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Application for Hogwarts School


Name: Octavius Regulus-Titus Perrett

Birthday: July 13th. 1947

Hometown: London, England.


Magical Strength (pick one):

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two): First Year (pref), Second.

Octavius lay on the rug beneath the family clock. The pendulum swung in its usual beating. To which he timed his breaths to. Being home during summer was dull. his cousins had all been sent to Hogwarts the years before and now he was the last of the close groups children to take flight. Octavius was a man who would never appreciate his belongings. the beneficial effects of a clock that cried out when guests were on their way or a family member was travelling, enchanted by some old member of the house long gone. It sang praises of the day when tasks were completed but its face was devoid of numerals. Just states of being and safety. For many years, This clock had remained and it would likely do so long after Octavius was done with school.

His mother told him, he had been signed up for Hogwarts since he was born. Just as they had been, and in that also signed up for their house, Slytherin. His hair was growing dangerously long. Sorry brown and common looking, he was not a boy gifted with the good looks of many of his peers. He was gaunt already at the age of ten, a thin nose and sharp chin made him look ready to soar from the sky and pick up nice. He might fit in with his look, The house of those who were cunning. Octavius didn't think too much on it for long.  From his back he turned to his side, then the other in boredom.

'dont just lay about, Octavius, go play.Your uncle sent that play broom.'

Reluctantly he began to stir, a face cast in the direction of the kitchen before his knees made sharp angles, pushed him up to his feet and left him looking toward the door down the narrow hallway.

The door was easy enough to open, but he never had to himself. The house elf, Nixxie often got it for him, bowing graciously as he mumbled thanks and pressed forward into the combed yard. Staunch green hedges obscuring all of the outside world apart from the sounds beyond. He always heard them now, around lunch. Living across the way from a park often led to some interesting insights.

These muggle children were one. Every muggle in the area believed the end of the park to be rounded off by a dangerous gully. The protective charms were well enough to keep them from approaching. Octavian used the opportunity to peek through some of the leaves. To watch them enjoy a game where they kicked a black and white ball into a netted box. One boy, dark of skin kicked the ball too roughly, it shot through beyond the boundary line and rushed towards where Octavius sat.

A groan.

'Alex! you kicked it too hard. gone now, no way m'ma is going to get us a new one with a second lost to the ditch.'

'sorry.. sorry, what's the count now? two footballs, a cricket bat and a boomerang? ' A second voice rang out.

Octavius looked to the small pile of things he had stashed at the edge of one of his mother's less cared for flower bushes.  they forgot one thing-

'and my toy digger!' complained the first speaker once more.  Octavius had to wonder why something for digging was shaped like a badly curved C.

They were his treasures, things they didn't know were stolen and things he couldn’t return easily. Mother had told him muggles would hate him if they ever found out he was magic. Ever found out he was not like them. They had to live in secret to keep muggle separate.

But several days later, things changed. A newer looking ball shot through the hedge when he sat outside and, Octavius collecting his courage plucked up the ball. He ran to the other side of the house, to the doorway which met to the street and exited. He was dressed no differently from most boys. Shorts, a white plain shirt and running shoes.

Now, standing in the very same park he didn't know how to address it all. Holding the ball lost a few days prior, the boys looked him down incredulously.

The one he knew as Alex spoke up. ’Ted’s ball… where did you find that?’

Nerves were washed away as he spoke as closely to the truth as he could. “Oh it.. Went through the gully but it bounced down to the house down the hill and..”

He smiled widely.

‘You don't go to school here, right?’ The blonde boy asked, freckles more than skin. ‘Not to eastwood.’

“No.. I just moved nearby.” They seemed to buy it. He offered the ball back.  The game ensued shortly after. The group having invited him to play ‘football’, a game with many rules which he seemed to break whenever the chance arose. By the end, his boots were as muddy as the rest of him. For the next few days, all was well. Bonds were forged with the muggle children, them non the wiser. Sometimes, impressed by the accidental slip of his shots. They welcomed him into their world - strange machines, car fascinations and all and Octavius could not get enough.

It all needed to be kept quiet from mother, father and those who would threaten his new found world.   But hiding his new passion might be harder as it blossoms further.

Note: This section is optional, and is up to you to complete.

House Request: Gryffindor or Hufflepuff.

>> Muggle Lover
Octavius is a hobbyist of sorts. With a new found interest in muggles and the challenges the non magical face, Octavius often day dreams and collects oddities from the everyday life of those from another walk of living. His firstmost interest is muggle sports. Followed close behind by technology.

Despite his upbringing, Octavius is proud of his heritage and what it represents. He is conflicted and torn between his own interests and hobbies. His family have placed great expectations upon his shoulders. To fit into a slot they created and he, wanting to impress them often fills what they wish. It is his nature to protect his family.

With his interests, Octavius often sneaks out and breaks the rules of his upbringing to pursue his interests. He puts his own dreams forward, chasing them as much as he can despite the threat of his parents disapproval.

>>Easily Distracted
Glimmering lights, new games, new information and interests always sem to flicker momentarily in his mind as he compartmentises and sets things aside. Octavius has issues staying on topic when he is heavily engaged in a discussion - his mind wandering from one connection to the next without ever explaining it to his peers.

>> Unambitious.
Unlike his family, Octavius does not dream for riches or fame, he is purely interested in just pursuing his interests as much as his efforts will allow. He places little value in the weight of gold something is worth. He fears his life only being values for his wealth.


Octavius is a frail looking boy with sunken eyes and a pale complexion. Sunlight would do him well yet books call to his attention and keep his skin bleached of all wonders of summer. 

Of average height, Octavius's family boast of his unslouched appearance. Years of grooming keeping him at regular attention in the presence of others. All sharp edges and angles with little room for curves or softness.

With dark hair and stiff shoulders, Octavius always looks as if he is on edge to say something. His arms longer than his body has allowance for - ready for another growthspurt.

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Option 2:

The garden was a place for relaxation. A meditative state set on the canvas of the earth. Octavius, or Oct, as people called him when too many syllables were problematic to speak was a boy to enjoy the outside space. To lose himself in throughts and follow colours through their narratives into new inspirations.  He had set out today to learn the names of the flowers in the garden. From carnations to roses - each one having its own meaning. Even muggles had given them tales. Legends.

He had cast one gaze over, then back to his own lap before a voice piped up. "Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

It was only a few moments into his relaxation that a tear and scuffle nearby. What sharlaton was making a mess of his paradise? A glower, bracketed by the dark shadows of his eyes found itself steering toward the boy. "Excuse me." He rose his voice. The hair on the back of his neck standing on edge. "I'm not the one tearing up the flowers... Have they offended you too?" he rose to his knees, set his way over toward the boy and plucked up a casualty even of some of the softest partings. A red petal.

Older kids often thought in his own opinion, they could might their way into being right and it often came at the detriment to his own enjoyment. Octavius dusted off his behind, continued upwards and stood - half the height of this senior boy. "If I help... will you go away sooner? I was trying to learn some stuff?" The sooner this was done, the sooner he could indulge in memorising both sides of each flowers legend.


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Dear Mr Perrett,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 January 2020. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,
Merryl Midthunder
Head of Gryffindor