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Author Topic: Darcy and co. adoptables!  (Read 155 times)

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Hi! here is a padlet where you can find all the chars that are up for adoption, and here is a layed out version so you can see who's related to who and how. Basically if you're looking for a new character to play.. come at me! Just send Clara Darcy a PM stating who you'd want to adopt, though bear in mind it is a first come first serve kind of thing so I'm super sorry if you can't get the character you want but yeah. If you already have a pureblooded family that you'd be interested in having connected to the Darcy clan, again hmu! I'm down, always am, always will be <3

About the Darcys

Pureblooded and proud, the Darcys are an old family, able to trace their ancestors all the way back to the 16th century. They've had a firm foot in the door of the ministry for as long as people can remember, which many of them being blessed with particularly charming or persuasive natures, or at the very least the confidence needed to lead.

Money is not an issue for them, not one bit, and is frequently used in less than savoury ways to get what they want. In fact, although nothing has ever been proven- the Darcys are too careful for that, there is many a rumour of blackmail, backstabbing and even murder. These may seem bizarre when you meet the Darcys face to face, the older generation at the very least are very capable of putting up a charming and welcoming façade (to those they deem worthy).

It is common knowledge that the Darcys are tradionalist in their views, with backward ideas like that muggleborns are akin to dirt common amongst their ranks, and their views on women are no different. Expected to bear children, look pretty and support their husbands no matter what, they are generally married off from eighteen to twenty four depending on whether the right opportunity arises. Generally, the men of the family are given a choice when they marry and are allowed to marry who they wish, but having children is a must and a boy is encouraged (as if they have any control over that). Women are sold off, stuck in marriages they didn't choose simply to further the Darcy clan's connections. They don't get a choice.

Disownment is not often done, it being seen as a stain on the family's more or less pristine reputation (though some would say it has been tainted with tales of cruelty and prejudice- all of which are true). But there are a few things that can guarantee disownment, ranging from marrying a muggleborn (absolutely not), to running away, to getting pregnant before marriage, to being sorted a gryffindor.

Darcys and those closely related to them are recognisable by blonde locks.

The family that Cordelia Darcy married into, the Freids are similarly pureblooded, though they are less elitist than the Darcys, as can be seen from their children.
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