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Whether it is thick or not, blood can be spilt.

The Carters are a dying breed. The patriarch, James Carter, walked out when the children were young, wanting to go live a better life where he wasn't held down. Poppy Carter didn't react well to this and died just two years later by her own hands. The four children were placed into the system and currently live at Hogsmeades Children's Home.


Sarah Carter
 10th February 1945 | Ciara Bravo | N/A | 11yrs

Sarah is the oldest of the four, being one of the twins yet having the title due to being 5 minutes older. She is incredibly bold and confident, in which she uses to boss around her siblings. Out of love, of course. She's always the first to investigate something and currently is really looking forward to going to Hogwarts, if she gets a letter in Feb. She pretends not to be affected by the events caused by her parents and tries to always be happy for her younger siblings. Sarah loves to read! She's a highly intelligent individual, who was told she took after her mother as she was a proud Ravenclaw.

Robert Carter
 10th Feb 1945| Jason Dazey | N/A | 11 yrs

Robbie is certainly the hot head of the group. He's angry and loud and stubborn. That doesn't mean that he wouldn't do anything for his family. He just..gives out tough love to try and make life not hurt so much. He is surprisingly soft with his youngest sister, and around any animals. It's almost as if it's a different person. Robert sleeps a lot so it's common to find him napping on something soft if he's gone missing.

Christine Carter
 29th June 1950 | Claire Crosby | N/A | 5yrs

Christine, better known as Chrissy, is the youngest of the group, and therefore is molly-coddled and babied. She doesn't mind though, as a lot of things confuse her due to her age. She's smart and is ahead of her age for communicating and her English skills, such as reading. A favourite hobby of hers is colouring, in which she can sit for ages and draw all her fantasy worlds that she makes up.

rules for adoptions

Basically, Philip is the child between the twins and Chrissy, and taken by moi, but I completely do not mind if anyone wants to make accounts for them/r them idk. Of course, permission needs to be asked for, which will most likely always be a yes if you're the first person. You can change their personalities and appearances, but ages would preferably stay the same. The twins will be going to Hogwarts in the September so that'll be an interesting transition, and so can be peoples first year chars if they need them. It also has good openings for some Elsewhere threads. Thanks.

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