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* Calliope Amberghast

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E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D


Character Name: Calliope Amberghast

Gender: Female

Age: 14


Parents/Guardians (Are they currently played characters?):
Edward and Penelope Amberghast (NPCs)

Harrowdown Hall, Richmond

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)?

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason?

Please list any other characters you already have at the site:
S. Nox

The second in a new generation of piercing newborn shrieks to echo against the dreary halls of Harrowdown Hall,was born amidst a thunderstorm with the rolling screams of the skies serenading her entrance into the world. Penelope Amberghast peered down at her wailing daughter and named her Calliope for the Greek muse of eloquence, a laboured mother’s exhausted whisper as a fervent prayer for a gift bestowed.

Calliope grew as a child spoiled by life itself, doted on in particular by her paternal grandmother. Aged but powerful, Cosima Amberghast was matriarch of the Amberghast line, stared down into that tiny new innocence and decided she could be shaped into all that Amberghast should be moulded into sweet perfection, and rewarded for every right smile with family secrets whispered into her ear.

Rather than following the footsteps of her brother, a mere ten months her senior, Calliope's eleventh rotation around the sun closed with an invitation to France. She would follow the fairy-tale of her mother’s youth and schooling, once indulgent stories told to the four young Amberghast siblings, and soon to be her future. Beauxbatons Academy was the only acceptable option to sculpt a child of such class. As she grew from child into a teenager, and long tall limbs remained, losing their awkwardness as the years progressed, the girl became more of a sweet china doll at the whim of the matriarch, indulged without consequence, a princess whose brow on which the Amberghast crown might perch.

It was a position which she enjoyed immensely.

Reply as your character to the following:

Godric Park.

Overhead, the sky was a crisp blue, for once clear of the ever-pervasive spongy clouds and rain. The sun was a lemony-yellow presence, high in the Eastern sky, and in front of it zipped three broomsticks in a straight line, or something very like one. One... two..... three... the boys passed, their shouts of excitement echoing as they chased the snitch, a tiny shimmer reflecting the sunlight.

Far below was another, much smaller broomstick.

It trudged along the ground, hugging close to it like a sluggish choo choo train and occasionally shuttering in protest. This was because said stick was currently being occupied by a very small girl who was tugging upward on the front of it with all her might, trying to coax it into doing what it had been expressly designed NOT to do.

"John, I said wait up!" The tiny girl squealed, giving the broomstick another tug.

Begrudgingly, it drifted upward a foot, and then sank, depositing the troublesome girl safely on the ground. Janey Hurst was not pleased. In a huff, she hopped off the toy safety broom, grabbing it firmly and thrusting it handle first into the turf.

Her brother was such a beast. He NEVER let her play! She folded her arms, seething blue eyes fixing on another figure nearby.  "You!" She barked, much more sharply than she meant to.

"...Do you want to play?"

Roleplay Response:
The long and quite fashionably French coat had been synched tightly around Calliope’s thin waist. It was a last minute token purchase before she had left Paris to journey home for winter break, signed to daddy’s account with little more than a flourish of her quill and a gentle dimpled smile to the sales assistant. It went impeccably with the silk scarf wound around her threat and it was the only thing protecting her frame from the chill of the positively artic English wind.

“Malachi,” Her voice carried through the wind towards her younger brother as he flew past. She sat nestled on a picnic blanket littered with cushions. Her younger brother, thin and feeble as he always was, and enough so that Calliope indulged these outings, flew another wide circle around her head. He presented an odd halo for the blonde teenager who could rarely be called angelic, “If you fly any slower it’ll be Christmas day before we get home. Worse yet, Indy will come home tomorrow and still claim he’s the fastest of us all.”

Her eyes drifted then, as a bark emitted from a young girl nearby. The sharp urgency of it did nothing to hurry her movements, as her eyes drifted over the slight little thing.

“No,” Calliope replied just as bluntly. Her eyes drifted up to the skinny boy who was now trying to stand on his broom. Erratic, green eyed little fiend. He deserved a pest such as this girl, if only for his sister’s amusement. “Leave me alone and annoy him instead.”   

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