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Thomas Kolmer

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Name: Thomas Matthew Kolmer
Birthday: 5/14/1946

Hometown:  Cumbernauld, Scottland

Bloodline:  Half-blood I guess as each parent is a half-blood or does that qualify him as pure blood?

Magical Strength (pick one):  Transfiguration

Magical Weakness (pick one):  C/S

Year (pick two): 1st (preference), 2nd


The day he had been waiting more than eleven years for was fast approaching.  They had done the whole trip to London by Floo powder thing.  His wand was purchased -  Aspen, nine and a half inches with a unicorn hair core.  Robes, cauldron, potion ingredients, and snacks for the train ride had all been bought.  All of the required books were now packed away as well.  He had even convinced his mom that he needed his own copy of Hogwarts a History.

Of course there was much history at Hogwarts that the book did not contain.  It was where his parents had met, beginning a journey that would eventually lead to him but that had more twists and turns than a venomous tentacular ensnaring a victim.  They had been friends, they had been lovers, they had been apart, they had been together, they had been colleagues and then finally after time itself had changed they had finally been together again.   They had been many things.  But it had all begun at Hogwarts.  And in just a few short weeks he would be there.

He couldn't wait.   He knew that he would be absolutely brilliant when it came to magic.  He had of course done plenty of magic growing up but that had just been the accidental kid magic that all young wizards and witches managed.  He was going to do real controlled magic soon.  And he would be so good at it.  How could he not be?  Both of his parents had been teachers at the school before he had come along. So how could he not be amazing?

Then there would be dueling.  His father had been brilliant at it.  And he just knew that he would be good too.  Heck he'd probably be better than his dad had ever been.   He definitely believed that he was  smarter than his dad had been at his age.  He certainly knew more about potions than his father had when he had started at school.  He had helped his father loads of times though he was very disappointed that his dad had never left him brew potions on his own – he had to wait for school.   And he liked to read a lot more than his dad ever had. 

He had chosen to skip the summer camp.  It hadn't taken much convincing to get his parents to let him stay with them this last summer.   He was after all their only child.  Well the only child that was both theirs.  He had an older half brother that was his mother's with another man.  And then there were the twins that were his father's with another woman.  But they had all been born before time had changed and so their time at school was long passed.    But he was the youngest.  And so it had been easy to convince them to let him stay home one last summer.

He could have gone to the summer camp and he surely would have enjoyed it.  But he didn't want to taint his experience of the school. He wanted it all to be new.  And truth be told he didn't want others to see him as some little kid that couldn't do magic.  That was not the first impression that he wanted people to have of him.  No it would be much better if he arrived at the school with the other first years.  He would shine out in his classes.  People would see him for the great wizard that he was.  Who knew one day he might run the whole school. 


“You should get to sleep Thomas.”  Alex said, poking his head in the door.  “It will be a long train ride tomorrow.”

“Just five more minutes, please.  I need to finish reading this chapter.”

Thomas Kolmer was soon to be on his way to Hogwarts.

House Request:  I will let the grand old hat decide.

Personality:   Thomas is an over-confident brat.  It may not be going too far as to say he sees himself as the second coming of Merlin.  Okay that might be going too far.  But he definitely thinks highly of himself and his ability.  As such in his conceited state he might easily find himself looking down on others.  He is sociable enough.  He grew up in an area with muggles around him and so does have some muggle friends but none that are super close It is hard, after all, to form a true bond when you need to hide certain parts of yourself from others. 

Appearance:  Upon first glance, Thomas is Alex Kolmer in miniature: medium build and wavy dirty blond hair with a slight curl.  Though a closer look will reveal that he has his mothers grey eyes rather than his father's green and his facial features are slimmer like hers.  When he smiles you see the same devil may care grin of his father.

Sample Roleplay response:

Thomas hadn't planned to scare the girl. He had been content to just follow her at a distance to see what she was doing.  He knew she wasn't supposed to be wandering around the dungeons. She was a Gryffindor and they didn't belong down here.  If he was being honest with himself then he would have confessed that he wasn't supposed to be wandering around the dungeons either.  But he didn't view his world that way.  Certain people deserved certain privileges and he was one of those people.

Thomas quickly discovered to his delight that stalking unsuspecting victims was quite fun and exhilarating.  The added risk of being caught by the person you were following instead of just by a teach produced an intoxicating feeling in his heart. 

This was so much fun.  Where would she go next?  Would she discover the secret pool?  What a great adventure that would be if he could follow her to the pool.  He knew there was one down in the dungeons somewhere. Though he had yet to find it. 

Then he went and messed things up.  She had appeared jittery and frightened to him as he had been following her.  So he was fearful that she could turn around at any minute.  It was this fear that ratted him out.  He thought she was getting ready to turn around.  So he skidded to a halt and ducked into a doorway.


Heart thumping hard, he now knew for certain that she was scared.

"Hello! Is Emma Birch here?"

This was too good to be true.   She thought he was some ghost.  He couldn't let this opportunity pass by.  Besides if he scared her, then she probably wouldn't even give a thought to why he had been following her.  It was a win-win scenario.

“Boo!”  He called out loudly as he stepped from behind the door.

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Dear Mr. Kolmer,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 September 2019. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,
Merryl Midthunder
Head of Gryffindor