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Lucretia M. O. Chaucer

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"wisdom without guile."

Thought to have been established around 900 BCE, the Chaucers are one of the older pureblood families in wizarding Britain. Though their origins are unclear, it's thought that the first core group of Chaucers migrated from the French Flanders around 1100 and landed somewhere in southern England; possibly what is now London.

Through history they have been thought of as rather crafty, as they have in nearly every situation preferred to settle themselves behind the scenes, and work from there: there have been several Chaucers who have served as undersecretaries to the Minister, and even served in the royal court of various British Muggle monarchs. They were also known through the fifteenth, sixteenth, and seventeenth centuries as the bookkeeper purebloods, because many families entrusted the logistical workings of their respective fortunes to sharp Chaucer eyes-- they were shrewd, and occasionally criticised for their tough but fair policies: during the scandal which brought down the Thorne family in the 1500s, it was the Chaucer family who divvied up their fortune, lands, and titles, going so far as to claim some of it for themselves as payment.

Perhaps their most noted aspect, however, is their relationship to the Ellwood-Luxe family. Having been intimately acquainted since the beginning of the Ellwood-Luxe line, their relationship has been the subject of gossip for years. The Chaucers did keep books for the Ellwood-Luxes for a number of decades, and were instrumental in the acceptance of the Ellwood-Luxes by the wider aristocratic wizarding community at large-- but many people have taken this closeness in the wrong way, thinking them guilty of mutual nepotism, or else leeching off one another in some way. Despite this, the Chaucers and the Ellwood-Luxes have managed to remain close to this day.

The modern line of Chaucers are considerably less conservative than their predecessors. They have come to be known for their philanthropy and patient kindness, having hands in several charities, and are primary beneficiaries of a lesser school of magic in Norfolk, called the Blackhill Wood School of Magic. Nowadays, they tend to dislike the concept of blood purity and elitism, and their scheming ways are thought to have died at the turn of the century.

As a whole, the modern Chaucer values wisdom, critical thought, dedication, and cultivates a deep love for his family.


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