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Charlotte Pantazis

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E L S E W H E R E   C H I L D

Character Name: Charlotte Angelika Jae Pantazis

Gender: Female

Age: Nine

Bloodline: Pureblood

Parents/Guardians: Zacharias and Alina Pantazis (NPCs)

Residence: Charlotte has spent most of her life in a penthouse in Vienna, Austria with her mother, father, older sister Odelia and older brother Samuel.

Do you plan to have a connection to a particular existing place (for example: the daycare)? No

Do you wish to be approved as a group with any other characters? If so who and for what IC reason? No

Please list any other characters you already have at the site: Athanasia Valenti

sunday, july 18th, 1954
3:36 pm
Delia told her what to do a lot.

Charlotte let her, mostly because she didn’t mind it but partly because it had always been that way. As she went to select the doll she wanted to play with, she made sure to hand her sister one, her favorite and the best one, first.

Delia was still mad. She'd been glowering ever since they'd gotten back from their trip to the market, where Charlotte had let a man 'try on' her gold necklace only to have it stolen.

Charlotte knew Delia was mad. She felt the rage coming off her in unsettling waves. She noticed the way her fingers strangled the handle of the brush and the harsh strokes of the bristles through the doll’s hair. She watched with worried eyes as the suppressed irritation finally bubbled to the surface.

Delia put down the doll slowly, eye’s lifting to meet her sister’s before she spoke. “You’re so gullible, Lottie. You’ll just listen to anybody.”

Charlotte chomped down on her bottom lip, working her face into a pout. She wasn’t planning on doing anything about it—she never said anything when Delia was mean—but when older girl continued, “You can’t just let people tell you what to do,” it gave her an idea. Arms crossed proudly over her chest, Charlotte pointed out, “But you’re always telling me what to do.”

Delia was smart, smarter than Samuel (a hard thing to be) and way smarter than herself (a much less hard thing to be). Charlotte figured Delia would’ve appreciated the chance for her to argue and prove she was right, something she did well and often. She waited, eyes closed in anticipation, for the impassioned response that never came. Delia, it seemed, had not appreciated her comment as much as she’d predicted and thus, had stormed off, probably to rant to Samuel (he didn’t talk to her as much, which was okay because Delia liked to talk to her a lot, enough for the both of them) or to bury herself in her sketchbooks.

Charlotte hadn’t learned the lesson Delia had intended. She had learned, however, that disagreeing with people resulted in shortened play time, a lot of sadness, and zero fun. None of those were things she wanted, not now and not ever. Determined to set things right, she rose from her pile of dolls and accessories, stumbling through the mess—a mess she’d leave there, doomed to be the responsibility of whatever unlucky maid stumbled upon it first—until she reached the arching doorway. Down the large hallway, her whining echoed. “I’m sorry! Please come play with me.” Again, when she got no response. “Dee, please!” This time, a sound, what she quickly identified as a pad of paper smacking the floor, rang out above her. If she knew anything about her sister, it wasn’t an accident. 

“Delia, I’m coming!”

Charlotte was throwing herself up the stairs before the 'G' had left her mouth.

Roleplay Response:
“Of course I do!” Charlotte Angelika Jae Pantazis always wanted to play. “I’m Charlotte.” Her hand extended out as if to be shaken—a habit her mother had been trying to get her to develop—before, caught up in the excited anticipation of her own words, it lifted to fiddle amongst her golden locks. The habit, much to her mother’s dismay, was not sticking. “But you can call me Charlie. Or Lottie. Or sometimes, I get called Char.”

She was about to point to the broom, both to ask about why she’d shoved it into the ground and to ask if she could have a turn when she caught sight of Delia. Seeing her reminded Charlotte of another nickname, one she was sure the girl would want to hear.

(Seeing Delia also reminded her of her lecture about talking to strangers—
People are going to take advantage of you, Lottie—but she ignored both that and the way her sister seemed to beckon her over with her eyes and continued her ramblings.)

“Or sometimes, Delia—That's—“ She thrust a finger in the direction of her sister. “—Delia—will call me Lotts and— oops!” She slapped both of her hands across her mouth, eye’s wide. Muffled by her fingers, “Sorry, you can’t use that one. Samuel says it’s only for family.” Charlotte announced this to her new friend with an intense air of importance, fully trusting that, since the girl didn’t know Samuel or how wise he was, the certainty in her tone would convince her to avoid the sacred nickname and pick one of the first three suggestions instead.

One hand had already peeled itself away from her face, returning to twirl a strand of her hair about a finger. Her second was now following suit. More clearly, now, “What did you say your name was again?”

How did you find us? gooooogle

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