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Lottie Quailfoot

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Application for Hogwarts School


Name:Lottie Quailfoot

Birthday: 8th August, 1944

Hometown: London
Muggleborn / Halfblood / Pureblood / Unknown

Magical Strength (pick one):
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Magical Weakness (pick one):
Divination / Transfiguration / Charms / Conjuring & Summoning

Year (pick two):One(preferred)or Two


Lottie was born in the bustling city of London. Her father is a muggle who works at Kings Cross Station. Her mother is a half-blood who is a magizoologist, specialising in the study of dragons. Mrs Quailfoot kept her job as a secret to Mr Quailfoot, for she was afraid of exposing her true nature - a witch. Her father didn’t know about the wizarding world until Lottie showed her first signs of magic at the age of three. Ever since then, Mrs Quailfoot had to reveal the truth to Mr Quailfoot. Mr Quailfoot was jealous of both Mrs Quailfoot and Lottie for having magic in their bloods. He attempted to make Lottie ‘normal’. Since young, Mr Quailfoot sent Lottie to a muggle’s school. While Mr Quailfoot tried to stop all magic used in their household, it didn’t stop Lottie’s mother from bringing young Lottie to work. Lottie would often spend time studying dragons with her mother. When Lottie had turned eleven, she received her first Hogwarts letter. Mrs Quailfoot was extremely proud of Lottie but Mr Quailfoot wasn’t. On the day Lottie had to take the Hogwarts Express, Mrs Quailfoot tried to sneak Lottie out of their house and to King’s Cross Station. However, Mr Quailfoot had arrived at work early that morning and was already waiting for them there. Mr Quailfoot tried to stop Lottie from from crossing to platform 9 and three quarters, but Mrs Quailfoot managed to usher Lottie through the wall before he could do so.


House Request:

Tell us a bit about your character’s personality (likes, dislikes, fears, etc.) What are they like on a good day versus a bad one? Is your character particularly cheerful? Do they hate sunlight?
Lottie is a shy, nervous and slightly timid one. Being more of an introvert, she is rather awkward when it comes to socialising. She enjoys quidditch and aspires to be a keeper in the quidditch team. Her interest in magical creatures (especially dragons)came from her mother who studied them. Her favourite is the Swedish Short-Snout. Lottie dislikes

Briefly describe your character's appearance (hair color, build, stature, etc.) What effect does it have on their personality? For example, does the shy Ravenclaw girl secretly dye her hair black because she hates her natural blonde? Does the curly-haired Gryffindor use charms to hide his freckles?
Lottie is a scrawny and pale-looking girl. She has long brunette hair and some freckles on her face. Among most of the children her age, she is rather short, standing at 138cm.


Option 2:

That rat of his was in for it now.

The gray little rascal had disappeared from his clutches at breakfast. Again.

Before Hugh even knew what was happening, Merlin had shot across the floor, somehow managing to avoid all the feet walking across the hall and had escaped through the open doors.

Which meant that Hugh was now stomping through rows of flowers and other various flora, searching for the small creature. It was like the rat knew Hugh was allergic to most flowers. Merlin always chose to run to the gardens whenever he got away from Hugh. It was as if the rat did not want to have him for an owner.

Hugh had named his pet Merlin because he had hoped the powerful name would give the rat more incentive to be more than a rat. Not that he expected Merlin to change into a wizard or anything, but rats were just so...useless, for the most part. With a name like Merlin, Hugh thought it might give the rat purpose.

The only purpose Merlin seemed to have was getting away from Hugh as often as possible.

As the fifth year trudged into the second row of flowers, not taking much care to avoid trampling the first row, he felt the first sneeze building up pressure in his nose and behind his eyes.

"You blasted rat! Where are you?"

He pulled apart a section of bright red flowers; he didn't know what they were called because he despised flowers, and ducked his head low to peer into the depths of the flowerbed. It was moving closer in proximity to the flowers that finally did it. Hugh took in three great breaths and then let out an almighty sneeze. It was strong enough to disturb some of the dirt on the ground before him.

Groaning, he stood up again and wiped his nose on his sleeve. It was as he was turning his head, his nose running up and down his arm, that movement in his peripheral vision caught his attention. Normally one who preferred to put his best face forward, Hugh was a bit embarrassed to be caught wiping his runny nose on his robes.

Nevertheless, Hugh put on his best haughty voice. albeit a bit thickly with his plugged nose and said, "Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."


Lottie had just finished her breakfast and she still had some time before lessons began. While most students lingered and buzzed among themselves, Lottie didn’t, for she was never good at joining any conversations. Instead, she slipped out of her seat and made her way towards the door. Almost as a routine now, she took a little stroll outside the castle, just to enjoy the bracing morning air.

"You blasted rat! Where are you?"

Rat? Furry little rodents. Lottie didn’t particularly liked the creature, nor did she dislike it. If someone had lost their pet rat, Lottie was glad that she hadn’t brought Precious, her scottish-fold cat, down. There was no knowing what the little trouble-maker might have done to the poor rat.

"Can I help you with something? It is not polite to stare."

The nervous first year took a step back, startled by the older one’s outburst. She couldn’t help it. It was a repulsive sight, probably not the best first impression of the boy. “Uhm, I-I’m so sorry,” Lottie stammered, gazing up at the towering head above her. Not daring to look straight into his eyes, she murmured, “May-maybe I can help you find your rat?”


Please list any characters you have  on the site (current and previous):None

How did you find us?: Google

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Hi Lottie, welcome to the site!

Your application looks great so far, there was just one thing I wanted to clarify before we accept it.

At the end of the 'Personality' section, it looks like you've either forgotten to finish a sentence or you were going to delete that part but didn't manage to catch it all. If you wanted to add more to that part ('Lottie dislikes'...), you can repost your entire application below with the additions, and we'll be happy to take another look.

Alternatively, if that part was supposed to be deleted, just post below to let us know (no need to repost the whole application), and we can get you accepted as soon as possible. Thanks!
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Lottie Quailfoot

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Oops, that part was supposed to be deleted. Thanks.

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Dear Miss Quailfoot,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Term begins 1 September. Currently, students have gathered at Camp Loki, and we encourage you to spend your summer there. Should you choose, you may also visit our Elsewhere board via the Floo Network to visit or purchase school supplies.

Yours sincerely,

Deputy Headmistress
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