to say the ice skating portion of the party was over.

As night began to fall and everyone went home; my family used their magic once more to tear down the remains of my party. Soon all was said and done; all of us was in our most comfy pajama's while Leo and dad talked about Durmstrang together on one side of the living room both drinking something called Fire Whiskey. Mom, grandma and I sitting in front of the fireplace both are teaching me how to play Wizards Chess while talking about Hogwarts. This had become a nightly ritual every since I turned four but now dad actually has someone to talk to and not feel totally left out; poor dad. Anyways tonight I had to talk to them about something "Hey mom…grandma…something happened tonight; dad says I should talk to you both about it." The two women looked at me with almost troubled looks "What is it Vinny?" My mom asked using the nickname she'd dubbed me with a long time ago making me smirk a bit. "Before I fell in the water; I skated around Abigail and when I did…the world slowed down. I could feel that something bad was going to happen and I then I could hear the ice cracking."

They both looked at each other for a moment my grandma giving my mom a gentle nod. I had no idea what their mental conversation was about but I was about to find out because my mom stood with a small smile leaving grandma and I to finish the game. Soon enough mom came back with an old dark brown leather bound book that I could plainly see was in need of some serious repairs; she sat on the couch "Come on over here Piper I have some things to tell you." This of course got the whole families attention as I sat next to mom; with her hands folded on top of the book she told us all about our family history as it applies to mom's side of the family. When she finished she presented me with the book on her lap "Piper my dear this book has been passed down from Seer to Seer in the family; only those with the gift can open it. I have been it's protector for a long time and your grandmother before me; now I am pleased to present it to the next generation." She handed me the book that was now mine; this book is very detailed on the front cover…someone took great care in creating this book.

It wasn't until I got up into my room; which used to be the attic until I claimed it as my room; later that night to go to bed did I open the book as I did I was beyond shocked as a voice came from the book almost like a narrator in a movie. The voice was of a lovely young woman if I had to venture a guess; maybe early 20's speaking in Old English. "Thee possesseth the gift of f're sight, congratulations and welcometh to the family; this booketh shall lief beest did fill with the w'rds and wisdom of se'r's bef're thee but bef're thy ancest'rs toucheth thy heart th're art somethings yond thee needeth to knoweth. The gift of se'r runs in the family bloodline howev'r t only surfaces within ev'ry third gen'ration to the first b'rn female. I did create this booketh as a way f'r se'r's succeeding myself to teachest those yond shall beest following those folk ev'rything those gents has't learn'd about their gift, ev'rything yond hast been seen. basically this is a se'r's journal.

as a se'r approaches their lasteth days on earth those gents needeth to appointeth a protecteth'r of the booketh until the next gen'ration is b'rn. The duties of protecteth'r art as follows; keepeth the booketh enshielf and did protect, keepeth the booketh and ev'rything about being a se'r a secret unless to thy spouse, giveth the booketh to the next se'r in the family, teachest the newest se'r as much as those gents knoweth. The duties of the appointee art as follows; keepeth the booketh on the moth'r's side of the family (this is our lineage), remindeth those folk of their duties as a protecteth'r, allows assign a backeth up protecteth'r lest.

i desire this booketh provides all the holp, answ'rs and wisdom i believeth 'twill to future gen'rations of se'r's to cometh. I give you all peace, loveth and happiness."

When she finished speaking I closed the book feeling content and happy; I knew my life would be very different from now on. I was ready for life as a witch but being a Seer on top of it…this would be something else entirely. Was I ready for it? I think so; with my ancestors guiding me threw…I can't go wrong.

Even though it is not talked about there is Seer lineage on the father's side as well just not as prominent or as well known in the family as on the mother's side. Even though her dad is Muggle Born he does in fact have a wizard lineage starting with his grandparents and a very distant uncle who had the Seer ability though no one ever knew about it because he kept it to himself.

My Family Tree

Being accepted

It's been six years since I showed my first bit of magical talent something my father was very happy about when my mother told him what happened in the park that day. It's been three years since I have found out I am a Seer and was given the book of my ancestor's; the words they have written and learning from them (about them) gives me great comfort. I still love my birthday as much as always but I had already told my friends at school that my family was planning on sending me to a private school up state; knowing all about the possibility of getting into Hogwarts so I was prepared; therefore we had a very small party for my eleventh birthday.

I was just starting to wake up when my dad walked in with a breakfast tray "Happy birthday my sweet girl." I chuckled as I sat up and scooted over for him to sit next to me; this had become a secret birthday tradition for us a while back ago. He said that since he felt like we didn't spend enough time together and he was right with him working all the time I spent all my time with mom and grandma. So even if it is just one day a year for the course of a meal dad and I spend time together talking about anything and everything. After breakfast was done dad left so I could get dressed then come down stairs.

When I got down stairs I was surprised to see everyone dressed in their coats and boots "Where are we all going?" I asked as I slipped my coat, boots and mittens on getting myself all bundled up when Leo tossed me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes "We're going to have a snow ball fight birthday girl." I laughed at him while hitting his back "Hey put me down you monkey." I said not realizing he was already outside with me until he dropped me in a huge pile of snow laughing his head off as I struggled to get out of the pile of snow. When I did I lunged at him tackling him to the ground smashing snow in his face as we both laughed; it was this moment our parents and grandma decided to come outside "Oh merlins beard children; honestly Leo your 21 years old grow up." Mom tried her hand at scolding but failed with that smile on her face. Leo laughed a bit "Never!"

The day went on like this the whole family playing in the snow, throwing snow balls and all that good stuff with me being the main target. "Hey what is this pick on Piper day?" I asked randomly in a playful huff making everyone laugh as my mom came over to pinch my cheeks "Yep sure is birthday girl." I pouted a bit but truly I loved this and they all knew it; out of no where grandma's voice came from the house "Hey everyone come on inside and get warm the temperature is starting drop I think there might be a blizzard coming." Of course we all went inside peeling out of our now wet coats and such scurrying like rats to our respective rooms to change into dry and warm clothes to settle in for the rest of the day by this time it was only the mid afternoon.

After a much needed hot bath, getting dressed in my warm and comfy pajama's with my hair up in a messy bun. I made my way down the stairs only to see my whole family surrounding a beautiful cake with eleven candles on top; the only light right now came from the candles. When I made my appearance my family sang Happy Birthday to me making me smile; my mom kissed my cheek softly "Make wish sweet pea." I looked at my family wondering what more I could possibly want in life…honestly there wasn't anything I could think of so I wished not for myself but for the universe to have eternal happiness as I blew out my candles. As the weather worsened we all stayed inside played Wizard Chess, opened some Wizard Crackers, played some Exploding Snap and even eating some Chocolate Frogs.

We were all having so much fun that we almost missed the owl pecking at the window; when we heard it I ran over to let the poor thing in. Well I tried the stupid window was stuck "Mom…will you open this stuck window please?" She nodded softly and took out her wand; I looked at the owl through the glass "Get back." Of course I knew the owl would understand mom and grandma had told me enough about the wizarding world; what wasn't brought home anyways. I watched as the owl flew away and hovered near by making me back away; mom used her wand to get the window open. The owl flew inside perching on my shoulder; I could feel the poor thing shiver. I went over and sat on the couch near the fireplace so the owl could warm up; at the same time the brown owl shook snow off himself then handed me an envelope with his talon. I took the envelope with a smile handing him a piece of an already exploded Wizard cracker "How about you stay here tonight? That weather is insane; no sense in traveling until it lets up." The owl gently pecked my cheek and found a place to perch leaving me with the letter which I now noticed was addressed to me "Mom…" I gasped as I opened the letter looking at my acceptance letter "I'm in…I've been accepted."

Reply as your character to the following:

Godric Park.

Overhead, the sky was a crisp blue, for once clear of the ever-pervasive spongy clouds and rain. The sun was a lemony-yellow presence, high in the Eastern sky, and in front of it zipped three broomsticks in a straight line, or something very like one. One... two..... three... the boys passed, their shouts of excitement echoing as they chased the snitch, a tiny shimmer reflecting the sunlight.

Far below was another, much smaller broomstick.

It trugged along the ground, hugging close to it like a sluggish choo choo train and occasionally shuttering in protest. This was because said stick was currently being occupied by a very small girl who was tugging upward on the front of it with all her might, trying to coax it into doing what it had been expressly designed NOT to do.

"John, I said wait up!" The tiny girl squealed, giving the broomstick another tug.

Begrudgingly, it drifted upward a foot, and then sank, depositing the troublesome girl safely on the ground. Janey Hurst was not pleased. In a huff, she hopped off the toy safety broom, grabbing it firmly and thrusting it handle first into the turf.

Her brother was such a beast. He NEVER let her play! She folded her arms, seething blue eyes fixing on another figure nearby.  "You!" She barked, much more sharply than she meant to.

"...Do you want to play?"

Roleplay Response:

Even at the ripe age of ten Piper still loved coming to the park with her mom; this was a place where they could come to talk about Hogwarts and really anything. She knew she was older than most of the kids here but that didn't stop her playing like a little kid; as she ran around with her family dog laughing like crazy. The shadow of brooms flying over head made her stop running & watch the brooms zoom in the air; she dropped down to one knee to pet her dog "Daddy taught me how to fly; it was really fun. Maybe I'll try out for the Quidditch team once I get to Hogwarts."

As she talked to her dog she watched a little girl with a toy broom; oh she was precious…she remembered the days of being on a toy broom. Her time of reminiscing was put to a halt when the voice of the young girl nearly made her jump out of skin. She'd been asked to play by the little girl; she smiled a bit as she walked over to her with her dog hot on her heels "You know it's rather dangerous to talk to strangers but yes we will play with you. I'm Piper & this here is Bull…over there the lady with her hair in a messy bun is my mother Julie. What is your name?" she asked leading the way towards the sandbox.

She has always loved the sandbox; truth be told she honestly didn't know why but her mother always said it was because subconsciously she remembered being at the beach at a very young age. Of course Piper wasn't too sure on this but hey anything is possible.

How did you find us? TopSites

I will be posting an application for a special ability as well after getting accepted therefore her backstory will be of more use.

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Hi Piper! Welcome to HSNet.

I'd like to start off by saying how wonderfully detailed your application is. It's amazing how much effort you've put into it. However, before we can accept you, there are a few issues which will need to be addressed.

Piper's biography makes it very clear that she has the special abilities of a seer. However, we require such special abilities to be requested prior to all applications that depend upon their acceptance, as admin approval is not a guarantee. We ask that members to have played on our site for a few months in order to acquaint themselves with the site rules, roleplaying guidelines, and magic rules before submitting a request for special abilities. Therefore, you should remove all mention of Piper using seer abilities from her biography.

Secondly, you mention that Piper's father was a member of the SRC and describe it as such:
When he first started back after the war they took the top Aurora's and made them part of an elite group called Social Reconstruction Committee; Their aim is to restore Wizarding Britain to its former glory.
While the Social Reconstruction Commitee did strive to restore Britain, it was not a group of elite Aurors -- although they were quite welcome to join its ranks nevertheless. The SRC was a group of people from all around the country who organised events, fundraisers, internships, sponsorships, etc. to help those most affected by the war.

Lastly, there are a few instances in Piper's biography where accidental magic is described in a way that doesn't sound quite so accidental.
"Well I remember my mother telling me she couldn't keep me in my crib because I kept popping out of it when I was tiny baby. She said she'd find me all over the house sleeping in such random places."
as she looked at him she thought he looked like a toad with his chest puffed out the way it was now. Just like that he turned into a toad making her jump back in surprise; thankfully the moment she jumped back her concentration broke so the little bit of magic she used wore of.
Underage magic is never controlled, nor is it intentional. It is usually born out of moments of strong emotion (anger or fear being the most common culprits) and because it happens on a subconscious level, it is completely uncontrolled. In these case, the former seems far too controlled and unrelated to a specific emotion, whereas the latter reads as being intentional and maintained -- and therefore controlled -- by Piper's concentration. Both cases are too powerful for a child.

If you could please make these changes and reply below with your entire revised application we'll be happy to give it another look. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to myself or any other admin via private message or on Discord.

Thank you!
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